Cassie left the homeless man in her dust as he still held onto his pecker. She laughed to herself at the thought of that. Now is the time to try to figure out where she is. Cassie knows the mall is at least ten miles from her house, she had run that distance before, but that was with sidewalks and the roads fully clothed. Now she’s buck wild naked, so she had to be smart about where she can go without being seen or caught by the police.

She figured if she sees people in their front yard Cassie will travel through their back yard and vice versa. Cassie hoped it would be that easy, but nothing ever is. If Cassie was spotted she hoped they would just think she is just a drunken streaker. It is the Fourth of July and won’t call the police. The wooden fences across from the mall looked about eight feet in height, so she can walk along them without being seen by the people in their backyards. The entire length of the block is set up like that so the first bit of journey should be easy.

Cassie moved from parked cars and large trees, she made her way to the tall fence line no one saw her. Walking casually she makes her way along the fences and empty backyards. As she walked Cassie tried to keep an eye out for people. Cassie could hear a chain as it moved across the ground. To her horror Cassie saw a hundred twenty pound brown bullmastiff as it came right for her. How did she miss that doghouse, it sat right out in the open? The dog growled at her. It looked like it was going to tear her naked flesh apart. Cassie had no other choice, but to jump the fence and take her chances with the people on the other side.

Cassie made her not so graceful leap over the fence. She landed right on her ass. The backyard was filled with mothers, fathers, and little kids there for a western themed child’s birthday party. The men and little boys had silly cowboy party hats on and they were trying to lasso mothers as they giggled. Everyone’s eyes were as wide as saucers as they stopped what they were doing to stare at the completely naked pretty blonde woman. Cassie’s sat with her legs spread eagle on the grass. Cassie’s pussy lips opened for everyone to see. Once she remembered she was naked, she used one arm to cover her breasts and put her other hand over her blonde pussy. The mothers covered their kid’s eyes then rushed them into the house.

"I am soooo sorry I did not plan this! Miss Piggy stole my clothes forcing me to run home from the mall completely naked. Then a monster of a dog chased me over your fence. Can someone please give me a towel and a ride home?" pleaded the embarrassed Cassie. She felt her face, neck, and chest grow red with shame. Cassie was so upset she did not know how wild eyed and crazy she looked or sounded when she told what happened to her. Cassie did her best to keep covered up..

After she secured the kids in the house Mrs. Pamela Ciminelli came storming out of her house made a beeline straight at a very naked, very scared out of her mind Cassie. Pam is a five foot eight inch olive skin woman with C-Cup breasts and an attractive thick figure. She kept her long black hair pulled back into a ponytail that went half way down her back. Pam’s yellow sleeveless sundress billowed around her knees as she walked towards Cassie. She is very pissed off looking as Pam steps up in front of the hunched over Cassie. Without warning Pam grabed her by her blonde hair to force her head up at Pam’s eye level.

"You ruined my kid’s birthday party you drugged up slut! All the kids are now stuck in the house hiding from your naked ass! Maybe you have to be taught a lesson so you don’t pull a stunt like this ever again." screamed Pam. Pam screamed into Cassie’s face while shook Cassie’s head as Pam spoke.

"I was stripped by a crazy woman, then raped by a naked homeless guy. I only want to go home!" Cassie screamed as she tried to free her hair from Pam’s grasp. When Cassie did this it caused her breasts and pussy to be exposed again as she resisted.

"Pam, leave her alone. I’ll give her one of my T-shirts and a ride home. No problem," Pam’s husband Ronny said when he started to take his T-shirt off to give to Cassie.

"No! This little bitch needs to learn a lesson! She can’t be running around bare assed and think she can get away with ruining a child’s birthday party! She’s going to pay big time," yelled Pam while she pointed at her husband Ronny. It is clear who wore the pants in this family and Ronny has had enough of it.

"Do you want me to leave Mrs. Ciminelli," asked a very nervous looking Cowboy Bob. Cowboy Bob makes his living running cowboy themed kid’s parties. He is dressed in a western styled button up shirt, worn blue jeans, cowhide chaps, and a black Stetson hat.

"Not for what I am paying you! Do you have any old west style branding irons in your van that we can use to brand this bitch," Pam said with an evil smirk.

"Yes I do ma’am, I got four or five branding irons" said a very proud Cowboy Bob.

"Well go get them were going to hogtie this little heifer and put your brand on her ass! You can do whatever you like to her once she’s tied up," Pam yelled.

"Yeehaaaaaw," screamed Cowboy Bob. He slapped Cassie on the ass then he ran off to his van to retrieve his branding iron.

"You can’t just hogtie and brand some girl in our backyard Pam. She’s gonna tell on you for sure! Do you want to go to jail," Ronny tried to talk some sense into his very pissed off wife.

"Stow it Ronny! I got this! She’s so whacked out of her mind on drugs no one will believe her," screamed an almost psychotic Pam.

"Little Bobby! Go in the bathroom and get my battery powered hair trimmer! Momma is going to teach the bad women a lesson she won’t soon forget!" Pam yelled to her eight year old son Bobby. Bobby came out of the house dressed like a little cowboy and waving his mom’s battery powered hair trimmer. "Here ya go mommy, are you going to give the pretty naked lady a haircut," asked Bobby as he tried to see every bit of Cassie’s nakedness.

"You can say that again Bobby," laughed Pam. "Mommy is going to make her pussy look as smooth as her ass!"

Cassie tried to free her hair from Pam’s grasp, but the crazy woman was too strong for her. She can’t believe this happening to her. The other housewives start to come out to watch what Pam is going to do to Cassie. The women look like they are getting off as they watched Pam abuse poor Cassie. They cannot understand why they are felt like this. As they left the house the kids also started to sneak out to get to see what Pam is going to do the crazy naked lady.

The husbands are tried to get Ronny to say something before Pam took this too far. Pam might hurt the poor girl. Randy Parsons’s stepped up to Ronny and whispered into his ear. "Are you going to let your wife push you around like this, do something before she hurts that girl."

"I need someone to hold this bitches arms, Elizabeth and Lashandra grab arms and hold em’ tight," yelled Pam. The gathered housewives gawked at the spectacle Pam is started. Elizabeth Parsons ran up to Cassie and grabbed her right arm. Elizabeth is a five foot three inches petite woman with pert A-Cup breasts and a little round ass. She is dressed in a light blue strapless knee high dress that clung to her figure. Elizabeth had her Sandy brown hair cut into a cute pixie cut. Lashandra is the exact opposite of Elizabeth. She is a tall dark skinned beautiful African American woman who stood five foot ten inches with large double D breasts. Her body had a very voluptuous look with a nice round booty that drove all the other husbands crazy. She wore her hair in shoulder length dreadlocks that she kept pulled back into a ponytail. She had on a red dress that showed off her cleavage that is open in the back that showed off her back.

The two women held a naked Cassie as she squirmed. Cassie did doing her best to escape, but the other two women are too strong for her. Cassie looked over toward the housewives as they gawked. Each woman was video reordered the whole event and laughed at Cassie’s growing humiliation. They all seemed to be enjoy the predicament Cassie had gotten herself in. Cassie then turned her head towards the husbands who seem to be debating amongst themselves on what to do.

Pam stepped up as she held the hair trimmer up so everyone can see it. "I am going to start off with strip right down the center of that pretty blonde pussy of yours you little freak," laughed Pam.

Pam had her eyes on Cassie; she did not see her husband Ronny as he picked up one of Cowboy Bob’s lassos. As Pam held the trimmers over her head, a lasso landed around her wrist then goes taught. To Pam’s horror her husband has lassoed her and the other husbands are pulling her towards them while they laughed at her. Pam tried to dig her heels in, but the men are too strong for her. A wave of lust washed over her body. Pam could feel her body as it tingled. Pam developed a quiver in her loins she has never felt before.

"What are you lunatics doing? Let me go, let me go," Pam screamed with a look of horror on her face. The men all continue to pull the rope towards them. They all stood their ground with dirty smirks on their faces. When Pam came closer with every pull of the rope. Pam saw the smirks on the men’s faces it started to excite Pam. It removed the fear replaced it with lust. Pam had no idea what they are going to do to her, but she hoped it would involve all of them.

The men pulled until Pam was within their reach. Labron, Lashandra’s husband was the first to grab hold of Pam’s wrist. He removed the trimmer from Pam’s hand. Ronny jumped on his wife then began to rip her yellow sundress apart. The other husbands joined in on the fun until Pam is laid on the ground bare ass naked. Pam laughed her head off as she tried to get the other women to join her.

All the husbands were groped Pam’s tits and ran their fingers through her well-trimmed black bush. She felt fingers as they went everywhere including her asshole. She loved how Ronny seemed to be getting off on her situation. Ronny stuck his finger in his wife’s wet pussy and said "Stop squirming Pam, if humiliation was good enough for that poor girl then it is a good enough punishment for you! Bobby go get the paddles from the ping pong table bring back all four of them!"

Bobby ran into the house. He laughed at his naked mommy as she squirmed on the ground with all the fathers on top of her. He came back with two red paddles and two green ones. All the men are held down Pam. Ronny got the hair trimmers from Labron.

"All right guys spread her legs were going to give her a haircut," yelled Ronny.

Ronny turned the trimmers on. The men all cheered when they saw what Ronny was going to do. They were so distracted by what is happened to Pam they did not see the other wives as they formulated a rescue for Pam. Ronny held the trimmer against the bottom of Pam’s hairy slit, then ran it to the top of her black bush. A loud vrimmm sound could be heard as he shaved off the right side of Pam’s bush. Ronny left behind little black stubble in his wake. The other men watched on as the made suggestive comments to Pam. Everyone could see Pam’s pussy getting wetter with every pass of the trimmers. Another vrimmm sound could be heard as Pam lost the left side of her fur triangle leaving behind a black landing strip that the men start to pet and tug on as they laughed their asses off. Pam’s pelvis began to buck and squirm when Ronny and the other husbands played with her clit. This brought Pam to climax it made her pussy pulsate quiver.

Without warning, the other housewives who watched Pam while she picked on Cassie decided they were going to rescue their friend. They were unaware of how much Pam enjoyed what the men were doing to her.

The women jumped on their husbands’ backs as they tried to pull them off Pam. Before they knew what happened the husbands subdued their wives. The husbands began pulling there wives dresses off them. Women were rolled around in the grass as they giggled. The wives tried to get away when their husbands tore their dresses to shreds. Panties, bras, and shreds of fabric flew through the air. The women were stunned at their own behavior. None of them knew why they acted like this or what had come over them so suddenly. Even their own kids were laughed at their weird behavior as the daddies’ stripped the mommies.

Before the wives knew what was happened they found themselves lined up by their grinning husbands to get their pussies shaved. The woman themselves could not wait for it to happen. The women just stood there in disbelief with their hands behind their heads with lustful looks on their faces. Their pussies grew wet with the anticipation of being shaved. But at the same time each one of them was wished the ground would swallow them up, especially since their own children video recorded them and laughed at their humiliated mommies. The wives had no way to control their behavior; they were lost to their own animal desires. There was nothing they could do to stop themselves. It was like they watched someone else control their bodies.

Randy and Labron walked over to their wives. Both women still are held onto Cassie. When they saw their husbands walk towards them the women tried to push Cassie at them. The two wives tried to make a break for it, but Cassie grabbed each woman by the wrist before they got away. The two wives turned around in time to see the smile on Cassie’s face when the two husbands caught up to them.

Labron grabbed Lashandra by one of the red straps that that held her dress onto her neck. "Come on baby, don’t do this to me," begged Lashandra. Labron pulled his wife’s strap so hard her huge breasts came flying out. Then with a second pull, the dress is pulled free from her body it exposed her red thong. You could see the top of her black nappy black bush peeking out of the top of the red thong. In a blink of the eye Labron made a grab for her thong when he took it by the side it stretched out as Lashandra tried to pull it back. The thong snapped with a loud pop and a rip sending Lashandra onto her newly naked ass. Lashandra could not figure out why she was so excited about being naked in front of everyone. She felt the lust grow inside her and her pussy get wet.

Elizabeth struggled with her husband Randy, but he was just too big for her. Randy bent her over when grabbed the bottom edge of Elizabeth’s dress and yanked it off. It left her in a strapless black push up bra that exposed her erect red nipples and her sheer black panties. Randy simply slipped his wife’s bra over her head then threw it into a rose bush. Her panties came off with a quick pull. Randy looked at his naked wife’s exposed bush and says, "If anyone needs a haircut down there it is you! Get in line with the other wives," Randy laughed as he moved his wife to her position in the line. Labron did the same to his wife Lashandra. As Elizabeth is led to the line of other naked housewives she could feel her humiliation turn into a hyper sexual awareness. Elizabeth has never felt this level of passion before.

Ronny sat at the end of a folding lawn chair with his son Bobby. His son stood there with a big grin on his face holding a video camera for his dad. The first husband moved his wife in front of Ronny to get her into position to be shaved down to stubble. The very first naked housewife had an anxious look on her face; she could not wait to be shaved. Ronny loves how the women react to his every move. They flinched and shook as they anticipated what is about to happen to them. When the trimmer touched her bush and the pubes started to fall onto the grass, the housewife began breathing hard and Ronny could sense her excitement and lust. The little hairs on every wife stood erect and goose bumps began to spread on their arms and legs. When the husbands were done with all the wives there was a pile of housewife pubic hair of varying color, length, and thickness on the grass.

When a wife was done being shaved by Ronny, the husband would hog-tie his wife to a picnic bench so that their ass stuck up in the air. The wives’ faces were in the grass to get them ready for the ping-pong paddles. When they were done being shaved the twelve wives were lined up tied to three benches, each with their ass in the air. The husbands had them tied four to a bench. The women could be seen as they squirmed from their excitement. Women knew what was coming next; it caused them to wiggle with eagerness to be paddled. Their husbands were going to spank them with the ping-pong paddles. Every woman there felt her pussy grow wet with the thought of that. The women writhed against the picnic benches in anticipation of the spanking.

Cassie wanted to leave but she just had to watch these bitches get their comeuppance. She hated to admit it but watching these women enjoy their punishment in front of their husbands and kids made her wet.

Each husband got behind their wife and held a paddle as they waited for the signal to begin their wives punishment. With a nod from Ronny the men paddled the women’s asses. Whacks and pops can be heard down the block when each woman let out a series of loud "Ows!. Eeks! And Ouches!" they wiggled their torsos and kicked their legs as they were paddled. When the men were done they were out of breath and the their wives butts were a warm crimson red color. Once finished they released the women who jumped up from the benches. The wives jumped around when they rubbed their paddled asses. They rubbed their rear ends so much it caused their breasts to bounce wildly. Their kids stood there pointing at their mommies and laughed hysterically. The women who had been paddled already were comparing their red butts to see whose ass was redder. They rubbed and caressed each others asses as they tried to offer comfort to one another. The wives laughed at and teased the women who were about to get it next.

When the first group was done they handed the paddles off to the next group of husbands, so they to could punish their wives for their foolish behavior. When everyone had been paddled they lined their wives up for further inspection. While in line, the wives either rubbed their sore behinds or rubbing the stubble on their pussies. Cassie laughed at the horny housewives. Each housewife had fun as they rubbed each other’s pussy stubble or tweaked a nipple or a clit. "Look at you now Pam, whose the slut? I am not the one everyone had a finger in," Cassie whispered into Pam’s ear. Pam just gave Cassie a dirty little smile unable to say anything. Pam did not believe she got joy from such horrid behavior, but she also cannot wait to take part in more of it.

"I got the old time branding irons! I had to go back home to get them! Did I miss anything," yelled Cowboy Bob as he entered the back yard as he held up the branding irons. To his shock the back yard is littered with remnants of dresses, panties, and bras. Lined up along the fence are twelve naked housewives with their hands behind their heads each one of them red from embarrassment and squirming from lust.

Cassie ran up to the husbands and said. "That cowboy creep was going to hogtie me and brand me! Get him," before Cowboy Bob could escape the husbands were on him in a flash. They held him as the wives tore off his shirt and jeans. The housewives left him in his cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and his cowhide chaps the wives made a spectacle of the kiddie party performer. They hog-tied him with his own lassos with his hairy ass in the air. The wives played with his cock until he came all over the place.

"Please let me go Ms. Ciminelli! All this pussy and I can’t get any. What type of sick torture is this," cried Cowboy Bob.

Cassie put the branding irons on the grill right next to the hot dogs and hamburgers so they would get red hot.

"I always wanted to suck on Lashandra’s titties," Ronny yelled when he stepped in front Lashandra as she giggled and Labron stood in front of a very horny Pam, both of them were smiled. The men laughed when they heard that.

Cassie decided she was going to load up on some burgers and some sports drinks. After she put the kids to bed early and their parents had their fun. Cassie was certain Ronny was going to take her home when he done having his fun with the other husband’s wives. She would look over at the partygoers rolling around in the grass having fun with someone who was not the partner they came with. Cassie thought about joining in the fun but she felt weird being with people she did not know.

While Cowboy Bob begged for pussy, Cassie decided to give Cowboy Bob a taste of the branding iron. Cassie took the branding iron off the grill then made her way to the hog-tied cowboy. The branding iron was red hot.

"Well that crazy ass cowboy was going to do something to your ass, so feel free to brand his ass." Ronny said as he was now fucking a horny Elizabeth.

"Well I can see from your hard on you have been enjoying the show Cowboy Bob. You got excited at the thought of branding me. Why aren’t you as excited at the thought of me branding you?" Cassie asked Cowboy Bob as he squirmed.

"Now look here missy! Mrs. Ciminelli said for me to do it! She’s paying me so if she says jump I say how high," yelled the naked kiddie party cowboy. "Please don’t brand me that shit hurts and not to mention it’s a permanent mark," pleaded Cowboy Bob.

"If you are willing to brand me shouldn’t you be willing to be branded? Fair is fair," said Cassie as she raised the branding iron over her head then let out a loud, "Yeeeehaaaaw!" as she brought down the branding iron on the bare ass of Cowboy Bob. She held it against the squirming Cowboy Bob’s ass on his ass until his ass sizzled.

"Yeeeoooouch! God damned it girl," Cowboy Bob screamed. Cassie let loose the lasso. Cowboy Bob ran over to an open cooler that was full of ice and dropped his branded behind into it seeking relief for his burnt butt. "I am going to get your ass for that bitch! You wait and see," yelled Cowboy Bob as he rubbed ice on his newly branded ass.

Cassie made her way through the married couples as they humped and rolled around in the grass. Cassie spotted Pam’s round naked Italian ass. It was stuck up in the air as she gave someone else’s husband a blowjob. Cassie thought "perfect," Without warning Cassie smacked the red-hot branding iron right into Pam’s thick ass with an extreme push. Smoke came off the brand when it touched her pretty flawless ass. Pam jerked her head up and let out a bestial howl that cracked Cassie up with laughter.

Pam jumped up and ran to the cooler Cowboy Bob was icing down his ass in. When she got there she pushed Cowboy Bob out of her way and placed her ass in the ice while screaming. "Ow, ow, ow, ow! What are you doing my husband already paddled me, you crazy bitch! You didn’t have to brand me, I didn’t brand you, ya crazy bitch," screamed Pam. "Hold that bitch down so I could brand her right back!"

Cassie stood there for a second, until she saw Cowboy Bob as he made his way towards Cassie. He was followed by the now naked pissed off husbands and wives. Cassie turned around to sprint out of the backyard, just in time to see the naked homeless guy coming around the corner after he spotted Cassie when she left the backyard.

When Cassie made her way down the street she hurtled kid’s bikes, shrubs, and fire hydrants. Cassie turned her head to see if she ditched the pursuing naked horde. When she looked back Cassie could see the naked husbands, wives, Cowboy Bob, and the homeless man all still giving chase. Cassie now ran for her life, she no longer cared who saw her nakedness. Cassie ran through crowded front yards full of families enjoying the Fourth of July. The crowds were shocked to see a beautiful naked woman being pursued by a naked angry crowd.

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