My brother and I weren't really that close growing up. I used to watch TV shows and movies with siblings that were best friends and inseparable. That just wasn't me and Jimmy. He used to make my life a living hell. We would fight constantly and always be at each other's throats.

He had his group of friends and I had mine. I was known as "Jimmy's sister" in high school rather than just plain ol' Leigh.

My brother never really had a girlfriend until late in high school when he was 18 or 19.

I didn't have a boyfriend until I was 18, so our lives were paralleled in that regard.

Later on into our 20s, two of my friends hooked up with him and told me how my brother "was packing''. I had seen Magnum condoms in his bedroom before.

But he was brother, and I didn't want to think of him that way...little did I know that would change years later.

He had moved out of my mom's house when he was 26 and I was still living there. We lost most contact at that point. We entered the phase of having a very limited relationship.

Fast forward to when I was thirty years old (just two years ago). I had two kids by this point. Poor decisions in men led me to being a single mother.

The lack of guidance growing up, coupled with the need to feel wanted and loved, got in the way of common sense. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't trade my children for anything, but life was difficult.

Then walks in Prince Charming (well, my Prince Charming). A whirlwind love affair, an immediate closeness and bond like none we'd ever known. Neither of us believed in soulmates, but we do now! We got married and moved to another state, all the while our closeness allowed us to share absolutely anything, and I mean anything.

We have both shared our desires and fantasies (too many to count, and those will be other stories, but I'm excited to share this one!). We have an unbreakable trust.

During one of our passionate love-making sessions (where most of our sharing is discussed), the topic of taboo came up.

While my husband softly kissed my pussy, he asked me certain questions, gauging my responses by my moans as his tongue and lips found my clit. It was during this time he asked me if I fantasized about my brother...if I was curious.

As my husband's fingers entered my pussy, I felt the security I needed to be honest. I nodded my head in the affirmative, that I had fantasized before.

He continued to slowly finger me as he asked me "have you fantasized about your brother?" I moaned as my orgasm climaxed..."yes!" was all I could say.

Two weeks ago, my husband was at work. We were texting and flirting, as we often do. I playfully told him that I wished he was home, and that my clit and pussy needed attention.

He told me that if I needed to, I could take care of myself. (We never masturbate without the other knowing, it's just our thing.) I agreed that I needed a release. I told him I would in the shower.

As I got in the shower, my phone dinged. His text simply said "think of your brother". And I did. While I was in the shower, I let the pulsating shower head find my clit. The other hand found and pinched my nipples.

It was at this point that the following fantasy came to my mind, a fantasy I truthfully wish happens one day:

"It was the dead of summer. My brother came down to visit me and my family from Rhode Island. I had moved down to Mississippi a year ago and hadn't seen any of my extended family since. My mother was too scared to fly, so my brother came alone.

As I stated before, we weren't that close, so I found the idea of him wanting to visit a little strange. Nonetheless, I agreed and we made plans.

July in Mississippi is just impenetrable heat. It feels like your walking through soup. It's just so hot. So my husband Jay, Jimmy, the kids and I went swimming in our pool. It was all we really could do. It was way too hot to do anything else.

We had a good time splashing around and chatting a little here and there. Jimmy had met Jay a few times and he had gone to our wedding before we moved. It was all a little awkward at first, but we all got along and had fun.

We were outside for a few hours and the sun and pool just made us so tired, so we piled back into the air conditioned house. I decided to shower first after getting the kids out of their wet bathing suits and into warm comfy clothes.

Jay and I have a bathroom in our bedroom, but it's only a claw foot tub, so we have to use the guest bathroom to shower. It's right across from the guest bedroom that Jay had built shortly after we moved in. Jimmy was staying in the guest bedroom.

I didn't lock the bathroom door because I was so used to leaving the door open when we didn't have guests. I started the shower and got undressed. I heard a knock on the door. It was Jimmy. He said he needed to use the bathroom.

I told him to give me a minute to get in the shower. So I waited til the water was warm and entered the shower. I said "okay", I heard the door open.

After a few minutes of silence, I asked if he was still in there. I had my eyes closed and head tilted back under the water, rinsing my hair of shampoo. I heard nothing. I wiped my eyes off and opened them to see Jimmy with the curtain pulled back, watching me. It gave me a shock and I jumped a little.

I could feel the nervous butterflies floating around deep in my stomach. He said sorry that he startled me and didn't mean to. I asked why he was looking at me and he looked away and closed the curtain.

I asked again and he meekly said that he was so embarrassed and didn't mean to offend me or make me feel weird in any way. I was taken aback by what just happened, but was curious as to why he was looking at me.

(A little about my physical attributes, I think I'm considered attractive. Although I think I'm just an average weight, I have a nice bubble butt that sticks out and a good handful of perky tits. I have several tattoos on my lower back, sides, wrists, back and, forearms. I started shaving my pussy bald for as long as I can remember.

At around 31, I got into waxing my pubic hair. Just something about a smooth, bald pussy is so enticing. I didn't think I was much to look at, but Jay always told me how sexy I was and how he couldn't get enough of me.)

Anyway, back to where my fantasy took me... Jimmy finally got the courage and told me that he remembered coming in my room when we were younger and jumping around naked. He said he did it intentionally so I would see how big his cock was.

He said he had fantasies of me and would masturbate to me probably more than he should. He said he had put those thoughts away long ago and never really thought about those fantasies or me like that again.

But he said seeing me in my bathing suit in the bright sun and heat, that something happened. That Pandora's box had opened in his mind and all those feelings and fantasies came flooding back.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I didn't know how to react. I couldn't get the words out fast enough. He felt so ashamed and apologized profusely and tried to leave in a hurry. I told him to wait and something took over inside me.

I explained to Jimmy that Jay and I were into naughty porn and most things considered taboo like siblings and parents and that sort of thing.

We had dirty talked about all sorts of scenarios during our love making. We accepted each other and never judged one another about the fantasies and scenarios we enjoyed.

I confessed about my fantasies of being with him, and that I had never squirted more than I did that night, thinking of Jimmy.

I explained that I didn't think too much into the negative moral implications. I don't think it's weird to think of family that way because we're all human, we are all sexual beings.

I asked Jimmy if he wanted to get in the shower with me. He looked shocked. He thought I would think he's weird and banish him from the family for having those thoughts and feelings so long ago. But instead, I was intrigued.

I told him to get undressed and come and shower with me. He just stood there a minute and looked at me. He looked into my eyes, almost to fathom what was happening and to see if I was actually being serious.

I gave a hint of a smile and nodded. His stare broke and I watched as his eyes went from my face slowly down my body. I could just imagine the thoughts streaming through his mind.

After what seemed like a lifetime, he looked away and started undressing. He was about six feet tall and very thin. He had nice toned arms from going to a rock climbing gym. He had six pack abs from being so skinny. His legs were almost too small and he didn't have much of a butt.

He was always smaller than me growing up. I got curvy and he stayed skinny. All his girlfriends in the past seemed to be big boned and have more meat on their bones. So maybe he was into my body more than I would suspect. I used to like skinny guys growing up, but now I liked meaty guys.

He pulled the curtain back on the other side of the shower and slowly got in. He still looked very unsure of me, almost like he couldn't believe this was happening.

Maybe this had been one of his fantasies of me and now that it was actually happening, he didn't know how to react. I was so entranced in watching him watch my body as he was undressing that I didn't even look at his cock.

I had just realized it as he got in the shower and my eyes dropped immediately to see his hard shaft. I had heard it was big and I knew he had worn the bigger size of condoms, but nothing was compared to seeing it right in front of me at full mast.

I've seen big cocks on porn and adult sites. I knew cocks could range in all sorts of sizes and colors.

But I wasn't ready to see this massive piece of meat throbbing inches away from me. I think I let out a gasp but I wasn't sure. It took everything inside of me to not drop to my knees and swallow every inch and suck it dry.

I was so confused with the feelings going on in my head versus the intense tingling in my pussy. I could feel the juices inside my pussy start to leak out. I couldn't believe how wet I was just staring at my brothers manhood. Neither of us knew how to proceed.

It was intense and awkward at the same time. I decided to take one for the team and make the first move. I reached forward and touched the tip of his cock. Almost like a petting motion.

I wasn't sure was to do with it. It was so big and he was my brother! I thought of the scenarios that Jay and I would fantasize about and I could feel the aching deep in my pussy.

A feeling came over me. It was almost animalistic. Without thinking, I dropped to my knees and opened my mouth as wide as I could and slid it over the tip of his cock. I got as much as I could of his cock in my mouth and slowly sucked down and back.

I could barely fit half in my mouth. I looked up at Jimmy and he was looking down at me in awe, almost not knowing how to act or what to think.

I continued my slow pace, feeling as many inches as I could, my lips wrapped tightly around his swollen cock. My clit was throbbing and needed some attention.

With the middle finger on my right hand, I started slowly circling my clit while I sucked ever so carefully. I almost felt like I would explode. The feeling of my finger on my clit while sucking my brothers cock was almost too much to handle.

I was just about to cum, when Jimmy stopped me and said he wanted to feel my pussy tighten and release on his cock. He could tell I was almost there and he wanted to be the one to make me cum. Just him saying that made my pussy ooze with creamy juices.

He lifted me up and turned me around to face the other way. He bent me forward and ran his hands down my back and under until he cupped my tits with both hands.

My nipples were so hard, they were aching. He pinched and tweaked them until I let out a moan of pleasure. I was so ready to feel his hard cock in my tight wet pussy. He knew it too.

As he pinched my nipples hard, I felt his rock hard cock enter my pussy with hard force. There was nothing gentle about it. I let out a hard deep moan. I was so wet and slick, that his cock just slid right in, all the way to his balls.

I could feel all 8 inches inside me. He just held it in there for a minute, just feeling the warmth of my pussy surrounding his shaft. His hands slowly caressed my sides until they found my hips. He held on tight.

He told me to push my hands against the shower wall. I knew what was coming. He slid his cock out slowly, almost all the way out and slammed back inside me. I could feel his tight, straining balls slap against my ass.

I wasn't ready for it. I almost fell forward. He grabbed my hips back towards him and told me to push hard against the wall. He slid out again, almost all the way out, and again he slammed his rock hard cock into my welcoming pussy.

He picked up the pace and in and out he slammed into me. My pussy tightened with every thrust. After about 5 or 6 powerful thrusts, a wave of heat came over me and I lost all control of my body.

I felt a rush of juices come shooting out of my pussy, all over his cock, and splashed onto the shower floor. I screamed with copious amounts of pleasure. My body went weak. But he wasn't done.

He slammed and slammed into my pussy, and the juices kept squirting and shooting out and splashing all around us. The noises coming from me were from the deepest pleasure center in my body.

I wasn't even conscious of what was coming out of my mouth or my pussy. The pleasure was insurmountable. I came over and over and over again. It was incomprehensible.

I suddenly came back to reality when I heard Jimmy let out an animal moan and I could feel his cock growing inside me, swelling to its capacity. I didn't think my pussy could stretch that much.

Thrust after thrust then finally, a load of thick warm fluid burst inside me. We both let out moans of pleasure. Then our bodies went weak. Neither of us could move. Neither of us could comprehend what just happened."

As I climaxed in the shower using the shower head on my pussy, the multiple orgasms I had thinking of that story was a bit overwhelming. The desire for that to happen is real. And I love that my husband wants it to happen as much as I do.

We've joked about me "accidentally" sending Jimmy a sexy pic of me and explaining it was meant for my husband.

Jay wants to somehow anonymously send him this story, but I don't think I could emotionally go there... at least not yet. But one day I'm hoping my fantasy comes true. If that day comes, I know reality will be better than my fantasy.

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