The Husband's Hideaway: Charlotte, The Arachne II

You let out a small yawn, before finally moving get up and off the bed.
"Mind if I go and clean up a bit?" You ask the two mothgirls.
"Sure thing, hun." Lenore says.
You head to the bathroom and begin cleaning yourself off. You finish up and look in the mirror, seeing your tired reflection stare back at you.
"Tired." You say to yourself.
You walk back into the bedroom to find Lenore and Candy getting up and trading places with you, heading into the bathroom to clean up as well.
"Oh, by the way girls," you say as they pass you.
"Hm? What is it?" Candy asks.
"Would you both mind coming back to the Husband's Hideaway with me to sort out payment details and the like?" You say.
"That seems like the responsible thing to do. Sure, we'll both come with you." Lenore says.
"Perfect. I'll see you outside then."
You put on a fresh change of clothes, before noticing your robe on the other side of the room. Its beauty hasn't diminished a bit, the patterns atop the black silk still every bit as radiant as they were when you first saw it. You decide it would be nice to wear it for Candy and Lenore during your walk back to the brothel.

You walk over and slip it on, taking the red silk ribbon hanging next to it and fastening the robe along your waist. You look yourself over in the mirror. The robe is stunning, the way it flows across your body makes you look like an ancient member of a royal court from the far east.
You hear an "Oooh!" from across the room, and turn to find Candy and Lenore all dressed, admiring you with approval.
"You look very handsome." Lenore says.
"We did good work on that one!" Candy agrees.
"Thank you, but I was actually thinking of wearing this for you two. It's a very special gift, after all." You say.
Lenore and Candy smile at each other, before looking at you and smiling as well.
"Well I suppose we might be able to reward that later." Lenore says.
You laugh, and the three of you leave the room, heading downstairs and out into the streets.

The walk back to the brothel is uneventful, but the walk itself is lovely. The sun shining down on you feels somehow warmer, and the wind that rustles your hair and robes seems to be filled with the sweetness of spring.
Your robe flutters in the wind, and you smile at Lenore and Candy, each of them holding one of your arms as you walk. You blush a little as you walk, before eventually reaching the brothel.
You head through the front door and immediately notice the people in the lobby drawing their eyes towards you. After all, it's not every day someone in a robe as nice as yours comes walking into a brothel with two mothgirls on his arms.
You blush slightly at the feeling of being looked at so intently, and walk to the front desk with as much composure as you can muster.

Rita is there, as is normal for the afternoon shift, already staring at you with a cheeky smile.
"Afternoon, stud!" she says, pilfering Zal's frequently used nickname, "What do we have here?" Rita gestures to Candy and Lenore on either side of you.
"This is Candy, and this is Lenore." You say, motioning to each of them. "Candy is a bit of a... regular... on my night shifts," you say awkwardly.
Candy giggles, nuzzling your arm as she speaks up. "I've run into Rita once or twice, baby. Lenore, this is Rita. She's the nice lady who runs the front desk here when the sun is out."
Lenore nods her head with a smile. "Pleasure to meet you."
Rita smiles back, before reclining in her chair. "And you as well. So, what's your business here today with our lovely Ryan, ladies?"
Candy takes the lead on explaining things. "Mama's here to pay for her night of fun with him. That, and set things up for the boyfriend experience I've been told about!"
"I've got payment too." Lenore says meekly. She seems a bit embarrassed.

With the shuffling of a few hands and a clink on the counter of the desk, two hefty pouches of coins are produced before Rita.
She wastes no time picking them up and inspecting the contents. She seems a little shocked at the amount of money inside each pouch, before looking back up at Candy with a smile.
"This is quite the sum you've brought before me. More than enough to have you and Lenore covered for a few more days of fun. You'll have to leave him here for today though, but feel free to come pick him back up again soon!" Rita says cheerfully.
"Why do we have to come back later?" Candy pouts, "Mama wants to spend the day with him now!"
A familiar voice speaks up behind you as a shadow looms over the front desk. "Because I've got him for the afternoon."

You turn around to find yourself looking up at Charlotte, who's staring back at you with a warm smile.
"Hey there, Ryan."
You're about to speak up when you're interrupted by terrified squeaks from both Candy and Lenore, who squeeze your arms for dear life. Both of them look almost pale with fright, their wings tucked back and their bodies shivering against yours.
Charlotte simply watches the two mothgirls quaking against you with a sort of amused expression. "My, my. Who are these... delicious little pieces of arm candy you have here?"
"Well, this is Candy, and this is Lenore." You say with a slightly worried expression at how fearful they are. "Charlotte doesn't bite, ladies. You don't have to be so scared."
"He's half-right. I only bite people I fancy. Like Ryan." Charlotte says with a wry smile.
"How do you know his name?" Lenore asks in a terrified squeak.
"Oh, we've been out together before. He's my rented boyfriend." Charlotte says with a giggle. "He's actually the only one I can stand to be around for more than a few hours. He's a pretty good lay. Isn't that right, honey?"
"That's personal!" You blurt out, flushing red with embarrassment.
"Come on now, we're all friends here!" Charlotte laughs. "I'm just giving the girls some tips on how to please you. They look like they'd be quite skilled at it."

"I am!" Lenore says in an attempt to overcome her fear.
"So am I!" Candy says, trying to do the same.
"Well aren't you a lucky man, Ryan."
You wince as Charlotte's sharp fingernails begin to trace along your arms, which are still wrapped around the two mothgirls.
"Now, now, girls. Let's not fight. There's plenty of Ryan to go around."
The two mothgirls let out little squeaks of fear and excitement as they hear this.
"Now, let's start with names. Ryan told me your names, but I like introductions to be... personal."
"I'm Lenore." The black and red moth says in a quiet voice.
"I'm Candy." The tan and purple moth says, her voice coming out in a little squeak.
"Well then, it's nice to meet you, Lenore and... Candy. There's no need to be scared. I think we can get along quite well. Perhaps even bond a little over our... shared interests." Charlotte says that last bit while staring at you.
"What do you think of him?" Charlotte asks the two mothgirls as she runs her hand across your arm.

"He's nice." Lenore says.
"He's a very good boy." Candy says, as her face turns completely red.
"Ohh! So does that mean you'd like to have a baby with him?"
"Wha-what?" You say in surprise.
"You heard me. Would you like to have a baby with him? I think you'd probably make gorgeous offspring."
Lenore goes silent and looks away.
"I want to."
"Charlotte!" You hiss through clenched teeth. "This is NOT the kind of conversation you should be having with other customers!"
"I'm sorry, but I just get so excited when it comes to breeding. It's my favorite topic!" Charlotte says with a mischievous grin as she clasps her hands together. "So! Candy, would you like to have a baby with Ryan?"
Candy turns an even deeper shade of red as she nods silently.

You chuckle nervously. "W-Well, I'm sure that's just breeding season talking..."
"No it's not!" Candy says with a sudden boldness to her voice.
You blink in surprise.
"I-I think it would be nice..."
Your jaw drops.
"Wha... seriously?"
Candy nods quickly, as Lenore looks over at you and smiles nervously.
"I think that would be a wonderful idea." You hear an all too familiar voice say.
Your face sinks slightly as you recognize the voice as belonging to Rita.
"Ryan has very good features. Can't blame you for getting baby fever around him! That's why he's our star employee!" She says with a smug tone to her voice. You can tell she's a little worked up by the talk of children too.
"I'm sure you're dying to have your own little babies with me too." You say in a dull tone.

You hear a small squeak of surprise, before Rita hurriedly tries to cover it up with a laugh. You know your remark hit exactly where it was supposed to, but Rita can't say anything without exposing herself.
You can hear Candy and Lenore breathing a bit heavily, their grip on your arms a little too snug for comfort.
You suck wind through your teeth, before tilting your head back to look at Charlotte with an irritated expression. "Look. This discussion has been lovely. But I'm not giving anybody babies anytime soon."
"B-b-but..." Lenore squeaks, looking down.
Your brow furrows in frustration. "Lenore, I'm a brothel employee. The day I give any of you a child is the day my income stream dies right in front of me. Why do you think I'm sterile?"
"You... you are?" Lenore asks, her voice barely above a whisper.
You roll up the sleeve of your robe to show the four girls your silver tattoo. "It's a magic seal. That's how I avoid any sort of baby-related danger when you girls are... busy... with me." You explain.
"Ooh... Clever little thing aren't you?" Charlotte says with a grin.
"I have to be." You remark as you look up at her with a slight glare.

Charlotte simply responds with a small chuckle. "My, my. Ferocious today, aren't we? You certainly seem to have you wits about you. Hobby talk aside, it's about time I stole you away for the afternoon, isn't it?"
You hear Candy and Lenore pout a bit as they squeeze your arms.
"I suppose it is. Listen, I need to head back to my room and put this robe somewhere safe before we head out, okay?" You say.
"Easy enough, I suppose. It looks much too fancy to be let outside so casually. Where'd you get such a fine piece of silk, anyway?" Charlotte asks.
"Mama made it for him!" Candy blurts out protectively.
"I-I helped too..." Lenore says quietly.
Charlotte looks at Candy with a bit of surprise. "Oh, did you? I had no idea mothgirls still practiced such fine sewing skills. The detail work on the silk is very lavish." She takes a moment to run her fingers along some of the patterns stitched into the robe, admiring them with a nod.
"It is lavish! Mama and Lenore made it with love." Candy says, shuffling awkwardly beside you.
"Well I'm very impressed. It certainly makes our Ryan look quite stunning." Charlotte says with a smile as she looks you up and down. "You'll have to tell me all about how you met some other time, but for now I'm afraid our date awaits! Go get changed, dear."

"Mmm... Alright. Be safe with Miss Charlotte, okay baby?" Candy says as she gives you a kiss on the cheek.
"Thanks... See you again..." Lenore says meekly with a gentle kiss on your other cheek.
They pull themselves off of your arms, and head for the door.
"Thank you very much for the robe, girls! I'll see you again soon!" You say to them with a wave.
Once the mothgirls have left, Charlotte turns to look at you with a smile. "Well then, let's not waste any time!" She says excitedly.
You hurry up to your room, making sure to gently place the robe up on a hanger so that its pristine form isn't tarnished. You grab some nice casual clothing and slip it on, before heading back to the lobby, where you find Charlotte waiting for you.
She gives you a once over as she sips from a cup, a pleased smile on her face. "You look nice."
"Thanks, so do you." You respond, giving her a once over of your own. She's wearing a red ribbed sweater, with black leggings and black boots. Her ears are adorned with small crystal earrings, and she's wearing eye shadow. Overall, she looks quite pretty.
"Shall we be off?" She smiles, extending her arm towards you.
"Let's." You respond, taking your arm.

She leads you out of the brothel, and you head to the tram stop. Thankfully, the tram arrives soon afterwards, and you step inside.
"You want to tell me where we're going?" You ask.
"It's a surprise!" She says excitedly.
"I really like surprises." You respond.
"I know you do!" She says, smiling towards you.
You step out of the tram, and are met with the bustling sounds of the city's daytime occupants. Street vendors shout about their various foods, people walk in and out of bars, and colorful signs for shops sway gently in the breeze. You're briefly reminded of the first time you stepped into the city, although your thoughts are interrupted when Charlotte grabs your hand.
"Come on, I'll show you the way!" She says excitedly as she pulls you by the arm.
The pair of you laugh and smile as you make your way through the city streets, Charlotte taking more than a few wrong turns before she finally leads you to your destination.

"We're here!" She says, standing in front of small street shop with a neon sign that depicts a bowl of noodles.
"Ooh... What's this place?" You ask.
"It's a ramen house, silly. One of the best in the city! It's that perfect crossroads of tasty and cheap!" Charlotte says with a hungry and passionate expression.
"Didn't peg you for the kind of girl who liked ramen. Sounds like you've scoped out quite a few of these places." You say with a raised eyebrow.
"Oh, absolutely. Ramen is just perfect for getting a heavier meal with plenty of liquid base! Nothing comes close to how good pork broth tastes against your fangs. Except, well..." Charlotte trails off, staring at your neck and licking her lips a little.
"Easy there, carnivore," you chuckle, "there's time for that later. Why don't you introduce me to your favorite ramen house here?"
"Oh! Yes, of course. Where did I leave off... ah, yes. My favorite is the tonkatsu ramen. It's a heavy, filling meal that's cooked just right, and it comes with all the usual stuff you'd expect: eggs, bamboo shoots, seaweed, and most importantly, the pork."
"Ohhh... That sounds so good! I have to have some!" You exclaim.
"Well then, let's go inside."

The pair of you enter the restaurant, and are immediately hit with the smell of delicious food. Your stomach rumbles, and you immediately find yourself in line to order your food. Once you finally reach the front, you place your order.
"Two bowls of tonkatsu ramen, please!"
You pay the cashier, who hands you a ticket with a number on it.
You exit the line and turn to Charlotte with your ticket in hand. "Sitting outside, I presume?"
"Of course," she says, as the pair of you walk outside and find a table.
You sit down and wait for your food, which doesn't take long. Soon enough, you hear your ticket number being called from inside the ramen house.
You go back inside and collect your food, finding it is steaming hot. You hurry outside and find Charlotte sitting there patiently.
"Dinner is served!" You say cheerfully as you set Charlotte's bowl down first, then your own.
"It looks so delicious!" Charlotte says with a big smile on her face.
You take a seat across from her, picking up your chopsticks and breaking them apart to tuck into your meal. Charlotte does likewise, and soon the two of you are both quite involved with your delicious bowls of ramen.

The two of you are quiet for a while, both just enjoying your delicious food and each other's company. The only sounds are the occasional clinking of your chopsticks and the slurp of delicious noodles and broth.
Eventually, though, you begin to talk. "So... tell me more about yourself."
"What would you like to know?"
"Anything! Everything! I know so little about you."
"Well, what would you like to know? I promise, I'll do my best to answer."
"How about your favorite color first?"
"Purple. Yours?"
"Green. Cool, so now I know your favorite color. Tell me, how big is your family?"
"I have three older sisters and a two younger sisters."
"Five other girls? Wow! What's that like?"
"It can be pretty crowded sometimes, but they're all really nice."
"And no boys? Is that just luck of the draw?"
Charlotte giggles a bit. "Oh goodness, no. Male Arachne are quite rare, after all. We have plenty of girls, but boys of our species are a rare sight."
"So you're one of the middle children then, right?"
"Well, I'm an only child, so I can't say from experience, but it sounds nice."
"Oh, it is! It's really nice. I have a lot of friends, and my sisters are the best."
"I bet. Even if they were half as nice as you are they'd still be lovely."
Charlotte blushes slightly, before looking down at her bowl. "Awfully nice of you to say."

You chuckle for a moment, then move to another question in order to defuse some of the flirty tension. "You seemed like a real hobby enthusiast last time we met. Silk cushions, candles, that sort of thing. I'd love to hear more about your craftwork hobbies!"
"Oh, I don't think that would be very interesting."
"Pleeeease? I'd love to hear about it."
After a moment of hesitation, Charlotte finally speaks. She seems a little more flushed than before. "W-Well, I do enjoy candles quite a bit. Arachne have lots of natural skill when it comes to mixing things together, traditionally poisons. But I picked up mixing wax and fragrances together when I was a little girl, and I never really stopped. The process is very soothing."
You nod your head eagerly, still working on your bowl of ramen as you motion for her to continue.
"I think that's one of the reasons I got into the hobby in the first place. My mother was so busy with my father and her work in between raising all of us that she never really had time to spend with me. So, whenever I could, I would spend my free time in her workshop, watching as she mixed ingredients or poured liquid from one container to another."
"Wow. That's really cool. Did she make candles too?"
"Oh, she made lots of things. My mother's main thing was potioncraft. My father was an alchemist who survived her trying to poison him, so that's where their relationship started."
"That's an... interesting way to meet your soulmate."
"The irony was never lost on them, I assure you. They made a real power couple, mixing and inventing potions was their life together for ages. They're retired now, in that same village where I grew up."
You nod with a smile. "Glad to hear it. Seems like you picked up a bit of her mixing talents, then. Those candles at your place were so nice! What do you put in them, anyway?"

"Oh, nothing special. Just a little bit of lavender and mint. I think it helps to calm the nerves. That's just for the main ones though, I have project candles that I let burn in certain spots."
"Very nice." You reply, taking another bite out of your food.
The waiter soon comes by and clears your bowls, giving you both a short moment to think about what's next.
You're really enjoying yourself. You've never been on a date like this before, but it's everything you could have hoped for.
"So..." You start, unsure of how to continue.
"I had a great time." She says, finishing your sentence. "I know it's really corny to say, but I feel like I can be myself around you. You don't judge me at all, and you seem to just let me be really expressive."
"That's because I'm having such a good time." You reply.
"Do you want to come back to my place?"
"Sure thing!"
"Well then let's go."

You both get up from the table, leaving money to pay for the food. You soon find yourself back on the tram with her, heading back to her apartment. As soon as you step off, she takes your hand eagerly. You can't stop smiling.
"So, now it's your turn to tell me something." She says as you reach her door.
"Like what?" You ask.
"I don't know, anything about you. I mean I think it's fair, after all I've told you." She replies with a smirk.
"Hmm, let's see..." You rub your chin in thought for a moment. "Well, I came to the city here about two and a half years ago to change professions. Before that, I was a poor farmer. Sole son of a peasant family, pretty standard stuff."
"No girls in your village?"
"Not many. Well, there was this one girl I was with for a while. But she wasn't very... hands on. I wasn't inclined to push her about it," you remark with a chuckle.
"Ah, a prude. Well, what happened to her?"
"She found a guy with nicer prospects. Kind of a bummer, but I moved away shortly after, so it wasn't a big loss." You say with an idle hand wave.
"Seems like you did alright, then. There's worse ways to part," Charlotte says as she opens the door to her apartment and leads you inside.

The apartment itself is fairly nice. It's rather large, with a high vaulted ceiling. There's one large room that acts as the living room, dining room, and kitchen. A hallway off to the side leads to her bedroom and bathroom.
"Make yourself at home," she says, gesturing around the room. "I'm gonna go change." With that, she heads off to her room and closes the door.
It's still as dim as ever, the only light in the apartment provided by the numerous candles around the place. It definitely smells like lavender and mint. The faint warm light makes it a bit hard to see, but it's almost soothing. You take a seat on one of the silk cushions lying around a raised coffee table and wait for her to return.
After a little bit, she comes back in a new change of clothes. She's changed out of her sweater and into a silk nightgown. It's a very light purple, and it flows freely as she walks. The garment is quite thin, and you can see through it quite easily. You get an excellent view of her body, and it's just as nice as you remember.
"Well? What do you think?" She asks, twirling around.

You're caught in a bit of a daze staring at her, quickly snapping to attention when you realize you've been silent. "It's... good. Very good. You look nice."
"Thanks," she says, smiling. "I'm glad you like it. Now, what were we talking about?"
You stare at her blankly for a moment, trying to remember what you were talking about before she changed. "Nothing special. Just me yammering a bit."
You run your hands along the silk cushion nervously, before realizing they'd make for an excellent conversation topic.
"So, these silk cushions, you said you made these too, right?" You ask.
"Yeah, I make a lot of stuff out of silk. It's just one of the many things you can do with your own silk as an Arachne. I use it for weaving clothes and blankets and other things. It's pretty great."
You nod in agreement. "It is pretty great. I've never seen anything like it."
"Glad you like it," she says, smiling as she sits next to you on another cushion. "You know, not many people appreciate silk the way they should. Most just wear it without a second thought of where it comes from or how it's made."
"I can imagine," you say, thinking back on all the times you've seen silk in the past. "It looks like you put a lot of time and care into the stuff you make."
Charlotte leans in towards you with a smile, and you desperately try to keep your eyes from wandering past her neckline.

"I enjoy putting time and care into my creations quite a lot. There's nothing more rewarding than putting plenty of hard work into a satisfying payoff." She's so close you can feel her breath on your face.
"O-Oh, yeah... That's definitely... nice..." you say, trying not to look at her.
"Mmmm... it seems like you're really thinking about what I mean right now." Her voice is low and sultry. "In fact, I think you know exactly what I mean."
She runs her finger along your chest as she looks into your eyes, smiling.
"You like what you see?"
"Well... I mean... You're quite lovely... Even this close..." You stammer, trying to keep up your polite demeanor.
She giggles. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't quite realize how close I was." She moves even closer to you, and you have no choice but to look down through the thin purple fabric of her nightgown.
"You... certainly have... nice curves..." You can't help but look.
She giggles again. "Why, thank you."
You cough and sputter as she pulls away. "I mean, um... You're welcome!"
"Do you like my nightgown?" She asks, twirling around slightly to give you a better view of the fabric floating around her.

"It's lovely." You're not lying. The gown itself is quite pretty, if a bit thin.
"Do you want to touch it?" She asks, suddenly kneeling in front of you.
"Erm... If I may..." You reach out and touch the fabric. It's softer than anything you've felt before, silky and smooth.
"So, how does it feel?"
"Very soft."
"I made this myself, you know," she says, standing up.
"Really? That's amazing! It's an impressive piece of clothing. Working silk to be so thin, but so soft... That can't be easy," you remark.
"It's a lot of work, but it's worth it to see something come together. I like making things that are useful."
"That's really cool. I don't think I've ever met a girl that likes making things before."
"In my experience it's pretty rare. Most Arachne just like to look pretty and try to snag a husband. I'd rather stay single and craft things for people than be in a loveless marriage."
"I can definitely understand that."
"Besides," Charlotte says as she quickly draws herself up against you, "I wouldn't get to meet people like you if I did that."
You can't help but gasp with surprise at the sudden sensation of her chest against yours and her hands on your cheeks. You look her dead in the eyes, and she looks right back.

"You have very pretty eyes," she whispers.
"Y-you do as well."
All eight of her eyes seem to stare into your soul with a kind passion and closeness you've rarely felt before. It's quite disarming.
"You're very sweet," she says, leaning in.
Her lips touch your cheek, and you feel her tongue flick out to lick you.
"So soft and kind," she whispers, moving her face around to lick the other side. Her hands are on your shoulders, and she begins to push you back.
You stumble backward, landing on larger cushion with a bounce. She crawls after you, continuing to lick your face.
"You're so sweet," she says, her voice filled with a kind of longing that makes you shudder.
Her tongue runs across your cheek, and you can't help but let out a sigh of pleasure.
"You like that?" she asks, her voice low and seductive.
"Y-yes..." you manage to reply.
She giggles, the sound filling you with excitement. She's got you where she wants you, and it's obvious she knows it.

She continues to lick your face and neck, periodically stopping to leave a hickey. You begin to moan in ecstasy, and her moans join yours. Her hands begin to wander, and she grabs your hands and places them on her back. You feel the soft, tender skin under your fingertips, and you give it a gentle squeeze.
"Oh yes," she whispers in your ear, "that's so nice."
She crawls over you, pushing herself up with one hand. She straddles your waist, the knees of her front legs on either side of you.
"You're pretty cute," she whispers, before leaning down to kiss you.
She kisses you deeply and passionately. Her long tongue wraps around yours, and she moans softly. Her hands are in your hair, gently massaging your scalp.
You wrap your hands around her back tighter, feeling the soft skin that covers her spine. You gently squeeze, and she lets out a cute little squeak before kissing you harder.
"Oh yes, baby," she whispers. "Do that again."

You oblige, and she squeaks again, this time much higher in pitch. Her knees squeeze your sides, and you feel her weight push down on you.
"Oh... Oh yes!" she says.
You continue to work your fingers along her back, slowly moving downwards as Charlotte's squeaks turn to moans.
"Oh... Oh yes... Don't stop..." she says, as you move your hands around her back again.
You gently stroke her hair, before moving your hands down to her shoulders, and then back up to her head.
"Oh... I love you... Don't stop..." she whispers, as she continues grinding on you.
"Mmm... You're just a little cuddle slut today, aren't you?" You whisper back in a sultry voice as you give her shoulder blades another sensual squeeze.
A long, pleasant moan escapes her lips as she grinds her hips into yours.
"Oh... You know it... I just want your hands all over me..."
You oblige, and she lets out a squeak.
"Oh! That spot! Keep rubbing there, baby!" she whispers, as you massage the back muscles right below her shoulder blades.

She begins to grind on you again, as you gently squeeze and knead the muscles along her back.
"Oh... Yes... I want you... I want to do dirty things to you..." she whispers in your ear.
She nibbles on your earlobe for a moment, before kissing down your neck.
"Mmm... You have such a nice body," she says, as she grinds her hips against yours.
"You're so soft... so sweet... I want you up against me all day long."
You chuckle softly.
"Oh yes... That spot... Right there! Don't stop!" she whispers.
You continue to massage her back, as she grinds on your lap. Her whole body moves in waves, slowly and gently in your lap. Her hands grip your shoulders, as her head leans back, her eyes close, and she moans softly.
"Mmm... Don't stop... Don't stop... Keep going..." she says.
You work your thumbs on the front of her shoulders, while your other fingers spread across the back of her shoulders. Each digit works deftly to release a bit of the tension in her muscles. Up and down, front to back, you're making sure every ounce of stress in Charlotte's shoulders is drawn out and released.
"Oh... Oh yes... Don't stop... Please... Keep going..." she begs.
You continue to massage her shoulders, as her head lulls downward. She's practically laying on your lap now, as you work the muscles in her upper back.

"Oh... It's so good... I feel so good... I need you..." she whispers.
You look down at Charlotte with a gentle smile, before you slowly start to move your hands to the back of her neck. You press your fingers against the muscles against the base of her skull, working them in the same relaxing motions as you did with her shoulders. Your thumbs are still on the front of her neck, massaging under her chin in lazy circles.
"Mmm... Oooh... You're so good to me... I love you... I want you... I need you..." she whispers.
You finish with her neck, as she slowly lifts her head.
"Come here," she says, as she slowly pulls herself up off your lap.
She wraps her arms around your shoulders and her legs around your waist, as she slowly moves her lips towards yours.
You wrap your arms around her back, and you lean in to meet her halfway.
She leans her head to the side, as you slowly close your eyes and draw forward.
Your lips touch hers, as she parts her mouth and gently runs her tongue along your lower lip.
You part your lips, allowing her gentle tongue entry as you embrace her.
Her long hair tickles your face and wraps around your neck, smelling faintly of lavender.
You run your hands up and down her back, slowly sliding them around to grip her ass.
She moans as your tongue enters her mouth, dancing with hers. She gently grinds against you, and you feel the warmth of her body.

She breaks the kiss, and you open your eyes.
"We're going... To the bedroom... I want to spend all day with you..." she whispers in your ear.
You don't even have the time to voice your agreement before you feel her silk threads wind around your limbs. In a few swift motions, you're being spirited away to Charlotte's bedroom, held against her body by her silk bindings.
Charlotte takes a few moments to kiss your cheeks and neck, before she lets your body fall backward onto the silk webbing that constitutes her bed.
"Take... Take off your clothes," she says, her voice full of lust.
With a playful smile, you start to undo the buttons on your shirt, eventually peeling it off to expose your upper body. You tend to sweat a bit when you're aroused, but this time it's paid off, as your muscles are highlighted against the soft orange candlelight with the sheen of your sweat.
"Oh... That's good... Very good..." Charlotte says, gently biting her finger.
You unbuckle your belt and slowly slide off your pants, leaving you in nothing but your underwear. The strain beneath the black fabric of your boxer-briefs is evident, even in the low light.
"Take it off... Please..." Charlotte begs, gently caressing the inside of her thighs with her fingertips.
You slowly peel off your underwear, exposing your fully erect dick, which is throbbing in anticipation.
"Oh... It's so pretty..." Charlotte says, licking her lips.
She takes a moment to rub her fingers along the inside of her thighs once more, before crawling forward to join you on her bed.

"Mmmm... Come closer..." she says, extending one of her legs towards you.
She quickly pulls a few threads as you sit up, pulling you forward and gently laying your body against her smooth, soft forelegs.
Charlotte still has her thin purple nightgown on, but she's quickly working on fixing that.
"My turn..." she whispers as she starts to undo the front of the silky-smooth fabric.
As the fabric falls away, you're soon greeted by the sight of Charlotte's large breasts, quite close to your face. Your view quickly gets more personal as her hands shift to pull you against her chest.
"Ah... That's good... You like that, don't you?" she asks.
Her bosom is soft and squishy in all the right ways, and you take a moment to enjoy it.
"Well? Go on..." Charlotte whispers.
You take a gentle lick at her left nipple, and she lets out a pleasured sigh. You wrap your lips around it and start to gently suck on it as your hand softly squeezes her other breast.
"Mmmm... Yes..." she whispers, running her hands through your hair.
You take her nipple deeper into your mouth and continue gently sucking on it as you lap with your tongue, sending pleasured shivers through her body. Her hands grip your hair as she writhes in delight.
You move to her other breast, giving it the same treatment as she runs her fingers through your hair.
"Ah... I want more... I want more, baby..." she whispers.
You gently nibble on her nipple as she lets out a pleasured squeak, before you move your hand down towards her silky nightgown. You slide it up towards her chest, slowly exposing her legs as you move forward.

"Oh, I want to feel your skin... Please..." she whispers.
You eagerly start to pull the nightgown up and over her head, revealing all of Charlotte's naked body to you.
She's exceptionally sexy for an Arachne, possessing a thick body with ample curves in all the right places. Her skin is a pale white, a gentle face bedazzled with red eyes framed by dark brown hair that falls across her shoulders in luscious waves.
Her forelegs sport juicy thighs that tuck against the start of her exoskeleton like a pair of glossy thigh-high socks, made even more lustrous in the low light of her candles. She's not wearing anything under the nightgown, and your eyes are working to take in every inch of her body as she pulls you up against her once more.
"You're so beautiful..." you whisper in awe.
"I'm nothing compared to you," she says.
You tilt your head back and kiss her on the lips, as your hands find hers and hold them against your chest. She eagerly kisses you back, pressing her body against yours as her lips push back against yours. You can feel her nipples against your chest as the warmth of your bodies mixes together. You feel her tongue push against your lips as she deepens the kiss, which you eagerly accept with your own.
Charlotte's much better at working with her tongue though, and you quickly find yourself overwhelmed at her oral agility. You feel the tip of her tongue licking against yours, as she tastes every inch of your mouth with an almost animalistic hunger.

You can feel Charlotte's hands moving down your back and tracing lines over your ass as she squeezes it eagerly. She takes a moment to keep her hands there, before she slides her hands around your legs and squeezes your thighs. She slides her hands back around to your ass, and then slowly up your back until she's reached your shoulders. She gives you a gentle push, pressing you against her web and crawling forward eagerly.
You feel her warm body crawl on top of yours, as she positions her legs so that she's kneeling over your hips. She takes a few more moments to savor her intense kiss with you, before breaking away with a sloppy sucking noise.
"Haah... Oohh... I'm sorry baby, I just can't help myself anymore..." Charlotte says as she pants. You can feel the heat of her breath against your face, soaked with her arousal.
As she brings her gaze to meet yours, you notice her mouth oozing with saliva. Her fangs glisten in the candlelight, dripping with more than just spit. You stare into her eyes and see a wild hunger, a deep animalistic urge that goes beyond the desire for a simple touch. She wants to consume you with passion, to taste your very soul and become one with you. You feel yourself losing control, as the haze of her crimson eyes pulls you into her embrace.
"I want... I want to taste you..."
You feel yourself going weak at the knees as your resolve begins to melt away.
"I want... I want you inside of me..."
You can feel the warmth of her body, her gentle curves and the softness of her skin. Her scent is all consuming, filling your mind with the need for her love.
You find yourself slowly losing the will to do anything other than submit to Charlotte's every desire.

"I... I want you... I want you..." you whimper.
"I know, baby... I know," she whispers as she lowers her head to your neck and begins to gently lick and nibble on your skin. She leaves a trail of kisses from your neck to your collarbone, before moving up to your chin and then finally reaching your lips at last.
She kisses you softly, before moving down to your neck once again. You tilt your head to the side, granting her easier access to the softest part of your neck.
"Please... Be gentle..." You whisper to her.
"Always." Charlotte whispers back.
You feel her start to lick your neck, occasionally stopping to suck on a single spot. With a small moan and a shudder, Charlotte starts to press her fangs against your neck. You feel a sharp pain as they prick into your skin, before a sudden rush of pleasure washes over you.
"Ah... Ah..." You groan as you feel an overwhelming wave of ecstasy hit you.
You can feel her press her mouth against your neck a bit harder, before beginning to suck. You feel an indescribable feeling of pleasure hit you as Charlotte pumps her venom into you.
"Ah...!" You gasp.
Your legs begin to buckle as you feel the venom take hold, but Charlotte's strong arms are there to support you. You lean against her, relying on her for everything as wave after wave of pleasure hits you.

After what feels like an eternity of bliss, Charlotte pulls her fangs out of your neck, gently running her tongue along the two pinpricks the savor the taste of your blood with a deep moan.
"Nothing... Nothing else tastes so good... Feels so good..." Charlotte says through heavy breaths.
Your limp body slips a bit in her grip, before her arms gently pull you back up against her.
"Shhh... I've got you..." Charlotte coos as she licks your neck some more. "I'll always take care of you..."
You lean against her, your body weak from the pleasure she's given you. You feel a bit drowsy, but in a pleasant way.
"I'll always... Take care of you..." You repeat with a smile.
"You're so sweet... So gentle... I promise I'll make you feel so, so good... I'll take care of you..." She whispers as you feel her hips grind against you.
Warmth spreads through your lower body as she gently rocks back and forth, rubbing your length against her stomach.
"Ah...!" You gasp.
Charlotte licks your lips with another soft shushing. "Shhh... It's alright... Just enjoy my love..."
Her hips continue their gentle rocking, as she kisses you with her soft warm lips.
"You're so cute... So sweet... I want to take care of you..." She whispers as she gently nibbles on your earlobe.

The pleasure increases as she continues to rock her hips, sliding your shaft along her crotch.
"Ah... Ah..." You gasp.
"Your body... Your scent... Your flavor... I want to taste you... I want all of you..."
Her labia rubs against your length as her hips move in a back-and-forth motion, slowly at first, but quickly gaining speed.
"Ah...! Ah!" You gasp as she rapidly grinds herself against you.
Her arms wrap around you as she hugs you to her chest, her hips not letting up for a second.
You continue to let out more soft and weak moans, before Charlotte returns her attention to your neck. She takes a moment to suck on her bite marks, drawing forth two fresh pearls of blood. She quickly runs her tongue across them, savoring the warm flavor with a deep moan as her hips continue their frantic pace against you.
Charlotte's venom has you in a sweat now, but that only seems to be driving her arousal even deeper.
"Oooh... You smell so good... Taste so good... I need all of you... I need you... Inside..." Charlotte says breathlessly.
Her hips come to halt for a brief moment, before she immediately takes you to the hilt. It's effortless thanks to how incredibly aroused she is, her vaginal walls quickly flexing around your dick in extreme pleasure.

"Ahn~! There it is! There it is... Ooohhh... So good... So big..."
You can't help but cry out in pleasure as she begins to rapidly work herself against you. Her hips move up and down in long, passionate strokes as she takes you in and out of her, your erect member quickly becoming soaked in her love juice.
"Mmmm... You ready? You ready, baby?" Charlotte asks in a lustful tone.
"Ah! Mmh! Ah...! Oh!" You're a twitching, sweating, moaning mess. Any sort of meaningful reply to Charlotte's words is far beyond you, but she seems to like that very, very much.
"You're mine... You're mine... Mmmm..."
Her hips continue their wild pace, moving up and down as she takes your entire length into her. Her breathing is ragged and loud, her arousal reaching new heights.
"Ah! Yes! Yes! So good! Mmmh! Oh!" Charlotte chokes out between incredibly satisfied noises of pleasure.
Her hips don't stop for a second, her legs trembling as you begin to reach your peak.
"Ooh.... Ahh... Ah! Mmmngh!" You groan, trying to hold on for dear life.
"Give it to me! Fill me up!" Charlotte cries as she feels your dick start to twitch inside her.
Your body tenses and you release, the feeling of hot wetness hitting you like a wave.
"Ahhh yes! That's it! Ohh, baby! Give it all to me!"
You thrust a few more times as you release, your orgasm lasting quite a while.

Your body goes limp as you try to catch your breath and slowly pull out of her, a string of your combined fluids connecting you for a moment before it snaps. Your head lulls forward, but Charlotte quickly catches it in her hands. She uses a few lengths of her silk thread to keep you tight against her as she moves her hands to caress your head.
"So good... So soft and warm... I love it..."
You're too out of it to respond, and you feel the silken thread around your body slowly tightening.
"Mmmm... I could just keep you here with me forever... So sweet and juicy on the inside, so soft and warm on the outside... You'd be the perfect lover for me... So perfect..."
Her hands gently run through hair as she coos and whispers softly, rubbing your body up against hers in the high of the afterglow. The silk around your body is slowly loosening, but her hands keep you in place.
"I love you..." She whispers softly into your ear, the words sending a chill down your spine.
All you can offer in return is a weak moan as you nuzzle your face against her hands.
"You're so cute... So, so cute..." She whispers as she continues to run her hands through your hair.
You slowly begin to drift off, but before you can fall asleep, you feel her sucking on your neck again.
"Stay with me... I need more of you, baby..." She whispers as she runs her tongue along the bite marks on your neck.

You moan in response, your cock starting to get hard again. With your body still so close against hers, Charlotte quickly feels the pulse and heat of your cock against her lower stomach.
"Mmmm... Ready for me again, my love?" She asks, a hint of amusement in her voice.
Her hands slowly run down your back and butt as she grinds her lower body up against yours.
"Do you want me to have my way with you? Do you want me to show you pleasures beyond your wildest dreams? Would my little human lover like that?"
"Y-yes... Please..." You manage to whisper through your weakness.
"Then beg me..."
"I want to hear you beg me to show you carnal pleasures... I want to hear you beg me to take you... I want to know that I'm the only one who gets to have you."
You find yourself deeply compelled to answer her demands, the mental fog of her venom abating just enough for you feverishly beg for her love.
"Please, Charlotte... Show me... Show me everything... I need your love... I need you..."
With each plea, she presses her lips against yours and thrusts her hips forward, rubbing your body against hers.
"I need every inch of your body against me... Every curve pressed to my skin... I need your lips... Your tongue... Your silk... Everything..."
It's clear Charlotte wasn't expecting that much out of you, as her arousal has spiked wildly; almost beyond her control. Her kisses are frantic, heated, and sloppy. Her hips thrash against your pelvis with a ferocity you've never felt before, grinding against your length as the nectar of her lust drips from her pussy lips. She tightens the silk threads holding you against her, pressing you deeply into her body as she continues her work.

"So much... So good... When you beg like that... So perfect..." Charlotte says, breaking the kiss to speak.
She looks into your eyes, lust and love swirling together in her gaze. She moves her lips towards yours, kissing you softly.
"I need you... I need you so much... Please... Let me take you..."
The last traces of her venom have evaporated from your system, leaving you free to choose whether to continue or not.
You find yourself still wanting to experience everything, so you whisper into her ear how much you want her.
"Take me. Take all of me." You whisper back, somewhere between a plea and a command.
She smiles, and moves her lips to your ear.
"It'll be a bit of a ride... You sure you're ready?" She asks, her hot breath sending tingles down your spine.
"I'll never be more ready than I am right now." You say, as the two of you embrace once more.
Her lips press against yours as she deepens the kiss. Her tongue slides into your mouth with ease, the taste of her saliva and a light amount of her venom tingling your tongue as she explores your mouth eagerly.
You reach your arms around her, holding her close as your hands slide down her back, feeling the bumps of her spine on her back and the softness of her skin.
She breaks the kiss, looking into your eyes with a wanton desire. She's practically drooling from both sets of lips, her fangs lightly trickling venom as a sign of just how unbearably aroused she is.

"I need you..." She says, her voice quivering as she speaks.
She shifts her hips against you, before finally taking you inside her again.
You breathe heavily, shuddering at the incredible sensation as she slides down upon you. Her lips part slightly and she closes her eyes as she enjoys the feeling of you stretching and filling her up. Seeing her head so vulnerable, you decide to act on impulse. You quickly reach out and put your hand on the back of her head, before drawing Charlotte's mouth tight against your neck. She lets out a small yelp of surprise that rapidly melts into a deep moan as she sucks on your neck.
The feeling of you filling her while also suckling on your neck proves to be too much, and Charlotte enters a strong orgasm as her hips move up and down. You hold her as tightly against you as she is, not wanting to let her move an inch. She whimpers and squeals as she experiences one orgasm after another, her body convulsing in your arms as she loses all control.
You thrust up into her, and she pushes her hips down against you as the pair of you lose all sense of self in your lust. As her pace speeds up, you finally slide your hands to her shoulders, her mouth detaching from your neck with a sloppy pop. Charlotte simply rests her forehead against your shoulder as her ragged breathing fills your ears. She's drifting from one orgasm to the next, set off over and over by the frantic pace of your bodies slamming against one another.

You feel your own release building up, and you give one final thrust as you push her down hard against you. She lets out a primal moan as she presses her forehead into your shoulder, tightening her silk threads to grind your body as deep inside her as possible for your release. You feel yourself climax with explosive force, every muscle in your body tightening as you pour yourself into Charlotte. She dives into one last deep orgasm from the sensations of your seed inside her, before you both begin to wind down.
For some time, the only sound between your sandwiched bodies is heavy panting.
"H-Holy fuck... Oh my god..." Charlotte says, finally breaking the silence. "I-I don't think I've ever fucked... like that... before..."
"Neither have I," you admit.
You slowly pull your body out of her, and she lets out a disappointed moan as your manhood slips out of her. You wince slightly as you pull out, still quite sensitive from the aftershocks of pleasure. You lie down beside her, and she turns to face you, pulling you into an embrace.
"That was... incredible," she says. "We're absolutely doing that again sometime."
"Not right now?" You ask playfully.
"Fuck, no!" Charlotte says with a laugh. "I think you put me through seven orgasms before we finally pulled apart! I'm going to need a day to recover, at least!"
"Oh, I think I can manage one more," you say with a smirk.
"Ha, ha," she says, flicking your arm. "You're a real champ."
"So, when can we do this again?" you ask.
"Give me a week. I need to recover from that marathon. I'm not a youngling."
"Okay, so, you'll swing by in about a week?"
"Sure. I'll... see you then."
"Sounds good. Mind if I wash up here before I head back?"
"Not at all. I just need to lie here for a bit... good lord..." Charlotte says with a goofy smile.

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