Rosa was just ending her shift as an Emergency Room Nurse at the hospital. She was extremely tired, weary from all the new patients being admitted from the virus, and was headed to an empty apartment on the other side of town. She knew that the long hours, sick patients, and loneliness were causing her to burnout. What she needed was some fun. Some people to interact with who weren't going to talk about the growing surge of cases and deaths currently happening. What she really needed was to get laid.

Rosa clocked out at the nurse's station, said goodnight to the other nurses, and started her 10 minute walk to the parking lot just down the block from the hospital. She hated walking that far to get to her car after a long day in the ER, but understood that closer parking was reserved for hospital administration and patient access.

As she walked the long block, she could see the row of buildings with their lights off. No one had been in those buildings since the epidemic started. She always carried a flashlight in her bag along with her stun gun. Tonight she noticed the clear sky and the moon beaming overhead. It illuminated her walk. There were no other people around since everyone was told to stay home. She began thinking about the tasks that wait for her at home. She was in no mood to do anything. She decided she would dial one of her male friends who she had become closer to over the last few months. His name was Patrick and he was single, in his thirties like her, and had become somewhat of a confidante and comforting ear.

"Hello?" Patrick answered on the second ring. "Hey Patrick, What's going on?" Rosa asked cooly. She waited for his answer and hoped he'd say he was free. "I'm just about to get some alcohol from the store." Rosa knew that since state stay-at-home orders began, alcohol sales were booming. "Did you need me to pick you up something? Are you ok?" Patrick said. "Well, honestly I need to talk to someone tonight and not about medical things" Rosa said. "I'll be by your place in 15 minutes. I'm close by. Where are you?" Patrick asked. "I'm just leaving work now. I'll be there in 20 minutes." "Perfect!" Patrick said.

Rosa arrived at her car, hit the button on the keyfob, and grabbed the handle. She stepped in, closed the door, and placed her bag next to her on the passenger seat. With her right hand she reached for the seatbelt, pulling it across her scrub top and C-cup breasts and fastened the belt into the buckle. Since she was working so much, she hadn't thought to put on any of her sexy bras and knew she'd be home after Patrick got there. There'd be no time to change before meeting him and asking him to wait would be rude. I'll have to wing it and hope for a pause in our conversation to change she thought. She started the car and immediately left the parking lot, not stopping for any stop signs or flashing red lights. She was hoping to shave some time off her ride to beat Patrick there.

Thirteen minutes later she arrived at her complex. Parking was in the rear and she had to walk to Building B. She was on the third floor. As she walked she remembered that there were dishes in the sink and Oh god what if he notices the mess on the dining room table. She tried to turn her mind off and just as she got to the lobby door, there was Patrick holding a bottle of Rose and a small bouquet of pre arranged flowers. Dammit! How does he know me so well? She thought. Patrick was dressed casually in a pair of dark blue denim, long sleeve, crew neck t-shirt, a pair of athletic shoes, and a ball cap. Rosa felt relieved that he hadn't come dressed in a button down and trousers because It made her feel more comfortable. Patrick handed Rosa the flowers, cradled the wine, and grabbed the door handle for her. Across the lobby was the bank of elevators. Rosa reached for the button and pressed the arrow up.

"Thanks for coming Patrick!" Rosa said as she smiled at him. "Well, we haven't gotten to your apartment yet, I could still leave" he laughed. "You jerk!" Rosa said. The elevator rang and the door opened. Patrick hit the button for "3."

"Oh my god, I'm so glad you're here" Rosa commented. "I really needed to talk to someone tonight. I'm going crazy at the hospital and I need to relax big time." Patrick caught her tone and realized she might want to take their friendship to a new level. "Well, I'm always here if you need to blow off steam." Now it was Rosa's turn to feel the heat between them. She blushed slightly and turned her cheek so Patrick couldn't see. The elevator stopped and they exited. Rosa's apartment was the third one on the left. Ironically, her apartment number was 3C.

"Would you hold these for me Patrick while I get my keys out of my bag?" She handed him the flowers and reached in her bag to retrieve her keys. She found them on top and fingered the key to her door. She slid the key in the lock, turned the knob, and entered her dark apartment. "Hold on one sec, I'll get the lights" She said.

She reached for the switch and flipped it on while Patrick held the door for light from the hallway. The room came alive and Patrick entered her flat. A short hallway opened to the living room, to the right of the living room was the open concept kitchen, and the bedroom was on the other side of the living room. It was a one bedroom with the only bathroom inside the bedroom. It was something Rosa hated but it was the best unit out of all the units she saw.

"Why don't you set the flowers down on the coffee table and I'm going to get some glasses for the wine." Rosa said. She utilized the extra time to excuse herself to remove her scrubs and put on some sexier underwear and more comfortable clothes.

Patrick grabbed the glasses and pulled the corkscrew out of his pocket. He twisted the cork out of the bottle of Rose and poured two heavy glasses. When Rosa came back she had on a comfortable sweater and dark pair of leggings. She had also thrown on her deep red thong and matching bralette. Patrick handed her the glass and he made a toast. "To the end of this blasted pandemic and to the beginning of new pleasures." Rosa raised her glass and touched it to his.

They sat on the sofa and Rosa opened up about her week. Patrick listened and made some heartfelt comments. Rosa continued to drink her wine while talking, eventually feeling the last drop hit her tongue. Patrick got up to get the bottle and pour her another. She was off for the next 4 days and she was going to enjoy being drunk tonight. Patrick offered to help Rosa relax a little more and he told her to lay down on the sofa face down. At her 5'3" frame, she fit mostly with only her shins and feet raised above the arm of the sofa. Patrick kneeled next to her on the floor and began rubbing her shoulders over her sweater. He started high on her back and made circular motions around her shoulder blades. Rosa was really enjoying herself and with 2 drinks in her system, her released inhibitions let her become really comfortable with Patrick.

"Hang on one second, Patrick" Rosa said.

"Is everything ok?"

"I'm a little warm and this sweater is starting to itch me." Rosa sat up, reached for her sweater and pulled it over her head exposing her red bralette and beautiful tits. She wasted no time and peeled her bralette from her athletic frame.

"Wow!" Patrick said. "You are beautiful"

Patrick reached up with his right hand and cupped her breast, feeling her warm skin and hard, pink nipple. He was growing hard in his jeans. Rosa could see his bulge and made a move with her hand to grab the other package he brought for her. Patrick pulled her face close and kissed her lips. Rosa lost herself in the kiss and could feel herself getting very wet.

She immediately reached for his belt and unclipped the buckle, followed by the button and zipper. With feverish passion Rosa slid Patrick's jeans from his waist. He had on a pair of boxer-briefs. She continued to reach for his cock; pulling at it through the fabric. He reached for his waist to help her fill her desire.

"Oh my god!" she exclaimed. "That is the most fantastic cock I have ever seen." Rosa didn't hesitate and she grabbed his cock and began stroking it. She desperately wanted to feel him in her mouth.

"I want your cock in my mouth" she said with a thirst in her eyes. Patrick didn't not refuse. He grabbed his rod and positioned it at the entrance to her mouth. Rosa closed her eyes and slid the head of his cock into her mouth. Patrick moaned. It had been a while since she had any cock in her mouth and she wanted to savor this moment. His saltiness mixed with the sweetness of the wine made her think about how well they both went together.

She ran her tongue down the length of his shaft as she engulfed the full length. Patrick was completely in her mouth now and he felt great. Rosa was soaking her thong and she desperately wanted him inside her. Patrick reached for Rosa's head, tucked his hand under her chin and gave her a look to let her know she was doing great and also so that she could release him. He was going to pull off her legging and dive into her beautiful pussy. Rosa backed off and sat on the edge of the sofa. Patrick grabbed her leggings and aggressively pulled them off her. In his haste he didn't realize that her thong had gone with them.

"That's okay," Rosa whispered. She didn't want the extra step. "Patrick, taste me!"

He wasted no time and knelt down on the floor in front of her while she lifted her legs in the air and placed them on his back. Patrick looked at the cleanly shaven, full-lipped pussy which was dripping with Rosa's juices. He began licking her clit, slowly up and down each lip, and dipping his tongue in her juicy snatch before repeating the process. Rosa's body was undulating and the waves of pleasure that drove through her body, as her friend successfully ate her pussy, were heightening her arousal so much.

Patrick reached up with his right hand and placed two fingers on Rosa's lips. She knew what he wanted him to do and acceptingly placed them in her mouth. Twirling her tongue around each digit. She released his fingers when he slid his tongue back into her snatch and she gave out a loud moan. Patrick ceased the opportunity to plunge his fingers, which had just been in Rosa's mouth, deep into her pussy. The force of his fingers entering her pussy and his now, unrelenting licks on her clitoris, pushed her over the edge.

"Oh yes, yes, Patrick!" She shouted. "Finger fuck my nasty cunt." The words flew out of her mouth so easily as if she had said them before. Patrick's eyes widened as he stroked her hole searching for her g-spot. Finding it, Patrick increased the tempo with his tongue while simultaneously pummeling her g-spot with his fingers. She wriggled and squirmed from the pleasure. She could feel something happening inside her but wasn't sure what was happening. The lapping and pummeling continued. Rosa's eyes rolled back in her head. She took a huge breath of air and with the force of a geyser, squirted all over Patrick's mouth, hands, and face.

Rosa's eyes widened expecting to have severely disrupted their rhythm. Patrick kept up his pace without missing a beat.

"Patrick, I want you inside me! Fuck me with that huge cock of yours. I want to feel your cum inside me" Rosa said. Patrick got up from the floor, pulled off his shoes, pants, and boxers, flipped Rosa over on her knees and positioned himself behind her. This was one of Rosa's favorite positions. The depth and stretch she felt was like nothing else in the world.

Patrick aligned the head of his cock with her swollen lips, pressed it to her entrance, and pushed powerfully into her. The force made her jump a bit, but feeling him inside her was delicious.

"How's that for friendly?" Patrick joked. "I have fantasized about you and I doing this for a long time. I'm going to make you cum so hard again."

"I sure hope so! I'm not through with you yet" She chuckled.

Patrick stroked in and out with long deep strokes, crushing her g-spot inside as the tip of his cock passed over it. Rosa was in her glory. She needed this tonight. She needed to not think about anything besides Patrick inside her, filling her up, and bringing her to a tremendous orgasm.

"Oh my god Patrick, your cock feels so good in me. You are crushing my spot, right theeeerrrree!!" as another orgasm ripped through her. Patrick increased the tempo and dipped his thumb into her anus for added sensation.

"Yes, yes, yes!! I love feeling your finger in my ass! Press down! Harder!"

Patrick was building his own orgasm and Rosa's words were helping him get there. He plunged his thumb deeper into her, slipped it out and chose two other fingers to explore her tiny pink knot. The sensations were driving Rosa wild and she reached back with one hand and grabbed his thigh as she exploded on his cock. Juices flooded over him and down her thigh. Patrick, feeling her tense up, thrust deeper into her with his cock, made several more thrusts and exploded inside Rosa's tight pussy.

"Oh Fuck Rosa! Your pussy is so tight." His head tilted back, his chest puffed out, and he collapsed on her back. After a minute Patrick gathered his strength and pushed himself off Rosa, his cock still inside her but now drained of every ounce of cum he had.

"That was amazing!" she said. Rosa definitely wanted to do that again. "Want to go again once we get our strength back?" Rosa asked.

"You've got me all night, so we better make the most of it!" Patrick said with a smile.

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