Hello Guys, I am Amigo from Mumbai. I have completed my Engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology and now working as a Telecommunication Engineer in a State Govt. Firm.

My family consists of my mom, Swapnalekha, and myself. My father divorced my mom and married mom's cousin sister when mom was pregnant with me. Mom had married my father against her parent's wish. Till today mom has no connectivity with her parents. My mom loves me with no limit; she can do anything for me. She always asks me to study hard and be a successful man and be respectful to women, unlike my father. I respect her as a mother I worship her as a goddess. I can't repay her for the sacrifices she has made for me. She always tells me that I resemble my father, I am too much similar in appearance with my father. Mom always calls me "Babu" but sometimes jokingly she calls me "hubby" then I used to call her Swapna in joke.

We live in a small house which my father had given to her. Till my completion of Engineering, Mom had to work in a private school as a Junior Teacher as she had completed her degree from correspondence. Dad used to send some money for us but my mother always refused to accept it. Mom tried her best to give me a better life.

After I got the job in AMTRON our life started to change. My salary was sufficient for our expenses and savings. I had brought a bike for me and used to drop her in school before my office. My mom always used to wear a saree at school, at home she wears nighty only. I always used to drop her in a hurry as I had to reach the office on time. But one day I was not in a hurry as my office was closed due to some strike, I dropped her and searched for some roadside shop to buy a packet of Rajnigandha. Fortunately, I found one, the shopkeeper was an elderly lady. A group of teenagers was also present. One of the boys started to push me out saying some vulgar words. I pushed him aside and asked him.

Me: Hey bro, what's the problem with you?

The Boy: Don't you dare to call me, after what you have done to me.

I was shocked by his replay.

Me: Bro, you have any problem with me. I think we don't know each other.

Another one pushed me and said

2nd Boy: You have stolen his Love. That beauty you are dropping these days, He loves her. She is so sexy. He is fond of her curvy figure.

Listening to his words I shouted at them "She is my mom, bastard. How dare you talk like it? I will kill you." His word created a tsunami in my blood; I started to lose my temper. How dare they talk about my mother like that? Within a fraction of time, I picked up a lathi and started to beat them. They also started to counter me and it became a mess. Police arrested all of us. Fortunately, SI was my friend's father. He released me but told my mom about these.

That evening when I reach home from the police station my mom opened the door. Her face was dull and her eyes are swollen, it seems she has cried a lot. Her tears made me cry also, Tears rolled from both of our eyes. She hugged me very tightly and buried her face in my chest. Feeling the intenseness of emotion I picked up her in my arms and dropped her on my sofa. I wiped her tear and kissed her forehead.

Me: What mom? Why are you crying?

Mom: Why you have beaten them? If something happens to you.....who....whom will I live for? You are my only reason to live, babu. I can't live without you.

She kissed me on the cheek and buried her face in my chest.

Me: Mom... They had talked so vulgarly about you. How can I control that? Are they disturbing you?

Mom looked in my eyes, our eyes meet.

Mom: Babu, Don't you know your mom. Can I do that type of thing? I don't want to know what they said about me. Just ignore them. I can't lose you. Your father and you two are the only men in my life. I already lost one.....I can't lose you. Please, don't leave me. You be happy and make me happy.

She again buried her face in my chest and said

Mom: If you want I will resign from my job. I can do anything to make you happy. This woman can die for you. She kissed my chest.

I hold her face in my palm and wiped her tears

Me: No mom... You are not a woman. You are a goddess. You are an angel in my life. You don't have to do anything. You already have done a lot for me. You sacrificed your whole life for me. Now stop crying and be happy.

I kissed her cheek, she smiled and wiped her tears.

Mom: You sit, I will make tea for you.

I switched on the TV and started the sports channel and waited for the tea.

The next morning, I was ready for the office but mom was not ready, she was still busy with her kitchen works.

Me: Mom, are you on leave?

Mom: Why have you asked that?

Me: You are not ready yet... it's already late.

Mom: I have resigned from my job, I can't see you fighting with those boys for me.

I got the shock of my life. I just held her in my arms.

Me: Why mom? Why? You should not do that. That job was your passion. That job has given you a career, and identity. You should not lose that.

Mom: Nothing is important than you for me. What would I do with a career if I lose you? You are my reason for living. Now onwards I will be a housewife.

I hugged her and kissed her chick. I hugged her so tightly that she felt some pain.

Me: why you always sacrifice for me mom, think about yourself also. I feel proud that I am your son. Only lucky ones get a mother like you. I am the lucky one.

I pinched her cheek and in-joke said

Me: Mom, You want to be a housewife? But where is your husband? I am your son na? You will be housemother.

She just pushed me out of the door and teasingly said

Mom: You are both for me, My son and husband. So Mr Hubby, go to work. No more flirting with your mother.

The whole day I thought about mom only. About her life, she is so sweet and caring. She loves me so much. How can my father do so bad with her? He seems to be the most idiotic person in the world. How can he reject a caring and lovable woman like mom? Till today mom loves my father even after what he has done to her. Thinking that one question comes to my mind, will mother accept him if he returns to her life? I called her.

Me: Hey mom, what are you doing.

Mom: Nothing special just cooking. What's the matter? Why have you called me?

Me: I want to ask you a question? Will you answer me from your heart?

Mom: Tell me what is it?

Me: Mom, Imagine father has returned to your life. Will you forgive him and accept him?

Mom: Dead person can't come back, for me he has died 22 years ago. I have given you his place in my life. You are my life. I can't live without you. So, don't ever talk about him.

Me: But you always think about dad.....every day you miss him. You have him in your heart so why not in your life also.

Mom: That's true that I miss him, He is my first love and will remain so. That's why sometimes I act like your wife. I miss my wife's days so much and you also are an exact copy of your father. So I have replaced him with you. It makes me happy.

Mom started to sob, I can hear her weeping sound clearly

Mom: If my acting hurts you, I will stop it. Please understand me./.Please...Please...Please.

Mom's weeping became louder, I tried to console her.

Me: Don't cry, mom... I can't see you crying. You can do anything which makes you happy. Just tell me and I will do it for you. If calling me hubby can make you happy then call me every time by it. So, from now onwards you will call me hubby, ok.

Mom's weeping started to be louder, She just weeping and weeping. Then she paused and said

Mom: Don't feel pity for me, I can manage my feelings. If you feel.....

I just cut short her sentence and said

Me: I have said ......You will call me hubby and that's final.

I just ordered her and disconnected the call. I thought that if calling me hubby can make her happy then why not. If one word can bring her happiness to be a wife then why not.

My mobile vibrated with one incoming message. It is from mom, "Dear hubby... Reach home in time. I have cooked your favourite dishes." I just smiled reading the message.

Upon reaching home mom opened the door, she is wearing a black saree with a backless blouse. This is uncommon; I had never seen her wearing a saree at home. She has a minimum of 10 to 12 bangles in each hand. She is wearing a nose ring which is absent these many years. With light makeup, she is glowing in beauty. I got amazed and got seated looking at her. She just smiled looking at me.

Me: Mom...You are looking amazing, so beautiful and cute. Is anything special today? You look too young for your age. These bangles and nose ring where they came from?

Mom: Just calm down...today is a special day. I got my husband back. After so many years I have felt, how it feels to wait for my hubby, Wearing makeup for him. Cook food for him then welcome him from the door. I am so happy today.

Mom got seated close to me put her head in my shoulder and said

Mom: How do I looking, beautiful na? I am wearing these things after so many years. You made me so happy today.

I just hold her face and looking at her eyes said

Me: Mom....You look so amazing, beautiful, cute, gorgeous.....I have no words to describe your beauty.

She just turned her face away and with a sad tone said

Mom: You asked me to call you hubby but you are calling me 'mom'. You can't be a husband to your mother. So call me by my name..Swapna or any name you want. You used to call me Swapna earlier, Now onwards call me by my name.

I just nodded my head. She kissed my cheek and left for the kitchen. After some time I called for her

Me: Swapna... I need a cup of tea.

Mom: Ok, wait for five minutes. For then freshen up. You are looking tired.

She replied from the kitchen. I went for a bath which I needed.

After dinner I went to watch TV, as we have a separate bedroom it is not disturbing for mom. Mom used to sleep early, but today after changing to nighty she came to watch TV with me. She was seated close to me and her head was on my shoulder. She was wearing a pink nighty, mostly she wears pink or red silk nighty.

Me: Mom...are you going to watch TV. You are not feeling sleepy? It is uncommon for you.

She just replied in a mild voice.

Mom: I just want to spend some time with you. I am feeling lonely. After today's action, I am feeling too much lonely.

I just patted her head and said ok. I started to watch the film, the channel is broadcasting 'Sanam Teri Kasam'. One of my favourite movies. In between breaks we started to exchange dialogues about the movie. In ending when the heroine died my mother started to sob. She always does like that.

Me: Swapna, stop crying.....It is a film yaar. Why you always cry watching a movie. It's a reel life story.

Mom: This type of romantic film makes me emotional.... I married your father but he ditches met and married my sister. After that, I lost my hope for living. It is hard to live not to die.

Me: Mom....why are you saying like these? You are so cute and beautiful. You are caring and loving. You have everything for an ideal wife. Father is an idiot to reject you.

Mom: very nice of you. You know how to console your mother but the truth remains the same, I am a rejected woman.

Hearing her words I hugged her and switched off the TV. I carried her into bed. She catches my hand and asked me to sleep beside her. Till hugging me she buried her face in my chest. I switched off the light, covered our self with a blanket. I pulled her closer to me and slept. She shivering and weeping. I slowly kissed her forehead then her earlobe then her neck. She is not resisting. Then I kissed her lips, not a passionate one. She pushed me away and slapped me tightly.

Mom: What you are doing? How dare you even think of it?

Me: Swapna, it's just a kiss.

I tried to hold her face but she again pushed me away.

Mom: Don't touch me..... How dare you kissed me. I am just acting like your wife. It doesn't mean that I am available to you. Just get out of here.

She pointed towards the door. I tried to say sorry but she looked at me with a stern eye. I said nothing and moved to my room. I regretted what I have done. I have never looked at mom with any type of lust. She is like a goddess to me. In my whole life I just worshipped her but today I broke her heart. I am feeling guilty for kissing her. I am speaking to myself 'She is your mom...She has sacrificed her whole life for you but what you have done to her. She is trying to be happy with some action but you have shuttered her that dream also.' I had taken a decision, after what have I done to her I can't face her tomorrow. So I will move out of the home. I will rent a home in some distant place. If possible I will try to apply for a transfer to another city. Tears rolled from my eyes. From my childhood, I had never been away from my mom. How will I manage to do that but I have to do that? I tried to sleep thinking that.

The next morning mom woke up late, I quietly finished my breakfast then packed my clothes and necessary belongings. I have booked a cab it arrived. I asked him to drive to a hotel as I will follow him. Until I get someplace to live I have to check in a hotel.

From the hotel, I directly headed for my office. In-office I got a message from mom 'I have searched for your clothes for laundry.... where they are?' I replied to her 'I am going on an office trip for a week'. I searched for a rented house on the net and contacted many brokers. In the evening I got a confirmation for a flat. It is a 1bhk which will be suitable for me.

The next seven days are so boring that I hardly go anywhere from my flat. Mom has contacted me, neither call nor any message. I started to feel depressed, my mind is saying to call mom but somehow I controlled my emotion.

The next day by evening time mom called me, I answered in the very first ring.

Mom: Hello babu, are you coming today. I have cooked your favourite dish.

My words got broken by listening to her words; I cleared my throat and answered.

Me: Mom....I want to tell you something, I have moved out of the home.

She screamed in the phone

Mom: moved out! What rubbish are you talking about?

Me: Yaa mom, After what I have done to you. I am feeling so guilty to face you. I know that you hate me now, Be happy. I will not show you my perverted face in the future. I will not disturb you anymore. I will pray to god to keep you happy. Goodbye.

I disconnected the call and switched off the mobile. I headed towards my flat, after freshen up I started to watch TV. Meantime someone knocked on my door. I opened the door, it is mom. I remain to spell bounded. How did she get my address? It sure to be Aditya (One of my colleagues), only he knows about my address.

Me: Mom.......you are here. Is any problem?

Mom: I should ask you this question. What is wrong with you? Why you are doing this to me? You know how much I love you. I can't live without you. Why are you doing this?

I tried to cool her temper but she slapped me. I asked her to sit down and gave her a glass of water.

Me: Mom, I am ashamed of my act. I should not have done that thing with you. I am feeling guilty about it. If I live with you, you will suffer from it....we both will suffer from it. We should live separately.

Mom just shouted at me

Mom: how can you say like that, I can't even think of it. You are my last hope for this life. I am living for only you. You can't leave me...please come home...please don't leave me.

I tried to console her and calm her down

Me: I have done a big mistake. It had hurt you. It may repeat in the future. I can't see you got hurt for me. So it is better for both of us. Don't worry I will call you every day but I can't live with you feeling this guilt.

Mom looked at me with a pleading eye. Tears rolled from both of her eyes. I am on the verge of crying but controlled my emotion. Emotion can cause big trouble in the relationship. I had done one and can't afford another.

Mom: you are doing this to me because I had slapped you for kissing me. What do you want from me?

Me: Nothing......you had already given me everything. Please forgive me, mom.

Mom: I know you are angry with me.....I acted as your wife. So you kissed me but I slapped you. It is not your fault it is my fault. I am sorry. Will you forgive me? Please.

She pleaded ......I can't control anymore. I felt on her leg, touched her legs

Me: no mom..... you are misunderstanding me. I have kissed you as a son. I tried to console you. That is my mistake...A son should not kiss his mother like that. Please, don't say sorry.

Mom: Ok fine...tell me. What should I do for your return? I can't leave without you. I promise I will make you happy. I will never slap you again. I will do as you say. Please come home. Please......Please....please.

She blinked her eyes, I love that. She knows what I love. I nodded my head in yes. She jumped on me. She hugged me so tightly that even air can't pass through it. I kept my hands in her back. She is wearing that black saree with a backless blouse. She looked into my eyes and closed her eyes. She placed my right hand on her waist. We remain like that for some moments, I am a little confused. Mom patted my head and said.

Mom: Go on, Kiss me.

I slightly kissed her lips, she slowly opened her mouth. I responded to her and started to suck her lower lip. Her rosy lips had made me mad. After we had broken the kiss. She smiled and said

Mom: Are you happy now...You can kiss me anytime. I am yours. My body, soul, mind everything belongs to you. I don't have much in my body but I will try to do anything to make you happy.

She took away the pallu of her saree. She was in a blouse and petticoat. Her figure made me go mad. A perfect model-like figure.

Mom: this is what I got. I know you need more but I am aged now. Will there be enough for you?

I hugged her and put her pallu in place. I cried....kissed her everywhere....neck, eye, forehead, lips... everywhere.

Me: Mom....You don't have to do anything. You already had given me too much love. I can't repay you that in my whole life. You are my everything....I love you.

Mom: I love you too.... I know how much you love me. Please be mine, I can't share you with anyone.

Me: Mom... I will not leave you. You are my goddess. How can I leave you? You don't have to do this type of thing to keep me with you.

Mom: These seven days, I understand how much I miss you. I am feeling too lonely. I realized I love you from my heart. More than a mother would love her son. I need you in my life as my man.... he will love me as his woman, protect me, care for me, fight with me then console me. I need you to be that man in my life. Your dad was my man but he betrays me. You are exactly like your dad. Only you can take his place in my life. You can bring my happiness back.

Me: mom .....what are you saying. How can I?

Mom: Only you can take his place. Please be my man. I promise I will be a good wife to you. Your wife will do anything for you. I will be loyal to you whole my life. I will try my best to satisfy you in every way. Please accept me as your wife. Please.... Please... please.

Me: The day you started to call me hubby you are mine. I love you. If I can make you happy by being your husband then why not. After all, I can't imagine another woman in my life. You are my everything.

Mom smiled at my answer. Her face glowed like the moon. She kissed me and handed me a small box. I open it, it has two rings and a sindoor. I take a pinch of sindoor and smeared on her forehead. accepting her as my wife. Then we exchanged the rings. She fell on my feet and said

Mom: I will be a good wife to you, I promise. Bless me.

I took her in a hug and kissed her lips. She closed her eyes. I ask her to seat for some time then we will return home. She nodded yes.

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