There are some days that Sir shows up unannounced at my apartment to surprise me. But there are other days that Sir shows up frustrated because of trouble at work. When that happens, it's a whole new Sir. And I'm not sure which one I prefer more?

8:30 AM - I wake up and do my normal morning routine as designed by my Sir. I go into the bathroom to use the facilities, brush my teeth, and wash my face. I take a picture for Sir and send it to him as I go into my closet and change into my workout clothing before heading down to the gym that is in my building.

10:00 AM - I head back up to my apartment and head in to take a shower. I use the soaps that Sir buys for me. I use a wide-tooth comb to comb the conditioner through my curly hair and apply baby oil all over my body as instructed by Sir. As I step out of the shower I grab my towel and wrap it around me and then at the sink I put on my white and black checkered collar and clean my ears. I run oils and a leave-in conditioner through my hair before applying hair gel and blow-drying my hair. Sir says that this will give me the best result for my curly hair and he is, of course, right. My hair has never felt so amazing and healthy. After my shower routine, I walk again to my closet and change into a pair of black lace panties, a matching black bra and an oversized, lightweight, knitted black sweater. Sir keeps the apartment at 70 degrees to keep me comfy without needing too much clothing.

11:00 AM - I head to the kitchen to make a snack while I wait for my meal to arrive around 11:30 AM. Sir always sends for my meals so I never know what I'm going to eat on a given day. Although sometimes he shows up with a meal and we have lunch together. I walk to the fridge and grab my go-to of raspberry yoghurt with fresh strawberries, blackberries and raspberries and a small handful of almonds. I take my bowl to the couch and sit down as I watch my favourite YouTubers.

11:15 AM - Finishing my snack I take my dishes into the kitchen and begin cleaning the dishes that were leftover from the night before. While finishing up the dishes I feel a hard tug on my collar and a firm grip on my arm as I am being dragged to the couch. A sharp squeak escapes my mouth as I am caught off guard. I didn't even hear the door unlock and him come in. He shoves me over the arm of the couch and kicks my legs apart.

"Put your hands behind you and then don't move." His voice is harsh and almost mean. Surprised at what was happening and not sure what I did wrong I began racing through my day in my head as I comply and put my hands behind my back clasping my hands. A position I have been in numerous times before. In a few minutes, he is tying my arms behind me above the elbow with a silk sash, tying it through the loop on my collar making a handle. He spanks my ass very hard on each cheek bringing tears to my eyes and a yelp of protest from my lips.

"Shut up or I'll gag you." I bite my lip as he removes my panties so aggressively they tear away hurting my hips in the process. He spanks me again even harder than before sending my cheeks on fire and I do my best to keep from yelping again.

"Good girl." I can hear the momentary smile in his voice as he softly strokes each red mark with his hand. For a moment I smile until he inserts a plug into my vulnerable ass so hard that I open my mouth in surprise but, knowing better, I intake breath instead and slowly let it out to steady myself before biting my lip again. Then, without warning, he buried himself into my centre.

After a few hard, deep thrusts I find it hard to not moan in pain-filled pleasure, but I try to do so quietly. He must have sensed what he was doing to me and how hard it was to remain quiet because in a low growl, almost predatorily, he said, "Scream for me." He began to thrust harder as he grabbed the handle he created with the sash. He pulled me upward towards him and reached around with his free hand to slap each of my breasts. With his permission, I moaned and screamed my heart out in pleasure. I'm not sure how long he thrust or how many times I came but eventually, he thrust harder and deeper than before and I heard him moan deeply in my ear as I felt him finally release inside me. I felt him grow softer inside me as I fell limply back against his chest.

As I lean against him he gently unties the sash letting my arms fall to my sides. He then wraps one arm around my waist to stabilise me and then bend down to catch my legs in his other arm. He lifts me up and carries me around the side of the couch and sat down in the corner setting me down on his lap so that I was curled up against his chest with my face buried into his neck. My eyes were closed and I was trembling all over but I could feel his breath steady out as the vein in his neck pulsated. He pushed my hair out my face and kissed my forehead. We sat there in silence for a moment. YouTube forgotten in the background.

"I'm sorry baby girl. You didn't do anything wrong. People at work pissed me off this morning."

"Incompetence?" I could only manage a whisper.

He laughed quietly and squeezed me in a hug. "Yea."

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"Maybe later kitten. I have to get back to work soon. I just wanna lay here with you for a moment."

I reached out shakily and pulled his wrist towards me. I looked at his watch and saw that it was now Noon. "When do you need to leave?"

He looked at his own watch. "In about 20 minutes. I'll need to change my pants before I leave." He laughed as he looked down at his black pants to see the spot where she was sitting.

"Okay." I then sank further into his chest and nuzzled his neck. He lifted my head upwards and kissed my mouth gently. A distinct difference to his behaviour a moment ago.

My stomach growled loudly as we kissed causing him to pull away. "Have you eaten anything at all today?"

"I had some yoghurt with fruit and almonds about an hour ago."

"Well, I brought you a mushroom swiss burger from your favourite place. It's on the counter."

"Tangs?" I looked at him in surprise. I rarely get food from that place because it's not considered the healthiest of choices.

He laughed. "Yes.I also got their garlic fries that you love."

I sat up and pushed away from his chest a little to get a view of his face. "Really?!"

He laughed again. "It's the least I could do for what I just did to you."

I smiled and kissed him deeply. "How did I get so lucky?"

He kissed me back before pulling away. "I think I'm the lucky one."

"Thank you, Sir!"

"You're welcome, baby girl."

I snuggled back down and closed my eyes. I didn't stop smiling for the whole day.

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