The younger girl was on her knees. Her head moved back and forth as she stimulated her lovers clitoris. The man was now fucking the young girl doggy style.

He gripped her hips and was pounding away with no mercy. He plunged inside her and held his position. By the reaction of his body language, Lita knew he was filling his condom. He immediately withdrew and stepped aside and removed his condom. He stepped to another woman who quickly cleaned him before her placed his flaccid penis back into his pants.

Lita’s attention was on the women. She was amazed how the young woman never missed a beat at pleasuring her lover, even with the man fucking her. Her attention was drawn to a loud gasps of the crowd. She looked up and seen a masked black man step up to the young girl.

The man was completely naked, except for his mask. His torso was chiseled like a greek god and glistened from what Lita guessed was baby oil. It didn't take Lita long to realize what the gasps were about. The man proudly showed off the biggest penis Lita had ever seen.

His penis had to be at least ten inches and as thick as a soda can. It hung down almost to his knees. Lita felt the moisture in her panties grow when he positioned his big black monster at the opening of the young white girl. He placed his big hands on her hips, and they almost completely covered her pale skin. With one hard thrust, he penetrated her.

The young woman’s head immediately jerk up, and a loud screech escaped her mouth. The room fell completely silent and everyone’s attention was on the three lovers. Lita looked up, even Mr. Wolfe was observing the erotic scene.

The masked man slowly began to work his monster in and out of the young woman. With every inward thrust, the woman let out a loud scream. As he worked her, she slowly became accustomed to his thickness and she returned her attention to the awaiting pussy under her. The masked man’s thrust grew stronger. The only sound in the large room was the sound of their bodies slapping and the moaning of the two women.

Lita remembered she had not seen a condom on the masked man. She was stunned that he had entered the girl unprotected. She could see from his reaction that it was not bothering him as he build up speed and force while fucking the young girl.

The older woman hit her climax. The young girl’s face disappeared between her lovers thick thighs. The older woman’s body jerked and she moaned loudly as the young girl continued to stimulate her clitoris and pussy. When her climax subsided, the older woman slipped off stage so everyone's attention was on the stars of the show.

The masked man pulled his monster from the young girl and she rolled over onto her back. He lifted her legs and he placed it back inside her. Her used sex was accustomed to the size of its invader and it slipped in much easier. Lita watched as his chiseled buttock squeezed tighly each time he thrusted inside the young girl.

Lita watched as the masked man's massive balls swung between his legs. The sight reminded her of a large bull she had seen at her uncle's farm when she was younger. She was disappointed when she felt a tug on her hand.

She looked up at Mr. Wolfe. "It is time to go," he said.

She looked one last time at the lovers on stage before she turned to follow him. They made their was through the crowd, and as they neared the exit, they heard the room erupt in applause. Lita assumed the mask man had hit his climax. She could only imagine the sight. She wondered how much semen he had planted inside the young girl.

The night was cool, Mr. Wolfe took off his coat and placed it on her shoulders as the neared the SUV. Lita was surprised when the driver was not at the vehicle when they arrived. Mr. Wolfe opened the back door and held it as she entered the vehicle.

In Lita’s mind, she hoped that once in the vehicle, Mr. Wolfe would give her some relief. The sights she had seen had her hornier than she had ever been in her life. Her new, lacy panties were soaked and her nipples had been so hard for so long that they ached.

"So tell me, what did you think about what you saw tonight?" Mr. Wolfe asked as his shut the door.

"I have never seen anything like it. It was extremely hot, but it was also very confusing. I can not for the life of me figure out why women would put themselves out on display and be used like that. It was hot to watch, but I am not sure I could do that."

"So you thought it was hot? Did you get turned on?"

Lita opened her legs, "If you like, you can feel how turned on I am." She smiled seductively at him.

He returned the smile, but did not take her invitation. She was very disappointed, but kept her leg slightly open in case he changed his mind.

"The women you observed tonight were in that position because they disrespected or disobeyed their Dom. Tonight's event was a display of punishment. If we continue, you will attend one of these events every month, however you will never be made to participate."

Lita left out a sigh of relief, as Mr. Wolfe continued. "As part of the organization, I am required to attend, but pets are not required to participate unless the Dom wants them to, and I would never put you, or any other pet in that situation. My punishments come in private."

Lita felt the vehicle shift and the driver’s door shut. In a matter of moments the vehicle was moving. Mr. Wolfe placed his hand on her thigh. She anticipated it slipping underneath the hem of her dress and sending her to her climax, but it never happened. They road in silence back into town.

The SUV pulled back into the parking lot of Memorial Hospital. When the door opened, it was parked right beside her car. Mr. Wolfe got out and extended his hand to assist her. When her feet touched the asphalt he led her to the front of her car.

"Go home, think about what you saw tonight. Tomorrow evening, you are invited to my place. If you accept, the next step of your preparation will begin. If you do not accept, you will not be contacted by me again, do you understand?"

She looked into his dark brown eye and smiled. "Yes, I understand, Sir."

He lowered his head and gave her a small kiss on the cheek. "Goodnight Lita."

"Goodnight Sir."

He took her car keys from her and opened her door. She sat behind the steering wheel. He handed her back the keys and shut the door. She started the car, and as soon as his vehicle moved she backed out of her spot and headed home.

The events from the night replayed in her mind on her drive home. As soon as she opened the door, she began to undress. By the time she made it to her dresser drawer, she was completely naked.She pulled her trusty vibrator from the drawer and flopped on the bed.

Her fingers pulled on her hard, aching nipples as she spread her legs. With her free hand, she ran the vibrator between her legs. Just as she was about to plunge it home, her phone rang. She groaned, and ignored it. She ran the plastic toy over her clitoris, and her phone rang again.

She didn't ignore the phone the second time. She didn't recognize the number, but answered it anyway.


"Did I interrupt anything?" Mr. Wolfe’s calm, demanding voice said over the phone.

Her eyes widened. "Ah, no sir, not yet anyway," she giggled.

"Good. I know you are turned on from the action tonight, however, you are not to pleasure yourself. I am trusting you Lita. I am trusting you to be honest with me and obey my request. If you do, you will be rewarded. Do you understand?"

Lita pondered a second. She had never been so horny. She knew she would not be able to rest with the buring inside her. She also knew that she desired to please him. Something about him made her want to make him happy. "Yes sir, I understand, Sir."

"Good girl, goodnight Lita."

The phone went silent.

Lita got up, placed her toy back in its place, plugged in her phone and laid down to attempt to sleep. As she lay her head on the pillow, she wondered what the next step was going to be. She wondered how long it would be before he took her. She drifted off to sleep thinking about how wonderful it would be to feel him inside her.

Lita was staring at the alarm clock when it went off. She had not slept a wink. Every time she would close her eyes, the fire inside her would flare up. She had never desired an orgasm so much. She kicked the covers off. The coolness of the air hit her naked body. Her nipples hardened and her dampness was so ever present.

Her bare feet patted the floor as she went to shower. She turned just enough hot water on to kill the chill. She stepped in and let the cool water hit her body. The water didn't help, it actually stimulated her nipples causing a stir inside her. Her fingers ran through the thick red hair above her vagina, "he would never know," she thought, but for some reason she was not able to touch her engorged clitorous.

She like him, she wanted him, and she respected his wishes. She didn't know why, but she did. Something about his dark eyes and his manly stature that demanded respect and obedience. She knew there was a reason, and she also knew that the wait would be worth it.

She dressed quickly. She knew being naked would heighten the temptation to touch herself. She dressed in her normal work attire, white cotton panties, sports bra, socks, crocs and scrubs. She poured her coffee as she walked out the door. She knew she had a busy day ahead, and she was thankful for that.

She sat in her car and placed her coffee cup between her legs. The heat from the cup made her squirm. She quickly removed it and placed it in the cup holder. She backed out of her drive and was off to work.

The day went uneventful. If it had not been the burning desire she had inside her, it would have been a normal day. Every time something touched her leg, or brushed against her chest, goosebumps would pop out all over her body. She was thankful for the spare panties in her locker, and hoped they would last until she was off.

Her original panties made it to lunch. While sitting eating a banana, she had the thought of going down on Mr. Wolfe and her panties were flooded by her feminine nectar. Luckily, her panties absorbed it so it did not soak through. She quickly discarded of her lunch and went to the locker room to change. Again, the coolness of the air shot straight through her needing sex.

Finally her last patient. Unfortunately, this was the one patient in which she wished she could swap off to someone else. Any of the other female therapist would take him. Josh was a fireman. He had injured his knee while rescuing a baby from a burning car. Not only was Josh a hero, but he was also very handsome and he knew it.

He was very arrogant and was always giving sexual innuendos to Lita and the other therapists. She watched as he signed in, he was flirting with the receptionist. She watched as he sat in the waiting room. He was wearing a tank top. His biceps, triceps and every other eps Lita could think of were bulging from the tank. His thighs were rigid, and for the first time, Lita noticed a prominent bulge in his shorts.

She took a deep breath before she walked to the waiting room to call him back. As she walked, she could feel her panties growing wetter. She smiled as she called him to the back. He stood and limped toward her with a big smile on his face. Lita could feel her aching nipples grow harder. She glanced down, luckily they were no showing, yet.

Josh followed her to her therapy room. She opened the door and motioned for him to enter. He made it a point to brush against her as he past. The scent of his cologne and the heat of his skin sent her pussy into spasms. She squeezed her legs together tight as she sat behind her computer.

Once the information was updated, she rolled her chair over to the bed where he was sitting. She took her hands and began to unstrap his brace. She started below his knee, and moved her way up. She was not looking forward to the top straps. They were inches away from his bulge. She would have to be very careful not to brush against it. She prayed she would feel it. As weak as she was, she didnt know if she could handle feeling what was behind the thin cotton fabric.

She carefully unbuckled it without contacting his bulge. She blushed when he commented she should go a little higher. Her legs were so weak as she tried to stand to help him off the bed. She caught the corner and held herself in place.

"You ok Lita? You look flush. Maybe we should close the blinds for today’s therapy," Josh smirked.

"Not gonna happen. Here let me help you to your feet."

The rest of the session was grueling. The close proximity to Josh, his scent, and her desire caused endless torment. Her backup pair of panties were now soaked as the first pair. Her nipples were as hard as they had ever been. So hard that they ached. She flinched each time Josh would lean against her. She knew he had to feel them.

Finally the session was over. She bid Josh farewell until next time. Again he propositioned her to go out with him, she declined his offer by telling him she was in a relationship. He gave her a frown while batting his blue eyes. She smiled and shut the door behind her.

She packed her things and headed for the shower. She showered and slipped on the panties and bra she had Mr. Wolfe had purchased. She slipped on a simple dress, fixed her hair and make up and headed to her car. As she started her car, her phone chimed. At just the right time, Mr. Wolfe had texted her his address. She smiled and looked around. How did he know?

The drive took her on the outskirts of town. She turned down a narrow drive that led up a hill. On top of the hill was a nice size ranch style house. She parked in front and got out. She took a deep breath. She was excited with anticipation.

As she approached the door, it opened. Standing at the door was the driver she had met on the day before. She smiled at him as she entered and stopped when she heard the door close behind her. She turned to look at him. He was a big man, and for the first time, he reminded her of the masked man who had fucked the young girl senseless at the punishment ceremony.

She shook the thought out of her head. The last thing she needed at that moment was to replay his monster cock in her head.

"Mr. Wolfe requests that you wash off in the bathroom around the corner. A robe has been placed there for you," he said with a demanding tone, then turned to leave the room.

Lita watched as he disappeared. She walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind her. She took off her dress and hung it on a hanger. She slipped out of her panties and unhooked her bra. She looked at her naked body in the mirror. She hoped that it was about to be ravished.

She slipped her arms through the silk robe. She tied the belt and again looked in the mirror. The material was thin, and felt wonderful against her skin. She noticed that when she turned the right way in the light, that the material was almost transparent. Her pussy dampened.

As she stepped out of the bathroom, the man appeared again. "Follow me."

Lita did as she was told. She followed the man up the stairs, then down a hallway. They past several rooms. The doors were opened in each one, except for the one at the end of the hall. The one they were headed to. Lita noticed each room was elegantly decorated. Each with a big bed, dresser and armchair. All the same styles just different colors.

When they had made it to the end of the hall. The man knocked. A voice answered. The man opened the door and stepped to the side and motioned for Lita to enter. She stepped past him into the room and the door shut behind her.

Lita looked around the room. She saw no one. The only thing in the room was a bed, a lot like the one in her therapy room. She walked toward the bed. Sitting beside the bed was a basin of water, lotions and a box. She knew better than to investigate any further. She leaned against the bed and folded her arms and waited.

She heard a door open on the other side of the room. She was puzzled because she didn't remember seeing a door there. She turned and there he was. Mr. Wolfe, dressed in a white button down shirt, black trousers and a coat, the same combination he had worn the two previous times they had met.

"Welcome Lita," he said as he approached her.

At the sound of his voice, her eyes immediately went to his. She was not use to being able to look her Dom in the eye, but she liked looking into his. They were dark, but she found comfort in them. "Thank you sir, I am pleased that you invited me." She smiled and began to kneel.

He allowed her knees to touch the hardwood floor. Her eyes still locked into his. He reached for her hand.

"Stand and remove your robe," he instructed.

She had to restrain herself. She wanted to be naked with him. She wanted him naked. She wanted him to ravish her, like she knew he could. Her hands wanted to rip the robe off, but she had control. She slowly untied the belt, opened the robe and let it fall to the floor.

He looked at her with no expression. "Hang the robe on the back of that chair. It should not lay on the floor."

Lita quickly squatted to pick up the robe. He stopped her, "No, stand up and bend over to pick it up."

She looked into his eyes and stood back up. Without allowing her eyes to leave his, she bent over and picked up the robe. She moved a couple feet and hung it on the back of the chair. She bent over again and picked up the hem, that was on the floor and placed it in the seat. Then she stood back up and waited instructions.

"Lay on the bed for me."

She moved to the bed, turned and placed her bare ass it then swung her legs to the foot and lay down. He sat on a stool at the foot of the bed. She felt her upper body begin to rise. He sat between her legs. She could feel her pussy juices building.

He pulled stirrups from the bed. " Place your feet in these."

She did as she was told. In this position, she knew that he had to see her nectar seeping from her. Anticipation was building as he placed his hand inside the basin and withdrew a washcloth.

"Lita, your body is almost flawless, but I noticed something at our interview that wasn't pleasing to me," Mr. Wolfe said in a calm voice as he rung the excess water from the cloth. "I hope that you do not mind if I remove it." He ran his fingers through her red bush.

For the first time since they had met, Lita was having second thoughts. She had always taken pride in her bush. She kept it trimmed, but she liked seeing the red patch against her pale stomach. Every other man she had been with thought it was sexy. She was not sure she wanted it gone.


"What if I do mind, hypothetically?" She answered.

Mr. Wolfe placed the cloth back into the basin and looked at her. She could not tell if he was mad, his expression never changed. "If you do mind, you can retrieve your clothes, and I will bid you goodnight."

She was shocked when he stood and began to walk away. She couldnt let him go. She had to have him, she needed him. She needed him more than she needed her bush. "Please forgive me sir. My body is yours. Do to it what pleases you."

Her heart smiled when he turned and returned to the stool. He again withdrew the cloth and rung the water from it. Her body came to life the moment he touched her. He ran the cloth through her red bush. He placed the cloth in the basin, and took a tube of lotion and squeezed it in his hand.

"Your vulva is puffy and red. Have you pleased yourself today?" He asked as he began to rub the lotion into her bush.

She bit her bottom lip as her applied the lotion. "No sir. I have not. It was hard but I did as you demanded."

"Good girl."

Those two words almost pushed her to an orgasm. She was pleased that she had pleased him. His fingers continued to mead against her lower abdomen. She moaned softly. Then his hands moved from her body to the table. He opened the small box she had seen and pulled out a razor.

She had only seen a razor like that in movies. The old westerns her grandfather used to watch. It was a long metal blade with a wooden handle. He ran it over a leather strap a few times before bringing it close to his face and examining it closely. He wiped it off with a cloth then submerged it into the water basin.

He pulled it out of the water and laid the blade against her skin. Gently he began to work it back and forth. Every now and again he would rinse the blade off in the warm water, but quickly return it to its duty. His fingers were so soft and tender, he knew exactly what he was doing.

His fingers would brush close to her vulva but never touch it. Once or twice, he blew excess hair from above her clitoris. The air sent chilled throughout her body.

When he was done, he cleaned the razor off and placed it back into the box. He reached under the table and pulled out a mirror. "Doesn't that look much better?" He asked as he placed the mirror between her legs.

Lita rose up and looked into the mirror. It did look better, if you liked looking at a little girls twat, she thought. Her vulva was red and puffy, her juices streamed from her. It made her even hornier looking at herself. "Yes sir, it looks much better."

He placed the mirror back in its place and retrieved another tube of lotion. "You may not orgasm until I say, understand?"

Her stomach went into knots. This was one thing she had never been good at. Her orgasms were strong, and hard to contain. She knew if she cum without permission, it could be her downfall, but she needed to cum. "As you wish, Sir."

He squeezed the lotion directly on her lower abdomen. The lotion was cold and she jumped a little in surprise. He smiled at her. His hands began to rub the lotion into her skin. His hands were rough, but gentle. She lay her head against the bed and closed her eyes.

His fingers worked further down. He inched them closer to her vagina. His fingers pushed her vulva together and she moaned. Slowly he strummed his thumb over her clitoris. She bit into her bottom lip. Her toes began to curl as she held her orgasm back.

His fingers worked farther down and slipped inside her. She gripped the sides of the bed as his fingers masterfully worked in and out of her. She pressed her feet into the stirrups and lifted her bottom from the bed to push him deeper.

Her moans grew louder, her breathing became staggered. Her eyes clenched tight. She tossed her head back and forth trying hard to hold back her flow.

He lowered his face. His tongue slipped inside her then moved up to her clitoris. He sucked her hard into his mouth. His finger slipped back into her as he continued to suck.

She began to beat the bed with her fists. She would raise her upper body up and then fall back down. She was in agony. Tears flowed down the side of her pale face. Sweat beaded up between her breasts. Her juices seeped as she continued to hold back.

He sucked harder. He clamped his lips on her clitoris and pulled back. It slipped from his lips. "Now you may let go."

On demand her body reacted. Her body tensed, then it began to tremble. Her ass and legs bounced as she released. For the first time in her young life, she felt her orgasm squirt from her. It was the most intense orgasm of her life. Her body fell limp. She was weak, but relaxed.

Although her vision was blurred, she saw him moving. Yes, she thought. He was going to fuck her. She heard footsteps walking away. She tried to see what he was doing but her vision was not yet back to par. Soon she heard him returning.

"Sir," she said breathlessly, "Would you please allow me to please you?"

"You have pleased me Lita."

Then she felt something pressing into her anus. She lay there numb. Then the object penetrated her. She felt full.

The object stopped. Then it recurred to her that he had placed a plug in her anus. She had been plugged before so it was not a big deal to her.

He body slowly came back to normal. She could see him clearly. She found it odd, when she looked at his crotch, that he showed no sign of arousal. Surely he had been aroused by fingering and eating her. She wondered how long she had been out.

"You did very well tonight. As you can feel. I have inserted a plug into your anus. The plug shall remain there until we meet again. It can only be removed when you have to remove it. You shall clean yourself very well, and reinsert it once you are done. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir."

"I will be out of town for a couple days. I will summons you upon my arrival. You may put your robe back on. Anthony shall show you back to your clothes. I enjoyed you tonight. Thank you."

Mr. Wolfe turned and walked out of the hidden door.

Lita stood. The plug felt odd as she draped the robe over her body. As she approached the door, it opened. The man, Anthony, opened it, and led her back to where her clothes were. She dressed, and he led her to the front door and out to her car. He opened the door and she sat in her car.

Sitting in the seat drove the plug deeper into her anus. It also triggered her pussy. She could not believe she was getting aroused again after such a satisfying orgasm. She gripped the steering wheel as she drove off.

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