The Husband's Hideaway: Rita, The Bunyip II

You wake up to the sound of someone knocking at your door. With a lot of effort, you pull yourself out of bed and throw on your bathrobe before shambling to the front door. You look through the peephole to see that it's Rita. She’s wearing a simple tan dress that matches her fur.
You unlock the front door, opening it to greet her.
"Hey there, Rita. It's a bit early. What's up?" You ask in a groggy voice.
"Good morning, handsome! I just wanted to drop by for coffee and a chat. We haven't caught up outside of work in while!" She says with an adorable smile.
You smile back and nod. "Sure, come on in."
Rita enters your apartment, and you head to the kitchen to start making coffee. As the coffee brews, you have a seat at the table across from Rita. She smiles as her eyes wander, taking in your apartment.
"I haven't been inside your place in a while!" She says. "It's very nice! Not too big, but it feels homey. I like the decorations!"
"Thanks. I'm glad you like it." You reply.

The silence continues as you wait for the coffee to brew. After a few minutes, you have two cups of coffee, and you join Rita at the table.
You and Rita spend a few minutes chatting about work as you both drink your coffee. After those few minutes, Rita looks at you expectantly.
"So, how have you been?" She asks.
"I'm good! Been working these new boyfriend experiences over the past week, they've definitely kept me on my toes." You say with a small chuckle as you sip your drink.
"How so?"
You run your hands across your coffee cup in thought. "Well, I've been visiting lots of new destinations, learning to handle new situations. That and I've had to be a little more creative with the sex. But I think I'm finally starting to keep pace with the stamina of these girls."
"That's good!"
"Yeah, I've been having a lot of fun. Honestly, I think I'm finally starting to get the hang of this. I mean, it's only been a month since breeding season started and I feel like I'm really hitting my stride."
Rita smiles and nods as she takes another sip of her coffee. "Well, you're definitely doing better than most guys at the brothel. The girls seem to really enjoy you."

"Always glad to hear that they're having as much fun as I am." You say with a small smile.
Rita smiles and nods. "I know you are. I just wish I had as much fun working at the desk."
You grin slightly, realizing what she's getting at. "Well, sometimes all you have to do is ask."
Rita smiles, idly tracing a finger along the top of the table as her fluffy, snake-like lower half brushes against your ankles. "Sometimes asking isn't as interesting as a little back and forth."
You smile as you take a sip of your coffee. "Just a little, huh?"
Rita smiles, tracing her finger along the rim of her coffee cup. "Subtlety isn't required."
The tip of her tail lightly coils around your left ankle, forcing a small laugh out of you.
"You've been waiting a while, huh?" You ask with a playful grin.
Rita's cheeks redden slightly as her eyes dart down to her coffee cup. "Maybe."
You laugh, and take a long drink of your coffee. After a moment of silence, you set your cup down on the table. Rita does likewise, and looks at you expectantly.
"Well?" She asks with a playful grin.

You smile, slowly leaning forward to kiss her. As your lips touch, she wraps her arms around your neck and pushes herself towards you. You can feel the heat from her body as you lean into her, your lips twisting and turning against one another in a long, slow kiss.
After a long moment, you slowly pull away. Rita's cheeks are red, her eyes staring into yours.
"Alright. You got me. Let's take this to my room." You say, standing up front the table.
Rita grins, and leaps up with surprising grace for a creature with a snake's lower body. She takes your hand, and the two of you head to your room.
As you enter, Rita immediately presses up against you, forcing you against the door and kissing you deeply.
"I've wanted this for so long." She whispers into your ear as she pushes her body against yours.
You feel her warm, fluffy tail coil around your legs as you both enjoy an intimate moment, her hands slowly unbuttoning your shirt.
You slide your hands along her smooth, warm fur, slowly pushing the straps of her dress off her shoulders. She smiles as she pulls it off her body and drops it to the floor, her lips immediately finding yours again as you savor her sweet taste. It's been a while since you've tasted the faint vanilla flavor of her pheromones, but it's still just as lovely as last time.
She slowly runs her hands along your chest and down your stomach, undoing your belt and slipping it out of your pants. She slowly begins to tug down your pants as the two of you lean forward, her hand reaching down your underwear. She gently takes hold of your cock, smiling as she kisses the side of your neck.

You let out a quiet sigh as she begins to massage your member, slowly moving her hand up and down the shaft. You take a deep breath, savoring the feeling as she gently works you to full hardness.
You run your tongue along your lips for a moment, savoring the faint aftertaste of vanilla that comes from her kiss.
"That taste... You're already that horny?" You ask with a smile, noting the fact that her saliva is already mixing with pheromones.
"You have no idea," Rita smiles, releasing her grip on your cock and instead taking your hand.
She slowly leads you to the bed, gently pushing you down onto it. She begins to undo her bra, before slipping it off her shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. You watch as her breasts hang free, their weight pulling down her lower back and causing her hips to stick out. She slithers forward, gently laying down on top of you. You savor the feeling of her body on top of your own, her fur brushing against your skin.
She wraps her arms around your neck, pulling you into another kiss as she slowly grinds her hips into yours. You can feel her lower body starting to coil around your ankles, the tip of her tail working upwards as she starts to wind around your legs.
"You're so warm..." She whispers, breaking the kiss to gently lick at your lips.

She gently licks the side of your neck, causing you to let out a quiet moan. You feel her lower body fully coil around your legs, trapping them. She begins to gently rock her hips back and forth, grinding her lower body against yours. Your throbbing cock quickly comes into contact with her body as she continues to grind against you.
You take a deep breath, feeling a wave of pleasure wash over you as she continues to grind against your cock. You let out a quivering moan as she stops kissing your neck and begins to suck on the skin just above your collarbone. You exhale heavily at the sensation, feeling another wave of pleasure hit you like a truck.
"Ah...R-Rita..." You say, feeling your hips subconsciously grind up into her lower body.
You reach your hands up to her back, gently grabbing fistfuls of fur as you arch your neck backwards, exposing it fully for Rita. She takes the hint, and begins to suckle on your neck with increasing intensity. You let out a loud moan, which Rita mirrors, sending a shiver down your spine.
"Ah...ah...Rita..." You moan.
She releases your neck from her mouth, and begins to kiss you on the lips, her tongue slipping into your own. You can taste the vanilla flavor of her pheromones more intensely this time, her saliva production slowly beginning to increase alongside her arousal.

You wrap your arms around her body, eagerly returning the kiss as the two of you continue to make out. Her lower body coils all the way up to your waist with a gentle squeeze as Rita moans into your mouth. You feel her body slowly grind up against yours, her breasts rubbing against your chest as you feel your cock pulse with pleasure.
You gently slide one of your hands down her back, tracing contours through the fur and slowly moving towards her ass, which you gently squeeze. Rita reacts immediately, breaking the kiss and letting out a cute moan as she arches her back, pressing her ass into your hand. You give it another gentle squeeze, before sliding your hand around the front.
She breaks the kiss again, her head turned to the side as she lets out a moan while you begin to gently trace your fingers along her slit. She's already growing wet, and it doesn't take long for your fingers to become slick with her juices. Rita gently bucks her hips as your fingers explore her, both of you shuddering with pleasure.
Rita breaks the kiss once again, letting out a long, drawn out moan as she presses her forehead against yours. You stare into her bright amber eyes as you feel her tighten around your fingers. The two of you hold each other close as the moment stretches on.
"D-Don't stop..." Rita manages to say between moans.

You slide your middle finger deep into her slit, pushing it in and out as Rita's breathing begins to quicken. You curl that finger forward, searching for her g-spot as you begin to massage it gently. Rita's eyes roll back as she lets out a shuddering moan, continuing to grind herself against your hand as her coils start to shuffle up and down your lower body. You cock happens to be pinned against her coils as she runs them up and down your body, stroking against the underside of it as she squeezes and shimmies everything below your waist in her grip.
You pull your fingers out of her for a moment, gently caressing her clit as you begin to stroke it with your middle finger. She lets out a shuddering moan, tightening her grip on you as the pleasure runs through her body. You slide that finger deep into her folds once more, pushing it in and out of her as you curl it forward once again to massage her g-spot. You use your free hand to gently squeeze and caress her firm ass, while your other hand continues its work.
Rita continues to let out a string of moans as you pleasure her, and it's not long before you feel her shudder against you. Rita tightens her grip on you, and you can feel her coils strangling the bottom half of your body. You continue to pleasure her, massaging her spot as she gives a long, drawn out moan.
"Oh... Ooooooooh.... Ooohhhhhhhh..."
She continues to moan, her body shuddering against you as her coils begin to release you. The top half of your body is free, and you take the opportunity to slide your hand out from under her as she continues to shudder in ecstasy.

Rita collapses back against the bed, her body still shuddering as she lets out a long, drawn out moan. You release yourself from her coils fully, lying down next to her.
"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh...." Rita sighs.
You wrap your arms around her, pulling her into your chest as you kiss the top of her head. Rita continues to lie in your embrace for a moment, before sitting up in your lap. She leans in, wrapping her arms around your neck as she presses her lips against yours. You slide your tongue forward, meeting hers as your hands slide up and down her back, feeling the smooth patches of her skin in between her swathes of fur. Her body temperature has risen considerably from your ministrations, and you can feel her warm breath against your face as she sighs into your mouth.
"I love you," Rita says, smiling.
"I love you too," you reply.
Rita's smile widens as she pulls you in for another kiss. You wrap your arms around her, holding her tightly as your lips embrace and your tongues entwine.
Bringing Rita's heated body so close yours is a blissful sensation, like having a warm blanket pressed against you on a cold day. She seems to be savoring a similar experience, hugging you tight against her while the two of you kiss, gently rubbing her body up and down.

You break the kiss, and Rita looks at you with a face full of longing. Her eyes are glazed over with passion, and she leans in to kiss you again. You decide to surprise her this time, angling your head at the last moment and sucking on her neck.
"Oh..." Rita moans, her hands sliding down your bare chest and onto your hips.
She gently bites down on your neck, enough to feel good, but not hard enough for her vestigial fangs to harm you. The pair of you sit there for a moment, embracing each other as you both enjoy the feeling of the others' lips on your necks.
You break the embrace, looking into her lustrous eyes as you slide your hands up and down her back.
"You're so cute..." You whisper as you bury your face into the fluff on Rita's neck. "So cuddly and warm..."
Rita giggles, gently running her hands through your hair.
"When you say things like that..." Rita's body shudders as she exhales, running a hand along your back as she continues to massage your scalp.
You feel her lower body starting to coil around you again. She’s even warmer now, making the embrace of fluffy tail very comfortable as it winds up your legs.
"I have a hard time... Controlling myself..." She pants.

You can feel the heat of her breath falling against the back of your neck as she continues to caress you, a bit of moisture settling on your skin from the sheer concentration of pheromones infusing with her saliva.
"You're so cute... I just want to..." She kisses the back of your neck, her affectionate feelings transmitted through the act.
"I need you..."
The last word is whispered, but it sends a surge of warmth and tingles through your body. Her breath on your neck, along with the gentle pressure from her embrace, send you into a trance. You've never seen her in such a state of gentleness and desire at the same time. You feel your body reacting to her pheromones, and the warmth of her love.
"I need you..." She whispers again, this time into your ear.
"I need you now."
You look at her beautiful face, smitten by her gaze and her affection for you. Your body is practically screaming in excitement, but your mind is calm. Everything about her presence, her touch, is perfectly soothing.
Her fluffy coils make it past your waistline, at which point you realize that she's also starting to wind them around her own torso as well. It's the lamia-family equivalent of a mating press, a clear indication that she's ready to make things much more intimate.

"Then don't hold back." You whisper back.
You lean in, planting your lips on hers as you wrap your arms around her shoulders and torso.
She wraps herself around you fully, pressing her entire body against yours as she returns the kiss with intense affection.
You make out for several moments, your tongues dancing together as the two of you embrace. After a few moments, you break the kiss and move down to her cheek, then to her neck, where you suck on the area just below her ear. Her body shudders in response, and she lets out a pleasured sigh.
"I want to feel all of you..." She whispers, grinding her lower body into yours. "Every single part of you... Inside and out..."
Pressed this close together, your dick is pinned between your bodies, which means Rita is free to gently rub it against her lower stomach as she grinds against you. She lets out a few soft, satisfied moans as she works, clearly enjoying the pulse and heat against her skin.
She stops for a moment to bring you in for another kiss, this time pushing her tongue into your mouth with carnivorous enthusiasm. Every part of her mouth tastes like pure vanilla extract now, to a degree of potency you've never felt before. As she deepens the kiss, one of her hands moves up to cup your chin, coaxing you to swallow her saliva as she feeds you her pheromones.

You feel your body and mind succumb to her embrace, as the warmth and comfort of her touch starts to escalate. At this stage, she's in total control, but Rita is so gentle with how she handles your rapidly softening body that it hardly feels like being taken control of at all. One very distinct part of you isn't softening however, a fact that Rita is observing with pleasure.
"Now we can feel even better together." She whispers into your ear, punctuating the statement with a long lick across the side of your face.
Your body tingles as she slides her tongue over your skin, leaving a cool trail of saliva from your cheek to your ear. She then moves back to your mouth, kissing you deeply and swirling her tongue around yours as she pushes your body back into the bed.
Finally, she breaks the kiss and moves her head down to your neck, gently placing a row of kisses just below your jaw. You feel her hot breath linger against you skin as she pants with lust, slightly doped up on her own arousal. Despite dispensing all manner of aphrodisiacs upon others, it would seem the greatest aphrodisiac for monstergirls themselves is passion. You've never seen Rita quite this passionate.
"I want you inside me." She whispers, punctuating her words with another kiss.

She then slowly moves her head up to look into your eyes once more, and with a sudden burst of energy she squeezes the two of you together with her coils. Your arms are pinned to your side as she holds you in place, her face now only a few inches away from yours.
"I want you inside me right now." She says once more, this time with an air of authority.
She then slowly runs her tongue over your other cheek, leaving another trail of saliva. It's time to give her what she wants.
With a warm smile, you gently shift your weight and move your hips forward. The tip of your cock presses up against her entrance for a moment, before easing inside her in single smooth motion.
Rita lets out a gasp of pleasure, flexing her coils around the both of you in surprise. She wasn't expecting you to take the initiative, but she seems to be thoroughly enjoying the turn of events.
You slowly begin to slide in and out of her, as Rita's hot breath becomes a series of pleasured moans. Her coils begin to loosen their grip on you slightly, but she only uses them to help rock the both of you back and forth against each other.

"Oh... Oh yes..." She says, punctuating her words with a moan.
She begins to pant, and you can feel her body temperature rising.
The loosening of her coils presents an opportunity to free your arms, which you quickly seize in order to move your hands to her ears. A Bunyip's ears sit at the top of their head, like a crown upon their mane of fluff. They're equally fuzzy, but also potent erogenous zones. You intend to exploit this fact to the fullest, rubbing your thumbs along the inside of Rita's ears in circles as your other fingers brace along the back of them, gently scratching the exterior.
"Aaahhh...! Oh yes, baby!" Rita exclaims as her moans become louder.
Rita's moans are becoming louder and louder, ringing throughout your bedroom. You're not even done yet, and you've already succeeded in making her moan this much. You begin to quicken your pace, thrusting in and out of her with increased speed.
"Oh! Oh! Oh yes! Just like that! Don't stop!" Rita cries in between moans.
You continue your ministrations, listening to her cries of ecstasy as she nears the point of climax.
"I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Don't stop!" Rita screams, before her body begins to shudder and she lets out one last moan, ending in a squeak.

You stop moving your hands, but continue to slowly thrust in and out of her while she rides out her orgasm. Rita's face is twisted into an expression of extreme bliss, heavy panting being the only vocalization she can manage as pheromone rich drool drips from her mouth.
"Mmmmhh... Mmmhhh... Haah..." Rita lets out a few more moans and noises of savory pleasure as she comes off her climax, her coils still squeezing and massaging you tenderly.
Once she seems to be level again, you immediately return to your work. You increase the pace of your thrusting again, while starting rub her ears even more vigorously from a fresh angle.
"Oh! Oh! Oh God! I'm gonna cum again!" Rita squeals, her voice once again rising in pitch.
You feel her ears start to flick and twitch in your hands, wordlessly begging you for more intense attention. Rita's soft tail lengths continue to wind around both your bodies, keeping you pressed tightly against each other as they shuffle up and down to massage your backs. You continue to gently thrust in and out of her as her moaning and panting becomes even more feverish than last time. You can tell this next climax is going to be intense for her, and that's exactly what you want.

"Oh! Too much! Too good! I'm cumming again!" Rita squeals, her body beginning to shudder once more.
You stop moving completely, allowing Rita to enjoy her orgasm to its fullest extent while her whole body convulses in ecstasy. You can feel her inner walls tightening and spasming around you, trying to milk you of your own essence. She continues moaning loudly, shaking and shivering as the sounds of her pleasure ring throughout the room.
"Oh! God! Oh yes! More! I need more!" Rita continues to squeal and moan as you give her exactly what she wants.
You continue to rub and massage her ears, but you pick up the speed of your thrusting as you enter into a new rhythm. You can feel yourself getting closer and closer to your own peak as her shuddering and convulsing only becomes stronger. You do your best to hold out, but your concentration is interrupted by your cheeks and neck filling with a strange hot throbbing sensation. It's Rita's pheromone saliva absorbing into your skin, making it extremely tender and sensitive.

She seems to notice the change almost instantly, the dead giveaway being her vanilla scent wafting off your skin. Rita quickly brings her head forward, latching her dripping mouth onto your neck and sucking on your skin with ferocity. She continues to moan and squirm as she sucks on your flesh, running her soaking tongue along the most sensitive parts of your pheromone-soaked skin as the flow of her fresh saliva only redoubles the effect.
"Oh! Rita! I'm...!"
You barely manage to warn Rita before you both climax together.
You release the full force of your essence into her, and she continues to squirm and convulse as her own orgasm is extended by yours. You can feel her inner walls clenching and milking your member for all its worth, coaxing every last drop of your semen and swallowing it greedily.
Rita yelps and moans in equal measure between incredibly passionate and sloppy sucking noises as she continues to attend to your neck. Her love-soaked drool runs thick across every inch of your skin above the shoulders, as Rita is unable to contain the flow of her arousal. The effect is almost torturously pleasurable, her pheromonal saliva having converted everything it touches into an erogenous zone of extreme power.

Every caress of her tongue, every sensation of suction, every brush of her lips sends a new wave of mind-melting bliss through your body. It's impossible to tell from your end, but Rita has imbibed enough of her own saliva to create a similar effect on her own mouth. In fact, the inside of her mouth is almost more sensitive to pleasure than the inside of her vagina thanks to the sheer potency of her pheromones, something she has wasted no time taking advantage of as she heightens the intensity of her oral assault.
There's a small lull in your climaxes as your bodies work to recover from the intensity of your protracted orgasms, but both you and Rita's minds aren't slowing down one bit. Rita pulls her mouth off of the side of your neck with a wet and sloppy sucking noise, several cords of her drool connecting your flesh to her lips before they bend and break.
She draws her face up to yours, using her lengthy tongue to provide ecstatic relief to the hot, pulsing erogenous zones on your cheeks. She takes an incredible amount of satisfaction in this task, moaning and cooing between labored breaths that wash your face in heat.
"You taste so good, honey. So, so good."

Rita sounds as if she's struggling to contain herself, but she continues to smother your face with affection in an attempt to satisfy your shared lust. At this point your face and neck are more sensitive than your dick, and Rita seems to have undergone a similar transfer of sensitivity. This doesn't stop her from running her smoothy and fluffy coils up and down across both of your bodies though, providing a warm and gentle massage that keeps the two of you bound together tightly as she continues her work.
Rita takes a moment to run her tongue along your cheeks and neck one last time, before she finally brings you in for a kiss. Running her hands through your hair to brace your lips against hers, Rita kisses you with mind-blowing passion and intensity. The inside of her mouth is hot, sticky, and absolutely soaking. Her tongue wastes no time diving into your mouth and probing every inch of it as she moans with orgasmic pleasure. The combination of sensations sends you over the edge again, and you release a second load into her.
You manage to keep your eyes open for most of it, but Rita's enthusiastic kissing quickly turns into a much tighter embrace as she wraps her long, thick, fluffy coils around your body and squeezes tightly. Rita's thick saliva runs down both of your chins as she continues to smother you in her love. Your muscles slowly turn to jelly as you begin to lose the strength to hold yourself up.
Rita keeps you easily cradled in her embrace with impressive strength though, not missing a beat as she continues to ravish your entire body with attention. Her tongue continues to twist and turn inside your mouth, wrapping itself around your own tongue much like her coils, stroking your tongue up and down in a corkscrew motion as you swallow her moans.

As the two of you finally pull apart, Rita's long tongue just barely manages to lick the tip of your own before it slips out of her mouth. Her eyes are glazed over as she stares at you lovingly, her hands stroking through your hair and massaging your scalp. You smile back at her, stroking her cheek with the back of your hand. Her eyes flutter and close as she leans into your touch.
"I love you," she whispers.
"I love you too, Rita."
You rest your head against her forehead as she pulls your bodies together a little closer with the winding of her lower half. She lets out a few soft moans as she feels your dick stir inside her, eyes still closed as she pants with pleasure. You take a few moments to appreciate the feeling of her long, thick body squirming around you, wrapping tightly around your own.
You can feel every coil, every squeeze, every pulsating vein as she writhes against you. You can feel the beat of her arousal as her walls expand and contract around your dick in a rhythmic motion, quickly syncing up with her grinding up against you. She works her body up and down against yours inside her grip as your length slides in and out of her a steady pace. Despite her renewed motions, Rita never breaks the embrace of your forehead against hers, still gently moaning under her breath as her eyes flutter and her body squirms with delight.

You can feel your own orgasm quickly building up inside you, pulsing in time with her squeezing muscles, which are beginning to clench and spasm around you.
"Me too!" Rita gasps out, her voice quivering as the beginnings of her orgasm begin to take hold.
The two of you begin to climax together, your dick twitching and pulsating inside her as it unleashes a torrent of warm semen deep into her body. Rita eyelids screw shut as her brow collapses with pleasure, her mouth hanging slightly agape as she lets out a string of satisfied noises. You can feel every inch of her body quivering in ecstasy as Rita brings her hands up against the back of your head to press her forehead against yours in orgasmic bliss.
You can feel your own body shuddering as it continues to release. The effect of her aphrodisiac reaches its peak, at which point the lines that separate your bodies start to completely dissolve. Your souls almost meld together, the sensations of each other's warmth and pleasure the sole focus of your minds as they're bathed in uncut ecstasy. Breathing, heartbeats, caresses, moans, all of them fade together and away in the deepest throes of your mutual climax. You're not sure how much time passes before you both start to come down and a sense of where the individual lies returns to your minds.

Rita slowly unwinds her coils from your body as she goes slack from the beauty of the afterglow, softly giggling as she runs her hands through your hair again and holds you close.
"That was amazing," she whispers.
"As always," you reply.
Rita smiles and lets out a contented sigh, before letting you out of her arms and rolling onto her back to catch her breath. You do likewise, and the only sound for a while is the two of you trying to recover from the explosive experience you've just been through.
"You wanna take a bath?" You ask, breaking the silence.
"Mmmm, that sounds nice," Rita says.
You stand and hold your hand out, helping Rita to her feet. The two of you head into the bathroom, where you start filling the oversized bathtub with water. You add some bath beads for fragrance and some bath oil to make the water slick enough to rub against each other if you happen to roll around in it.

After everything mixes together and the water reaches a nice hot temperature, both of you get into the bath. The water comes up to just below your chin, and you lean back against the edge of the tub. Rita lays her head against your chest and wraps her arms around your stomach, the two of you just relaxing for a while in the sensations of the water.
Rita seems to enjoy it quite a lot, her lower body idly slithering about in little patterns around the tub. You run a hand along her back to pet a patch of her fur, and you're quite startled when it feels perfectly dry.
Rita smiles as she notices your expression of confusion and amazement. "Bunyips are originally river-dwellers. Our fur has a light coating of mana that keeps it dry in and out of the water."
"Is that why you like the bath so much?" You ask with a chuckle.
"Mmmm... Absolutely." Rita coos as she runs her hands along your chest, her lower half still happily slithering around the tub.
Rita looks up at you and kisses you on the lips.
You kiss her back, and slide your hands down her wet back. Her skin is incredibly smooth under your fingers. You reach a hand down to her lower half, and slowly move your hand towards her...
"Hey now," Rita says with a smirk, gently slapping your wrist. "You already put me through the paces enough for a few weeks."

"Sorry," you reply sheepishly as you take your hand away. "I wasn't sure if that was what you wanted."
Rita sinks back down to rest against your torso with a pleasured sigh. "All I want to do right now is enjoy more of this afterglow in the bath with you. Warm water and the embrace of your mate is like heaven for my species."
"Well... can I pet your ears?" You ask with a playful grin.
"Hmm... Sure. Why not." Rita responds with a similar expression.
As she rests against you with another soft sigh, you gently rub her ears and run your fingers through her hair. You definitely see the appeal of the bath cuddle experience now. You spend a few minutes just gently caressing Rita in the tub and enjoying the pampering.
Rita seems to enjoy it as well, making soft, pleasant noises the whole time. Eventually, the water starts to run closer to room temperature, and your fingers begin to prune.
"Looks like bath time’s almost over." You say in a warm voice as Rita stirs from her blissful trance.
"Aw... Just a little longer?" She asks in a sweet tone.
"Sure. Let's wash off properly."

You and Rita spend the next few minutes sponging each other off and fooling around, before you both finally exit the bathtub and dry off. After donning a simple change of clothes, the two of you feel quite fresh. Rita draws you into another warm hug as your head out to the kitchen.
"Thank you... so much." She says, her voice almost a whisper.
"I'm the one who should be thanking you." You remark with a chuckle.
Rita giggles in return as you both make your way to the kitchen for fresh cups of coffee, eager to start the workday.

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