Part 11: Katie

"Shaun, please," Beth said, slapping his arm.

"W-when did you get here, Ma ... Shaun?" Katie asked, her throat dry.

His name is Shaun? I never thought to ask, I guess it doesn't matter except in company. He's just Master to me.

"Just a little while ago," he replied. "Finished my last appointment early and thought I'd swing by." His brow furrowed. "I hope it's okay."

He looks genuinely concerned. But he can't be. He has to be fucking with me, being here while my mom is here. He wants me to admit I'm his slave in front of her.

Her heart raced. She could feel the moisture in her pussy. She felt terrified and aroused at the same time.

"It's fine," she replied. "It's just that... I'm not ready yet. You said you wouldn't be here for another hour."

"I can leave and come back," he suggested.

"Don't be silly," said Beth. "You can just stay here and make yourself at home." She rose. "Unfortunately, I won't be able to keep you company. I have a date myself tonight. I'll be gone until late if you two just want to hang here and Netflix and chill or whatever."

"Mom!" Katie exclaimed. Her face turned crimson.

"What?" she replied, turning to Katie. "We're all adults here. No sense dancing around what you two probably have planned." Before turning to the stairs and leaving, she mouthed, "He's hot," to Katie.

Katie stood awkwardly, trying to figure out what to do next. Boratus simply looked at her and smiled. Finally she asked, "Should I go get ready now, Master?"

His wicked expression made her shudder. "Get ready for what? To tell your mom what you are?"

I knew it!

He chuckled then. "Just kidding. Let's go up to your room."

"But, Master, my mom is still home."

He nodded. "As she said, 'No sense dancing around what we have planned.'"

Technically, I have no idea what we have planned, but I have to obey my Master.

"Follow me, Master."

Master Boratus looked around as they entered Katie's rectangular, light blue room. Sliding mirror closet doors faced them from the far side of the room with her double bed between them, its head against the left wall. Light shone in through the large window on the right wall where her desk sat. Her laptop, several text and notes books, and various writing instruments lay in an organized mess on the desk. To the left of the window, stood her dresser, to the right a bookshelf stocked with text books, novels, and some trophies and memorabilia. A few articles of clothing littered her bed and desk chair.

Katie dashed in and grabbed the clothes, dumping it into a wicker hamper next to the dresser. "Sorry, Master," she said. "Like I said, I thought I had more time."

Boratus didn't respond or seem to pay attention to her. He had a hand on one of her four wooden bedposts as he examined it.

"Do you have rope?" he asked.

"I ... er ... oh!" she exclaimed, realizing what he was thinking. "I don't know. I'd have to ask mom."

He shook his head. "Another time. Are you ready to tell you mom what you are?"

"Right now, Master?" A light sheet of perspiration spread across her body.


"She's about to go on a date," Katie reasoned. "I don't want her thinking about that when she should be focussed on her man."

"So, no," he said.

"Master, please," said Katie. "Give me a day or two to work up the nerve and choose the right moment."

"Not as much mine as Brenda," he said, though not directly to her. He seemed to be thinking aloud, like he was judging them.

Fuck. Is there a hierarchy? Is he going to end up choosing just one of us? I can't tell my mom now though. I...

"But you said you'd fuck anyone I choose," he said interrupting her growing panic.

"Yes, Master," she agreed readily. "Do you have a friend in mind?"

"I want you to wait here," he said. "I'm going to bring in someone. You will fuck that person. You will fuck that person eagerly. You will show me what a willing slut you are."

She swallowed. "Yes, Master."

Who? Who is he going to bring? And where is this person? Waiting in the car? The only person around here my ...

Her head swam a moment and she had to sit on her bed. "Sorry, Master, I got a little dizzy there. Master?"

He was gone. She could only sit in nervous apprehension, one knee quickly bouncing up and down until, a few minutes later, someone knocked at her door.

"Yes?" she said.

The door opened and a familiar face appeared: tall, sturdy but with a beer belly, older and balding, but not unattractive, kind of a Bruce Willis vibe, but she'd never considered fucking him.

Oh god. How did Master get him to do this?

"Hey Katie," he greeted. "You sure you're up for this?"

"Mr. White," she said to her best friend's dad. "Does Brenda know?"

"No," he said, shaking his head. "And let's keep it that way."

"But I ..."

"He said you may back out, and if you did I was to--"

"No!" she exclaimed, taking a quick step forward. "I'll fuck you." She paused and tried to act sultry. "I mean, I'd looooove to fuck you Mr. White."

"Great!" He looked a little nervous. "So do we kiss first or ...?"

"Take off your clothes and I'll suck your cock," she said. "Then you can fuck me."

"Sounds good," he replied. "Oh and he said you had to record it on your phone to show him later."

She nodded. "Of ... of course. Let me set it up while you get naked."

Oh my god. I'm gonna fuck Brenda's dad. Is this really happening?

Katie set up her phone on her desk then had Mr. White turn so the angle was good. His cock hung semi-erect as she dropped to her knees. She could tell he'd be hard if he wasn't so nervous. He glanced at her phone a few times.

Is he worried we're gonna blackmail him?

She sucked his manhood into her mouth to get it wet, then began to stroke it.

"Oh Mr. White, I'm gonna suck you so good. I'm gonna make you wanna leave your wife for me."

I hope that sounds sexy enough. I've never been one for dirty talk.

"Actually," he said, a bit of apprehension in his voice. "Is it okay if I call you Brenda?"

What the actual fuck? He wants to fuck his daughter? Who are you, Mr. White?

Hey, you've been thinking of fucking your mother, slut.

Good point.

"Um, sure." An idea hit her. "I have a blonde wig in my closet. It's from an old Halloween costume. Would you like me to put it on?"

"That would be amazing, Katie," he said.

"Brenda," she corrected.

He smiled. "Brenda."

She quickly rummaged through her closet and grabbed the wig, taking a moment to tie up her hair so she could put it on right.

Okay Katie, play it up. Put on a good show for Master.

She turned. "Hey daddy, do you want your slutty little daughter to suck your cock?"

He nodded vigorously. "Oh yes, baby girl. Come suck daddy's cock. I've dreamt about this for so long."


Takes one to know one.

Shut up.

She sashayed across the room, opening up her top and dropping it on the floor. Stopping in front of him, she ran a finger down his chest then kneeled in front of him again and resumed her stroking.

"Oh daddy, your cock is so big. I hope I can fit it in my little mouth."

"Do your best, Brenda. Daddy has confidence in you."

She looked up at him, smiled, and took his entire cock in her mouth. As he gasped she began to suck and suck.

Mr. White moaned in pleasure. "Oh my God, that's it. Just like that, baby. Suck your daddy's cock. Show daddy what a slut you are for his cock."

She slid her mouth off him for a moment. "Do you think about me sucking your cock a lot, daddy?" She gave his balls a tongue bath.

"Oh God yes. Whenever I'm with your mother. But she hasn't sucked my cock in years."

Poor thing.

"Don't worry, daddy. Your little daughter-slut will take good care of you. Do you want to come in my mouth or on my face?"

"In your mouth. I've wanted to fill your mouth for so long. And then I wanna fill your pussy."

"You'll get your chance with both," Katie told him. "And, if you're lucky, my ass too."

She went back to sucking him off, part of her focussed on pleasuring him, the other part on putting on a good show for the camera, for her Master.

Soon his hands gripped her head and he began to face fuck her. His grip was so tight, she worried he was going to pull the wig off. Finally, he unloaded in her mouth. She was about to swallow when she saw an opportunity. Sliding her mouth off his cock, she opened it and showed it to him then turned, and doing her best not to spill it, showed the camera. Some of it dribbled out of her mouth but she caught it with her cupped hands. She swallowed what she had, and then licked the rest hungrily from her face and hands for the camera and then for her "daddy."

He patted her on the head. "Good girl."

Her body shuddered with pleasure.

Thank God that works for him too.

"Show me your tits, baby girl."

She stood up and slowly removed her bra. Mr. White reached out and groped her big tits. "I see you finally got the boob job you've been asking me to pay for."

Wow. He's playing up this thing. I don't know if Brenda actually asked, but I'll bet he's wished she had tits like me.

"I did, daddy. Do you like my big tits?"

"I love them." His face dove into them. He licked and sucked.

He's actually pretty good at this.

She enjoyed his hands and mouth for a while before offering to move to the bed. When she sat down, he said, "Take off your pants. I want to taste that teenage pussy."

We're actually twenty but it's your fantasy.

"Oh yes, daddy!" she said stripping off the rest of her clothes. "Lick my my pussy. Then fuck me. I've been saving myself for you."

He began to lower his head when she remembered her phone. She got up quickly, adjusted its view, then lay back with her legs over the edge of the bed from her knees.

To say Mr. White was skilled was an understatement. His mouth and fingers worked in concert bringing her to her first orgasm in under two minutes.

"Jesus, you're good, Mr. ... ah ... daddy!"

He didn't reply. He focussed on his task and soon a second and a third orgasm ripped through her body.

"Yes, daddy, yes! Make me cum! Oh god, I really want you in me now."

He lifted his head and smiled. "Ask for it, my little slut. Ask daddy to fuck you."

She turned herself over onto all fours on the bed, presenting her ass to him.

"Fuck me, daddy! Fuck you slutty baby girl."

He stood up and positioned his cock at her entrance. "Ready, baby?"

"So ready. Do it, daddy. Fuck your teenaged virgin slut."

He rammed himself in.


There was no build up. He just fucked her hard.

"Oh god. I'm fucking my daddy. And it feels so good!"

"Yes! Daddy's gonna make you his personal fuck toy. First you and then your sister. You'll give me double blow jobs when I tell you."

"Yes, daddy, yes!"

Another orgasm soon hit her. Her daddy turned her over again, put her knees over his shoulders and fucked her some more.

"Daddy's cock is the only cock for you now," Mr. White demanded. "Say it!"

"Daddy's cock is the only cock for me!"

"You're daddy's fuck toy!"

"I'm daddy's fuck toy!"

"You only cum for daddy!"

"I only cum for daddy!"


He came then and she came with him, so powerfully lost in the fantasy. Her legs tightened and pulled him in. He collapsed on her body. Both lay still for a minute, breathing hard. Then they began to kiss.

I'm kissing Mr. White!

Eventually he pulled away and stood up. "Good girl."


"This was fun," he said as he began to dress again. "I hope we can do it again soon."

"Uhhhhh, sure?" said Katie. "I mean I'll have to ask."

"Ask? I could tell how much you enjoyed it. Don't tell me you don't want more of that. Does Mr. Boratus make you cum like that?"

Katie burst out laughing. "Seriously, Mr. White? I'm fucking you just because he told me to. Do you know how good the dick has to be for me to do that? Master owns my body and mind."

"Master huh?" Mr. White echoed.

Katie put her hands to her mouth. "Oh shit."

Mr. White just smiled a moment. "Had to ask," he said. "Still. Best money I ever spent."

He paid? What the fuck?

Katie lay on her bed for a while wondering what just happened then she remembered her phone was still recording and stopped it.

Where is Master? I thought he'd be here for that. But then that would've spoiled the fantasy, I guess.

Another knock sounded on the door.

"Master?" she called out.

The door opened and vastly overweight Japanese man had to squeeze himself through the frame.

"Are you Katie?" he asked.

"Ummmm, yeah?" she answered warily.

"Great!" he said and began to undress.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Your Master said you would fuck me."

Are you kidding me?

When he was down to his underwear, he looked like a sumo wrestler.

I proved I'd fuck whoever. Why send another?

One person doesn't mean you'll fuck anyone.

Great. How many people is Master going to send in here to fuck me?

Plan for a long night.

I can't let this guy be on top.

"Do you mind if I ride you?" She asked.

"Anything you want," he said happily as he lay down on the bed. The springs creaked loudly.

She went back to her phone and started a new recording, then got on the bed with him. She began by sucking his cock. When she was happy with his stiffness she took it in her hand as she got in position.

Hmmmm, long, skinny cock. I expected it to be thick like the rest of him.

Katie eased herself down on his cock then, adjusting for the size of his body, she got into a rhythm.

"What do you like, big boy?" she said in a husky voice.

"I'm just happy to be getting laid," he said.

"Then just enjoy," she told him. "I'll take care of everything."

"Oh god!" he cried as his body started spasming. He jerked his hips into her as he came.

Fuck that was quick! I didn't even get to cum.

"Thank you! Thank you!" he exclaimed. "You took my virginity! I'll never forget this!"

He's gotta be mid 40s. Poor thing.

The man dressed and exited only to be replaced by an old man in his 70s or 80s.

Ew. Really Master? Well, I don't fucking care who you send. I'll fuck 'em all and show you how great a slut I am.

And so it went. She spent the next 5 hours fucking various men. Old, young, slim, fat, some smelly, some awkward. One took twenty minutes to get hard. One had a cock so big she thought it would break her.

The last was the biggest surprise.

"Uncle Carlos??" she exclaimed.

"Hello Brenda," the tall, overweight, oily looking man with a large moustache said. "I can't believe you agreed to this."

I've seen him perving me so many times. I'm almost not surprised he's here, but how did Master contact him?

"How much did you pay for the privilege of fucking your niece, you perv?"

The shine of his long, black ponytail caught her eyes.

How much crap does he put in that?

"Five hundred," he replied.

"Damn, I'm an expensive whore."

"Worth it from what I've heard up here so far."

Goosebumps rose across her body.

Did they all hear me all night? Oh my God!

He smelled of cigarettes and whiskey. His white dress shirt already had sweat stains under the arms.

Probably from climbing the stairs. Heh.

"How many left down there?" She asked.

"I'm the last one. Most of the others have gone, but a few stayed to listen."

They're all pervs.

And you're a whore.

I said, shut up.

Her uncle was a horrible lay, grunting and moaning loudly as though he was putting on a show for her. His cock was thick but really short. It resulted in a feeling of almost satisfaction. He kept bringing her close to cumming before he'd switch positions or just tire and ask her to suck him a while. Either way, she stayed on the edge of pleasure for the next hour or so. That wasn't the worst part, though. It was kissing that stank breath mouth, and being intimate with a man she despised.

If this doesn't prove my obedience to Master then I'm done and leaving.


Shut up!

She was overjoyed when he came the second and last time in her, so that the experience would be over.

"I hope to do this regularly. Maybe he'll give me a discount if I purchase bulk sessions in advance," Carlos said as he put his clothes back on.

Oh please, Master, no. That was just too icky.

"Don't you have a wife and kids to take care of?" she asked.

"It's my money. I'll spend it how I like."


He glanced at her phone. "Think I can get a copy of the video?"

"Ask my master on your way out."

"Will do!" he said cheerfully.


Finally Master Boratus entered with a satisfied smile. "You did well."

"Thank you, Master," she said happily. "I hope I've proved myself."

"You have. Ready for me?"

She didn't know what to do. She was exhausted, but she wanted to please him. She nodded. "Yes, Master."

He smiled at her and winked. "Just kidding. Shower, brush your teeth. Get the smell of Carlos off you. I imagine you want to thoroughly wash your pussy."

She nodded vigorously.

He laughed at that. "Good girl."


"Then put on something comfy and join me on the couch and we'll Netflix and actually chill."

"Oh thank God. I mean thank you, Master."

"You do look a little frustrated though," he said, examining her a little closer.

"What can I say? My uncle is an unsatisfying fuck."

He locked eyes with her. "Megagasm."

She suddenly felt his cock enter her pussy. Wetness filled her as it began to fuck her hard and fast. Her arousal grew quickly, causing her to grab her Master's shoulder with one hand for support. Then the Megagasm exploded through her. She screamed as she collapsed forward into his arms. Her hips involuntarily began humping him. Pleasure enveloped her entire body and whited out her thoughts. She came and came, moaning and panting. Finally sliding down to her knees in front for him.

"Better?" he asked.

Her head swam in pure bliss. She could barely think as the white clouds of pleasure dissipated like a morning fog. She couldn't even lift her head to answer. Then she realized that having her head bowed was more appropriate. "Thank you, Master."

He patted her head like she was a puppy. "You're welcome, pet." He knelt, lifted her chin, and gave her and affectionate kiss. "Clean up when you've recovered." Then he stood and left the room.

I'm just gonna sit here for a bit.

She remained in a blissed out state for a few minutes before finally getting up and showering. Then she joined her Master in the family room. They were in the second episode of "Bonding" when Katie's mom returned. Katie recognized the look on her mom. Very tipsy and well fucked.

"Hello Beth," Boratus greeted. "How was your night?"

"Sooooo good," she replied. She looked curiously at the two on the couch and how causally Katie was dressed. "Did you actually Netflix and chill?";u=13187

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