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Valerie and Vince had been very close all their lives, not surprising considering they had shared the same womb for nine months. They had a very good bond often knowing how the other felt without them even being present.

Along with being born with a soulmate for life both of them where blessed with extremely good looks. No surprise either, their mother was a model who had managed to make a big name for herself with her mesmerising icy blue eyes. She was nearly always asked for jewellery modelling as her eyes went so well diamonds it was simply stunning. Their father on the other hand was an Olympic swimmer turned coach.

The twins stood at about 5'9", making Vince rather short for a boy. He was very well respected at school though, being the top swimmer just like his father had been. Nobody even dared giving him shit about his height afraid for the social back lash. It didn't turn down the female interest either as pretty much all the girls and some guys at school swooned over him, just like all the guys and some girls swooned over his twin sister who lead the girl's swimming team.

With their mother's blue eyes, soft pretty face, honey blonde hair and their fathers athletically lean yet toned figure they turned heads everywhere they went. It wasn't seldom that their mother had set up for modelling gigs. They had been doing them since they were babies. After all a set of twins consisting of a boy and a girl were very hard to find, especially ones that photographed so well as Vince and Valerie.

Valerie's hair reached her mid back, while Vince's was cut in a messy cool surfer cut. Valerie's shoulders were only slightly narrower than her brothers, and her waist was a little more trimmed in. she had slightly wider hips and an ample pair of C cup breasts.

Both the twins were 18, in their senior year and the centre of popularity in their school with how much they looked alike and how dominant they were in their favourite sport, swimming. Both of them were rather self-absorbed and mean. They were known for giving anyone they deemed lesser than them a hard time.

Vince could get rather physical in his bullying while Valerie liked the psychological approach. That being said Valerie sometimes liked setting people up to get confronted by her brother. Thanks to the huge group of people around them hoping to share in their popularity backing them up to teachers and the principal, the twins never got into any real trouble.

Chapter 1

It was Friday evening and the start of the Christmas break. Tomorrow morning the twins would leave with their parents to spend their break at a ski resort with the whole family following yearly tradition. A sporty vacation fitting right within the family spirt of keeping in shape.

Vince's buddies were also doing a skiing trip this year though and while the family skiing trips were always fun there was nothing that would beat the wild parties and rough housing he could get up to with his buddies. There were always plenty of hot chicks around in those ski resorts, but there was no way he would be able to pick up any of them with his parents around. It would just feel awkward. It would be possible at the cabin his friends hired though. Damn the social stigma of having to celebrate Christmas with family.

When he and his sister talked that evening his frustration only grew and anger joined the mix. What she said about that Connor kid playing peeping tom in the girls changing room after swim practice, spying on his sister really made his blood boil. He was very protective of his sister especially when it came to stuff like this. The thought that that perv might as well have been spying on him with how much they looked alike was a thought Vince really couldn't shake.

Connor was one of the least popular kids in school. He looked about as much as a nerd as possible. The big black rimmed glasses, his short ginger curls, the constant acne, the fact that he was fairly overweight and the fact that he always wore hand me down clothes really didn't help his image one bit. Connor had been the victim of a lot of teasing through out high school, and it wasn't seldom that Vince had roughed him up in one way or another.

Valerie was enjoying the look of rage on her brothers face. Since they left for the ski resort tomorrow there was no way he could act on his rage right now. It would continue boiling all Christmas break long and when school kicked off again that perv of a Connor would really get it. She might have made up most of her story, but that didn't matter. Connor had had the balls of looking at her down the hall. It wasn't even a stare or anything. The whole spying and changing room thing were made up. She just loved getting her brother far enough to rough someone up and Connor was an ideal victim in her eyes.

What neither of them were expecting however were the consequences that little lie would hold. How could they? After all who besides little kids still believed in the magic of Christmas, or that Christmas wishes might actually come true?

After Valerie's revelation Vince really needed to blow off some steam. As usual when that happened he went to their home gym and began delivering hard blows to the punching bag, imagining it was Connor. "Damn that fat perv, I really wish there was none of that social stigma so I could show that Connor a Christmas he won't soon forget. With a weakling like that a few blows ought to do." Vince vented.

He was blissfully unaware that right outside the window one of the Christmas spirits was flying by. Picking up his wish the spirit glowed bright red granting Vince's wish. Starting tomorrow the guy would be rid of all social stigma so he could give Connor a Christmas he would never forget. To aid him in granting all parts of his wish Vince would get a great intimate subconscious knowledge of Connor. He wouldn't actively know how to proceed, but his instincts would guide him in the right direction to give Connor that unforgettable Christmas Vince had wished for. Happy with itself the spirit flew away.

Vince had meant that without the expectation of having to spend Christmas with family he could just go skiing with his friends. They left two days later, giving him plenty of time to rough up Connor maybe going as far as actually sending him to the hospital ensuring he would never even dare to look at him or his sister ever again.

Back at the small house Connor lived in with his mother, the ginger haired guy was growing sick with worry. He had seen the daggers Valerie's eyes had shot at him when their gaze had accidentally met. He knew some kind of retaliation would follow for sure, but what exactly it would be he wasn't sure off. Trying to ease his worry Connor jerked off to the trap hentai porn he so loved ever since he had encountered what a trap was through memes and anime. It at least allowed him not to think too much about what would possibly happen.

Chapter 2

The next morning Vince woke up early it felt as if a whole weight had been lifted of his shoulders as he had become blissfully unaware of societies pressure. He no longer knew what was acceptable and what wasn't. He only knew that he would give that Connor guy a Christmas he would never forget.

Without a care in the world Vince got dressed in a simple pair of jeans, a t-shirt, some sneakers, a sweater and a jacket. He was fully ready to leave. After all there were still a lot of preparations to be done if he wanted to give Connor that unforgettable Christmas.

He was due to leave to the ski resort with his parents and sister in two hours. Right now, they were all still sleeping. Without a care in the world Vince walked out to his old car which was parked on the street. He had gotten it for his sixteenth birthday and it surely gave him a lot of freedom. The car had seen better days though and so Vince had been saving up to buy himself a brand-new car, something sporty and fierce to pick up as many girls as he wanted.

Right now this old Ford still did the trick though. He used it to dry into the city, blissfully unaware of what his parents would think, or how mad they would be once they found out he had disappeared hours before they were supposed to leave. Especially since the trip was all booked and paid for already.

He had only just arrived in the city centre about half an hour later when he saw that he had a missed call from his father, his mother and his sister. All where asking where the hell he was. While his mother and sister sounded worried his father sounded pissed. It surprised Vince as he couldn't figure out why they could be worried or angry at them.

Totally obvious to the reason for their anger and worry Vince sent them a text. "Hey, I won't be going on the trip with you guys, I'm spending Christmas with a friend. Have fun though." The text message only further enraged his father. Back home they all thought he had just sneaked off to go on that skiing trip with his friends and so his father said Vince would certainly get grounded when they got back. He also didn't want to give his wife or daughter a chance to talk some sense into him. Instead he took them along as they left without him.

In the city Vince remained blissfully unaware that his reaction and the whole situation were absolutely not done. The fact that he could get in trouble over it didn't even occur to him. Instead he just continued on his way, walking from his car to a nearby beauty parlour that offered a whole range of treatments.

A pretty brunette his age was standing behind the counter of the trendy saloon that looked clean and modern. They had just opened for the day so there was no one there yet apart from a whole range of beauticians who looked ready for a busy day of appointments and people in-between who hadn't reserved a spot.

"Hello Sir, what can I help you with?" the girl behind the counter asked politely.

"I would like to have the full makeover package you offer." Vince replied with a smile.

Taking out a gift coupon the girl behind the counter started noting down the full makeover with its price. "Sure sir, what name would you like me to place on the coupon? Is it for a birthday or should I wrap it more Christmassy?" The girl asked.

"Oh no, there is no need for that. I was looking for a full makeover for myself right now. No gift coupons or anything." Vince replied, his smile not wavering for even a moment. He asked it just like it was the most normal request for a guy his age.

The girl looked stunned for a moment, not knowing how she should react to this odd request. During all over her training and for as long as she had done this job, she had never had a guy before, much less one asking for the full makeover. She didn't really know how to react to the odd request. "Euhm, I don't know if we cater those to guys as well." She said awkwardly.

Vince didn't really seem to understand what the problem was, until one of the older beauticians standing by interrupted. "Of course we do sweetie. We'll just take you through every stage of the process and inquire about your wishes for that stage. Our team is experienced enough to cater to a whole range of styles and I'm sure you'll find something to your liking as well."

"Well you can follow me. I do the hair removal and skin care procedures, the first step in our full makeover." The woman who had just interrupted said in a friendly tone. Happy that whatever seemed to be the issue was resolved. While he was following her to the backroom, he was blissfully unaware that the strange look of some of the beauticians were aimed at him. After all he wasn't aware that anything strange was going on. All he cared for was getting ready to give Connor a Christmas to remember. He couldn't quite put his finger on what it was but something inside told him that this was a good first step.

The room he was led into looked clean with a massage table covered in towels standing in the middle. "So, what would you like waxed? Do you want a smooth chest for some holiday fun with your girlfriend?" The beautician asked friendly.

"Actually, I am looking for a full body wax, arms, armpits, legs, pubic hair, butt crack, everything below the eyes really. I would also like to have my beard and eyebrows waxed. I was thinking some thin high arches for my eyebrows, you know to get that surprised look." Vince said totally unphased by what he was asking.

Now it was the turn for this somewhat older beautician to look as shocked as her colleague at the counter had been. When she recovered, she was wondering whether this was a prank or something? Was this a plan to then sue the parlour for damages, claiming that the outrageous result was something that hadn't been requested at all.

"You know that if I do that, you will stay that way for at least 1 month right? Possibly even up to 2 months and a half depending on how fast your hair grows. There will be no going back." She warned surprised by how unphased the guy seemed. She had heard about so called sissies and crossdressers over the years, but those were almost always very nervous when coming in. This guy with his rough blonde stubble on his chin seemed like anything but a sissy to her.

"Oh yes, I'm absolutely possible. I would also like for whatever skin treatment leaves my skin the smoothest and I would be delighted if you had something sweet and flowery smelling to use in terms of lotion." Vince asked once more unphased. The fact that what he was asking for was no where near widely accepted yet. Even just the eyebrows would most likely give him judgemental looks, let alone the added skincare requests.

"In that case I'll need to get some documents stating that you aren't under the influence of any drugs, that you don't suffer from any psychological illnesses and that what we do is with your explicit consent." The woman said still somewhat shocked. It was a document they only really needed for the more permanent procedures the parlour offered, but she figured it was also justified in this case. After all the last thing she wanted was for this to come back and bite the parlour.

"Okay sure thing. If it's the same for you I'll get ready for the waxing in the meantime." Vince said, surprised that there was so much paperwork to be filled in for just a makeover. Then again, he had never had a makeover so how should he know?

The beautician was even more surprised when Vince didn't blow off the whole procedure now that he would need to fill in some legal documents. Nevertheless she went out to the front desk to get them. While she was there she vented her shock over Vince's request to the girl at the front desk. She would surely spread the rumour to the rest of the beauticians in the parlour by the time the waxing was over.

Once handed the papers Vince immediately signed them off, covering the parlour for the entirety of the makeover. Still shocked the beautician decided it wasn't her job to judge, it was just her job to carry out the customer's demands, so without making to much of a fuzz about it she started the waxing and skin care procedure.

It took nearly an hour, a long painful hour, but by the time the beautician was done Vince was completely hairless from the eyes down. His skin had been scrubbed, all his calluses had been removed and he had been rubbed in with numerous strong-smelling lotions and oils to literally make his skin shine. It was only step one, but Vince already looked drastically girlier. He looked a lot more like his sister since they shared nearly the same facial structure now that his beard was gone, and his skin was soft and hydrated. In fact, the eyebrows made her look nearly girlier in the face than his sister did.

Now that the waxing was over the beautician handed him a pink nylon smock that reached down well below his knees. They never had any guys at the parlour so pink didn't seem like a bad colour until now. At least it didn't look like Vince was bothered by it at all.

"Okay, you're all done here. I advise you just wear this smock so your skin can breathe more for now right after the waxing. When you leave this room your hair stylist will be waiting for you." The woman who had waxed him said. She still couldn't believe what had happened.

"Thank you very much." Vince said even now unbothered by how his appearance had so drastically changed. Sure his body hair had been blonde, but he had had quite a lot so the change really was significant.

Just like the wax lady had told his hairstylist was waiting for him. He guessed she was in her late twenties. Her hair was styled in a funky white blonde pixie cut. She looked cute in a though kind of way. Vince certainly wouldn't mind going out with her sometime, but right now he needed to get ready to give Connor the Christmas of a live time.

"Follow along sweetie, I'll show you to the chair where you will probably spend the remainder of your morning." She said with a slight mocking tone, clearly amused by how drastically Vince had changed already.

Venturing out in the parlour it had become remarkably busy already, not at all surprising given that tonight would be Christmas eve. A lot of mainly middle-aged women were getting all sorts of treatments. There was no one in the waiting area yet, but with how busy it had gotten already that was bound to change.

Thanks to the rumour the girl at the counter had spread among the personnel, pretty much everyone, clients included, knew about the guy who came in for a full and apparently rather extreme makeover if the waxing was any indication. The animated chatter instantly stopped when he came into sight, only to be quickly replaced by whispering and giggling while all eyes were on him.

The hairstylist had thought it would certainly make this guy rethink his decision, but strange enough he didn't even seem to notice. He just followed along to a chair in the middle of the parlour where everyone would get to have a good look at him and sat down.

While the situation was certainly odd and even laughable, there was also quite a lot of awe for the guy who just came in here for a full makeover and really didn't seem to give a shit about anyone's opinion on that. He clearly knew what he wanted, and he went for it without embarrassment. The hairstylist for one looked up to how well he took thinks. She was by no means insecure yet wished she could even have a fraction of this guy's confidence.

"So, what did you have in mind for your hair?" The hairstylist asked eyeing Vince up in the mirror, mentally picturing him with a variety of hairstyles. She had dropped her mocking tone with her new-found respect for the guy.

"Well I was really hoping that my hair is long enough for extensions. If so, I would love to go for hair reaching down to my mid back in a wavy fashion. I would also love to dye it as light blonde as possible. I want it nearly white but not quite there if you know what I mean." Vince said with a smile.

There was a lot of snickering all around as Vince explained his wishes. The hairstylist was quite surprised, out of all the styles she had pictured nothing came even close to as extreme as the hairstyle Vince asked for. Still she had to commend the guy for knowing exactly what he wanted and not being too ashamed to say it out loud in front of a full parlour of gossiping women.

Running her fingers through Vince's hair to get a good grasp of just how long it was, the hairstylist spoke up. "It'll be a close call, but I think I can make it work. Don't be surprised by the weight though. Adding that much hair can really start to weigh through."

"Wonderful, I can't wait to see the result." Vince exclaimed and neither could the rest of the women in the parlour. They were all curious to see just how different this guy would look once everything was said and done.

"Since you're already blonde I should be able to get your hair pretty light coloured in just this one visit. That's what I'll do first, cut the dead ends of your hair and colour it. While the colour in your hair sets, I'll start colouring the extensions to specification. While that is happening one of our nail technicians will be with you to paint your nails. Your hair should be all set by the time she is done and then we can weave in your new extensions." The hairstylist carefully explained the process.

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