Olivia's eyes lit up. Next thing I knew, we were out the door and leaving the dance floor, the lame party and my best mates awkward flirtation attempts far behind us.


I shared my dorm room with Nap. It was tiny, utilitarian. Two beds, two desks. I had a withering pot plant on the windowsill. Nap had a few posters up of Barack Obama, his personal hero. I didn't follow much politics myself. I turned the light on as Olivia and I squeezed inside. I gestured at my bed, with its plain grey duvet cover. It had been lazily made that morning. Fuck, I wished I'd cleaned the place a little. Olivia didn't seem to care.

Olivia pulled me down onto the bed. I happily followed her. Noone looks great in the orange glow of cheap fluorescent lighting but I couldn't care. My dick was throbbing in my pants, begging for release. This chubby girl in a stained anime T-Shirt might as well have been Kate Moss at the moment. I threw myself on top of her, kissing her passionately on the lips. Her tongue crept into my mouth, desperate and hungry. I moaned into her mouth. Her eyes lit up. That electrical tingle was back, stronger than ever.

She pulled away and started unlacing her shoes. She kicked them across the room.

"I really like you Robbie." She said. Her eyes were still a little glassy.

"I like you too," I laughed.

"Good. Remember when I told you I was different? Not like the other girls?" she inquired. She was rubbing on my thighs, over the pants, coming dangerously close to my cock. I grunted a response. "Well here's a special talent of mine." She looked so mischievous, so confident and sure of herself. My heart was pounding.

She straddled me, grinding her ass into my lap. I shot upwards in pleasure. Oh My god. I felt her press against my penis, forcing it to its full erection. I felt her slide down off me, until her pretty face was in between my legs. She kissed my clothed penis up and down and then looked up at me. "Here we go!" she laughed.

Olivia unbuttoned my jeans. It wasn't particularly smooth, she fought with the fly for thirty seconds or so before she got it loose. She pulled my pants down and collected them around my ankles. My dick sprung forward, slapping against my thigh. I don't think I'd ever been this hard. I looked down at my cock, hardly an impressive specimen. Four to five inches, unremarkable. Just like the rest of me. Olivia didn't seem to care. She smiled at me and slowly, she removed both of her leather gloves. She folded them nicely beside her before returning to my erection.

"Oh Robbie!" she cooed. She began to play with my dick, gently rubbing up and down on it. She never stopped looking into my eyes. I was in ecstasy. She administered a single kiss on the head of my dick. Pre-cum was leaking from the tip. "You're a good man Robbie. I'm going to give you exactly what you deserve." She opened her mouth and took my penis in, down to the shaft.

"Oh GOD!" I roared. This felt incredible. I put my hands on Olivia's head, playing with her hair as she slowly slid my shaft in and out of her wet mouth. I had my dick in a woman's mouth! It felt exactly how I thought it would feel. My breathing was coming faster and huskier now. Olivia kept up the pace, engulfing my penis. She began to moan loudly and desperately. I started doing equations in my head, scared I would cum and this would all be over.

I could feel myself in the tightness of her throat. Olivia really was talented at this. I closed my eyes and turned my head up, moaning as more and more of my dick slid into her open mouth.


I looked down at the spectacle in front of me. Olivia had her nose pressed to my stomach, my dick completely inhaled, throbbing in her throat. She contorted her throat muscles, milking my penis expertly. This was amazing. But something was way off here. Suddenly, she pulled herself off me, letting my dick flop loose, covered in strings of salvia. She took my dick and slapped herself playfully across the face. Except-

That wasn't my dick.

I mean it was my dick. I was painfully aware that it was attached to me as I tried to hold back my orgasm. But my dick was different now-it easily stretched from her chin to her forehead, rigid and thick. It was pulsing. The veins on it throbbed angrily. It was a porn-star's cock, at least seven inches long. What the fuck? I pulled back.

"No, no, Robbie baby, relax!" she smiled. I was far from fucking relaxed.

"What the fuck Olivia!" I spluttered. She encircled my dick with her hand (as best she could) and started stroking it up and down. That shut me up. I lurched forward. Don't cum Robbie. Don't cum.

"I told you I was different!" She smiled. "I told you I can do things other girls can't". She kept pulling my dick, pivoting so that her tongue was lapping against my balls. I felt like I was boiling, my whole body tingled and throbbed. She made circles on my scrotum with her hot tongue and I was back in the grip of ecstacy. "I'm sort of like a witch I guess. There's not much to do back home. I spend a lot of time on the internet, going down rabbit holes. Long story short, I can do enchantments on people. I know I can be weird Robbie, and that I can really put people off. But you've been nicer to me than anyone in a long time and I want to reward that." She put the head of my cock in her mouth and slammed down, swallowing me in one go. I yelled out with pleasure. She slowly withdrew and did it again.

"FUCK!" I screamed. She took her mouth off my dick.

"You have such a great cock Robbie." She beamed. I couldn't look, my eyes were closed in pleasure.

"What - happened - to - Tony - Tillman", I managed to splutter. I was kind of annoyed at myself for asking.

"Oh, you heard about that?" she said, genuinely surprised. She let go of my cock and it fell with an impressive, unnatural weight. I groaned. "I feel so terrible about Tony. He was really kind to me as well Robbie. Brought round lasagne when mum first started getting sick, rang me up just to chat. I wanted to do something great for him. I guess thats where I first got interested in these sex uh 'enchantments'. But I did it wrong Robbie, something went bad. He was never the same again. I guess I sucked his brains out"

This girl was fucking crazy. I pulled away from her. But-hang on, no, she wasn't crazy. Or if she was crazy, so was I. I looked at my penis. I flexed and watched it rise, a huge tower of flesh. It was so thick I couldn't have wrapped my hand all the way around it. It was so heavy and long, it fell with a thud, an angry head resting between my nipples. I stared into the slit of my enormous cock, watching a steady amount of clear pre-cum pour from the gap. This wasn't real. It couldn't be.

There were two scenarios here. One was that I had my drink spiked by a maniac from Nebraska and was currently in the middle of some sort of delusion. The other was that this... this witch had blown my cock up like a balloon and given me a super-human, enormous, twelve-inch COCK. I thought back to Nap, to Occam's razor. It had to be the first option.

I tried to pull away, but Olivia grabbed my dick with both hands. She looked at me with so much authority I sat back down immediately. Pulling my enormous dick towards her, she seemed to unhinge her jaw. She got the first half of my head into her mouth easily, but then it became more of a struggle. Not content to lose to her own creation, she furrowed her brow and shot forward. I watched as my dick slowly slid out of sight into her mouth, into her throat. I could see her neck swell up like an absurd balloon. I flexed my dick and her neck swelled further. That was definitely my dick in there. My massive, colossal dick. I laughed out loud with glee. She shot me a look of approval and withdrew my cock.

"I want you to cum!" She laughed and went down on me again. I watched this cute but dumpy girl slide her mouth up and down my enormous cock with a desperate energy. I was lost, in a whole universe of pleasure. That heat that had been radiating through my body settled in my balls. I could feel them churning, feel them foaming up. I felt Olivia throw herself more and more into sucking me, faster, faster. There were tears in her eyes now. She was a woman possessed. I could feel myself edge closer and closer and closer

"FUCK, I'M GOING TO CUM!!" I screamed. Olivia quickly threw herself off my dick and pointed the cannon straight at her face. I cried out as I began to cum, a huge white torrent of ejaculate pouring out of my dick. I shot my first volley straight into Olivia's face, where it exploded, covering her from ear to ear. My jaw dropped and I tried to angle myself away as I felt the second unleash. I was cumming literal buckets, spewing cum all over the bedspread, the floor, the windowsill. Olivia recovered quickly and threw her mouth over my erupting cock. She moaned, swallowing what she could. I quickly overflowed her mouth but she was completely in control. She gulped down everything. I felt myself feeling lightheaded, vaguely aware of the pleasure I was experiencing as I unloaded shot after shot into this girl's mouth. Eventually, my orgasm stopped.

I fell sideways onto the bed.

"What the fuck?" I croaked. "Olivia that was -"

"Amazing? Life changing?" She interjected. "Robbie, you have no idea."

I looked at her. She had cum all over her face and in her hair. My cum. I felt my penis harden again, and she squeezed it firmly.

"Calm down, tiger", Olivia giggled. "You've had an eventful evening." Understatement of the week. "This is going to take some getting used to. I've given you a huge dick, with the balls to match. By the time this all settles, I'd say you'll have something between an eleven inches to a foot. That's a lot of penis. I've also given you balls to match-big ones and they'll be constantly making sperm." She gestured at her own face. "So be careful where you point that thing!"

She laughed at got off the bed. She began wiping my cum off of herself with my towel. "Holy shit." She looked at herself in the mirror. "No woman you show your dick to will be able to resist it, okay? So actually, be really, really careful where you point it." I just stared at her, completely spent, so confused. "This will become normal to you soon, I promise. But it will be an adjustment. Are you feeling okay?"

"Uh yeah" I answered. "Just, ah, yeah. A lot to take in". I looked at my softening dick. It rested on my thigh. Big, thick, powerful. Like one of those corded ropes I'd seen at the docks. My dick. What the fuck.

"Hahah, I'll say. Unfortunately, I've got to get back to Debbie". She started putting her gloves back on. I watched her gather her things, doing her best to navigate the maze of cum I'd blasted into existence. I couldn't do anything but feel the firmness of my cock.

"Hey Robbie," she said, leaning in to give me a kiss. I returned her peck.

"Yes, Olivia" I breathed.

"Have fun, okay?"

And then she was gone. Right out the door, leaving me alone in my room. The whole place stank a powerful musk of semen. I had to clean this before Nap came home. Then I could deal with the rest of this shit. I wondered how he'd gone with Debbie McMahon. One thing was for sure, my night had been more exciting than his. I pulled my pants up and shoved my limp dick inside, struggling with the fly. I fished my phone out of my pocket. It was 11:55. I had two missed calls and a text from Napoleon.

"Dude, you won't fucking believe what happened!"

Right back at you, dude.

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