Of course, it was my entire fault for just scanning the address, and not writing it down. Had I written it down I'd have more clearly seen the E for east, instead of the W that I mixed it up with when I arrived on W. 42 Street on the other side of the tracks. I was definitely in Gang Banger territory, and most assuredly out of my own element. Or was I?

Like most people, male or female, I have a natural lurid curiosity which I would be happy to satisfy if I weren't caught at it, a totally natural and deep-seated interest in all things obscene -- just because they are forbidden.

The bulges in the six surrounding youths' sloppy large pants told me that they were interested in more than just territorial rights at the moment. They just didn't know how to go about getting into my panties other than using intimidation, or worse, force. I knew that I had to defuse the situation immediately, or suffer the consequences of my mistake, and pay a higher price than a woman should ever have to pay.

"Whoa fella's," I said breaking into their choir like tirade.

"What'd you say bitch?!" The oldest, tallest, and ugliest of them snapped at me. His pock marked face surround by blond, and red dreadlocks would have been enchantingly laughable in normal society, but here it was just scary, and I guess that was their point.

"Look," and I reached out, and took his bulge in hand, and squeezed it, "we don't have to make a racial statement that turns us all into losers, now do we? If all you want is a little white pussy, then just ask nicely."

"Huh?" he gasped in chorus with his friends.

"All I'm saying, and hell all any woman really wants is a little pampering, a little love talk, and a few signs of affection to show that she's appreciated before she lets a guy through the door. Understand?"

"Um, not entirely," he replied, but without moving away from my handhold.

"Well," I said, my heart beating like a trip hammer as I drew on my imagination's well of fantasy, "I'm not a little girl as you can see, I'm a woman, and women like to be earned."

"How much?" Was his quick reply, taking me for a hooker. Still, I was flattered that he was willing to even pay me to get into my panties.

"I'm no pro!" I scolded, and squeezed my hand for emphasis. "I'm not talking about money here," and I looked around me at his friends to see that they were all holding their own bulges as I held his.

"Then what?" He gasped.

"Well," I thought out loud, "some women like men to fight over them. But I could hardly ask you to fight your friends here, now could I?"

All six of them shook their heads in response to that question, and I knew then that I had their full attention.

"However," I continued, "there is nothing like a little friendly competition to earn a woman's favors to set her heart afire, and open her silky thighs. If you know what I mean?"

And when they all nodded their heads in agreement I knew that I was in for an unexpected party of a lifetime.

"Okay," I said, and began stroking tall dark and ugly's thick growing log through his trousers, "I think that I know of a way for us to all have a lot of fun, and make this a win/win situation."

"How's that?" Six voices asked at once.

"Well first off," I said, and pulled my hand away from his bulge, "and don't take this wrong mind you, but I insist that my lovers all be fresh out of the shower for one thing. Which means that we need a place with a little privacy, and a lot of hot water before we start the competition."

"What's the competition?" Asked the big guy.

"My name is Dee," I said, by way of introduction.

"I'm Rodney," he replied, "Most call me "The Rod."

"It fits you," and I tugged at his bulge for emphasis, and then he began to introduce me to his five friends.

"This is Duke," he pointed to his left to the barrel chested black youth with the chiseled Mandingo like face. This guy had to be a football star, or into body building that was for sure.

The next guy he introduced was nicknamed Porpoise, he was the portly one of the group, though not entirely what you would call fat as he proved later. Spike, Decker, and Shaka Dog could have all been from the same litter as they were as thin as rails, and all three wore the same overly large 501's around their pubic bones, or half way down their asses. How any of them walked around without losing their pants is a mystery to me, and science both. However I at least now knew them all by first, or nickname, and that's all that counted.

"So what's this about a competition?" Rodney inquired.

"I thought that since it is obvious that you all want to get into my shorts that you could show me just how much you really want me by having a good old fashioned pie eating contest."

"PIE eating contest?" Rodney actually looked puzzled.

"Yeah, a hair pie eating contest," I replied. "Mine." It was then that I lifted my skirt, right there in the dark alley to let them all get a look see at what they were really wanting the whole time. I keep my thick pubic thatch quite trim actually, shaped into a small heart above my clitty due to the fact that my hair color is bright reddish orange down there as I am a natural Strawberry blond. I keep the rest of the area perfectly bald as that's the way my husband likes it, and I find it much more hygienically satisfying.

"Damn baby!" Rodney growled with controlled passion. "You ain't wearing any panties!"

"I'm glad you noticed," I smiled back at his shocked look, then slowly lowered my skirt back into place. "As you can see I'm all showered, and ready to go."

"Hammond's!" Duke spoke up for the first time.

"Hammond's?" I inquired.

"Yeah," Rodney agreed with his friend, then looking down at me, "It was a family owned Convenient Store up until last week. They moved out yesterday, but they left the water, and lights on in their living quarters for the fire marshals inspection for the new owners. But they won't be here until next week."

"I don't want to break in," I insisted.

"No problem," Rodney said, "They gave Duke the keys to the place. He's their first cousin. There's even a double bed for him to use there."

"Sounds perfect." I said, and followed arm in arm with Rodney as Duke led the way down the street, and Porpoise made a chalk mark next to my car on the pavement by the left front tire before joining the rest of us. Which I could only assume was by way of protecting it from local vandals.

It was a tired old building, much like the rest of the residences in the area, but it alone had a store front with a loading zone on the first floor, with the living quarters on the second floor directly above with a separate entrance way on the side in the back alley. Surprisingly it was very clean inside, with no pealing paint, and some very smart wallpapering, and lovely natural old wood framing, molding, and panels. However save for the double bed in the middle of the living room there wasn't another thing in the interior until you went into the bathroom, which was strangely fully stocked.

"This will do nicely," I said, then stepped into the bathroom, and closed the door behind me without locking it.

I hadn't locked the door as a sign of trust on my part, but I needed a moment to compose myself before I could go any further. So far I was as safe as my comrades could make me, but I was also isolated from my own world, and had to get in touch with my husband so he wouldn't wonder why I hadn't showed up, and so somebody would know where I really was. So while I used the facilities I called Jim on my cell-phone, and told him what I was up to, and where. He agreed that I had done the best thing by not getting raped, but was a little puzzled at first about my not wanting to get the police involved. When I explained that this was a chance to live out one of my girlhood fantasies without getting hurt he finally agreed as long as they didn't keep me there over night.

"I guess that just depends on their stamina," I said before closing out the cell phone.

I gave myself a cool douche from the bidet to clean myself up, and then stepped out of the bathroom, and called out; "Next!"

I almost thought that they were going to fight over the shower, but Rodney took command right away, and said that they would; "...go in the order of introduction's to the lady."

Meaning that as far as the showers were concerned he went first, then Duke, then Porpoise, and so on.

"Nobody touches Dee though until she's ready," Rodney finished, and that was probably why the argument ended with a friendly note.

"We could use a few chairs," I commented out loud as Rodney closed the bathroom door behind him.

"They left some folding lawn chairs out on the balcony," Duke informed us then. And with the others help we had enough chairs for four people to sit down on, and that meant two had to sit on the bed while Rodney showered. I chose a chair so as to favor no one in particular, and suddenly we were all just talking, and getting to know each other.

As I'd thought Duke was into football, and going to college on a athletic scholarship the coming fall. Spike had been invited to UCLA on a music scholarship, but wasn't sure he wanted to leave his homies as yet. Pointing to Decker, and Shaka Dog as they were going to have to repeat their senior year in high school. Luckily for me they were over 18. But it was Porpoise that really surprised everyone there by telling us that he was going to MIT in the fall.

Somewhere during the conversation Rodney came out of the bathroom wearing only a towel around his waist, and took Duke's place as Duke headed for the shower. I got to hear then about how Rodney had been accepted into the Air force Academy, and his plans for becoming the first black man on Mars.

"Ever eaten a white girl?" I interrupted.

"Uh, no, not really," Rodney responded slowly, as if thinking about how to answer the question in front of his friends.

"Any one here ever eaten any pussy?" I asked then.

Porpoise hesitantly raised his right hand, and then Decker, and Shaka Dog raised theirs as well.

"Good," I stated, "you men can coach the virgins. You know, sorta kibitz, or give them hints, and suggestions on technique if you will. And since Rodney is sort of a virgin to eating pussy, and well, he is the leader of you guys, I think he should eat my pussy first. After all he has already taken a shower, right?"

The nods of every head in the group settled the issue as far as I was concerned. So I slouched down in the chair, spread my knees wide, and lifted the hem of my skirt up to my face, and then held it with my teeth.

"Come on brown sugar," I whisper lisped through my teeth in my huskiest voice, "time to eat some white pussy. And remember, the best cunt lapper gets to fuck me first. So you might want to listen up to your friends, and me especially while you're learning."

You didn't have to tell Rodney something like that twice, he dove into my crotch with a full half twist, his tongue slicing through the swollen lips of my excited pussy like a knife through melted butter. And my legs wrapped around his head of their own accord. It this guy had never eaten pussy then he was the all time Rookie of the year as far as I was concerned. And when the tip of his oral appendage tickled my G-spot I knew then that this was no tongue-fucking rookie by any means. I instantly went in multiple orgasm mode shimmying, and shaking uncontrollably in that simply lounge chair like a monkey in a banana tree on extasy. My hands holding his black face in up tight against my pink gyrating pussy, mumbling, screaming, and yelling out every blaspheme known to mankind as I forced Rodney to lick up my never-ending supply of girl goo melting out of my cunt.

My only problem when I get like this is that I can be a real fucking pig of a slut, and when I saw Duke coming out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel I crooked a finger at him to get him to come closer. Once he was in reach I simply grabbed the towel, pulled him right up next to me, and rid him of that pesky loincloth so as to get at his growing hunk of black man meat. And yes, it was very fucking big. So big that it took both of my hands to hold onto it as I opened my mouth to get what I could of it into my mouth. Which was barely more than an inch back of the crowning head.

I lost all sense of time for a while as Rodney's tongue brought me from one mind numbing set of multiple orgasms to the next set. I was in hog heaven getting my pussy quaffed, and my mouth stuffed with big black cock. So much so that it took a while for me to realize that two more of the gang had joined in on either side of me to suckle, nip, and lightly bite at my heaving titties. Hell, they hadn't even bothered to take off my blouse, or the demi-cup bra underneath, just pulled everything to the side, and had at them. For all essential purposes I was still fully dressed saved for the fact that I wasn't wearing panties. The whole scene in my mind creating a picture of a perfect slut in carnal carnage melt down.

Now I'm not one to brag, but I can pretty much say with some authority that I'm a damn sexy looking vixen. In fact I know that I have a better body than most of the up, and coming starlets out in Hollywood, and that I'm pretty enough to turn more than my fair share of heads. I eat, and exercise properly, and try not to overdue anything that isn't related to sex. So when I tell you that those guys were all over me like wolves sharing their last meal on earth, please believe that I know what I am talking about here. And I wallowed in all of that black flesh like a sow in a mud hole.

I was sucking on one big black cock, after another, with a big black cock in each hand that I was stroking enthusiastically as well. And all the while one of those black bristly heads was between my thighs licking away at my sopping wet slit, or tongue fucking my tight tender little pooper. I don't have any idea of how many orgasms I went through, or how long this part of the foreplay lasted, but suddenly I found myself all alone flat on my back on the bed's mattress with the only sheet in the place rumpled up underneath my soaking wet ass.

"Uh, where did everybody....?" I started, then opened my eyes to see that I was surrounded by no less than seven throbbing hard black cocks. This party was starting to grow. Some of which were being stroked as they pointed in my general direction.

"Foreplay is over, baby," Rodney informed me, "time fo you to choose who fucks you first."

"And who's second," Duke put in just before the rest of them set off a volley of numbers that I was in no real shape to comprehend.

"Yeah, well," I struggled to get up on my elbows while spreading my legs wide, "I'm pretty loose right now fellas, so what say we let Rodney lay down here on the mattress, and I'll climb up on his hog leg, then you other men find one of my other openings to use while we go at it. After that we'll just play musical white holes, and black poles. How's that sound?"

"GANG BANG!" Decker cried out just as I climbed on top of Rodney's cock, and slowly impaled myself on that black snake of his.

Duke wasted no time in sidling up behind me to slowly slide his thick black stick up my slippery wet shit hole. It did hurt just a bit, but I was no virgin there either, and have always loved a healthy sized cock up my ass. However with Rodney's cock stuffing the shit out of my pussy at the same time it felt like I had four foot of cock in me instead of close to two. And when Porpoise shoved his thick fat cock in my mouth to fuck my face I knew then that I'd made the best decision of my life letting them all fuck me silly at the same time.

"I say we knocks the bitch up," came out of the mouth of the stranger that had joined them while I was getting eaten out earlier. "Teach her not to get lost next time."

"Shut up Mouth!" Duke spat at him silencing Mouth with that one command.

But it was too late; I'd heard him, and just the thought of getting knocked up by these seven strangers, not ever knowing who the daddy really was sent me screaming off into the land of mind numbing euphoric multiple orgasma. After all, my day job was being a proper housewife to my husband Jim. And even though he allowed me the occasional foray into the wild side of consensual adultery didn't mean that he would take kindly to raising some other man's black bastard child. Though in truth, I knew that he would get off on the idea, if not the actual fact. Jim is as twistedly perverted as I am, more so at times. And I do love him for being that way.

"Yes! Oh yes!" I screamed after spitting out Porpoise's cock for a moment, "knock me up! Breed me like a bitch! I love it!"

I was out of my mind going from one outrageous group of multiple orgasms into the next group. My body totally out of my control as they rammed, pulled, pushed, tugged, shoved, and throttled my body with their sexual hunger like I was a blow up doll. Two somebody's always sucking, or biting at my breasts, and keeping my nipples hard, and extremely tender while no less than five black cocks fucked my cunt, my ass, my mouth, and both hands all at the same time.

In, and out, back and forth, twisting, and rotating their hips as they ground their black peckers into my white flesh over and over again. And when one of them came in my pussy, or up my ass, or in my mouth then another cock would quickly take its place. However where my mouth was concerned sometimes I had a cock in my face, and at other times somebody's black ass was spread for me to rim out. Though honestly, I never really saw after Porpoise's cock shot off down my throat whose ass, or prick was in my face after that. All I was really aware of was the sweet smell of Irish Spring soap that they had used to take their showers, and I was very pleased that I had insisted on that part before this had all gotten started. I may be a pig in heat when I'm slutty, but even pigs take baths.

I knew that I was gonna be sore all over when this was through, but there's no way, now that I was well into it that I would have stopped this gang bang. And by then I'm sure that these boys knew just how lucky they'd gotten with me too. They sure humped me like I was their favorite fantasy centerfold, I can tell you that. And with all of that kind of attention, I really felt as slutty as a centerfold woman can feel.

I don't know how long I was amongst the living before I passed out in sheer exhaustion during that breeding party, but when I came to again they were still fucking me. Though with slightly less vigor, and with a lot looser body orifices to contend with it was easy to understand why. It was dark outside by then, and the place was slowly becoming very quiet. I could feel my ass drenching in a wide pool of scum from all of the cocks that had cum in my pussy, and asshole thus far. As it turned out Mouth was fucking my cunt, pumping out as much semen with every thrust inward, as Decker who was cumming between my tits was spurting all over the front of me.

I could feel sticky crusted, and wet goop covering my face, chest, belly, and in my hair, and there was no doubt that my clothes were probably ruined, or at best ready for the dry cleaner's. I'd been fucked hard, and laid up wet. What more could a slut ask for? And when the two of them finished, and got off of me I found that nobody else was there, everybody else had left leaving these two the sloppiest of leftovers in me.
Where'd everyone go?" I struggled to sit up, and found that my entire wardrobe was now bunched up around my waist like corded rope yarn.

"They all had dates to get ready for," Decker replied, "we figured since you were passed out that you wouldn't mind one last poke before we left too. Mouth, and I ain't never had a white woman before, and we wanted to make it last a little longer."

"You better be on birth control," Mouth chided, "or sure as shit you got yourself knocked up good today, slut."

He was right. As it turned out the doctor found me pregnant six weeks afterwards. And almost nine months to the day later I had twins, one boy; Jim junior, and one girl; Melissa. And even though they both have very curly, almost kinky red hair, and slightly darker skin than Jim or I they both have green eyes like me. Jim is tickled silly at being a father, and well, I'm pretty much exhausted chasing after clean diapers, and such.

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