She caught him staring at her again, as he quickly looked away. She turned and carefully placed the book back on the shelf, and selected another. Thumbing through, she didn't really see the pages. She was acutely aware of his gaze from across the library. Her face blushed as she imagined him looking at her exposed legs below her long, buttoned up jacket. Well it is a very short skirt, she thought. Her feet were tired after a long day. She shifted her weight and in doing so, angled her leg a little, exposing even more of her thigh. She turned her head a little and saw him looking at her again. He was definitely checking her out! The thought sent a tingle through her body.

She was gorgeous! Blond hair, amazing tits and curves in all the right places. He didn't mean to stare at her and he felt guilty trying to steal glances, but he couldn't help himself. It's almost as if his eyes were drawn to her without his consent. He was immediately attracted to her and his imagination was in overdrive. He wanted to walk up and stand beside her just to be close. He would gently reach down and brush her thigh with his hand. He imagined what it would be like to kneel down on his knees and place his hands on her calves, and gently caress his way up her legs, continuing to the hem of her skirt, then pause. He would look up at her deep blue eyes, then proceed in slipping his hands further up, under her skirt, one hand on each thigh. He wouldn't stop until she felt his hands at her hips. Only then, he would start moving his hands down, her panties sliding with them.

He dropped the book he was holding and she looked at him smiling. His face turned bright red as he clumsily picked the book up. He was cute, she thought. If she wasn't married, she would fuck him for sure. She placed the book she was holding into her bag and turned, walking towards the counter to check the books out. As she walked, she may have been swinging her hips, but only just slightly.

As she drove home, she couldn't stop thinking about him. She knew that he wanted her, and that brought the tingling sensation back. Was she leading him on? Maybe a little. She wondered what he would have done if she had let him have his way. Perhaps it was her that had dropped the book and he would move towards her to pick it up, offering it. As she reached for the book, their hands touched for a moment but instead of pulling back, they lingered. It was as though electricity was flowing from him, into her hand and straight into her body, sending shivers down her spine. Again, she felt her face flushing.

That night she stood in the shower, enjoying the hot water. It was cold in the bedroom so the warmth was wonderful. She imagined she was on a beach in Mexico, sipping a pina colada, soaking up the warmth of the sun. The light, suddenly blocked out, directed her attention to him, standing in front of her. His bare chest was muscular and firm, and he looked lean and fit in his bathing suit. He approached her and knelt down in front of her. She felt that tingling again as he reached toward her and kissed her deeply, one hand supporting his weight over her, the other gently rested on her thigh.

Her hand rested on her side as the water flowed down her back. She imagined it was his hand that slid down to her leg, then moved slowly to the inside between them. Her other hand went up and grasped her breast with a squeeze as her fingers caressed her lips, gently letting one of them slip just a little in. She was wet and starting to want more. She turned to face the torrent of water. Her mouth parted and a little moan escaped as her hand went back, this time to her clit. Shivers went through her entire body as she imagined him, having his way with her.

He lay on the couch, mindlessly watching some inane netflix series about a female detective and her romantic escapades. Only half paying attention, he caught a scene where she stormed into the precinct office wearing a buttoned up trench coat. His mind wandered as he was reminded about the woman he had seen in the library.

He was on his knees in front of her as she stood facing him, her panties in his hand. He slipped them into his pocket and firmly grasped the back of her bare calves and pulled her closer. He slid his hands all the way up again, and this time found her bare ass met them. He massaged her ass with a firm grip. Touching her naked body under her clothes sent a surge of excitement through him as his cock now pressed hard against his restricting jeans. Greedily wanting more, his hands explored her as his fingers wrapped around her ass cheeks and reached far enough to be greeted with the warm wetness of her pussy with the tips of his fingers. Looking up at her, he brought one of his hands to his mouth, licking his fingers, tasting her on them. The other hand, still rested on her backside with his fingers slightly penetrating as she began to slightly move her hips. He brought the other hand back, this time from the front. He cupped his hand on her mound, resting his fingers on her opening and slowly slid one in. She closed her eyes at the deeper sensation as he slid his other hand from her ass up her skirt, to the front and squeezed her breast.

The unheard dialog continued on the TV as his hand moved down to his manhood, now standing at full attention, firm with wanting. He squeezed hard against the taught denim and involuntarily pushed against it with the urge of his cock wanting to break free. His hand moved to his stomach and slipped under his jeans to grasp what he wanted, his hard dick throbbing with urgent need in his hand.

His hands moved away from her, to her disappointment, as she opened her eyes and watched him, silently imploring him back. He stood up in front of her and she watched his hands moving to his jeans. A new wave of excitement rippled through her as he unbuttoned his jeans and carefully drew his zipper down. Her heart began to beat fast with a sudden understanding of what was about to happen. Out of the opening in his jeans, a very hard cock was released. His hands moved back to her as he swiftly unbuttoned, then opened her long coat. He moved closer as he pressed his body against hers, hers against the bookshelf. She felt her skirt being lifted under her coat to rest on top of her now exposed breasts. They locked eyes with one another as she felt his hardness pressing against her opening. Wanting so badly to be filled she pressed against him. She could feel her wetness rubbing against his slippery tip and yet he looked at her in anticipation. She reached towards him and deeply kissed him, tasting and exploring each other as her hips gyrated against him, imploring him to enter her. She wrapped her arms around him and finally felt his long hard dick sliding in. Waves of sensation rippled through her body as she found the fullness she craved so much. Sensing her ecstasy made his own fire grow as he began fucking her, wanting more and more as his tempo increased. She began to quiver and her legs began to shake. He wrapped his arms around her and held her up, continuing to deeply thrust to her rhythm as her shaking became more intense. The roller coaster she was on was now in full descent and it was as if she left her body, as it let itself go with exquisite release. Feeling her loss of control and the way her pussy tightened down on his cock in pulses made him lose all control. He thrusted hard into her as he pulled her ass toward him firmly, and released himself deep inside her heat.

Melting together with weakness, his eyes opened. Credits were scrolling across the screen. Tortured with his imagined crescendo, his hard cock still throbbed with need in his hand. He looked over to the coffee table at their stack of books, as she walked into the living room wearing nothing but a sly expression on her face.

The end.

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