John watched the white cum ooze out of his girlfriend's pussy. His cock had already begun wilting.

"Shit!" he said. "I'm so sorry, babe!"

Molly looked pissed. Yeah, John had licked and fucked three orgasms out of her. But she had wanted him to cum on her.

Cumshots were their kink. It's what made sex special for them. Molly will still hot for it, but it would take John at least 20 minutes to get ready again - if he didn't fall asleep first.

It took John a split second to realise there was a third person in the bedroom. He glanced over his shoulder to see a guy walk out of the shadows.

"Hey," said the stranger, quietly. "What's up?"

Molly looked like her eyes would pop out of her head. John started laughing.

"Oh man!" he said. "I can't believe it's him!"

"Yeah," said the stranger. "It's me."

The stranger wore the standard superhero costume. Tight lycra, this time in a livery of white and cream. His logo was right there on his buff chest: "CC", with the image of a splash of liquid beneath it.

John continued: "I can't believe Captain Cumshot is here!"

"I was summoned because, uh, you came too soon," replied Captain Cumshot, in a dull almost monotone voice.

"Yeah," said Molly.

"Right, I totally understand," continued the Captain. He looked over to John: "Don't worry dude. It's only natural that this happens."

"Can you say it?" said John, eagerly. "Can you say your catchphrase?"

The Captain sighed deeply.

"Do I have to?"

John nodded.

The superhero effected a superhero voice, but fell short, making him sound a little sarcastic as he uttered:

"I'm Captain Cumshot! I've come to cum - on you!"

John looked like he might start clapping with joy.

"So, where do you want it?" continued the Captain, flatly.

Molly looked at John.

"Where do you think, babe?" she asked, excitedly.

"Oh, it's got to be your face," said John. "It'd be a waste on your tits. And your pussy is already covered in my cum."

Molly's face lit up.

"Sure, I can do that," said the Captain. "But you guys do know, uh..."

"Yeah, we know what happens."

"Right, right. Yeah. But there's a lot. I mean, this is literally a superpower we're talking about. You know that, right? It's a supernatural amount of cum."

"Yeah, we know. It's cool!"

With blond hair, blue eyes, and a muscular body, Captain Cumshot was every inch the American hero - and every inch of his cock formed a lengthy outline under the lycra.

"OK. So, Molly, can I ask you get on your knees?"

Molly did so. The Captain stood in front of her. She freed his cock from the special opening that had been designed into his costume.

10 inches, as everybody said.

Molly began sucking the Captain's cock.

"Ooh yeah," groaned the Captain. "I never get tired of this part."

"I can't believe that Captain Cumshot has come here to cum!" said John, who was watching avidly.

"Sure," said the Captain. "But can I ask you to pipe down? It spoils the moment."

By now the Captain had a hand on the back of Molly's head and was fucking her mouth.

"Your girlfriend's hot," he said to John. "That totally helps. You would not believe the people I have to work with sometimes."

The Captain pulled out his cock and slapped it against Molly's face. Molly giggled with excitement, and was fingering her pussy.

"OK, I'm ready," said the Captain.

He took a step back.

Molly looked up, opened her mouth, and pushed out her tongue.

"Yeah, that's right," gasped the Captain, stroking the length of his dick. "This isn't your first rodeo."

The Captain's cock began spurting white cum - jets splashing against Molly's face.

"Fuck yeah!" he cried out. "Take that, you fucking whore!"

He quickly moved forward and pushed his cock into Molly's mouth, pumping sperm against her tongue, then pulled out and continued striping lengths of spunk on her face and hair.

Molly laughed. Cum was dripping onto her tits, stomach and legs.

"What they say is true!" said John. "You cum pints!"

"Not quite," said the Captain, his face scrunched up with orgasm. "But it's been measured ... fuck! ... to be around ... shit! ... six times more than the best ordinary human male."

Eventually the cumshots lessened in volume and pressure, like a supersoaker water gun finally running out. The Captain pushed his cock once again into Molly's mouth and grasped her matted hair as she sucked out the last few drops.

The Captain stood back, panting. Molly looked like a ten-man Bukkake team had simultaneously unloaded on her.

John had begun stroking his cock.

"Hey, do you mind if I..." he asked.

"Sure. This often happens. I get summoned because the guy's cum too early. Then the guy gets turned on so much he wants to cum anyway. I mean, it's kind of a philosophical conundrum. The fact I'm here often negates my need to be here..."

John wasn't listening. He stood in front of Molly.

"Into your mouth," he grunted.

Molly opened wide her cum-spattered mouth. John squirted his own jets inside.

Molly coughed.

"Right to the back of the throat!" she said. "I'll still be tasting that tomorrow!"

John reached across and grabbed his phone.

"Would you mind a photo?" he asked.

The Captain again sighed deeply, but nodded.

Molly stood, her eyes still sealed shut with cum, looking like somebody had poured a bucket of molten wax on her face and tits. The Captain put an arm around her shoulder.

He didn't smile as John took the photo. He never does.

"Fuck, that was just incredible!" said John.

The Captain shrugged. He put his cock back inside his constume.

Molly towelled her face dry. There was an embarrassing silence in the room.

"Do we pay you something?" asked John.

For the first time in his visit, the Captain showed genuine emotion, other than orgasm. His faced crunched in disgust.

"That would be illegal. I'm not a fucking prostitute!"

John's faced turned red.

The Captain rolled his eyes up to the ceiling: "Look, just give a few dollars to the Superheroes Benevolent Fund."

John nodded.

The Captain walked over to a door, and was surprised to find it was a closet.

"How do I get out of here?" he asked.

"You don't know? How did you get in?"

"I materialise in places supernaturally when I'm needed. Honestly, I've no fucking idea where I am."

"I always thought you flew around or something."

"My superpower is cumshots. And materialising in places where that's urgently needed. That's it. I'm just a guy with a big dick. I really hope I can get a bus home."

Molly had finished wiping her face.

"Hey babe, I'm still horny," she said, wrapping herself around John.

"I'm all outta juice," said John. "Twice in one night is as much as I can manage."

They looked guiltily at the Captain.

"Just once per visit is my rule," said the Captain.

"Never mind," said Molly. "I was thinking of... Something else."

A fourth man stepped out from the shadows of the room. He wore a black suit, tie and sunglasses.

"Well, if it isn't my old friend!" said the Captain, embracing this new man.

John was also delighted to see the individual.

"Agent Anal!" he said. "I can't believe we're being visited by two superheroes in just one night!"

Agent Anal shrugged, and took off his sunglasses.

"Which of you is it?"

John looked like somebody had given him a sucker punch, but his girlfriend spoke: "It's me, Agent!"

"Let me take a look," said the Agent, calmly.

Molly bent over and pulled apart her ass cheeks.

"Very nice," said the Agent. "I can work with that."

He pulled a tube of lube from his jacket pocket.

The Captain suddenly looked up, presenting a noble appearance.

"I'm needed somewhere!" he said. "My supersenses are tingling in my balls! A woman, on her own. Fingering her pussy while in bed! A filthy, nasty cumslut! She's single and her dating app hook-up hasn't shown! She has to be covered head to foot in semen!"

"That sounds cool!" said John.

"Not really. This is, like, my fifth call of the night. I'm so fucking tired. You guys simply have..."

The Captain dematerialised before he could finish speaking - for he was on to his next superhero assignment!

If ever there's somebody who needs cumming on... If ever there's a couple that enjoy cumshots but can't get it up... If ever there's an orgy where the guys turn out to be dribblers and a real man is needed to coat all the women with ejaculate... Then Captain Cumshot shall be there! Eternally vigilant, eternally horny - and with balls eternally full of spunk!

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