He said he was expecting someone, and he would be right back. A thousand thoughts ran through my mind as I lay there tied to the table. I could here him talking, but couldn't quite make out what they were saying. After several minutes I heard footsteps coming downstairs. I turned my head and saw two naked men staring at me and stroking there dicks. Nice I heard his friend say, very nice he said as he walked over and smacked my ass.
Roger introduced his friend to me as Keith. Keith merely smiled and smacked my ass again. I saw him walk out of my view then felt 2 sets of hands start exploring my backside. I could feel 1 set pulling my ass cheeks obscenely far apart, causing my ass hole to open. I felt first one, the two, then finally three fingers ram up my ass. The fingers started pumping me hard, stretching my hole farther with each penetration. My ass actually hurt at this point as it was being stretched and abused more then before. The pumping stopped for a moment and I felt cold oil flow into my ass. I sighed, then jumped as the reaming resumed in earnest. His fingers were slamming into my faster and harder then any dick had. Suddenly I felt intense burning pain, as his entire fist was jammed up my ass. I struggled and tried to get away, and my ass was slapped till I stopped struggling. I screamed through my gag, but the hand continued thrusting in out of my ass, faster and harder with each thrust. Suddenly my head was lifted up, my gag was removed, and Rogers dick shoved in my mouth. So here I am, on my knees tied to a coffee table, sucking dick while I'm being fist raped, it was turning out to be a great day. Roger kept fucking my face, but Keith suddenly stopped fisting me and pulled his hand out. I sighed, then felt hands spread my ass once again, as Keith slammed his dry, rock hard dick deep up my ass. I screamed into his dick as Keith started slamming me against the table, brutally fucking my sore, abused ass. It felt like he was ripping me a new one, but I was actually starting to enjoy the ride. Suddenly Roger pulled his dick from my mouth, gave a couple pumps, and started cumming on my face. As I was dealing with cum in my nose, mouth and eyes, I felt Keith explode in my ass. Keith kept pumping and cumming for what seemed like forever before finally pulling out. Man Roger, he's much better then you said he was, was a great piece of ass. I smiled up at roger, and he smiled back. Roger looked at me and asked if I was still having fun. Very much so, I can't wait to see what's next! They both untied me and we went back upstairs. When we got to the room, Keith told me to lay down on my back and spread my legs. Roger took my hands, tied them together, then tied them to the headboard. There I laid, legs spread, arms tied over my head. Roger climbed up on the bed, then climbed up on my chest, straddling me . He moved closer to my face, till I could stick my tongue out and lick his dick. Open up he said as he sat up and guided his once again, rock hard dick into my waiting mouth. Roger then grabbed the headboard, pulled himself closer, and deeper, and began fucking my mouth, pumping me like he had in my ass. Meanwhile, Keith had climbed between my legs, grabbing each around the ankle, lifted them high, and spread them wider then I ever thought possible, lined up his dick up with my violated ass, and plunged in. What a feeling! All I could do was lay there and take it. My mouth was full, my ass was full, and I was getting the ride of my life. Roger was fucking my mouth so fast and full, all I could do was lay there and let him have his way with me, pumping in and out. Keith took me harder then I had ever been taken yet. I now knew what it was like to be raped! That helpless feeling that you are merely along for the ride, the only difference was that I was a willing participant, that I wanted to be violated in as many ways as possible.
They both kept going faster, harder, deeper. Keith put my legs back together, resting each ankle on his shoulders, leaned forward, and started pounding me with a vengeance. my legs were folded over so far, my knees nearly touched my chest. He was taking me deeper then ever before. I felt roger ready to explode in my mouth, and Keith sensed it. Keith slowed, but took me deeper. Moments later, Roger exploded with a scream in my mouth. I gulped it down as fast as I could, finally sucking him dry. Keith pulled out and they both climbed off me. Keith flipped me over, leaving my hands tied, and climbed back on me, mounting my ass. Roger had sat down with his back against the headboard, and spread his legs. Keith straddled my legs, and shoved his dick back up my ass and resumed pounding me. Keith went at me hard, slamming deep, almost pulling out, only to slam back deep inside me. I couldn't believe how long he lasted, it was incredible!. He rode he for nearly 30 minutes, never slowing, he only went faster and harder. I couldn't believe how incredible his dick felt in my ass, I never wanted the feeling to end. By now Rogers dick was once again rock hard in my mouth, after all, I had been sucking him for nearly as long as Keith had been fucking my ass. Suddenly I felt his dick surge and Keith screamed he was cumming, as he slammed even deeper, and unloaded in my ass. He kept pumping and pumping, I didn't think he would ever stop. I could feel his cum oozing out of my ass, and running down my legs. Keith pulled out with a plop. He was finally spent, and so was I . I simply laid on the bed, feeling his cum continuing to flow from my still gapping ass. Roger continued fucking my mouth. He was by now holding my head pumping it up and down on his shift, raping me. Keith stood, smacked my ass, and watched roger fucking my mouth. Finally roger un-loaded once again and let go of my head. I was so tired, so spent, I simply lay there with his softening dick still in my mouth, his cum dripping out and tried to catch my breath. Keith smacked my ass again and thanked me for the best piece of ass he's ever had and left the room.

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