Unpacking seemed like the right thing to do now that it had appeared her spectral roommates had settled down. After her dildo cascade Erin Parrish worried that she might have underestimated her new friends in the woodwork. It almost appeared as if they were toying with her in not so much a threatening way, but in good fun. She could handle that, her dildos were officially called toys anyway.

Alert every second for further mischief she divided her time with putting away what few kitchen items she had in her possession. Living at home with her Mother after her Father died to keep her Mom sane for a year she saw no need to invest in too many of her own needs. She was not into materialism really, outside of a nice vehicle and the essentials such as a TV, that was the one thing she hadn't thought through. No cable! Blu-Ray DVD's it was. Internet not possible at the moment. Her cellphone had little to offer other than conversation when her signal was strong enough out here in the boonies.

Here in God knows where Virginia she was just looking for peace and quiet, a place to lay roots and enjoy her life. With 13 horny spirits and a bitch for a Mistress making it 14 in her residence the peace might have gone out the window. Laying roots? She truly hoped it wouldn't be too soon, she rather liked living.

With no air conditioning she opened up her back screened in porch for ventilation until it grew dark. The timber around her home prevented any heavy breezes but it did ease the heat build up of the noon day sun. Taking a break she stepped out on to the porch, from there sat on the back steps leading down into her overgrown yard. That alone was more terrifying than her friends in the house. Who knew what might be hiding in that tall grass.

"Yeah...tossing out that Children of the Corn DVD. Wonder if my new lawn tractor can even mow that grass down. I'll worry about the front yard first thing in the morning. I need to run into Belltower before checkout at my hotel and grab my things, now that I'm officially living here. Grab a few groceries, booze...I know I'm gonna need that. Weed killer! No mailbox at the end of my mile long driveway I suppose I should get a Post Office box. Finding a job in the next week or three is crucial so I suppose I should enquire around both Belltower and Melas. Couple towns North of here maybe."

While pondering her future the screen door beside her creaked open enticing her to peer over her shoulder. "Company? I could probably use some as long as you behave. Pull up a step and I don't mean rip it from its nails." Watching the steps which were gently warped she witnessed them roll a bit as if weight on them. Weird how a ghost had mass but it did signify when she had someone around. She was learning signs that might help her along. A ghostly pressure on her kneecap as if someone was resting a palm there she looked down and smiled. "Wish I knew your names. You boys know my name is Erin but it would be nice to find a way to know who is who here. Anyone know Morse code?" Nothing! "That's one thing I know from being in the Army."

Still in her earlier clothing save for her tennis shoes she stretched her unattended leg out and wiggled her toes, wearing white ankle socks. "Lord my feet hurt. Wonder if there's a spa anywhere around these parts? I could use a good massage." The pressure on her kneecap relaxed and the step once again wobbled slightly. As if the Invisible Man himself was present her extended foot was held aloft and she watched her sock peel away, crumple up and get tossed at her.

"What are you doing?" She giggled. Further pressure on the bottom of her foot as if thumbs massaging there made her cock an eyebrow. "Someone has talent. That feels very nice. Thank you. I don't understand a lot concerning the afterlife so maybe at some point you can exhale on a window and let me know who you boys are at least by name, it's not like I can really see who it is to call you by that in cases like this. Maybe offer clues as to how you can touch me, but I really can't touch you." Flinching a bit her nerves react to being ticklish. "That part I can live without."

The screen door opening and closing again led her to believe she had more company calling. Grinning as she lays back on her elbows on the step above her she hikes her other foot in the air. "Room for two." As suggested her opposite sock slipped from her toes and was also tossed up over her body landing in her cleavage. Leaving it there covering her necklace she blew a warm exhale at her attendants. "Fuck that feels good. I'm so glad you boys are friendly. My gut just told me to take the risk in buying this place. I know technically this is your home and I'm the intruder here but I want you to all know I'm...happier than I've ever been I think. I hope we can all live together and respect one another when it's needed."

Her feet rising higher she feels a sudden warmth across her toes, an imaginary wetness upon them. "Are you boys...sucking my toes?" Her jaw dropped with a shocked grin. "Mmmm! Momma licks...I mean likes. You guys are going to spoil me aren't you?" Her feet bob up and down as if the ghosts were nodding yes. "Hey! We're communicating. That's a good start using a simple yes and no. Let's play 20 questions."

Proposing such a thing would definitely make things better all around. As she formulates questions the screen door opens and remains open longer than usual, which to her meant more than one joining them. She was fine with that. "Welcome to the party."

Creaks on the seat to her right and left heard but barely felt she found her nipples rising to say hello. Lowering her chin as she notes her sock lift from her chest and float to her right, she follows its trail stopping and appearing as if it was a condom being applied to a cock. The sock uncurled and was neatly form fitting as best it could be. "Well now! That sock's made for feet. Is that dick of yours a foot long?" Wagging yes her lip puckered at being impressed, "Nice!" Her second sock followed left and was tugged over an impossibility, her hand even waved beneath the sock. "I just don't get it." She pouted, "Not as big as his but I'm guessing...seven inches?" A negative wag led her to change her theory, "Eight?" There was her affirmation. "This isn't fair that you can touch me but I can't feel you."

Her right arm is coaxed from under her and slowly guided up toward her sock puppet, Erin's fingers curled over the sock and pressed tightly. Strangely she felt a hardness beneath the cloth. "Holy shit!" Awestruck at actually feeling something substantial she shivered. Looking to her left she sat up straight and placed her left hand over the second sock, it too had a solid mass. "Oh my God! We just made a connection. You guys are awesome."

Mesmerized by this newfound knowledge she fondled the sock, but it being so small she feared pulling it off of it's possessor by too much movement. "We need tube socks." She laughed, "I have some packed away we can break out later. This is...incredible guys. Back to 20 questions..."

She had to release her fingers over both because of her back hurting, her legs still lifted made her posture weak. Elbows back on the step relaxed her spine. "Sorry! My back was hurting lurched forward like I was. Trust me once I have longer socks on those bad boys I'll give you both a hand job." She giggled. "Condoms even better." Socks removed they fall to the step next to her. "Awww! I was enjoying my puppet show."

In her outstretched position she felt hands unfastening her tight shorts, zipper sliding down right before her eyes. Holding her breath she bit her lower lip as she observed a rise beneath her shorts as if a hand slipping under the material. A warmth creased over her clit and a pressure that certainly felt wonderful. "Yep! Best friends forever Boys." She sighed. Her helping hand formulated a vicious friction over her labia that felt so wonderful she dropped her head back to enjoy it. While her eyes faced the house she felt the ghost on her left place a hand up under her camisole and squeeze her tit. "Yes! Get me off."

Barely recognizable fingers go lower beneath her shorts and seek refuge inside her cunt, probing in and out at a rapid rate. Erin's juices flowing out to stain her shorts. "Faster!" Obedient to the end the ghost finger fucked her to a screaming climax. Convulsing between his actions and those sucking her toes, and playing with her breasts she had to find her way back to reality. Abandoned suddenly she sensed no further touching, her feet lowered to the steps gently. Catching her breath Erin looked bewildered, "Was it something I moaned?"

Putting her socks back on she stood up and stretched vividly, not even fastening her shorts. Leaving them undone she shrugged and went back inside the house, it was getting dark anyway. In the kitchen she found her cell and noticed a text from her brother Jonah, "Made it to Richmond. Everything still good?"

"Better than good." She typed back. "Love you Big Brother."

"Love you too Boo." There was that childhood nickname. It made her smile.

"That's me. Boo with a TY." She shakes her ass, her shorts slipping slightly, it was then she buttoned up before losing them. Setting her cell back down, her charger plugged into an outlet she set out to unpack a bit more. Carrying a box of clothing upstairs to her new bedroom, Genevieve's former Mistress room she eyed the humongous bed. Setting her box on an antique dresser she began unpacking things into chosen drawers.

"I'm kind of glad this home came furnished to a degree. Personally, I just think the DeVore Family were too afraid to come get this stuff. I bet it's worth a small fortune." Finding a jewelry box on the dresser top she opened it to find it too had jewelry still. "Woohoo! Treasure chest." Sifting through it she felt her own necklace tugging at her neck. Eying it she withdrew her fingers from the jewelry box to touch her own bling. "Is someone here?"

The second she looked at herself in the dressers mirror the jewelry box slammed shut. "I take that as a yes. Tell me who." She slides her clothing box aside and stretches over the dresser and exhales a lengthy breath on the mirror causing it to fog up. "Tell me."

A fingers etch in the vapor trail left the word "Mistress." Eyes trembling she looked around the room, "Genevieve? Are you here too?" Nothing of course! "Nineteen more questions to go."

Frowning she finished filling the drawers with her undies, jeans, and shorts. Heading downstairs for more clothing she returned to find her drawers opened and her clothing thrown out of them. "Oh, hell! I think Genie's jealous." Sitting her box on the floor Erin took a deep breath and held her necklace in her fingers as if a crucifix. "Alright! I know this was your home long before it was mine Genevieve but I'm not leaving here anytime soon, so chill your ass out. I'm not your enemy so don't go making me one." As if she knew how to fight back.

Hearing a very low squealing noise she followed it toward the bedroom door, only to have it slam shut roughly before reaching it. A warm sensation on her shoulder she looked at it, through the corner of her eye she found her discarded clothing rise up from the floor and move back into the opened drawers. Watching the efforts of someone she stood there wincing. On her final garment, a nearly sheer pair of panties it halted in transit and lowered some. Within the material a big cock nudged the crotch of it as if to show her one of the males was doing this cleanup.

"Did I upset the Mistress?"

The intangible penis wagged the panties affirmatively. Removing it from the penis it drifted higher to face level and made it appear as if the possessor was sniffing them. Shaking her head Erin stepped forward to reclaim them, the panties swiftly escaping her grasp and hurled through the air. Following her undies she found it seemingly sniffed by another, then another, and another still. "Fuck it! Keep them."

Bending to grab her second box she sat it on the dresser to unload it. Before her eyes the area of Mistress on the mirror fogged back up. Beneath the still evident word Mistress a finger wrote, "No longer."

"Mistress no longer?" Pondering it another rash of breath cascaded the mirror with a message written that said as read by Erin, "Serve you." Her heart began pounding. "Wow! I'm...honored. What about Genevieve though? Where does this leave her?" Answers forthcoming through further recited letters, "Alone!" Erin felt badly all of a sudden.

"That's not fair. What did she do to you?"

"Poison us." was her final reply for now. It was as if they were sad, even her panties once held high fluttered to the floor. "Oh my God! You poor things." She too needed to catch her breath going forward. "Enough unpacking. I need a bubble bath and what's left of my bottle of Kentucky bourbon." Alcohol always did make Erin Parrish more relaxed.

Another trip downstairs to search for her bath supplies, some of which were at her hotel room still, she did have bubble bath and body wash. Washcloth and towel added to her arms she headed back upstairs to the master bath. Within it was a massive claw tub with enough room in it for possibly three people. Eying it as dirty she quickly rinsed it by hand to make it more presentable. "This tub is beautiful, even the brass faucet. Surely this was updated by the DeVore family." Plugging the drain she set out to see how hot the water would be, having used cold to clean it by. Conversation being the smart thing to do she found the water heater surprisingly faithful. Recalling the homes updates as adding a second water heater she was certainly grateful. Pouring bubble bath she stood up and stripped out of her clothing. Stepping into the water after shutting the faucet off, she sat down and settled back into the overflow of bubbles with a relaxing sigh.

"Mistress Erin...it does have a cute ring to it." Realizing her necklace was still on she carefully unclasped it and leaned over the side of the tub to drop it into her clothing for safe keeping. Looking toward the bathroom mirror having steamed up due to the hot water she found a heart traced into it. "Awww! I love you guys too. Welcome back. I hope I didn't get too personal earlier. Can I keep asking questions?" Yes is written in steam.

"Why did Genevieve...poison you?"

"Mean!" is traced on the mirror, "Disappointed in us."


To her left was a window which was also fogged up. Drawn to it she reads, "Adopt us."

"Me or Genevieve?" She was confused by the reply.

"G!" written by itself obviously conserved the writer's energy.

"She adopted all of you?"

The tubs faucet turns on for only a brief moment emphasizing a Yes. Soaking there she smiles. "Hot water for yes. Cold for no." This was another way to chat. "She raised you from babies?" Cold turned meaning no. "Young boys?" Hot water disbursed. "Soooo...she made you sex slaves from young boys until you became adults?" Hot again. She was liking this game. "Okay? How can you touch me but I can only touch you if you are covered?" Her answer was a question mark drawn into the mirror. "I guess it's a polterguess thing." She giggled, "Sorry bad joke."

"Will...Genevieve try and harm me?"

There it was, she was dreading the answer. Hot water, "I should have known. Can she actually hurt me being a ghost?" Another hot water reply. "Will you guys protect me from her?" Just that quickly both the window and the mirror found six versions of "Yes" etched in, the hot water faucet also turned. "Wow! Thank you. It's comforting to know you have my back." She rises to sit in the tub and lifts her wash rag soaping it up then lifting it, "Speaking of my back. Who wants to wash mine?" As if three hands fighting over the washcloth a single ghost won it somehow and brought it around her to lightly scrub her spine. "Mmmm! Who got the privilege? Let's get some names of my sweethearts?" A name is written on the window, "Amos? Thank you Amos you do a wonderful job." Pausing in his washing of her she feels a warm kiss on her shoulder. "Awww!"

"Are all twelve of you here with me now?" Cold water! "Where are the others?"

"Guard!" on the mirror.

"To ensure my safety from Genevieve?" Hot water! "That's good to know. Last week when Ed Hanson my realtor was being controlled, which of you did that?"

"Otis." on the mirror.

"Is Otis here now?" Cold water! "Watching over Genevieve?" Hot water! "Were you guys trying to scare me off by possessing Ed?" Cold water no. "So, why put Ed through that?"

"Horny!" on the window.

"Ah! I can relate." She laughs, "Hey! Get back to work Famous Amos." The lingering rag began scrubbing her back again. Playfully she gathers a hand full of bubbles and blows them toward Amos where she presumed he was setting on the tub. By doing this she let them know she was enjoying their company. Something Genevieve never did in their entire life when lived. It was just in Erin's nature to be flirty, okay...slutty but this wasn't the time. This was bonding with the boys.

Relaxed from his thorough cleaning of her pores Erin sat back, the rag falling into the water over her lap. She took over the remainder of her bathing. "Thank you Amos." Washing her armpits, beneath her breasts, she hit the more intimate areas her pussy and between her ass cheeks, finally her legs and feet. Ending her bathing she simply laid back and soaked. Fidgeting she realized she should make boundaries for them to follow.

"Question...are any of you going to possess me like Otis did Ed?" Cold water her reply. "Good! I do not want any of you to control me. Is that understood?" Hot water! "Leave that on my water's getting chilly." Faucet ignited, warmth soothed her bones. "Good boy...who's manning the faucets anyway?"

"Emmett!" is drawn into the window now fogged back over. "I am Wink."

"Emmett and Wink...Amos and Otis who is elsewhere. Who's writing on my mirror?"

"Darby." is added to the mirror, accompanied by a heart around it.

"Is that everyone in the bathroom?" Cold water negative. On the window is written, "Dim" and "Curly". "Cute names. So six of you here, six watching over Genevieve." Hot water tapped. "Okay! When my brother was here there were thirteen fogged over windows with hearts. If there's only twelve of you, who drew the thirteenth heart? I'm pretty sure it wasn't Genevieve."

"Outcast." written on the mirror made her sit up straight as if spooked. "Outcast? Who is that?" Hesitance amongst the ghosts left her visuals silent. Her towel rising and held spread out awaiting Erin she swallowed dryly at their less than informative response. Standing up she steps out of the tub on to a left behind bath mat. Towel wrapping around her she let whom she presumed was Amos dry her off. Once done the towel dropped to the floor. "I would like an answer to my question. Who and why Outcast?"

"Earl." is written on the mirror. "Dumb!" ,beside the name. "Attic!" ,the next word.

"Dumb? As in mentally challenged? Dare I say it...retarded?" Hot water drains out and stops, "Son." added on the window pane.

"Son? Genevieve's son?" Hot water again. "So she's not really alone." Hot water confused her, "Did she...disown him?" Hot water! "How old was he when he died?"

"Ten." on the mirror. "Oh, the poor thing. She...didn't want him?" Cold water!

"Now I'm sad. I mean I've been sad for all of you but, he was so young." She huffs her cheeks, "Now I know I need my bourbon." Bending to release her tub water she clasps her necklace around her neck before picking up her towel and hanging it up on a towel bar on the wall. Clothing in hand she walked naked back to the Mistress room. Entering she used her empty box as a dirty laundry basket, folding the flaps inside the box itself. Totally nude she made the trek downstairs and found the box containing a half empty fifth of Jack Daniels. In the same box she found some scented candles and a Bic lighter.

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