Walking through the spacious halls of his Hamptons home, Richard Castle let out a sigh full of tension and frustration.

Yet another argument between Beckett and him had driven him to pack his bags and leave for a few days. She wasn't the only one who got to run away all the time.

He didn't even remember what the argument was. Was it about some scene in his book? Was it about some case? He didn't know. He'd tuned it out. He was good at doing that. And he didn't care that he didn't remember.

He walked into the living room, having fixed himself a drink. He just sat down on the expensive sofa he'd bought as an impulse buy. It was definitely serving him well. His writing was basically done, he only needed to edit the last half of the new draft. With his reading and edit speed, that would be done in about two days. And his deadline was about a month away anyway. For now he would just relax.

But his mind wandered to the argument anyway, not in the way one might think. No, the argument itself, he didn't care about. It was when the argument started. They were laying in bed discussing the past week. As things started to get more fun and heated, they started bantering back and forth. One wrong word here, one wrong word there and their heated bantering turned into a heated argument.

It was easy for that to happen between them, that's how it had always been. This time he was already tired, and frustrated because the night was heading to a very pleasurable ending when the argument began and it left him high and dry.

That's why he'd come out here. Maybe he could somehow vent some of that frustration. That's why he'd asked the maid to take the weekend off. He used the remote to access some of the videos already in the internal memory of the TV. Picked one out that caught his eye, shed the lower half of his clothes, picked up the lotion off of the coffee table in front of him and went to work...

The sun was setting and Castle didn't feel any less frustrated. He'd done the deed and then taken a nap too but that hadn't done anything.

He looked down at his phone and saw nothing from Beckett. Sometimes he shook his head at having to fall for such a stubborn person. He needed a good distraction. An idea came to his head. Maybe he'd warm up his temperature controlled swimming pool and a dip in that might help to loosen him up.

He walked up to his room, took off his clothes and put on a pair of swimming trunks while grabbing a towel. Then he walked downstairs and out towards his swimming pool.

He wasn't a best-selling mystery novelist for nothing. His observational skills rivalled Beckett's, at times even picking up things even she didn't notice.

The first thing he noticed was that the sliding screen to the backyard of his house was open. It was closed when he got here and the maid had already left long before he came.

The second thing he noticed were the pool lights were on. And that the backyard wasn't cool from the breeze from the sea, it was sort of alternating between warm and cold, meaning that the pool heaters were on.

Third, there was a towel hanging off the back of a sun chair and that the pool water wasn't still.

While he wasn't a cop, wandering into countless dangerous situations basically everyday had honed his senses equal to one. He backed up and hid to the side of the screen. Sliding his head out barely to peek at the person coming out from the pool, he grabbed a poker from the beside the fireplace and readied it in his hands but there was no need for it.

He saw a head emerge from the surface of the water and saw it was Alexis. He put the poker back in it's place and was about to walk out but the sigh of relief he was about to let out got stuck in his throat as he saw her ascend up the ladder. Her vibrant red hair slicked back from the water, her gorgeous blue eyes twinkling in the low-light. But what shocked him the most was the dark red bikini she was wearing. It clung to her pale skin like it would hurt it if it let go. Her nipples poking out from under the bikini top making it a most tantalizing sight.

Her double strapped bottom cutting a saucy figure. The water dripping off of her skin in the low-light like diamonds glinting in white sand. Tracing their way from her neck to her gorgeous chest to her taut abs all the way down to her sexy camel-toe.

He was mesmerized before he was forcefully reminded by a cough that he was staring at his own daughter's body. He subtly shook his head and connected his eyes with Alexis's face. She was staring at him with a neutral face but there was something in her eyes he couldn't place.

"What are you doing, dad?" She asked.

Castle let out the breath he was holding, "S-shouldn't I be asking you that question?" Castle retorted.

Alexis tilted her head sexily, "I came out here because I was hoping for some R&R. It's been a hard few weeks at college. What about you?"

"Beckett and I had an argument. This one really just ticked me off. I've been a bit stressed out for the last few weeks and this just added onto that. So, I packed up a bag, told her I needed some space and came out here for the weekend." He explained.

"The Tyson case? Dad, that was a bit ago. Are you okay?" She said with concern in her voice.

Castle shook his head, "No, that's not it... Or maybe it is. Maybe it's just an amalgam of things. It doesn't matter, I just needed to get away. Speaking of, are you alright? Is everything okay at college?' His concern going immediately to her.

"Oh, yeah, no, it's no big deal. I just- the course load overwhelms me sometimes. Plus, as you know, Pi and I broke up a while ago. i hadn't had any time to get away and have time for myself, is all." She rubbed her neck. The movement drew his eyes back to her amazing chest, though he snapped his eyes back up to her face before she noticed.

"Well, you should've told me. We could've come up here together, you know? Besides, when did you get here? I didn't hear you come in."

"Oh, I took the train, then walked here, it was a nice walk. I got here sometime in the afternoon. Strange that you didn't hear me come in. You must've been busy." She said that with the same strange glint in her eyes that he couldn't read.

Castle swallowed. The afternoon was when he was- no, he would've noticed it. Maybe she just went directly to her room. The TV's volume was at a bare whisper. And just like every man, even in an empty house, his senses went into hyperdrive so that he could react at even the slightest odd sound during his... session.

Telling himself he was being paranoid, he just put it out of his mind, "Well, I was wondering why the pool was on. Good to know you weren't some intruder taking a free dip in my pool. I had a fireplace poker ready."

Alexis laughed, "Yeah, lucky me." She looked down at his body, "So, you're out here to take a dip too, huh? Get rid of some of that stress? Well, jump in."

Castle stilled, he had a towel in his hands, and his hands were in front his crotch, covering up the partial he was sporting. He chuckled nervously, "You go in, I'll be there."

Alexis nodded and then took a graceful dive back into the pool. She came back up and stared at him. "What are you waiting for? Jump in."

Castle cursed the fact that the glow of the pool lights highlighted her breasts which were just floating at the surface of the water, her chest heaving from the dive made for a very erotic sight that turned his partial into a full mast.

Alexis luckily dipped back under the surface of the water. He took that chance to dive in to the other side of the pool.

Alexis and Castle both came back up.

"Finally." Alexis said. "Let's just enjoy the water and relax, shall we?"

Castle sighed. He was relieved in more ways than one, "Yes, of course."

They swam around for a while, talking about this and that while Castle tried, and failed, to keep his eyes from straying towards Alexis's athletic body.

Soon, they were floating side by side at the shallow edge of the pool.

Alexis turned to him, "So, tell me. What's going that made you so stressed?"

Castle sighed, "Alexis, I just want to relax right now. Not get into something that will make me even more stressed."

"Weren't you the one who taught me the importance of talking? How it helps you? Come on. I'm your daughter. Who else will you talk to? Gran? Hah." She laughed as she put her hands on his shoulders and slowly started massaging them in a comforting manner.

To Castle it was far from that. In fact, as soon as she touched him, it sent electric shocks running through his entire body.

"Uh... I-I mean, it's as I said. You know? Just an amalgam of things. It's been sort of stressing at work lately and Beckett is as..." He sighed, "Stubborn as always. Plus, she's also a bit stressed herself with the wedding planning and stuff. Lately, I sort of feel like she's pulling away? Which she does sometimes. I try to help her but sometimes that escalates into an argument. Usually, it would be fine, I can track through all her bullshit but uh..." He trailed off, looking away from her.

Alexis brought her hands from his shoulders up to behind his neck and locked them, she tilted her head, "What?" She asked.

Castle chuckled, "Nothing." He was hardly about to tell his daughter about problems in his sex life.

"No, come on! What?" Alexis prompted.

"Alexis, it's inappropriate."

She gained an exasperated look on her face, "Oh, come on, dad! I'm hardly a child. I'm almost 20 now."

"No, it's not that. It's just not something you talk about with your daughter, ok?" He tried to convince her.

"How am I supposed to help you if you don't tell me?" She asked with those big blue doe eyes of hers.

Who was he kidding? He could never resist those eyes.

He dropped his head and sighed, looking up again, he spoke, "Beckett and I haven't been... uh... you know?"


"Ugh, we just haven't been connecting... that way, you know?" He said.

"Connecting how?" She prompted again.

Getting frustrated, he just blurted it out, "Sex! We haven't been having sex!"

Looking at her, he saw her staring at him with wide eyes.

"We just... haven't had the time or been in the mind space to actually do it. You know? It's been a bit of a dry spell. So, I've been a bit frustrated lately. And we were about to get to it last night but then the wrong words were said, and they ignited an argument and it just left me pent up and frustrated." He finally let it out to her. His daughter.

"Well, that makes sense. I get it. It must be hard. Oops. No pun intended." She snickered.

Castle was staring at her with a weird look on his face. Since when was his daughter making sex jokes?

"So, the problem is recent?" She asked, biting her lip.

"Yeah, usually our sex is amazing. No complaints. We go all night long most nights even." He said.

Alexis started chuckling.

"What?" He questioned, staring at her...

"All night long? Really dad?" She laughed.

"What? That's not funny! We do go all night long. You just haven't been home, so you can't hear us. Most nights I have to forcibly keep her quiet so that mother doesn't hear."

"Ok, I get it." She said, mirth still in her eyes.

"You think I can't go all night long? Huh? You calling your father old?" He taunted. Castle couldn't believe the turn this conversation had taken.

"I never said old, it's just that, isn't it a cliche? Isn't it something people just say to brag that isn't actually true?" She challenged.

"Well, I can! You just didn't know it." He retorted back.

She still had a mischievous smile on her face.

Castle, wanting to draw attention away from this weird turn of the conversation, decided to give her a light push, "Look at you, making fun of your dear father."

She pushed back playfully, "I am not!" She laughed.

"Of course you are. You have no sympathy for my plight!" He teased, pushing her again, her breasts jiggling with the movement.

Soon, they were pushing each other around in the water. Having fun and laughing. He felt light-hearted. But that all stopped when he gave her a particularly hard push and she slipped into the water. Meaning to help her, he grabbed her around the waist and pulled her out. She came out facing him. Her chest heaving and wet wasn't the thing that drew his eyes to them. It was the fact that her top's loose knot had unraveled in the water and the top had slipped off when she came out.

They both stared down at her uncovered tits for a few seconds before they looked at each other and jumped back. Castle looking in any direction that was not her tits, trying not to imagine how round and perfect her tits were and how suckable her pert little nipples looked. Alexis went to put her top back on.

Soon after she was done, she waded back to Castle. She put her hand on his back, "Dad, it's alright. It was just a mistake." But he wouldn't turn around. Seeing her father was blushing and had an ashamed look on his face, she swam to face him and put her hands on his head before he could turn away, "Dad, it's alright, ok? No big deal. Look at me." She told him.

But he wouldn't. So she did what she always did when she wanted to comfort her father, she hugged him.

Which was exactly what he didn't want. Not because he was ashamed or whatever, but because he was sporting the hardest hard-on he'd had in ages. And he knew the moment Alexis hugged him she felt it. Because he saw her eyes go wide and look down at his crotch.

He waded away as quickly as he could before she walked away in disgust. He knew he was playing a dangerous game and he should've been more careful and now he might've jeopardized his relationship with his daughter.

Expecting to see her get out of the pool and walk away, he was pleasantly surprised when he felt her hands encircle his waist again.

Turning around, "Wha-" He got out before she put a finger on his lips.

"Shh. It's ok. Don't be ashamed. I-I lied. I... uhh, I saw you this afternoon. Watching porn. Masturbating. I was..." He saw her gulp, "I was turned on by it. Seeing you stroking your hard cock."

Castle's eyes widened at the way his daughter was talking. His cock swelling even more at her words.

"I couldn't stop watching you. It excited me. I was already out here and we were alone, so I came up with a plan," She said as her hand descended to his cloth covered crotch, "I would wear my sexiest red bikini and I would help you out." She said the last three words in a sultry whisper while gripping and rubbing his cock over the clothes.

He didn't know his daughter could be so fucking naughty.

His breath became shallow as he saw his daughter's hooded eyes closing in. Closing his own eyes, he dipped his head and claimed her lips. The crackling of energy and taboo between them intensified a thousand-fold.

Hearing Alexis moan turned him on even more. Slowly, he slid his own hand form her neck, down to her bikini top. He slowly undid the knots and it came off again, showing off her glorious tits. Gripping them tightly, he played with them. Pinching and rolling her perky nipples in his hand, he drew another hard moan from her. He continued kissing her sweet lips. His mouth exploring hers with his tongue.

Then he slid his hand down her body to her abdomen, then underwater he slid it down to her ass and gripped it hard before he brought his hand forward and his hands dipped in to her bikini bottom. Feeling her pussy for the first time. He massaged it and rubbed his fingers all over her folds, slowly teasing her clit.

Alexis broke the kiss and rested her head against his chest as she groaned out, "Fuck. Finger me." Her hand still continuing the ministrations on his cock, but this time gripping it inside the cloth barrier of his shorts. His meaty cock coming into skin to skin contact with her small hand.

Sliding his thick fingers into her tiny pussy, he drew a long moan from her and swallowed them with another kiss. Increasing his pace of finger fucking her with one hand and teasing her breast with his other hand. He brought her closer to climax. And she did the same for him with her movements on his cock.

Breaking the kiss, "Fuck, daddy. Finger me. Make me cum. Make me cum all over your hand." She panted hard.

Increasing his pace and now both of them vigorously rubbing the other out. He lowered his head and kissed her neck.

"Daddy!" She moaned as he felt her clench on his fingers, the orgasm hitting her deep. Hearing her hot teasing whispers in his ear, he was brought to his own climax.

As he drained himself into the pool, the cooldown started and he was brought to his senses.

Leaning back against the pool wall, with Alexis leaning forward against his broad chest. Both of them panted and gulped as they enjoyed the afterglow of their respective orgasms.

Castle then tipped up her chin with his fingers that were just moments ago deep inside her walls. Looking her in the eyes, he saw an intense desire burning in her eyes, the same desire that he knew must be showing in his own eyes.

"Come on, daddy." She said sultrily as she dragged him by gripping his cock and walking him to the pool ladder.

She climbed the ladder with one hand. Castle's eyes on her tight pale ass as she ascended the ladder. He reached out and gave it a hard spank to which Alexis gasped and looked back at him with hooded eyes and smirked.

They walked back into the living room, not caring about getting things wet. Alexis brought him up to the couch and the pushed him down on it. The same couch he was sitting on when he was masturbating earlier that afternoon.

Alexis slowly turned around in a languid manner and then bent over while hooking her thumbs into the double straps of her bikini bottom and brought it down a tiny bit, teasing Castle. Looking back at him while bent over, she smirked at him as if challenging him.

Castle was frustrated, horny and not in the mood for teasing so he gripped the fabric and tore it open, throwing it somewhere in the room, his eyes only caring about admiring Alexis's wet pussy.

"That was my favourite bikini!" She whined.

"I'll buy you ten new ones." He growled then he slapped his hand against her ass again, the skin reddened in response, then he pulled her close roughly and put his mouth on her cunt.

Sliding his tongue up and down her folds, then kissing the inside of her thighs, he teased her slowly.

Alexis was standing straight up and her knees weakened at his ministrations so she leaned back and grabbed onto his hair for support, "Ungh, fuck, daddy!"

His throat rumbling deep as he once again her use that word in such a dirty and taboo manner, he grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them wide and pushed his tongue as deep inside her needy cunt as he could. He made all sorts of movements with his tongue that brought women to the edge, begging for release but not getting it. And Alexis was no different.

"Oh! Daddy, yes! Push that tongue into me. Make me cum, make your little girl cum!" She nearly shrieked in pleasure.

Pushing two fingers inside her alongside his tongue and rubbing her clit with the third he accelerated his movements and soon he felt her clench and shudder hard.

Her knees became mush and she barely kept standing, Castle offered her no support as he kept up with his fun. Her eyes rolled up into her skull and she let out a long, loud moan, "FUCK!"

After a while he stopped and she basically fell back into his arms, her mind still drenched in bliss.

"Had enough?" He asked in a rough voice.

Alexis just let out a moan.

"No. You've had enough when I say you've had enough!" He growled into her ear, sending shivers down her spine.

He slid her to his side and then took off his shorts. His hard cock standing at attention.

Sitting back down, he grabbed her by her arm and dragged her to him. He didn't know why he was being so rough but apparently Alexis liked it.

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