To you know who, thank you for making me smile!

Damn. How do you have me throbbing and you aren't even around? How do you have me dripping and you haven't touched me yet? My nipples are getting hard wondering what your lips feel like on them. Wondering what your tongue would be doing when you touch them. My nipples are enjoying you nipping at them. My nipples are enjoying your tongue flicking them. What would that feel like?

Shit. How did you make me want your touch and you haven't even touched me?

Oh wow, I'm so wet I want to touch myself imagining what your hands would be like on me. Would you rub my clit in circles? Would you pinch just a little bit? Would you just stick your fingers in and let my moisture lead you up to to the button that I would gladly let you use to make me release in your hand. Shit, who would've known that I'd react to you like that? Trying to keep my legs closed just enough to put pressure on my pussy wondering, imagining, wanting your touch.

Fuck, you're standing behind me and your arms are holding me still as you find the place you can only imagine would set me off. Because shit, you've never touched me.

You're holding me close enough that I can feel you against me wondering why you're so close, yet so far away.

Let's just be clear, in my mind I'm already naked and enjoying how you make me feel sexy and delicious and wanted.

But let's go back to wanting to feel more of you. Let's go back to you having your arms around me tempting me enough to start breathing heavy but not enough to call your name...yet. You wrap your arm around my waist so you can get optimal contact. You know, just in case you want to stick your fingers in. But, nope, you're still trying to get me to call your name. "Not yet." I say to myself. He doesn't get the satisfaction of knowing that he's getting to me.

Why is this happening and he hasn't even touched me??

I'm trying to stand still while you're playing with me and my body is betraying me. I must be moving too much because you have your hand lightly around my throat like you know exactly what I like. I don't trust anyone to know the exact pressure I need to get close to me calling your name. But yes, I trust you.

I'm standing there still trying to press my legs together to stop dripping with you and the delicious things I want you to do on my mind. Yes, I said that right, I'm dripping now and you haven't even touched me. Bonus, I bet you don't even know I want you to touch me. Shit, I'm still throbbing. I wish I could find a place to relieve and release this pressure just from the thought of your touch.

While one hand is on my throat and one hand coming temptingly toward my pussy to feel the moisture you know is just for you, I'm biting my tongue knowing how close it I am to calling your name. But hell no, I need to fall into pieces and then I'll think about it. That certain knowing smile distracts me from your ministrations. Eh, let me get my head back in the game and enjoy the ride. You release me and turn me around to face you with this look that I've never seen. Like you're seeing me for the first time. Well, in reality you really are lol.

You're pushing me toward the bed wondering what I taste like while I'm wondering what you feel like.

Damn! Your tongue feels like that?!?!? Well, whew, um, yeah. Lost my thoughts as you flatten your tongue against me. Please, please, please put your fingers in me. How could you not do that before? You know like when you literally had me in your hands...helping to keep me standing up as you were trying to break me down.

I'm pushing you closer and deeper and YES!!! Those fingers greet me. This is it. I've always wanted to trust a man enough to let him put more than two or three fingers in me. Sometimes, you know in my dreams, I want a man to fill me with his hand. Well, at least try to get four fingers in me. In my mind, you're getting me ready to take all you have to give. To take you so deep that I don't know where you end and I begin. Fuck you, you really are playing dirty. You know I'm coming close to breaking but of course you stop. Of course. I'm guessing you're like, "since you won't call my name, I'm damn sure I'm gonna take you to the edge and keep you hanging." Literally. You've pulled me to the edge of the bed and just let go. Left me devoid of touch with a slight smirk on your face.

Um, how did I get here in my mind and you're nowhere to be found? Can't say that you'd have a problem with me thinking like that. If anything I think you'll have a problem knowing that you're not living it. So, I grin to myself. Well, break out into a full smile :).

Oh, where was I? Wet, primed, dripping and ready. When you take your fingers out of me, you put them in my mouth knowing that I love the way I taste on your fingers. Knowing that this is an opportunity for me to suck at least a small part of you. So, I turn the tables. As your fingers are in my mouth I pull you up closer to me. Well as close as I can get to gripping the part of you that I want so deep in me. Yes, I feel that moisture knowing that if you had to choose right this second you'd drag it out and let me taste you. Plus, you know, if you can't make me call your name, you'll come closer to calling mine when you're in me and of course you don't want to break first. We will see.

Oh boy, if you knew what I was thinking about you, you'd never look at me the same, but a girl can always dream right??

Well, yeah thick and tasty. Well, I mean I've looked at you often enough that I only expected the best. I can see and smell how bad you want me. I can taste you as you drip right over my mouth, ready, willing and of course waiting.

Finally, just like I wanted. Aaaaahhh. Damn, you taste like this? I should've found a reason to go down on you sooner. My bad. My bad decision that I didn't do it. Wait, what? When did my fantasy start melding with my reality? Either way, I'm pretty sure it's time for a bathroom break. I've gone from sitting trying to keep my pussy from throbbing, to standing trying to get some friction on my pussy and stop the dripping, to all out just needing to leave and get a release. And on my way I go, knowing that this is going to be a mind blowing experience.

While I'm walking I'm wishing I didn't wear underwear for two reasons: first reason, this pair is soaked and I have no idea how I'm going to get through the rest of the day. Second reason, there's just another barrier keeping me from true release.

So, as I'm walking with my pussy lips throbbing, I feel you in my mouth. Damn, these veins are perfection. They are a sculpted part of you that I can't wait to feel inside of me. You just push in because enough of the preliminaries, you just want to feel my tongue and my throat. I mean it's like you can read my mind and yet again I smile. I mean, you know, as much as I can with that big dick in my mouth. Sure, every man wants to think they're big, but this one ain't lying lol :).

You're starting to move faster and I can feel you throb trying to hold back because you certainly want to make me call your name while you're fucking me and I can't call your name with you in my mouth. Yeah, no.

I'm in the bathroom now with my underwear down fingering my hard clit. Uh, shit, damn, fuck, argh, I'm trying my best not to be loud but it's certainly coming to my favorite part.

Yes, you entering me. I wait hungrily wanting your touch but of course you're back to teasing me like in the beginning. Motherfucker. Still, I haven't stopped grinning. Knowing what's about to happen.

Yes, you tip in a little bit, pull out and then a little bit more, and then in and out again of course rubbing my clit every time you pull out. You know, a nice rhythm is building and then SLAM! I'm like, "dang, you could've given a girl some warning, you know?" But of course I can't think those words but for a fleeting moment because you are as delicious as I thought you would be.

I'm looking down seeing my fingers moving faster and faster and I'm trying not to make noise in case someone walks by. Of course your goal is to make me say your name. Of course. You know I'm getting close because you feel me clinching, you feel me grabbing your ass trying to get you closer to me. You hear my breathing speed up and you know I'm once again on the edge. Aww shit, I can't stop it. You finally made me scream your name. Bastard. But aww yeah, you screamed my name too. Win win!! You knew you'd have me scream yours but you damn sure didn't think you'd scream mine. I'll add that to my superpowers, wink wink.

That's it, I've broken, I tried my best not to make loud noises, I tried my best to contain myself, I tried my best to hold it in. Yeah, it didn't work. Panting, breathing hard, smelling my sex around me wondering if someone heard? Yep, the farthest thing from my mind. As I come down from my high I think to myself let me go ahead and clean myself up. Let me get myself together. Can't come out of the bathroom with that "just fucked" face. Might be too many questions lol. As I leave I turn around to grab my telephone saying to myself, "I'm glad I recorded it and if I ever get the chance to show him, I'm sure he'll wish he was there."

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