She and her boyfriend fight often and cops are regulars at their house. She just had a baby a few months ago and this is on a fight day and he was just hauled away. He'll be back at some point like many times before, go figure… She is what I would define as trailer trash, but I have a thing for pregnant women. I consider myself a "pregophile". I love all stages of pregnancy, Pre, present, and post, and she is post-pregnancy. Sexy baby "Phat" body and milk-filled udders.

On this day, they ran out of oil and he was putting it in using cans before he got hauled away. I have jerked off many times over the thought of sucking Lori's milky udders. I know the furnace won't start because it ran out. I watched her sister who for the record, I would love to fuck as well, came over and took the kids because of no heat.

Lori made a couple of trips outside and I decided to see if she'd let me help her. I knock on her door and she answers, but with a blanket wrapped around her shoulders. I say to her, " I'm not trying to get in your business but I can't help but have noticed the cops here, and I saw he was carrying gas cans to the back. Did you run out of oil?" She tells me, " yeah, that stupid muthafucka was supposed to order it, but he didn't have…" I cut her off, " woa, woa,woa, listen, I'm not interested in all that. If you run out, the furnace is not going to start. Do you need help?" "I don’t have any money to pay for it," she says. I tell her, "Don’t worry about that right now, let me see if I can get it going. How much is in the tank?" She says, " I think he got 2 cans in it." "That should be enough to start it and run tonight," I tell her.

I move and follow her to the furnace as we pass what must be her bedroom. She has a large unmade bed and I can’t help but think of grabbing her and pulling her onto it and building a fire from the friction of my growing wood raping her post-pregnancy pussy. We get to her furnace and it’s very similar to mine. I tell her I need to run home and get my tools and that I’ll be right back. She opens the blanket wrapping her to adjust it and I can’t help but stare at the jiggling milk factory she is carrying. She has to be 38 DD or more. She thanks me as I leave and I tell her, " Not a problem, but let's get it working first so you can warm up and lose that blanket!" I probably shouldn’t have said that out loud, but she laughs.

I get my tools and return to work on her furnace. She stands near me, wrapped tightly in her blanket telling me about her problems with her man. She talks about needing to lose weight and get her body back. I tell her, " You look great to me. I think pregnancy is beautiful, and a mommy's body is very sexy!" She looks at me surprised with a shy smile. I ask her why she and her man stay together if they fight so much. She says she doesn’t know. She asks if I would like something to drink. I ask her if she has any milk. She laughs and says, " The only milk I have is in baby bottles!" I ask her, " Is it milk or formula?" She says it's milk. I tell her, "ok," she says, "It’s breastmilk…" as she laughs. I tell her, "that's ok. I like it warm tho." She says, " You want me to warm a bottle of my milk for you, really?" I tell her, " Let me finish here and we’ll see."

I get the furnace running and I tell her, " I’m gonna hang on for a bit to make sure it continues to run properly. My mind is working on how I can get her "cookie" and milk. She says, " Oh thank you so much, as she starts feeling the heat come on." She opens her blanket wide, I think, knowing I’m looking at her and she is making my dick so hard in her tank top and sweat pants, Her tits are so fucking large with that sexy milky jiggle that I think she’s doing on purpose. " Are you ready for your milk now?" She laughingly asks." Yes, I am, but I want it warm." As she goes to the fridge to get the bottle she drops her blanket so she can use both hands. " How warm do you want it?" she asks. I walk up behind her and tell her, " I want it at whatever your body temperature is!"

I slide the straps of her top and bra off her shoulders and in the same motion turn her to face me as her huge white tits with large pink areolas and nipples come into view. I lift her left tit which is very heavy and latch onto it as I suck her areola into my mouth and start the flow of her sweet warm milk over my tongue. She starts breathing heavily and tightly grips the edge of the counter as I take the warm, sweet nourishment from her body. I reach my free hand to her back and push it into her pants and begin to squeeze her tight ass and pull her from the counter. She begins to moan, " Oh, fuck… Oh, fuck… Mmmmm…!" I rise from my milk sack and tell her, " my thoughts exactly Lori!" as I pull her to her bedroom. She tells me her man hasn’t touched her since the baby and she doesn’t feel sexy. I tell her, " I’m gonna touch you… I’m gonna touch the fuck out of you!" I take my pants off and show her my cock, swollen and throbbing. I push her onto her bed and begin pulling her clothes off. As I get her naked I decide that I am going to fuck her like the trailer trash she is…!

I climb onto her naked body and move back to my female milk box to continue my beverage. Between moans and heavy breathing, as her milk flows across my palette, she tells me how her man hasn’t fucked her since the baby and how he doesn’t make her feel like I am now. I rise up from my drink as she is talking and I lift her under her legs and pull her to the edge of the bed. I push her legs apart as I tell her, " I’m gonna give you a fucking that you won’t soon regret. I grab my cock and place it against her baby-stretched cunt and violently drive it into her. I look into her eyes as she winces in pain and surprise. " OMG, please, easy!" she yells. I withdraw from her fully and drive into her again, even harder, and again and again… She tells me, " Please, it hurts" I whisper to her, "You’re gonna fucking remember me!"

As I settle in to fuck her pussy with a grinding deep rhythm, her sister comes into the house. She yells, " Lori, where are you, did the guy get the furnace running?" We are lost in the fucking I’m giving her and she’s getting, when the door to the room opens. Her sister yells, " What the fuck! Lori, you’re letting this guy fuck you, with no fucking condom!" Lori can’t speak because, at the same time, she starts to cum hard. She tells her sister, " Get out Diane, I’ll call you later!" as her legs quiver and I continue fucking her, Her sister turns to leave and yells, " You just had a fucking baby and this guy is gonna fucking get you pregnant again!" She gets a call on her phone and leaves, slamming the doors behind her.

I continue fucking and milking my trailer trash queen. My balls begin to swell and my dick is throbbing to erupt. She can feel me pulsing inside her. " Please don’t fucking cum in me, don’t cum!" in me she yells. I drill into her and as I start to cum I tell her, " Don’t fucking tell me what to do, I don’t pull out!" She yells, " Nooooo, don’t! You’re gonna fucking get me pregnant!" As the ribbons begin to flow, I pull her down to my meatpipe as she squirms in a futile attempt to escape my fertilizer. I tell her as I collapse onto her soft milk-dripping tits, " Too late bitch, You might as well relax and let me finish. It’s already in you!" "Why, Why are you trying to get me pregnant? I don’t want another baby! You’re gonna pay for the fucking abortion!" she yells. "If you turn out pregnant and it's mine, then you’re gonna come stay with me and have my baby. I would love to watch my fruit grow inside you!" I tell her. " Oh, My God, I can’t fucking believe I might be getting pregnant again!" she cries. " It’s what you were built for sweetheart…to spread your legs and satisfy men! And you do it well lover." I pull my dick from her and smack her on her tight little ass and get dressed and leave her lying on her bed with a pussy full of cum.

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