Rose general lore

It's pretty rough around the edges, but honestly I just want to get it out there so I can start work on what I really want to write. Here's a bit more on Rosebutas!

In old times, when /rose/ was nothing but tribal territory, Rosebutas walked on a lush landscape of beautiful flowers and warm sun. Rosebutas lived pleasant, casual lives in houses built of stone. Their lives were kept safe by using Rosestones, a special type of rock they could frequently find in caves. However, at some point a disaster shook them and changed their world forever. A plague struck which crippled plantlife and the Rosebuds. Quick to follow was an intense cold which killed off most remaining life, minus the Rosebuds themselves. Despite the harshness of their new environment, they found themselves surviving by retreating into an old cave system. It was quiet there and the heat of Rosestones kept them safe from the cold.

With nowhere else to go, they went deeper into the depths and came to call it their new home. Rosebuds refined Rosestone into tools, using them to carve new tunnels in the underground. These tunnels grew in size quickly, becoming giant circular paths they could use to move around. They created large domes that tunnels connected to, for living and trading. These domes became popular community hubs, residential and commercial areas. Rosestones became their primary source of light and energy, a stone battery of sorts. They crafted railways with handcrank powered carts, allowing quicker movement throughout, and a number of weapons both normal and peculiar. Over the course of many decades, Rosebuds transformed from a species that thrived on the plains to a species which preferred dwelling underground.

But not all Rosebutas were appeased by their new home. Some desired to roam above like their ancestors, traveling around the bitter cold. They wrap themselves in thick furred clothing with Rosestones lining the outside. They walk among the ancient places of their past, scavenging what they can and fighting other surface dwellers for relics. These Rosebutas rarely return below ground and typically only ever for trading. They could be considered as a different section of Rosebuds, enjoying a nomadic culture.

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