Soundbit pack from 【MINECRAFT】Mining and getting materials for portal stuff!

Irys has said bred/breed/breeding 16 times during the stream.
In chronological order


Irys JWU!
Irys and her braps!
Like a boss!
Oh nyo!
Irys is sovl!
Irys forgor!
Irys is used to being alone!
It is exactly as what she said!
Irys beckons you!
Irys wants you to come to mama!
Irys only expects love from you!
Irys is totally not a gold digger!
Irys wants to see you!
Irys tries to convince you to stay with her!
Irys successfully acquired anon!
Irys and Kronii as Gollum!

Irys swallowing!
Irys sneezing!
Irys imitates villagers!

Irys has no reason to use her sultry/h voice and yet she did
at the beds
melon soda
strip mining
we good

Irys sings Hot Stuff!
Irys sing Spin Me like a Record!

Sounds of other holomems
Bae's a baby!
Bae tortured by Irys!
#blessed (Kronii)
Kronii and a saviourfag!
Kronii as a beach surfer!
Kronii is an obssessive yandere!
Kronii calls you a coward!


Sex with anon!
Irys has always wanted to do breeding!
Irys wants you to embark on an adventure on her body! (the regret kek)
Irys finding your kok hard!
Irys wanting to ride a cock, but hesitates!
Irys needs it desperately!
Irys figuring out how to cowgirl!
Irys and Anon edging!
Irys wants you to cum for her!
Irys feels another one coming!
Irys seeing your cum overflowing!

Irys as a dom futa!
How many times has Irys have to slap you
Irys puts you on a leash!
Anon has prepared their backdoor for Irys!
Irys felt that your backdoor is too tight!

No specific group
Irys wants a baby with Kronii!
Irys is a necrophiliac!
Irys providing limited provisions for slaves that she planned that will have sex live on stream!
Irys can't take it anymore, so she started breeding!

Irys in an orgy!
Irys wants to join your orgy!
Orgy commences!

Irys wants the dogs to cum inside!
Irys has accidentally breeded with a puppy!
Irys has done it with a dolphin!


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