Unable To Resist Ch. 04

It was Tuesday afternoon and Darren had been sent home early from work due to a power failure. On opening the front door he heard Kate's voice which surprised him as he wasn't expecting his wife to be home. His surprise turned to anger when he realised she was in the bedroom and she wasn't alone.

He rushed towards the bedroom ready to burst in but stopped in his tracks when he heard his wife's breathless voice, "Oh Tanya, that's so good," Kate said.

Darren had immediately jumped to the conclusion that he was going to discover his wife with another man. Now totally confused he crept towards the bedroom door and listened.

"Your pussy tastes amazing Kate," Darren heard an unfamiliar voice say which he obviously assumed was Tanya.

If it had of been a man's voice as he had really been expecting he would have stormed in but as it was he was shocked and couldn't quite believe what was going on. If his wife was cheating on him it shouldn't make any difference whether it was with a man or woman but Darren would never of thought in a million years that Kate would have been attracted to a woman.

"I bet you taste just as good," Kate said.

Although hurt Darren couldn't help being intrigued. One of his fantasies had always been to watch two women together and when he noticed the door wasn't quite closed he found he could just about see in through the slight gap where the door hinged.

All he could see of his wife was her legs either side of the other woman's torso. They were bent at the knee with her feet flat on the bed. The view he had was of Tanya's open legs, her bald shaven pussy and lovely round arse.

"You can taste me later after I've made you come," Tanya said.

Darren racked his brain to think if Kate had ever mentioned the name Tanya but couldn't recall her ever mentioning the name.

"Oooh yes, eat me Tanya, eat my pussy," Kate said, again sounding breathless.

Darren couldn't help feel jealous. He'd only been allowed to eat his wife's pussy on a couple of occasions and she'd never encouraged him like she was with this woman. Despite his chagrin he still found he was getting aroused.

"Don't worry girl, your pussy smells good enough to eat anyway," Tanya said.

With the woman's words Darren immediately thought of his mother-in-law and her natural odour that he had grown to love. Again he felt jealous of this woman Tanya and what she was enjoying. Although he had to admit that his wife's scent, from what he could remember, it had been awhile, had never excited him the way Sonia's musky aroma did.

"Oh yeah that feels so good, lick me, yeah that's it, Oh God yeah," Kate said now struggling to speak.

Darren could see his wife's legs shaking and her pretty little toes curl up. He also noticed her friends protruding wet pussy lips glisten in the light. It wasn't long before Kate was crying out loud as she orgasmed.

"Fuck Fuck Fuck," she cried before falling silent.

"Hell girl, you've soaked my face. You're so wet," Tanya announced as she stood up at the foot of the bed.

"Sorry," Kate said breathing heavily.

"Don't be sorry girl, you taste delicious," Tanya said.

It was hard to estimate but Tanya looked to be an inch or two taller than his wife. Darren caught a glimpse of the woman's breasts which looked much the same size as Kate's but it was only a fleeting glance. He could now see his wife clearly laying naked on the bed, her face flushed. His view was quickly blocked when Tanya climbed up onto the bed.

"Now it's my turn. Eat my cunt," Tanya said dominantly and straddled Kate's head.

"I've never done it before, I hope I do it right," Kate replied sheepishly.

His wife's admission answered several questions that had been arising in Darren's head. This was her first time with a woman, or at least her first time eating a woman. It did make him feel a little better about it but he still couldn't get the thought from his mind that it was still cheating.

"I'm sure you'll be fine girl. Now taste me and fuck me with your tongue," Tanya said, again sounding dominant.

Despite his misgivings Darren's arousal was obvious. his penis twitched against his pants and kept twitching while he watched the erotic scene play out. Tentatively his wife parted Tanya's dangling pussy lips and probed deeper into her hole.

"Mmmm yeah, that's it girl, taste my juicy pussy," Tanya said.

Knowing his wife's thoughts on oral sex Darren was baffled. Here she was licking this woman's pussy when she disliked giving him head. He couldn't understand it. She thought it dirty when he licked her so what had changed? He began to feel angry at the thought but Tanya's increasing moans drew his attention.

"Yes girl, you're doing good. Now lick my arsehole... Oh yes, good girl, yeah... Oh yeah... now lick my cunt... ...Oh God yeah girl... make me come... Yeah Oh yeah I'm gonna come on your face... Suck My Clit... Oh Fuck," Tanya said with increasing difficulty.

Apart from the odd deep groan Tanya couldn't say anything more as she succumbed to an orgasm. Darren was left in a quandary. Was the show over? In which case he needed to make his exit, or was there more to come? With the chance that he would be caught he decided he should leave.

Quietly he made his way to the front door and carefully let himself out making as little noise as possible. He felt a bit silly sneaking out, after all it wasn't he who was in the wrong but he needed to get away and give himself time to think.

He sat in his car for a minute before deciding what to do. Rightly or wrongly he decided to drive to his mother-in-law's feeling that he could confide in her. Maybe she could shed some light on the situation that was so baffling to him. A woman's perspective might help...

"Hello Darren, I didn't expect to see you today. Come in," Sonia greeted him, "Are you alright? You look worried, come through to the lounge."

Darren followed his mother-in-law and they both sat down on opposite ends of the three seater sofa, "What's wrong dear? You look as though you've seen a ghost," she asked with genuine concern.

"Had a bit of a shock, I didn't know where else to go," he said.

"Well I'm glad you came to me. So tell me, what's happened?" she asked.

"Well I finished work early and when I got home... well, I found Kate was in and she had company," Darren explained.

"Okay... Oh... Are you saying what I think you are saying?" Sonia asked, suddenly realising what her son-in-law was hinting at.

"They were in the bedroom," he said, looking to see if Sonia was following him.

"Oh No... Oh how could she. I'm so sorry Darren, what's wrong with the girl. Who is he, do you know him?" Sonia asked, assuming the obvious.

"That's the thing, it wasn't a man," Darren said.

"Oh... OH! You mean... Oh," Sonia was lost for words.

"I'm so confused Sonia. I don't know what to think," he said.

"You poor boy," she said sliding up next to him and putting a comforting hand on his thigh.

"Does this mean Kate is a lesbian? I've never ever suspected anything," Darren asked.

"Well... not necessarily Darren," Sonia began, "Perhaps she takes after her mother!"

Darren looked questioningly at his mother-in-law wondering what she meant, "What do you mean," he asked.

"Well... I enjoy a woman's... how can I put it... Company now and again," Sonia said with a twinkle in her eye.

"Really!" Darren said with surprise, "But you're not a lesbian?"

"I know it sounds strange but no, I don't think I am, I just enjoy a bit of fun with another woman, but that's as far as it goes," she explained.

"Oh... So you're saying that Kate is the same?" Darren asked.

" I'm sure Kate isn't a lesbian. As her mother I would know if she was. Perhaps she's inherited something from me," Sonia said looking into the air as though considering what she had just suggested was possible.

Sonia's disclosure was the second shock of the day for Darren. It was a lot to take in, "I really don't know what to think now," he said.

"Do you know the woman?" Sonia asked.

"No, her name is Tanya, that's all I know. The thing that gets me is they were performing oral sex on each other. As you know she has a problem with that with me so I just can't get my head around it," Darren said. It was his turn to look up into thin air while he considered what he had just said.

"Tanya! Oh! Yes I know what you're saying... Mind you maybe it will work in your favour. She maybe more open to the idea with you in the future," Sonia suggested.

"Yeah, maybe... It still hurts though," he replied.

"Yes I'm sure it does... But if it's any consolation I'm sure she isn't going to want to leave you and run off with this woman. I'm positive it's just a sexual desire and as I say it could work out and improve your sexual relationship with Kate," Sonia said.

"I do hope you're right," Darren said rather glumly.

"I'm sure I'm right," Sonia assured him and began stroking his inner thigh, from his knee right up to his crotch, "Now come on, we need to cheer you up."

Darren had been so wrapped up in his thoughts since he'd arrived he'd barely looked at his mother-in-law but feeling her hand on his leg his attention was now drawn to her attire. As usual her legs were covered in black nylon which going by previous experience he was sure were stockings. Her light grey summer dress was her usual style and showed off her deep cleavage between her ample breasts.

"Well I suppose if Kate can have some fun with another woman!" Darren said letting his words hang in the air as his eyes connected with Sonia's.

"Yes exactly, that's the spirit," she replied smiling.

Once again Darren admired the woman's beauty. Her sparkling green eyes and long curly red hair was enough to entice any hot blooded man.

"I know just the thing to take your mind off your troubles," Sonia said.

Taking her hand off of Darren's thigh she reached under her dress. A few seconds later she pulled it out and offered her fingers to his nose. He took a sniff. She was absolutely right, the only thing on his mind at that moment was the musky scent of his mother-in-law's pussy.

"There, is that better?" she asked knowing full well the effect it had on her son-in-law.

"It makes me so hard," Darren said grabbing her wrist and taking another sniff of her fingers.

"Really! Well I think I need to see that," Sonia said jokingly.

She wrestled her hand free from Darren's grip so she could unfasten his jeans. Sliding the zip down she began to fondle the bulge through his pants, "Ooh yes, it does make you hard doesn't it," she said.

His penis twitched and grew harder from her touch and it wasn't long before the tip made an appearance when it pushed its way up from under its confinement.

Ooh yes, there's my lovely friend," Sonia said with excitement.

She bent down and lightly kissed his bulging knob and then tasted it with her tongue, "Mmmm lovely," she said, "He tastes so good... Lets get these clothes off, I need to see him properly."

She tugged at his jeans and with Darren's help they were soon laying discarded on the floor and were quickly joined by his underpants, "Get that shirt out of the way Darren," Sonia demanded.

Happy to oblige Darren removed his shirt and while he did so Sonia unzipped her dress and pulled it off of her shoulders exposing her milky white skin and her black bra that was barely concealing her heavy breasts. Standing up she pushed her dress down and let it fall to the floor revealing her matching black panties and her fleshy white thighs above her black hold-up stockings.

Darren's cock was jumping around wildly with a mind of its own with the sight of his half naked mother-in-law. She knelt down in front of him and pushed his knees wide open, "That's much better, now I can have a proper taste of my lovely friend," she said licking her lips.

She ran her tongue slowly up the full length of his shaft that now stood at full mast, "Mmmm, my darling boy, you taste so good," she said and then slowly licked all the way down to his balls.

"Slide forward for me, let me taste those lovely big balls," she said.

Sonia had soon covered his scrotum with her saliva. One by one she carefully took Darren's balls into her mouth and gently sucked while her left hand squeezed his shaft. After a couple of minutes she sat back on her heels and while staring into Darren's eyes, reached up behind her back.

Undoing the clasps of her bra it almost catapulted to the floor when her heavy breasts dropped down. Sonia cupped them in her hands lifting them for Darren's inspection, "I wouldn't object if you'd like to play with them," she said smiling and bouncing her tits in her hands.

Standing up between his legs she offered her left breast to her son-in-law. Leaning forward Darren wrested his hands on Sonia's hips and kissed all around the large disk of darker skin of the areola before gently taking the nipple between his lips. Sucking and licking the pink bud grew stiff and hard.

After giving the right breast the same treatment Sonia noticed the pre cum ready to drip from Darren's glans, "Stand up for me," she said and then knelt down grabbed his cock and held her left breast up to cover her nipple in the warm clear liquid, "Mmmm that's lovely," she said and then did the same with her right breast.

"You have such a lovely cock Darren, I just love it... Tease me, hide your knob and tease me. You know how I love it," she said her voice almost trembling in her anticipation.

Darren knew exactly what she liked. He pulled his foreskin over his bulging glans and held it there for several seconds and watched his mother-in-law's expression. It was like a child waiting to see what was going to be revealed even though Sonia knew exactly what was hidden.

After playing the game before Darren had grown to love it himself. He purposely unveiled his knob as slowly as he could while watching Sonia's excitement grow as each millimetre came into view.

When the whole purple helmet was in full view Sonia couldn't contain her excitement . She leaned forward and licked up a fresh drop of pre cum from the eye, "Do it again," she said in a excited childlike way as she sat back on her heels to watch again.

Pulling his foreskin back over his knob Sonia lifted her left breast and poked her stiff nipple into the small opening. Darren pulled further hiding the sensitive bud, "Oooh that's lovely," Sonia said.

Darren repeated the teasing game several times and each time Sonia would express her delight and tell him to do it again in the same excited childlike way and offering one or other nipple to be covered by his foreskin.

"God that's so good, it makes me so wet," Sonia eventually said and stood up.

Darren watched Sonia slide her knickers down her legs and step out of them. Her heavy breasts swaying around from her movement. Standing up straight she took a sniff of her own panties before offering them to him, "Here you go you dirty darling boy, have a sniff of your mother-in-law's dirty scent," she said.

Sonia sank to her knees and grabbed Darren's stiff shaft in her right hand. She kissed the tip and proceeded to kiss all the way down to his balls and all the way back up, "I'm going to suck you until you come in my mouth," she said in a suggestive way.

As Darren felt the woman's soft lips slide over his helmet he opened the black panties up between his hands. Seeing the streaks of white deposits he lifted them to his face and closing his eyes he filled his nose with his mother-in-law's sexy natural dirty odour.

"Your cock tastes so good," Sonia said momentarily taking her mouth from Darren's throbbing member.

Every sniff of Sonia's soiled panties made his cock throb inside her mouth. She fondled his balls with her left hand while her right held the base of his hard shaft while she sucked and licked the bulbous knob.

Again she freed her mouth just long enough to speak, "Come for me Darren, fill my mouth with your thick tasty spunk."

Wanking his long hard shaft, gently squeezing his balls and flicking her tongue over the tip of his knob was more than enough to bring Darren to his climax. Still filling his nose with the musky scent from his mother-in-law's damp black panties he was soon shooting his load into her waiting mouth.

Gagging a couple of times when the semen hit the back of her throat Sonia still managed to keep her mouth open, determined to catch every last drop.

"Mmmm... Mmmm," she mumbled rolling the spunk over her tongue, tasting her son-in-law's big load before swallowing the whole lot down in one big gulp.

She continued to wank his shaft until she was satisfied that he had finished and then licked up the last dribble that oozed out from the eye, "Oh my darling boy, that was lovely, I love the taste of your spunk " she said and kissed his knob.

Darren slumped back on the sofa and was quickly joined by Sonia beside him. Her right hand was immediately stroking his bare inner thigh, "When you're ready I think it's my turn, that's if you don't mind," she said with a cheeky grin.

"Just try and stop me," he replied grinning back.

A moment later he was kneeling on the floor and pushing Sonia's nylon clad legs apart. He could see the wetness between her legs but before tasting her he waddled forward on his knees to suck on her lovely big voluptuous tits.

When her hands clasped his head and pulled it firmly against her Darren had little choice but to take as much of the soft warm flesh into his mouth as he could manage. Not that he was complaining.

After giving each breast equal attention he crouched down and kissed each of Sonia's inner thighs, gradually moving up towards her pussy, her intoxicating musky odour increasing the closer he got. He kissed her wet pussy lips making her whole body shiver with pleasure.

"Oh Oh... God I'm so horny," she said.

Gently kissing up and down the wet lips Sonia moaned with each touch. Very slowly Darren worked his tongue into her wet hole. She tasted so good.

"Does it smell as good down there as it does up here?" Sonia asked, making Darren look up.

She had retrieved her black knickers that he had dropped on the sofa and was sniffing her own dirty musky scent.

"It's even better, you smell so good, so sexy," Darren replied and quickly returned his tongue to Sonia's dripping wet cunt.

It was obvious by the moans and groans that she was close to an orgasm. Darren pushed a finger deep into his mother-in-law's creamy pussy and began to finger fuck her while he licked and sucked on her sensitive clit.

"Oh God, Oh Yes, I'm coming... suck my clit, yes that's it Oh God OH GOD, YEEEES... OH FUCK," Sonia almost screamed...

Again Darren found his head held in a vice like grip between Sonia's thighs until her orgasm subsided. When he was released he pulled his head away and watched creamy white juices pour out of her cunt.

"Oh Darren... That was... Wonderful," Sonia said struggling for breath, "I want more... Please... Fuck me!"

Having come not so long ago Darren wasn't sure if he was able but to his surprise when he looked down he saw his penis was as hard as ever.

"Fuck me... from... behind," Sonia said, still breathless.

She positioned herself so she was bent over the arm of the sofa. Her breasts were squashed against the seat as she braced herself. Darren stood behind her and pressed his cock firmly against the crack of her arse and rubbed up and down.

"Oooh that feels... nice," Sonia said.

Darren watched his pre cum coat the crack between her buttocks, lubricating his shaft. He could hear Sonia still breathing heavily and moaning with pleasure. He grabbed his shaft and rubbed his knob on her clit.

"OH... OH GOD," Sonia cried.

He positioned his cock between her pussy lips and knowing she was so wet thrust it deep inside her. Sonia wasn't able to speak but gave out a quiet gasp from the sudden manoeuvrer. With long slow deep strokes Darren fucked his mother-in-law from behind.

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