Greg Ford drove past the state line entering Montana thinking that this trip was more needed than any other trip he took before. It was not the most dangerous, but the trip offered him the most reward when it came to his mental health since breaking up with his girlfriend. Dealing with his parents was an easy thing as they only cared about his grades in college. His ex-girlfriend Rachel only wanted to make sure she was with him because of the wealth attached to him by his parents.

Fishing offered a getaway from life that nothing else could give. While away he felt not attached to a college classroom or the stress of his parents nagging him. It still required skill and Greg felt that even this required mental energy he currently did not have. The only thing that he wanted to do now was to enjoy the sights of being far removed from the world and to take pictures of his time away.

It was something that he did as a hobby like fishing, but nothing serious like his wild excursions into the wilderness to fish. This trip was a guided one that offered five days of brutal backpacking to see sights very few people get to see. Greg knew it was just what he wanted as it offered a different area of the wilderness he never saw before.

The more he drove into the northern part of Montana the more civilization seemed to dwindle away. Less and less cars and trucks and more and more scenery came into view. The daylight was fading away as he knew it was just a little more than hour away. The sense of losing yourself to the surroundings came to him as did a smile knowing that his getaway was about to happen.

The meeting spot for the group was a clearing in a field across from an old storage building. Greg looked it up on a satellite view before he left, and it was just out of town and close to the mountain that they would be hiking on. It was not a strenuous mountain hike, but it did involve some inclines and some rough patches of stone. It was now just a matter of finding the turnoff for the town exit.

Wondering why the lights in his Jeep began to dim came to him and adjusting the switch again only caused them to flicker into nothing. The headlights went out next and he could see that his Jeep was losing power. The engine was running strong, but the power was dropping. He was just shy of the town exit he needed to get off at and he was still in the middle of nowhere in the dead of night.

Russ's Gas Station had its lights still on and Greg figured it was the perfect spot to head into and check out what was wrong with his Jeep. In his mind he knew it was the battery or the alternator. He wanted to scream that of all things to happen, his Jeep breaking down was the worst. It was a brand new Jeep too with less than ten thousand miles on it and problems seemed to follow it as this was just another thing to go wrong with it.

Pulling into the gas station, he could tell that he was far from civilization and from anything modern. The gas pumps looked like they were forty or fifty years old and everything about the store inside the gas station screamed old. The only positive part of the place was that it was open.

Greg popped the hood and saw that his battery was fried. He had a bit of experience with fixing cars and he just knew that the battery was what gave out and not anything else. It was new and he figured it was an easy fix; the only problem was the location and time. He knew that time was a pressing issue as the tour guide said they would leave at a certain time with or without you.

The only thing to do now was to see if they had a battery in the store or if the person in there knew of a place to get a battery. The guide was leaving at seven in the morning, so timing was everything. The pressure of making it happen was everything. The worst thing would be to leave his Jeep here and catch a ride to the meeting spot.

He opened the door to see a simple gas station store filled with just food and beer. It didn't look too outdated and the place was clean inside from what he could see. There was nobody in the store, but he knew it was almost midnight too.

He heard footsteps come out of the backroom and a female-ish voice call out, "Can I help you?"

Her accent was not that strong, and she looked quite plain in her appearance even though her voice sounded a bit off. He figured she had to be in her mid-twenties. She had short straight brown hair that almost touched her shoulders and wore a baseball hat that probably hid her bangs. Her white polo shirt had the name Jessie on the top right corner. Her face was thin just like her body, although her shirt pushed out somewhat with what he thought were medium sized breasts. Her jeans were ripped, but it looked like she bought them that way.

"Having some car trouble. Do you sell batteries here? Jeep broke down and I think it might be the battery...I hope it's just the battery."

"Nope. You need to go to Jack's auto repair for that. He opens at ten. I can call you a tow, but that might take a while," she replied with a nonchalant tone of not caring.

"Shit. I need to get to Fisher. Do you know if there is someone that could take me?" Greg asked, figuring if he left his car here, he could still make it to the meeting spot. It was a little over an hour away and leaving his car here wouldn't be the worst thing as it could be towed to the garage and he could pay the storage fees.

"No. Taxi service doesn't cover here. You can wait for the tow though. He might be able to take you."

"Shit. Fine, okay...let's do that. Can you call that tow for me please?" Greg asked giving in to leaving his Jeep at a place he did not know hoping to catch a ride. Getting back to his Jeep after was a different problem to tackle after too.

"Sure," she said picking up her phone behind the register.

"Hey, Jackie. Do you know if Pete is picking up tonight? Got some guy here needing a tow. Says he needs a ride too...Ohhh. I will tell him," she said while giving him the bothering me stare.

She hung up the phone and her face showed remorse now. "You're going to have to wait until the morning. Tow won't come until about nine."

"Shit," Greg said with a sigh in his tone knowing that he was going to miss his meeting and miss the guide.

He then looked at her figuring she could take him. He had money in his wallet for expenses and a credit card that was linked to his parent's account that was almost endless. He thought maybe offering her money for a ride would do it and then pay her to get his Jeep towed. Maybe even get her to pick him up after.

"Hey look, I got a problem. Maybe you can help. I need to be in Fisher at seven and was thinking you could take me there. I mean, I would pay you and all. I just need to get there," he said, thinking that it would be worth it as this was the last guide to go out and finding another one would be almost impossible at this stage.

She tilted her head like she was contemplating it. "You going on one of those fishing guides?"

The more she talked the more he was trying to pick out the accent or the tone as it sounded off to him. With the way he knew she was his only hope of making the trip, he then replied hoping to sound like a non-threat and not some crazy man looking to kill or have his way with her.

"Just hiking. It's a five day trip leaving from Fisher. Backpacking and photography hike."

"Mmmm, you book one of those expensive trips?" she asked as he was thinking she was going to maybe gouge her demand of him.

"Not that expensive. It's just a scenic trip and all. No hunting allowed and some fishing if there is time...but I didn't bring any gear with me."

"Look, I can't help you. I get off in fifteen minutes and I just want to head home. The best I can do it give you a lift into town, but it's the opposite direction as Fisher. You can try to get someone there, but I don't think you will at this time. Be lucky to even get the police out at this time."

"Please. I will pay. I can give you money."

"You really want to go on this hike?" she asked, giving him a strange look to repose his pleading.

"Yes. You wouldn't understand. I mean you live out here and get to see everything," he answered back feeling defeated and feeling the frustration build up in him.

"Oh please. This town sucks and it's not worth a damn." Her face was still showing disgust and no regard for the town or his problem.

Feeling the frustration, Greg knew that she could help him too. "Look, I can give you money. I just need a lift into Fisher is all. I got like a hundred dollars."

She put her hands and then her elbows on the counter and sat on the stool looking at him with a solemn face. "I can't give you a lift to Fisher until morning. That means you have to stay the night at my place. I don't let men stay the night. So, you're out of luck."

Greg could feel the compromise happening and could see a possible light at the end of his tunnel for his dilemma. "I won't do anything. I mean, I can stay outside if you want...I got a tent. Just take me to your place and I can set up outside and then you can take me into Fisher in the morning. I can give you two hundred too."

"You're like some lost freaking puppy, I swear. You really gonna give me two hundred to camp out at my place and then have me drive you to Fisher so you can go on your hike? Gonna rain tonight too. Be camping in the mud at my place too." Her face was showing signs that she might give in.

Money was a tool and nothing more. He was never one to spend it on stupid things even though his parents had enough money to spoil him rotten. Growing up with old money, his parents were keen on making sure they taught him about the downfalls of spending and how the job of people with old money is to make sure they keep it. This time he felt like the money he had was going to get him out of trouble and it was for a good cause. Camping outside was no big deal but dealing with mud was going to complicate the matter and paying not to deal with it was worth it too.

"Here's the deal. You let me crash at your place and then drive me into Fisher and I will give you two hundred. You make sure my Jeep gets fixed and pick me up on Saturday and I will throw in another five hundred," Greg offered as he reached for his wallet to make sure she knew he was not bullshitting her.

"Look, I got something to do tonight and you camping outside is all I can do."

"Fine, I don't care. I just need a ride tomorrow and my Jeep fixed," he uttered again, knowing he was desperate and if dealing with the mud was what he had to do, then so be it.

"Okay. But if you fucking try something, I will shoot you and take your money," she snarled back.

"Nothing I swear...shit I will sleep on the floor," he said with his hands up trying to seem non-threatening.

She reached for the keys and then flipped the light switch shutting off the interior light. She then looked over at him. "Two hundred now and I will get your Jeep fixed and pick you up Saturday for an extra five hundred?"

Greg reached into his wallet as he walked with her out of the store. "Yes."

She flipped off the outside lights as he then handed her the two hundred. She walked to her car and he went to his Jeep grabbing his large backpack. He then put a few other things in his bag before locking his doors.

With his backpack in the back of her very old beauty Honda, he stayed quiet as she drove on the back roads far away from civilization or any aspects of human contact. He then felt a gravel road and knew that she lived far into the country as he now wondered what he was getting himself into.

She pulled up into a cleared field with a beat up old grey trailer that was illuminated with two spotlights on poles. It had nice flowers around it, and it looked like she tried to make it presentable, but the trailer could not hide the years and neglect. She then looked at him as she pulled right up to it. "It's not fancy but it's mine."

Greg looked around and the only thing he could make out in the darkness was woods, and a lot of them. He figured she literally lived in the wilderness. There was a big old satellite dish next to the trailer though as it seemed she was not fully removed from the outside world.

She opened the door and he stepped in with his bag. His eyes lit up as he saw video camera equipment set up with a light too. It was a modest setup as he instantly knew she was doing webcam stuff. He knew from a college photography class that the setup she had was definitelyfor webcam stuff.

He looked at the setup and then her. Before he said anything, she spoke, "Don't mind the mess."

"Ohhh that's fine. I don't mind. You're letting me crash here and saving me, so I ain't gonna judge you," he replied quickly thinking that she was doing something weird and most likely erotic.

She opened the small refrigerator she had and looked over at him. "I don't know your name...but do you want something to drink? I have beer or soda."

"'s Greg. I can take a beer if you don't mind."

She pulled on her shirt that had her name on it. "Figured you saw that my name is Jessie."

With the equipment she had set up, the trailer had room for only one loveseat and one side of it had a pile of mail and magazines on top of it. He put his bag by the door and sat down at the only spot he could. He then looked around listening to the sound of the beer bottle crack open. Her place was not messy but very disorganized. It was as if she tried to organize it but there wasn't enough space to hold what she had.

She handed him a beer and then sat on a stool she had by the camera. "You are the only person I have ever let in here. I only do this to keep what I have. The gas station pays like shit and I have lots of bills."

"How you make money is on you. I don't judge people by what they do. I mean if it makes money, then do it. Since you are making money like doesn't hurt anyone," he stated as he sipped his beer knowing that it really wasn't any of his business anyway.

"You are so not from around here," she said drinking her beer.

"People give you shit for doing this?" he asked knowing she was probably doing erotic web work in a very conservative town.

Her face softening up as she spoke. "They give me shit for other things. They don't know I do this...I can expect you ain't going to say anything either."

"About you doing web came stuff? Noo. I have a few friends that do web work but not what you do."

She smiled deviously. "It's okay. They don't do porn though."

The glass facade was broken when she said it. He knew it was erotic work the moment he saw the set up but hoped to tiptoe around it. He didn't care if she did web porn or not as she was his ride tomorrow and was helping him out when she didn't have to. How she made her money was not his issue at all although it was now out in the open.

He looked at her calmly as he didn't have to speak in riddles about what she was doing. "No. No they don't. But I mean it's money. I have nothing against porn."

"You say that now. Most people don't like it and I don't tell anyone. It's not something people around here would like either," she said, giving her stool she was sitting on a spin.

He was trying to be objective and defuse the tension although he felt she seemed calm about admitting it. "Well, most people watch porn and don't admit to it. Normal I guess. I mean who doesn't watch porn? Although I guess you might be right about the people here admitting to it though. But where I am from, people watch it. I just never met anyone who does it. Not trying to be mean, I just never ran into a porn star or even a web cam star."

"Ohhh, no offense taken. The people around here don't admit to shit. Bunch of fucking hicks around here. They fuck their animals, but God forbid they admit to jerking off to porn," she said leaning back taking a big sip of her beer.

"Haaa." Greg laughed and then took a drink with her. "I guess you're not from around here."

She looked at him smiling. "Ohh no. I am from here. That's why I know."

"At least they never found out you do web cam work out here."

"Oh please. They would never find the stuff I do," she said taking a very large swig of the beer, finishing it off.

"Ohhh. You do something different?"

Her eyes opened wide and she jumped back in an exaggerated way. "You do know I am trans? I do trans porn."

"Ohhh," Greg replied as it all seemed to come to him. Her voice was a tad deep, but he knew some girls that had a deeper tone too. Still sounded like a girl's voice though he thought. Everything else seemed to be like a normal girl too. She had breasts and hips like a girl, and even a tight ass that he did see when she left the store. It had the perfect bump to it too.

"You didn't know?" she asked as she stood up to go to the refrigerator.

"Honestly, no. I guess that's a good thing though," he added as he wondered if she would be pissed at him that he didn't know. The awkward feeling of not knowing was mixed with fear that she would toss him out.

"It is. I kinda like knowing I spent my money on something good." She then gave him a big smile making Greg feel at peace for not knowing, although he felt stupid for not realizing.

Her smile as she asked seemed to make him think she was not mad at him for not realizing. "You want another."


As she handed it over to him, she smiled again. "Does it bother you? I mean some people get upset and all and some assholes just yell."

" It's just that. I really didn't know. I mean I have nothing bad to say. I really just never met one before you or seen cam videos with trans girls. I mean I watched a quick clip here and there cause it's all over the place and all," he said honestly as he took the beer.

Her face showed the uncaring demeanor on it as she spoke, "If you don't wanna watch, I understand. You can wait outside while I make a quick video. Won't have you camp outside, but I do have to make this video tonight."


Jessie stood up and moved the stool over to the camera. She then looked at him. "If I have to take you to your meeting tomorrow, I am going to need to make a quick video for one of my subscribers. He paid for a video and it's due tomorrow."

As the thunder roared outside, Greg knew his predicament just got worse. Waiting outside could be getting drenched. He could set up his tent, but that could take a while since it was packed tight in his bag and it would guarantee getting soaked before the tent was up. Then he knew the mud was the issue after that.

"Ohh, I can wait in the..."

She interrupted him, "Nobody goes in my bedroom, so it's you stay and watch, or you wait outside."

"You really want to do this in front of me?" he asked, feeling that awkwardness of the situation now.

"I guess I have too. I need the money from you, and I need to make this video tonight. I am tired and just want to get this over with too," she replied as she moved the camera so it faced her jeans.

Greg wanted to leave but felt stuck and froze up not saying anything. She looked at him quickly and moved her camera into place. "Good. Just don't make a sound. If I have to do this over again, I will be pissed."

He sat back on the couch and held the empty beer can wanting this to be over quickly. She was so close to him too and felt there was no way not to look as the couch was so close to where she was sitting.

He then watched as she opened up her laptop and punched away at the keys. Her hand then went to the camera to turn it on as she adjusted it again. He had never seen a porn video made and never seen a trans girl porn video at all other than a few seconds of a few. He never even met one before tonight but felt no ill intentions or feelings about them.

Jessie then turned on the camera as he saw the video appear on the laptop next to her. She then stood up so it showed just her jeans on the screen. Greg played sports in high school and was not shy about being nude in front of men, but never in a sexual way was he around another penis before and now he knew he was going to have to watch.

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