Things get slippery for Mace. Rotten comes up smelling like roses, Lily's even. Just like in a soap opera, jealousy, love, sex, and paint balls whizzing by your head.

"Why am I giving you a bath when I might be getting laid here soon? I should have just tossed you outside by the pool and let you air off. But, nooooo Mister Generosity just had to use shampoo and my own freaking bathtub. If I'd showered you in Piper's shower she would have cut me off." He chuckled, "Don't hate me buddy, but I liked masturbating next to my Auntie last night. Badass! I know it's not going any further than that but it doesn't mean I can't torture her. You and I both know your Master is a nympho, she's resisting but the thought of going further is on her brain. She loves having me around even if I do shit that gets on her nerves. Think I should ease up on her? Naaaa! Me neither."

Holding Rotten firmly as the Rottweiler grew restless Mace added more shampoo to his fur rubbing it in good, it was noble that Mace loved animals, being a trainer high on his agenda. He had already proven his skills with Rotten, working with him a little each day to bring out his intelligence level. Rotten was no dummy, the only issue was that he was more obedient toward Mace than his true owner Piper Cherry. She was going to have to find time to work alongside Mace more in that area, less side by side in her bed.

"Did I tell you Dakota kissed me?" Mace spoke to Rotten as if he were human. He had told the pup that three times now, maybe he was just running out of things to say. "Caught me off guard when I dropped her and her sister off at school. I hope that doesn't get around too much I kinda like Tina. I guess I'll know if Tina's mad if she doesn't show up with Octavia later, that or when I go to the football game tomorrow night. I'm glad Piper said I could go I'm getting really bored around here. At least we get cable turned on tomorrow, now I can watch pornos." He chuckled, "Speaking of...should I fuck with Aunt Piper again on her camera? I know darn well she's going to check up on me after fucking Tina in her bed yesterday. Think I should push my luck and do both Tina and Octavia in her bed this time?" The dog looked at him as he rinsed his back with an extended shower head. Droopy eyes was no help at all, he just wanted to shake off and run around feeling clean.

"As angry as Aunt Piper sounds I know she's laughing her ass off inside. She's the coolest Aunt I have, sexiest too. Bree's hot but she's into girls too heavy for...not that I wouldn't watch if she let me. We have a pretty fucked up family don't we buddy?" He pampered Rotten holding his palm over the dogs eyes to rinse his neckline and scalp. Once done he shut the water off and let the showerhead dangle in the tub. "Okay, I think you're squeaky clean again. Let's dry you off and put you outside by the pool in the sun."

With Mace rising to procure a towel Rotten shivered dramatically showering Mace unexpectedly with a torrent of droplets making him growl, "HEY! Now I need to take a shower. Thanks a lot!" Struggling to contain the pup Mace dried him off enough to be satisfied that he wasn't going to have to shampoo the carpets too. Releasing the dog from his captivity Rotten burst into a vivid dance around Mace's bedroom. Jumping on his bed he rolled around on his back getting the bedding soaked.

"What the fuck Dude? Now I have to change my sheets. Why is it that I have to do laundry every day between Piper's covers and now mine?" The dog rolled to face him then woofed. Pillow under the dog made Mace wince even more, "OH HELL THE FUCK NO! You didn't just rub your balls on my pillow. DOWN!" Mace pointed at the floor, Rotten instantly climbing from the bed to the floor below. "DOWNSTAIRS...GO!" His roomie darted out the bedroom door and headed downstairs in the blink of an eye, "STAY OFF THE FURNITURE!" He knew he wouldn't.

"Fuck!" Stripping his bed he took the laundry down to the washroom. Sure enough Rotten was rolling on the couch. "Dammit Rotten...!" He took time to carry his burden into the laundry room and put them in the washer, then adding detergent and fabric softener, water started. Leaving it in a hurry he sprinted to the French doors leading to the pool in the backyard. Door wide Rotten jumped from the couch and bolted out. Closing the door Mace watched the dog go nuts outdoors in his energetic blowing off of steam.

Eying the wet couch cushions he knew they would just have to dry, a few shots of Febreze did wonders. Looking up at the living room camera he just shrugged at it should Piper be spying, mouthing, "Sorry!" Good enough for him.

Tugging his shirt out and smelling himself he knew he needed to shower before..."Fuck! It's 2:20? Where did the time go? The girls will be here in ten minutes if they show up when Tina did. I don't have time...or do I?" He grinned devilishly. Going to the kitchen he found a pad of Post-It Notes and wrote, "In the shower...come on in." Sticking it to the outside of the front door he shut it and scrambled to get a fresh pair of sweat pants. Looking at his own messy shower he caught the whiff of wet dog, "Yeaaaah! Showering in Piper's bathroom. Room for three..." He chuckled. "Me, Tina, and Octavia. Woohoo!" He had no idea that fellow cheerleader Lily was tagging along. He would soon.

Heading downstairs he went into Piper's bedroom and realized her toy Bodzilla was laying on her bed. Considering that he should hide it he decided to just leave it and grab his shower. Firing up the hot water he vacated his old sweats and hopped in under the steam. It was then that he miscalculated, "Oh shit! No manly soap...dammit! Only fruity kinds, I guess I smell like peaches and cream." He wasn't running back upstairs. Soaping up he took his time, watching the door the entire shower, getting erect at picturing the girls walking in on him. His dick was mighty, all he could do once he soaped it up not to rub one off.

Mace Belmont was tired of smelling Piper's dog Rotten, being a rambunctious, rather large pup he tended to roll around in the yard quite a lot. This was not on Mace's schedule but sadly Rotten had gotten a tad too close to where he urinated many times prior. Now that the pup got a bath Mace himself picked up the odor of drenched fur, clinging to him like a second skin. Certainly an awful choice of cologne to insure the girls wanting to kiss on him would go well. Maybe Peaches and cream wasn't such a bad idea after all. If they didn't show up on time as he had hoped, he would just walk upstairs and slap on some of his manly cologne. Last resort, he wanted to shower with the girls or at the very least let them watch him behind the glass.

Outside on the street Tina Wiles, joined by her cheerleader besties Octavia and Lily arrive and park along the curb. Eying the house Lily found it in herself to ask something nagging at her. "Are you sure this is cool? Mace kissed Dakota, are we...interfering by seducing Mace?"

Tina leered over her shoulder at Lily sitting in the backseat, "Do we care? We all have boyfriends...well, playthings. Most of them see other girls too. Nature of the best."

"Isn't that beast?" Octavia chuckled.

"Not in my jungle." Tina winked, if they had known that right in the exact moment Dakota McKellen kissed Mace Belmont outside Horton-Dexter, Tina was in the gym fucking Angus Furlong. Fair trade when you got down to it. Angus wanted Dakota, Tina wanted Mace for more great fun. In her eyes it made sense.

"In that case let's go ape." Octavia opened her car door and took the lead. Tina racing around her vehicle trying to overtake Octavia's spot as first to the front door. Lily lagging behind as she heard loud music. She had a strong hunch where the music was coming from and grew edgy. Jogging to catch up to her friends she tried to shrug off the bad omen that was haunting her.

"Wait! We should do what I did yesterday." Tina whipped her shirt off over her head, the girls eying her as if she were crazy. "What? I got naked, rang the doorbell and laid out here in the grass with my legs wide. Mace came to the door and I played it like...fuck me Mace." She offered a sexy tone of voice, "He loved it."

"Uhhh?" Octavia looked back at the grass noting a pungent odor lingering in the air, "Miss Cherry does have a dog pees in that lawn." Tina suddenly bulged her eyes, she hadn't even considered that yesterday, she luckily dodged a bullet.

"Note on the knob guys." Lily pointed at it, Tina snapping it up with greed, "He's in the shower. Says to walk on in."

"You first, "Octavia winced, "That way if Piper's dog uses your leg as a chew toy, Lily and I can run and help Mace rinse off before he comes to save you."

"Love you too. I think I saw a commercial for a herpes medication that was called Octavia."

"Yeah? Wasn't there a plague once called ScarleTINA? Killed millions I heard."

"Will you two stop competing, we're not doing cheers. Let's go see if his big dick is up for us. You know it must be after Octavia kissed him earlier and warned him we were coming. Three girls must have him...prepared." She herself reaches around and opens the door pushing it wide open, feeling a gust of the air conditioning razzing their pores all three walked right on in. Lily closing the door seemed logical, she did open it. Hearing the water running it was easy enough to figure out what direction it was coming from.

"His bedroom was upstairs." Octavia pointed out.

"We had sex in Miss Cherry's bed. It was awesome." Tina removed her jeans in the living room, not fond of underwear she was naked pretty easily. Ankle socks only she took the lead and marched into Piper's bedroom and rounded the bed to reach the bathroom. Seeing Mace behind steamy glass she giggled biting her nail, "Yummy! He's rock hard and ready for me."

Behind her Octavia explored the room further, locating the walk in closet full of packed tight dresses and other assorted clothing. As if hearing Angel's singing she was in awe, "Holy crap! Miss Cherry has enough dresses to sponsor a small country." Lily shying away from the bathroom even as she noted Tina smashing her breasts against the shower door to let him in on her arrival. Hearing him whistle at her and drag her into the shower Lily found herself more into further exploration. Mainly, the big window facing the swimming pool, she knew Hooter's Crossing well, something that had bothered her when coming here for cheerleading practice. Noting the homes behind Piper's, she first looked at Travis Herbert out on his deck eating a bowl of whatever, it was chili his mom had made. Secondly she spotted the musical culprit and swallowed dryly.

"Hey! Hard Knox is home." Octavia moved next to her friend, "Killer jams. Needs more hip hop though. Don't sweat it Lil' he's over there, you're over here."

"Why doesn't Piper have curtains on her windows?" Lily noticed. "He can look right over and see us standing here. Isn't Piper worried he or Perbert might look in on her?"

"Uhhh? You even see what Miss Cherry wears to school? Wench loves being seen in skimpy clothes. Wish we could I'd be wearing a bikini to school. Micro even!"

"At least she got Manley to agree to Wednesday dress code omission."

"Friday too I hear through the grapevine."

"Really?" Lily flared her eyes, "How is Miss Cherry getting Principal Manley to stop being a hard ass?"

"Her soft ass." Octavia chuckled, "Bitch has curves."

"She's not a bitch. I like Piper."

"Me too. Just sayin'! You notice anything what's laying on her bed?" A pinky point guided Lily's gaze to the dildo.

"No. What is it?" Lily turns just as Rotten pounces on the glass window behind her, his loud barking startling both girls into freezing in step. "SHIT! He scared the life out of me."

"Am I white?" Octavia bulged her eyes examining her arms to see if she had changed color.

"Why do you always say that?" Lily frowned, "It's as bad as white people calling black people the N word."

"Don't you say it, I'll cut you with Piper's nail file over there on her dresser."

"Whatever!" Lily looks to the king size bed and spots what Octavia had pointed out, "The huge dildo?"

"You think Mace plans to use it on us?" Octavia grew giddy.

"You maybe. I'm not using...that has to belong to Miss Cherry."

"She must like big shlongs." Octavia looked around some more, "Whoa! She has cameras over her bed. Loving our girl more and more."

"She could be spying on us from school right now." Lily waved at it smiling.

"Oh yeah! Nice save, we're only fucking her nephew on this bed in ten minutes. She could see everything we do."

"Since when does that bother you?"

"True! We can just blame it on Mace, say we didn't know about the camera."

"Then, quit pointing at it."

"You quit waving at it." Both girls giggled, torn between Rotten barking at them outside and hearing Mace groaning the two chose to see what Tina was up to. Spying their friend on her knees sucking his dick was all it took for the girls to start stripping. Both nude and eying one another Lily jabbed a finger into Octavia's rib playfully, "Him, then me."

"Why wait?" Octavia stormed her girl Lily and walked her laughing toward the mattress until Lily fell backwards. Snatching up Lily's legs Octavia knelt down and began eating her companion out. In the few minutes it took to stimulate the tiny blond she began moaning and juicing up beneath Octavia's overly talented tongue. With a clear shot into Piper Cherry's windows and hearing Rotten's barks Travis Herbert perked up after a healthy belch from his food. Using his telescope he zeroed in on the window to see what the canine was excitably yelping at.

"WHOAAAAA! Octavia and Lily. Where's Mace? Lucky bastard." He observed the girls frolicking about for five minutes until his cellphone buzzed. Looking away from his birds eye view Travis read a text from, "Awww! Sable misses me." He quickly typed back, "Wanna smooch later?" Her response was a single blushing emoji. He polished off his end of their conversation with, "All over?" Two blushing emoji's returning informed him of her uncertainty, "Awww maaaan! She's going to chicken out. I knew I went too far at her house." He pouted then realized something, "She didn't push me away though. I gotta stop reading into things negatively." Back to Octavia and Lily.

Next door but blind to Travis stood Knox Hardecker and his drinking buddy Dip. They too were reacting to Rotten's persistent barking while rearing up on his hind legs to look inside the window. At first Knox used his remote to turn up the stereo inside his room to block the dog's annoyance. It took Dip to squint against the glare on the window in Piper's bedroom to conclude someone was on her bed.

"Yo! Where's your binoculars?" Dip moved through the bedroom door from the balcony in search of them, finding a large powerful pair on the dresser. Returning as Knox smoked a cigarette Dip peered out over the properties and zoomed in on Lily and Octavia. "No way!" He exhaled with awe.

"What's going down?" Knox blew a smoke ring.

"Your ex Lily...her and Octavia are munchers."

"LILY?" Knox yanked the binoculars from Dip's grasp, the cord around Dip's neck dragging him along awkward up to his bud's shoulder. "Crap! Lily never did that kind of stuff when we dated. What the hell is she doing at that skanks house?" Just as he spoke Mace and Tina stepped into the picture as Mace laid Tina right beside the dining girls. "THAT MOTHERFUCKER! He's hitting Tina Wiles? I swear to God if he fucks Lily I'll slit his fucking truck tires." Seeing Octavia lift away from Lily and move away to return behind Mace to kiss along his shoulders Knox grit his teeth and held his breath. Lily just sat up and watched the others, peering toward Knox yet not really noticing him.

"Looks like Cherry's nephew is fucking Tina silly." Dip removed his head from the choking binocular band and winced as best he could toward the window. Taking the stereo remote Dip silenced it and they heard Tina Wile's screaming up a storm. It was obviously a distant muffle but loud enough to be heard. "What's that asshole got that we don't?"

"Fuck you Dip! He's got my girl in bed with him. Obviously, he's got all three naked." Knox grew bitter, glued to the scene unfolding. Lily was still the odd girl out at this point. In a playful wrestling match Mace pulled out of Tina's drooling cunt then twisted around to storm Octavia. Taking her on to her back and nailing her missionary style. "Lily looks lost." His demeanor suddenly switching to confusion, "Fuck I miss Lily."

"Dude! You fucked every girl in Nashville behind her back. She was never as outgoing until you two split up."

"I know but I loved Lily."

"Love kinda means be faithful Bro."

"Shut up! I'm going over there."

"Stupid move. Just call her from here. Why risk that big ass Rott ripping you a new one?"

"Dammit!" Knox finds his cell in his back pocket and locates Lily's number but pauses dialing it, "She hates me Dip."

"I don't think she has an ounce of hate in her Knox, you just hurt her is all. It's been a year maybe she's in a forgiving mood." Dip aims to console his boy. "Can't hurt to at least try."

"What if she doesn't answer?"

"Well, she is naked with the pool boy. Might not even be near her cell."

"Don't rub it in Bro." He grumbles then dials her number. Watching her reaction to everything in general through the binoculars Knox notes Lily pause knowing her cell was ringing from her pants pocket on the floor. Crawling out of bed she locates her cell and realizes her caller. Jaw dropping she twists in step peering out the window knowing he was out there watching.

"Shoot!" She whimpers loud enough for Tina to hear her. Tina rolling on her side letting Mace destroy Octavia merely sighs, "Almost your turn Lily."

"Knox is watching us." She showed her the persistent phone call still ringing. Tina sat up and looked out the window finding Knox staring her way through binoculars, teeth gnashing at knowing her friends past love life she sighs, "I say let Mace fuck you up against the window and flip him off. Hardecker's a prick."

"Not always." Lily pouted, she still had feelings for Knox but not as heavily as her heart used to feel. "I...don't want to answer him."

"Here! Let me." Tina steals her cell and answers with, "Hey Hardpecker, Lily's busy right now, at the sound of her orgasm please leave a message." Tina then nudged Lily backwards and buried her own face into the girls snatch. Lily instantly began yelping, fingers ramming up inside her pussy. With her phone next to her Lily found the energy to pluck it up and answer it for herself, "What do you want Knox?"

"That better not be that fucknut hitting you." Knox growled.

"What if he were? What I do is my business now." She spoke, Knox knowing the truth while overhearing Octavia yelling, "FUCK ME HARDER WHITE BOY." He closed his eyes thankful that Mace wasn't tapping his...ex. Still his girl in his mind.

"I...I'm sorry I fucked up." Knox had to turn away from Dip to hide sorrow. Dip just nodded, he knew heartbreak well himself. Mostly, because he could never get a girlfriend on his own.

"Shit!" Lily whined at Tina's feasting, "It's in the past, we're both moving forward Knox." Hearing Lily acknowledging her caller Mace peeled upward over Octavia, her hands rising up toward him wanting him to come back over her chest and kiss her. Keeping up his rapid thrusting was enough until he did. Watching Tina eat Lily was beautiful, Lily had that cute sweetness factor going on. Her pale skin firm and gently toned, supple breasts dancing, pink nipples circling one another as if ballet performers. Very nice!

Turning his attention toward the window Mace peered out and saw first Travis watching, then Knox and Dip. Growling he uttered, "Wish she would put up curtains." Being observed fucking hadn't occurred to him, yesterday they could have seen him destroy Tina Wiles, worse yet he and his Aunt masturbating side by side. Luckily, Knox and his Father were out yesterday having an early dinner at the country club and a round of golf. One of the few bonding days they had endured in months, his Father being a lawyer, Knox being a douche.

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