You receive an invitation from a mysterious man below the card is a box. This large white box is tied with a red ribbon. You slowly open the ribbon and find that in the box is the most perfect lingerie you have ever seen. It was as if it was made just for your body. You try it on. You pick up the card and notice the time and date, it is today and the car will pick you up in five minutes. You also notice the card says wear only this. You are not going to go out in this no matter what, so you go to your closet and grab the longest coat you have. Just then a limo pulls up outside your house. It is something you only see in movies. The old man chauffeur opens the door to let you in before returning to the driver seat.

In front of you there is a bottle of champagne but no mystery man. You look out the window to see where you are and all you see are trees. You grow extremely nervous and excited at the same time. Finally you see a light up ahead and the car is heading straight for it. As you approach you notice it is a luxury cabin in the woods.

The old chauffeur opens the door and escorts you out of the car. You begin to walk to the cabin as you hear people laughing and having a good time. You're really nervous now. You thought this was going to be a private event, but your curiosity gets the best of you. You walk into the main room a kind woman takes your coat, which you hesitant to give but found it easier as you notice all the guests were in lingerie not nearly as nice as yours. You walk into the ball room.

It seems as though everyone has a partner. You seem kind of embarrassed but then you feel a tap on your shoulder. You turn around to see a man in a masquerade mask on as well as one in his hand for you. As you slip it on you notice that not only does it match your lingerie but it fits you perfectly too. He then takes your hand and you dance around the ball room. You don't even notice that all the other couples have slowly made the center of the room clear for you.

You just keep staring into the eyes of this man you never met but you feel like you have been waiting for him your whole life. Just as the band stops playing he grabs you by the hand and he leads you out into the woods. He leads you down a small path there you notice there is a small meadow with a blanket and candles on elevated posts.

You have never seen something beautiful. He sits beside you on the blanket and for the first time he traces his hand along your chin lifting it up. He softly grazes his lips with yours. You get a shiver that runs straight down your body. You don't even know who he is but all you can think is I hope he doesn't stop. He kisses you passionately cradling your back in his arms as you feel as though you are melting. Slowly your back lies upon the blanket he is over you. You look deep into his eyes and you can see what is going to happen and you are about to get every fantasy fulfilled.

He slowly but passionately kisses his way down your neck, he then begins to caress you with just his fingertips up and down your body. His hands find the way to your waste and your lips once again interlock as he lifts you up. While your tongues dance together his hands are making fast work of the clasps on the back of the lingerie. While kissing down your chest the top piece falls to the ground exposing your breasts to the night air. He continues to move his mouth down your chest towards your nipples. He takes one teasing lick and pulls back and just as you gasp his mouth sucks down sending a shock of pleasure through your body. He gives little bites as he moves from nipple to nipple. Tracing your breast with his tongue and caressing you all over with his hands.

His hands are now on your garter belt he reaches down undoes the straps to the stockings he reaches for the top of your lace panties as he slowly takes them down your legs, worshiping the beauty as he goes downs only stopping to kiss. Making his way to your feet he takes off your heels and kisses them his lips feel so good on the feet that have been trapped in stilettos the whole night.

He licks the bottom of your foot it tickles and yet feels so good. He then takes your toes in his mouth and sucks on them through the nylon. It is an unbelievable sensation. You just want that mouth between your thighs right now. You bend up and kiss him. With breaking with the kiss you guide his head to your swollen, wanting, needing pussy. He licks around it to tease. This drives you crazy just as you are getting frustrated, as if he knew you couldn't take much more teasing he takes your pussy lips into his mouth and licks them so passionately.

Your back arches from the pleasure as he finds the spot with his tongue. Your body just begins to flail as a wave of mini orgasms take control. He licks with his long tongue down your wet hole. You grab his head and bury him in giving you more pleasure as he tongue fucks you. He pulls out a little so he can use his tongue magic back on your swollen clit. He does it just rough enough to send you into the best oral orgasm of your life. He continues until he knows your orgasm is over. He glides his fingers along your waste but your body is still in shock so you grab his hand and leads it to your breasts and as he kneads it with his fingers he again takes you into long passion it kisses.

He then whispers in your ear you are going to love the next part. He stands up lowering the only article of clothing he has on exposing his massive hard on. It has to be at least 8 inches long and thick. You are scared at first but an overwhelming feeling comes through you and you lean up and take his massive penis into your mouth. You work the shaft slowly wanting every inch of it you feel it get longer.

Then all of a sudden he pulls out of your mouth and lifts you up. Spinning you around gently he trails his hands up and down your body and takes his hands down your back giving an indication to bend over. You do this without a fight and just as you are over he slowly inserts this massive penis into you. Just the head seems to be thick enough to fill you. You moan every time he inches in a little deeper but when that full thrust of the cock is in you there is a deep and relieving moan. It is almost as his cock is like the lingerie and mask it was made just to fit you.

He slowly begins to speed up. Stopping only to spank you now and then when he gets to full speed his hands are buried deep into your waste. You begin to scream and moan. He takes this as a sign that you are ready for something better. He lowers his body closer to yours and reaches around and begins to rub your moist clit as he pounds you harder and harder. You approach on of the best orgasms of your life and he knows this so he begins to add a slight dip to the ramming motion and you find that this excites his cock even more and you feel it swell and twitch inside you. He times out his orgasm just to shoot at the right moment to send you into cloud nine as you orgasm. He rolls you over and kisses you. The entire night you make love in so many different positions and he never once tells you who he is. You collapse on the blanket exhausted cuddled in his arms as you drift to sleep. When you awake he is gone. You walk up to the cabin. Nobody seems to be around.

You hear a voice say "Are you ready?"

You turn in hopes that it is him but it is the chauffeur again with the door of the limo open. You ask if the man is in the house. The butler says I am afraid not. I am ready to take you home or where ever you wish to go. There is a dress inside for you miss. You approach the limo and there you see and stunning black gown. You instantly grab it out and slip it on over your lingerie. Again seems as though it was made just for you. You enter the car and the door closes. You look one more time at the cabin not believing this is over when your hand brushes across something in the seat next to you. It is his mask. You lift your head up and right across from you in a stunning suit is the man you spent the whole night with. You look into his eyes and know the journey just began.

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