Previously: Meno and Delia shared a romantic-ish dinner, where he tried to show his deep feelings for Delia. They kissed and Meno ate Delia out until she came hard all over his face.

I woke from the cuddle session I was having with Delia, her body close to mine. I looked at her adorably cute nose and kissed it lightly. She moved slightly and I realized that her PJ's bottoms were not on. My shorts allowed for our legs to feel bare against each other. I ran his hands down her side laying his large hand on her bare ass.

I had always loved Delia's soft plump ass. It was always a source of fascination to me. She cooed softly as her eyes fluttered open.

"Tan temprano/So early," Delia said.

"What can I say I'm all randy for you. I love having you in my arms," I said.

"Your skin is so soft...and milky white..." I said as he softly ran his fingers across her ass and gripped it softly in his hands.

Delia nuzzled Me as I did so. She softly kissed me on the lips. This lead to me to drawing her close. We started kissing deeply, I gripped her waist and rolled her on top of me. She ground her hips into me and we kissed with abandon.

Delia slowly took off her Scooby Doo top and leaving her totally nude. God her breasts. They were creamy with light brown nipples. I cupped her breasts and drew her left breast to his mouth. My mouth suckled on her breast as I ran my hands across her back as Delia "mmmm'ed" out loud.

"Asi Meno/Like that Meno...please suck on the other one baby..." murmured Delia.

I did as I was told and slowly let go of the left nipple...not before giving it a slight nibble and last lick that left a stray strand of saliva from the nipple to his tongue. I gently took Delia's right breast and ran my tongue across her nipple, then sucking it into my mouth.

Delia slowly lifted her ass from it's stationery spot over my crotch.

"I need you...I need you..." she panted.

I squeezed and cupped her ass with my right hand and with his left hand he ran it down her tummy and lightly played with her clit. She gasped and I smiled. I ran my fingers gently across her sex and felt her warmth and wetness.

"Babe...if you want it...take it," I smiled devilishly.

She looked me in the eye and wrapped her small hand around my dick. She slid it against her wetness making me groan. She smiled a sexy little smile I was about to say something when she started sliding my pole into herself.

"Fuck," I groaned out as her tight pussy enveloped my shaft. She sat on me and threw her head back a bit. I squeezed her hips and closed my eyes. Her velvety pussy felt amazingly tight, warm and perfect.

"Ahhhhiii/Ohhhh...feels so good..." Delia moaned.

I had never felt so manly or so naughty. I mean I had my cousin who I had know almost all my life, sliding up and down on my dick. Her beautiful tits bouncing along. Every so often she would squeeze my dick as she rode along. I couldn't have enough. I ran my hands down her sides, I squeezed those mesmerizing tits. She was everything I wanted and more.

She looked me in the eyes and smiled. She slowed down to crawling pace and bent forward. We kissed deeply. I was hers now. No matter what happened or who would be angry. She could ask me to walk into an oncoming bus. I was hers.

I rolled on top of her and saw her smirk up at me.

"Haber que me vas hacer/Let's see what you are going to do to me," she asked.

I smiled and brought her legs up over my shoulders. I slid out of her for and bent down. I had to taste her.

"Wait. I need to taste you too," she seductively purred.

I laid back and she swung her leg over my head. Suddenly I felt an amazing sucking motion from my nether regions. If it's possible to die of lust well I'd be dead. Delia was suck my cock like nothing I had ever felt before. I needed to taste her, so I reached over and started eating her delicious pussy. We did this for a few minutes.

"Shit babe I can''re gonna make me blow..." I panted.

She stopped sucking my dick and I motioned her on her back. I lined up my cock to her pussy and before going in I kissed her. Lightly at first then we were making out like teenagers. I kissed down her neck and back up to her mouth. I put my forehead against hers and caught my breath. I looked her in the eye as I pushed my dick back into her.

"Chiquita/Babe...te amo/I love you..." I said in almost a whisper as my dick went in and out of her.

"" Delia said as I kept up the pace.

I had never felt something so amazing. She was as soft and amazing as she was on the outside. My dick was wrapped in her amazing pussy and all I could do was kiss her lightly on her temple and mouth as we made love. I was sawing in and out when I felt the tingling feeling deep inside.

I opened my eyes and saw Delia writhing around under me.

"Fuck I think I'm almost there again. Babe I'm almost there...I need you to come with me..." I said.

"Mas...asi pares.../More...just like that...don't stop..." she said.

Her legs wrapped around my ass as I started pumping faster. I kissed her and kept going...suddenly her pussy started to suck my dick into her so much I couldn't hold back. I pushed in deep.

"FUCK" I yelled.

"AHHHH" she yelped.

I came like never before I could feel me gushing inside of her. I kept pumping more and more into her. Her pussy milked me and squeezed me like a vacuum vice.

I slowed my movements, then came to a stop. Her pussy let me dick slowly slide out of it. I opened my eyes and looked into eyes with small tears forming.

"I love you too Meno..." Delia said.

I smiled at her and kissed her with as much passion as I could. I crawled next to her and held her close. Delia rested her head on my chest and with her other hand she stroked my chest lightly. I rested my chin on top of her head and just smiled and held her.

"I really do love you Meno. I was sure I that I loved you but...well it's more than that. It's been like that for a while. I just didn't want...couldn't want you...right" she asked.

I looked her in the eye.

"Listen. I love you. I have loved you for a while. I want this and you. I swear I will do what I have to, to make this right. But I won't be able to stop being in love with you," I said.

Delia looked up at me and smiled.

"I'm going to take a nap now," she said.

As she started to snore lightly I held her. I was so happy, I was content.

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