The Next Morning, Work Was Never So Much Fun...

The next morning at work was nerve-wracking and exciting as Andrea said hello to Skyler and their eyes met, locked in a heated sexual gaze. Skyler let it all hang out as she rolled her hips like a prostitute looking for a John on the street. Holy shit Skyler is so fucking hot today! She never wears short skirts and nylons with the black seam running down the back. I can see both her tight ass cheeks as well as every other employee on the top floor of the Wellington Building. Skyler's six-inch-high deep blue high heels brought out the cut below her beautiful calves every time she took a step. Andrea could sense the sexual tension in the air as men and women had googly eyes over Skyler's tight, fit body. Not only that, she smelled so wonderful. Her musky perfume was enough to drive anyone crazy, and it lingered for several minutes after she had left any room.

She is wearing this outfit and perfume to turn me on, and it's working...My bitch is in heat, and I love it so much.

Sighing heavily from the "Skyler Show," Andrea opened the door to her office using an electronic keypad. Sitting at her desk, she mulled over the day's events. Her A.I. Suzi instructed her that she had an 8:00 am meeting with a new vendor to discuss upgrading the equipment on the oldest assembly line. The caramel fudge candy that Wellington manufactured was the best in the world, but the line was nickel and diming them to death with repairs and costly downtime.

Looking down at her middle drawer, Andrea noticed it was open a crack. I never leave my desk drawers open; what the fuck. Opening the drawer, a note was sitting on top of a six-by-six inch flat blue velvet box. Opening the note, it only contained three words. "From Your Bitch". "Suzi, please go to privacy mode."

"Yes, Miss Andrea," the glass surrounding her large office overlooking the city frosted up. Her door locked, and the lights dimmed a bit.

Andrea opened the box. Immediately the smell hit her. It was as if there was a beautiful pussy right there, inches from her face. She removed the white cotton panties and held them up to her face. The elastic around the waistband was monogrammed with the initials SRD. These panties were soaking wet last night, courtesy of Skyler Raven Dorcha. Andrea went straight for the crotch as she held them up to her nose and inhaled deeply. Oh my God, these smell like heaven.

This was so wrong, but it felt so good. Andrea licked the crotch and began sopping up the aroma that came pouring out mixed with her saliva. She stuffed the panties into her mouth and spread her legs as wide as she could in her black leather high-back chair. Sticking her right hand down inside of her nylons and panties, she pushed between her soaking pussy lips and spread them apart. Using the wet panties as a makeshift dildo, rolling it up tightly, she shoved the panties into her panties and rubbed furiously through both pieces of fabric.

Stopping every couple of minutes to press the cotton panties deeper inside of her dripping hole, she never stopped rubbing her swollen clit. Being as quiet as she could, Andrea closed her eyes, moaning, thinking about Skyler and seeing her legs spread apart, her raspy voice talking dirty, and her unrelenting orgasms. Her pretty face with that deep mascara looked stunning while she was cumming last night. I love being in control, making her cum at will.

Now breathing heavily and watching the door and the windows for anyone who could catch her masturbating, Andrea bit her bottom lip, staving off her usual screaming orgasm. Instead, she let out a low growl rubbing her clit until the cotton panties soaked up all of her creamy cum. Her body tensed up and remained still and silent for what seemed like forever as Andrea had a very long and intense orgasm, almost blacking out at one point from holding her breath for so long. Spent, she lay back for a moment slumped in her chair smiling, happy, and relaxed.

Shoving and stuffing the remainder of the panties inside of her hole, she adjusted her outfit. After fluffing her long platinum hair and reapplying her lipstick, she took Suzi out of privacy mode and had her call Skyler into her office.

A knock came at her office door a minute later. Skyler opened the door carrying her Vidtablet with her, ready to take notes.

"Please shut the door behind you, Miss Dorcha," Andrea told her, not looking up but studying her own Vidtablet.

"Yes, Mistress Andrea," Skyler replied with a soft whisper.

"Suzi, please go into privacy mode."

"Yes, Miss Andrea," the glass frosted over, and the door locked once again.

"Please come around to this side of my desk and bend over as if you are helping me do some work," Andrea instructed Skyler.

"Yes, Mistress Andrea," Skyler replied as she strutted around the desk next to Andrea. She bent over ass in the air, her palms on the desk. A shit-eating grin came over her face.

Andrea lifted the back hem of Skyler's dark blue skirt and rubbed her ass cheeks, snapping the elastic on her panties. Skyler let out a low moan. "Take off your bra," Andrea instructed.

Skyler unbuttoned her blouse down to the last button above her skirt and undid the clasp on her bra strap. She removed her cobalt blue bra and handed it to Andrea. Andrea smelled the bra nuzzling it all over her face.

"This smells like a mixture of your wonderful perfume and your beautiful skin," Andrea told her as she laid the bra inside one of her side drawers in her desk.

"Thank you, Mistress, Andrea."

"I found your present this morning. Please take it back and put it on in place of your blue panties."

"But my panties will not match my outfit any longer."

Andrea coughed loudly, and she slapped Skyler's ass cheek with an open hand. Skyler jumped and almost let out a "fuck that hurt!" to the entire floor. Andrea whacked her again in the same spot. "Now, what did I ask you to do, and how do you address me?"

"You asked me to put on the panties, Mistress Andrea; I am very sorry. Where are the panties?"

Andrea turned and spread her legs wide. Lifting up her skirt, she pulled down her nylons and panties. A piece of the white cotton panty was sticking out of her honey hole. "Pull these out with your teeth --- slowly."

Skyler got down on her knees and put her hands on the floor. She moved closer to Andrea's pussy and began inhaling deeply. Andrea started to breathe heavily as she edged her clit with her forefinger. Skyler nuzzled her nose between Andrea's puffy pussy lips and took her time clenching the panties with her teeth. She ran her lips and tongue up and down Andrea's swollen lips.

"You came this morning already, my queen. I can taste and smell your delicious cum."

"Yes, I did, and you are going to make me cum again you slut."

Clutching her breasts with one hand while rubbing her clit with the other, Skyler began lapping between the pussy lips at a rhythmic pace. Not too fast and not too slow --- just right for the rubbing Andrea was giving herself. Andrea let out an "ohh fuck that feels so good, you gorgeous cunt. Keep lapping my pussy. Pull the panties out a bit," whispering the entire time.

Skyler tugged on the panties with her teeth, pulling out about two inches of the material. She then dove under the panties with the tip of her tongue and began lapping at Andrea's asshole. The smell was incredible as her pungent cum-stained panties mixed with the scent of her asshole were driving Skyler mad with desire. Andrea pinched her nipples, groaning, as she flicked and slapped her clit. Skyler ran her pointed tongue back and forth from Andrea's asshole all the way back up to her clit. Andrea grabbed the back of Skyler's head and forced her mouth around her clitoris and upper lips. Like an animal in heat, Skyler began sucking hard on her clit, rolling her tongue around it. Suddenly, Andrea jumped as she felt something invading her anus. Skyler took her finger and wiggled it inside of her rectum, fucking her asshole faster.

"I am going to cum, my fucking subby whore!" Andrea said a little too loudly as she coughed again as loud as she could.

Skyler held on for dear life with her vacuum lips on Andrea's clit while pumping her asshole with two fingers at a nice steady pace.

"Ohhhhhhhh fuck! I am cumming so good!" Andrea's eyes rolled into the back of her head as she pulled Skyler's face into her pussy. "Pull the panties out and lick my juices when I cum!"

Skyler tugged the panties out of Andrea's hot hole and let them drop to the ground. She replaced the panties with her tongue as Andrea grabbed ahold of Skyler's hair and shot a small squirt of cum into her mouth. Skyler moaned with loving acceptance at the sticky treat and begged for more cum. Another wave hit Andrea as she reciprocated and let out another small gushing cumshot all over Skyler's tongue and face. Andrea's body seized up and finally relaxed as she looked down at Skyler. Her entire face was glazed over with sticky cum. Bending down, Andrea kissed Skyler, and they both French kissed for several minutes, enjoying and savoring the sweet-tasting cum remaining inside of Skyler's mouth.

"You are sooo fucking good, baby," Andrea said, smiling as she began to get dressed, gaining her composure. "Thank you for fucking my asshole. That was a nice touch."

"You are welcome, and you taste wonderful, Mistress, Andrea. I am so glad I could satisfy you."

"You are not done yet, my beautiful slut. We have a meeting to go to in thirty minutes. I have another special job for you. Meanwhile, go to the ladies' room, put on those cotton panties, and bring me the other pair. Do NOT clean the cum off your face, and don't button any of the buttons on your blouse today. I want everyone to see your stunning tits. Don't cum either; as I said, I have something special planned today. I want to see how good you are at being a true subby, a certified slut."

"Yes, Mistress Andrea, with pleasure."

"That's my cum whore, nice and obedient."

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