It was a good night for a party, Jennie Finch thought to herself. Except she didn't have a date. Still, it was a fun party.

Jennie was casually dressed in jeans and a top. She looked around the room and saw her "big sister," Betsy. Jennie really liked Betsy. She headed that way.

"Hey, Betsy."

"Hey, Jennie. How do you like the party?"

"It's cool," Jennie replied, "but I don't have a date." She looked around. "Speaking of which, where's Jack?" Jack was Betsy's boyfriend.

"He's out of town, but there's lots of 'talent' here, if you know what I mean," Betsy said. Jennie chuckled and nodded. "Which is good," Betsy said, "because I'm horny as hell right now."

Jennie nodded. "Yeah, I know what you mean," she said. "Me too." Betsy smiled. She began to move towards the bar. As they walked, the redhead with the bob and the tall, long-haired blonde continued talking and laughing.

"Why didn't you go with him?:" Jennie asked as they walked.

"I had something to do here," Betsy replied. "Refresh your drink?" Jennie nodded. They walked together towards the bar. Suddenly, Jennie felt an urge. She put her drink down and looked at Betsy.

"Kiss me," she said. Betsy looked at her and cocked her head. They headed out into the hallway. "Remember, we're supposed to be straight girls," Betsy said softly. Jennie grabbed the redhead and firmly kissed her. She felt Betsy's hand on her butt. Betsy gave her lots of tongue.

"Let's head upstairs," Betsy said softly. Smiling, Jennie nodded eagerly.

They climbed the stairs and entered Betsy's room. Jennie closed the door firmly. As she turned around, Betsy was already slipping her pants off. Jennie grinned.

Jennie walked over and kissed Betsy again, hard and long. The two girls pressed against each other. Betsy unhooked Jennie's bra. Quickly Jennie removed her top.

They got on Betsy's bed. Betsy sucked her "little sister's" nipples until they stood firm and hard. Meanwhile, Jennie began to grind against Betsy. They kissed again as Betsy removed her top. The two girls wore nothing but their panties.

Eagerly, Jennie began to fondle Betsy's ample tits. Betsy smiled. Her eyes lit up. She took off her panties, and Jennie replied in kind. Jennie smiled at the sight of Betsy naked.

"Ready?" Betsy said.

"You bet," Jennie replied. "Ever since initiation, I've been looking forward to it." She laughed. "I'm a softball player," Jennie said with a wink and a shrug, Betsy smiled.

"Good," said her big sister, "because I've been looking for another chance to do it with you. That's why I didn't go away with Jack this weekend." Jennie grinned.

Once again Jennie kissed Betsy hard. She had her hand on Betsy's shapely butt. The redhead eagerly stuck her finger in Jennie. They kissed. Jennie worked her tongue in Betsy's mouth. Betsy blew in her ear. Jennie knelt and began to lick Betsy's pussy. Betsy closed her eyes.

"Oh, God," Betsy said. "So good." Jennie's face was buried in the redhead's vagina. She deftly maneuvered her tongue all over the area. "You do that so well!"

Betsy began to play with Jennie's large tits. She squeezed Jennie's nipples until they stood up. Now Betsy brought her hand down to Jennie's pussy. She inserted a finger, then two. Jennie let out a moan.

"Ooooh, nice." The two women reversed position. Betsy stuck her face in Jennie's female area. Jennie sighed.

Jennie fondled Betsy's ample boobs. They were not as big as Jennie's, but they were more than enough. Betsy's nipples hardened. Jennie slid her hand down to Betsy's bush. She stuck her finger inside Betsy. Betsy smiled and moaned.

"Aaaaaahhhhh," said Betsy. Jennie smiled. She inserted another finger. Meanwhile, Betsy continued to work Jennie's pussy with her tongue. Jennie kissed Betsy's red head.

That brought Betsy's face out of Jenny's cunt. As Betsy stood up, Jennie rose behind her, reaching around to play with her ample breasts while kissing her back, up and down. Now she blew in Betsy's ear.

The two women climbed on the bed. Jennie lay on top of Betsy, kissing her. Their bodies ground against each other. Jennie was feeling small spasms of pleasure all through her body. She kissed Betsy hard. Betsy returned it just as eagerly.

They continued grinding each other. Betsy sucked Jennie's large boobs. With a kiss, Jennie pushed her leg behind Betsy. Betsy did the same. Their pussies rubbed together. Jennie began to shiver with ecstasy. Betsy's legs were shaking.

"Oh, yes!" said Betsy. "Oh, yes!"

Jennie felt waves of ecstasy rushing through her body. She was shaking and jerking. Betsy was shaking with pleasure. Her legs shook some more. Her whole body shivered.

"Oh. My. God!" Jennie screamed. "Oh. My. God!" With that, she fully erupted. Betsy was overcome with excitement.

Now the two women separated. "Wow!" said Betsy, a little breathless. Jennie smiled.

"I can't wait till next time," she said. With that, the two exhausted young women dozed off in each other's arms.,yisuravo,Uzytkownik.html;u=10610

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