Taylor woke up, his hand going to his dick, feeling his morning wood. It felt good, his erection in his hand. A picture of Kam's boner swam before his eyes. Taylor let go of his cock and flung the blanket away. He started at his hard dick. It betrayed him. Over and over again. Always getting hard for Kam. Now Kam was showing up when he was playing with his dick alone. It was wrong. He hated what Kam did to him.

Taylor's hands would grab his junk then release it as he wrestled with his desire to cum and visions of Kam. He couldn't even beat off without Kam intruding. He was straight. Sure, he had struck out a few times, but the women would be back. He'd get everything back if he could find a way to get Kam out of his head and his life.

Desperate, Taylor hit some very seedy websites for edgy porn. Vid after vid did nothing for him, not until he came across a cuckold one where the bull forced the husband to lick his ass. Taylor's cock got rock hard at that. Taylor stared down at it, his fingers lightly playing on the shaft. He was as hard as ever for a guy licking another guy's ass. Like he did for Kam. It all returned to Kam. At the thought of Kam his dick jumped again.

Taylor slid to the floor, his head resting there, arms reached over his head and back to his hand were near his shoulders. He could not believe this, he couldn't live this way. He had to get away from Kam. Taylor realized he was in a very submissive position, and it seemed so natural. Like he needed to be this way. What was happening to him? How could this be happening?

In frustration, Taylor headed to the showers then on to class. After lunch he was sitting in the quad with a sandwich trying to make sense of one of his class books. A shadow fell over him, he looked up to see Greg.

"Having trouble?" Greg was offering and looking superior at the same time.

"I can't make heads or tails of this shit." Taylor closed the book.

"I can help." Greg had a meaningful look in his eye. Taylor sighed, knowing what he meant. "I could use some help as well."

"Are you telling me? Ordering me?"

Greg looked for a moment. "I could order you couldn't I?"

"Yes Sir you could order me to suck your dick."

"Are you going to make me do that?"

Taylor thought. He'd have to do it anyway. "Better if you do." He looked down at the grass.

"Then I order you. Come up to my dorm."

"Yes Sir." Taylor got up and followed Greg.

"Strip." Greg got into his desk chair and swiveled over to look at the submissive jock.

"Yes Sir." Taylor said, thinking that naturally he would be naked, and would be doing the work first. And after most likely. Taylor stepped on the heels of his shoes to pull them off as he pulled his t-shirt over his head. Not wanting to, Taylor pulled his pants and underwear off. Taylor's dick flicked. He was hard. He can't believe he was hard. As he straightened up, he saw Greg give a half smile at the boned state.

"Nice to see you're into it." Greg spread his legs nodding his head back to summon Taylor.

Taylor went to him and got down on his knees. Taylor reached up and opened Greg's pants, who lifted his hips so Taylor could get them down. Greg was hardening as well. Taylor lifted Greg's cock into his mouth and got to sucking. Taylor closed his eyes, so he wouldn't have to see anything. Greg moaned. Taylor hated doing this but had no choice. Taylor felt pubes on his nose. Greg's dick was far past Taylor's tonsils. Deep, Taylor couldn't breath. But he had to make Greg feel good. That meant gagging. So Taylor gagged.

Taylor sucked on Greg's dick and knew he was rock hard. Why was he so hard sucking when he couldn't get it up for a chick? Taylor reached for his dick and started to stroke while he sucked. He needed to cum so bad. He would even do it sucking this dude off. Greg wasn't paying attention to Taylor so he could do it without embarrassing himself being seen jacking to delivering a blow job. Taylor hated that this was how he had to do it. Visions of Kam did swim before his eyes, but he could not fight them while he was this close. The closeness of the cum felt so great to Taylor, then it happened, he came. He slowed in his blowjob as he did, but quickly recovered so Greg wouldn't look.

Having shot his load, the degradation of it all swept over Taylor. He had to be blowing a guy to shoot. And having shot had to keep sucking. The pressure on his balls was gone, so Taylor didn't have the drive to service Greg like he had to continue to. Sucking a man when he had no desire to was depressing. But he had no choice. Fearing Greg might notice, Taylor blindly groped around to wipe the cum up. Having no other option, Taylor wiped it on his naked thighs, coating them in his shame.

Taylor knew he had to continue debasing himself until Greg shot in his mouth. Taylor forced himself to go faster, deeper to get this over. It finally worked when Greg pulled his legs up as his orgasm happened. Taylor felt the cum hit his tongue and regardless of what the actual taste was, it was bitter in his mouth.

Leaning back, Taylor wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. Greg gave a slight smile at the jock kneeling at his feet. "Get up on the desk." Greg waved. With a sigh, Taylor obeyed, opening his legs. Greg got the book, and grabbed Taylor's balls, giving them a squeeze. Greg loved having Taylor's nuts at his mercy. It certainly did turn Greg on. They studied with Greg using his power over Taylor's gonads as very effective motivation. Once Taylor had it as down as he was going to get it, Greg got another blow job.

After he left Greg's dorm room, feeling like he escaped, Taylor walked around, two new loads of cum in his belly. He felt like everyone knew what he had done. But he couldn't go back to his own room. Somehow Taylor felt he needed to be away. He walked aimlessly, not able to pull himself from the humiliation. At one point, Taylor thought he saw Kam, and felt his heart quicken. That did it, Taylor went to his room, closed the door, sat with his back to it, putting his head down. He had to try to deal with the fact he needed dick to get off. How badly had Kam screwed up his mind?

Two days later, Taylor was in the halls between classes. His mood had improved since Kam still had not summoned him. Getting up from taking a drink from the fountain, Taylor saw Kam next to him. "This way." Kam grabbed Taylor's shoulder and moved it the way he wanted. Taylor followed to a janitor's closet. Inside Kam snapped his fingers and pointed to the floor at his feet.

"Yes Master." Taylor knelt and began to open Kam's pants. Kam was on his phone. Taylor got to sucking Kam's big cock.

After a minute or two Kam said "Sweet", pulling his dick out of Taylor's mouth. "Too bad faggot. Got a text, and a girl wants to take a swing on this. You're out of luck." Kam quickly put his pants back and left Taylor kneeling there.

Taylor skipped his next class. He sat curled up under his desk. Why was he so disappointed in not getting to make Kam cum? He didn't want to suck Kam, but when Kam pulled out and left Taylor felt deflated. Why was he disappointed? Taylor had tried picking up girls, and not done well. He knew it was because he needed Kam's dick. Taylor struggled.

Nothing from Kam the next few days. Taylor had been wondering if Kam had given up on him. It tore Taylor apart. The relief that he might be free of Kam, and the craving he needed Kam to cum. Taylor's balls were so full he swore they were actually turning blue. Bars didn't work for him. He was so turned out that he couldn't pick up a chick. Trying to jerk did no good either. Even when Taylor gave up and let himself dream of Kam, he couldn't keep a boner long enough to shoot. He was a wreck.

Out going to a class, Taylor did see Kam, talking in a group. He half hid behind a wall to watch. Kam was so at ease. It was like watching a group from a movie or something. Kam had the life. Taylor saw Kam's body move, and knew all the ways that body felt. Taylor needed to be on his knees, sucking the cock hidden in the jeans. Taylor could feel it in his mouth the force of an orgasm splattering cum into his throat. Taylor felt his own cock was rock hard. Looking at Kam so far away. Taylor felt like he was a little girl, with a crush. Shame and desire rose all over and gripped him. He couldn't rip his eyes away. He wanted Kam, but could not stand that desire in himself. He was conflicted.

Kam's group broke up, all going different ways. Taylor followed Kam until he disappeared in one of the buildings. Feeling pitiful, Taylor kept staring where Kam disappeared. He wanted so bad to suck Kam, he needed that to cum on his own. He had to have Kam if he wanted to get off. Taylor headed back to his room, stripped naked and stared down at his limp cock. The bushy black pubes around them. He reached down and fondled himself. Nothing until the thought of Kam. Taylor fell onto the bed face down. Automatically his legs spread. He noticed they did that. Taylor reached around and grabbed his ass, one cheek in each hand, roughly massaging them. He spread them. He felt the air hit his ass hole. The slight chill of exposure. Taylor fingered his ass. If it was only Kam's cock. A finger went in. Not as filling as Kam. He needed Kam's cock in him. It was so frustrating. Days without it was so trying. Taylor knew he needed it. He tried humping the bed, fucking a finger in and out of his ass. It didn't help. He couldn't get what he needed.

Taylor gave up, it was hopeless. He had to have Kam. He would need to go to Kam since Kam was not summoning him. He looked at his phone for the time. Kam had a couple more classes. Taylor would have to wait. Those hours were torture. A little plan formed in Taylor's mind. He was going to have to humiliate himself. He didn't want to, but he knew he had no choice. Kam had done so much to him, now he was going to have to do it to himself.

Kam would be getting out of class shortly. Taylor put on running shorts without a jock, a wife-beater and shoes without socks. He headed to the building Kam would be in, waiting for him to emerge. Once he did, Taylor felt like he was a spy as he followed as covertly as he could, hanging back and trying to be behind bushes. Kam went up to his room alone. Faced with actually going up Taylor hesitated. He was going to hate doing this. Considering going back, Taylor knew he had to do it. With heavy feet, he mounted the stairs. His head down, he felt like a great weight was on him.

There was Kam's door. Taylor looked around. The hall was empty, so he quickly stripped, holding the sparse fabric in his hands. Knocking on the door as he knelt. A moment later Kam opened it. Taylor swallowed, bent down and kissed Kam's feet. Doing this in such desperation, Taylor never felt so low. He hoped Kam would take this proof of submission. Taylor stayed bent over, his face down at Kam's feet.

Kam looked down, a smile on his face. It had worked. He had taken a chance. Taylor may not be at the point he needed Kam, that was the risk. That Taylor would come crawling to him. Kam didn't expect that crawling to be literal. Taylor was deeper than Kam thought he was. This was great. He would be able to push even harder. "Get in. Crawl." Kam moved to allow Taylor to enter. Holding his skimpy clothes and shoes, Taylor crawled in, keeping his head down. Once in, Taylor stopped waiting for new orders.

Kam went to sit on the bed, looking down at his slave. Taylor's long hair made it to the floor. Long, black, and somewhat frizzy. Kam looked at Taylor, naked and on his hands and knees. Now Kam knew he had Taylor completely. "Tell me why you are here. Say the words out loud. I want to hear them."

Taylor crunched up. Kam was going to make him say it. To speak the words, and he did quietly. "Urrragh. I need you to fuck me."

Kam smiled, not that Taylor could see it. "Tell me why."

Taylor gave a slow shiver. He pulled closer in "I can't cum if I don't have your dick."

"What if I don't want to give you my dick."

Taylor looked up in shock, quickly putting his eyes back to the floor. "Master I need your dick." Taylor gave a choking sob.

"Decisions, decisions." Kam moved his foot under Taylor's face. Taylor looked at it a moment. He reached down and started to kiss and lick it. Kam let him for some minutes, watching Taylor debase himself. Kam stood up, removed his clothes as Taylor waited still looking down.

Kam laid on his bed, his huge cock pointing to the ceiling. Butting his hand behind his head, he ordered "Get up here, face me. Ride my cock since you need it so bad."

Taylor started to move, to obey "Yes, Master."

"And don't cum until I do. You need to work for it."

"Yes, Master."

"What no thank you Master? How ungrateful can you be?"

Taylor begged, "I am so sorry Master, thank you for fucking me."

Taylor climbed up on the bed, squatting over Kam's dick and guiding it into his hole. He grimaced as he accepted it into his body. Taylor was hard, he could see his own penis and how much larger Kam's was in him. Taylor pushed his ass down until he was sitting on Kam, adjusted his legs to get leverage and started to ride Kam as he had been told to. Kam let Taylor work, Taylor's ass was tight, and Kam knew he would be able to hold back on cumming for quite a while to really exhaust the small-dicked jock.

Taylor exerted his thighs going up and down Kam's substantial pole. It was real exercise. Taylor kept his eyes down, looking at Kam's tight abs. His own smaller cock bouncing. The constant filling and emptying of his ass was a sensation he missed and dreaded. He was doing it to himself, by orders, by his own craving. Each time he was filled, it was more than the crammed feeling of his ass, it was like it was going through his brain. All the way down Taylor felt the completeness he needed so much, it brought him close to cumming. Cumming was possible, with Kam's body close and dick in him. Taylor had been unable to cum for so long, now that cum was rushing to spurt out of him. He couldn't cum not because he had to do as Kam ordered. Taylor's cock and balls were energized, the edge of orgasm. It had been missing so long, now it was back. Taylor could cum this way. Only with Kam. Taylor's thighs were burning. He was ready to cum. He needed to cum. But he knew he wasn't allowed to. Kam was enjoying getting his dick serviced and not in any rush. Taylor knew Kam would hold back to torment him.

Kam reached up and moved Taylor's bouncing chin up, forcing Taylor to look him in the eyes. That did it, Taylor started to cry being made to look Kam in the eyes. He could hold them in as he saw bodies, but the chilling eyes boring into his soul was too much.

Kam looked with arrogant purpose, of control and ownership. In Kam's mind, he was shouting in victory. Taylor was fucking himself because he needed Kam in order to cum. Kam knew Taylor was straining now, his legs hurting and feeling the impact of having to fuck himself to cum. The tears on Taylor's face made Kam feel powerful, he had Taylor so completely under control now. Kam's dick got even harder. As long as Taylor needed Kam to orgasm, Taylor would be forced by his own sex drive to further submit. Kam was working not to cum now. He wanted to keep Taylor in this misery. Make Taylor work himself to exhaustion for this.

Kam let Taylor's chin lose, and Taylor dropped his head again. Kam was sure he felt a tear strike his abs through the sheen of sweat the fucking raised. Kam wanted to thrust his hips, but didn't. The cumming would be all Taylor's work. Kam's hands were both back behind his head. For Kam, this was the laziest of lazy fucks, he could hear Taylor make sounds of physical strain as Taylor moved all the way up and down the long shaft. Taylor was hurting, exhausted, had been on edge for so long. Taylor just wanted to cum, how could he get Kam to shoot? Taylor clenched his ass, sped up as much as his nearly tapped out body would allow.

Kam saw the sweat pouring off Taylor's body, heard the ragged breathing, the groans of the strain of the muscles that this workout was making. Kam's dick got harder. This was so fantastic, to have so much influence over Taylor. Taylor was shacking for the effort to continue fucking and holding back the orgasm. Kam wanted to cum and was hoping to make Taylor do it first so he would have a reason to punish him. The need to cum was great in both of them. Kam knew he would not be able to hold out longer. Taylor was fighting his humiliation and that was giving him the strength to hold back.

Kam gave up and let out a bestial roar as he shot into Taylor's ass. Taylor felt the hot cum rocket into this gut and let his legs collapse, falling forward some as his own dick let out his seed. Taylor gasped for air supported by his arms to stay over Kam. Kam wiped his brow leaving as Taylor's butt clenched in spasms, milking more and more cum out of him.

Taylor's cum had been a release, but after so much effort, it was painful. The expulsion seemed to be like acid, and once done did not offer the completion he needed. Taylor's breath was sharp and short, and his dick was still hard, needed to cum again already. Once was not enough.

Kam was gratified that Taylor's arms were shaking to keep him partially up. Kam did a few small thrusts to make Taylor feel it. Taylor did, letting anguished groans out. Taylor's ass hurt. It was stretched and worn. Kam tapped Taylor's shoulder indicating that Taylor would move off. Stiff and awkwardly Taylor pulled off and collapsed, breathing deep.

Feeling generous, Kam gave Taylor a few moments to recoup, before he said "Lick up what you spilled on me."

With effort, Taylor pulled himself up and began to lick on Kam's abs, going up to his chest, being sure to get all of his cream off his Master. The taste of cum mingled with the taste of sweat and Kam's skin. He was exhausted, but had to finish his task. When he did, he lay down in an almost fetal potion as Kam felt the afterglow of orgasm and power.

Over 10 minutes later, Taylor looked up at the relaxing Kam, "Master, may I cum again? Please I really want to cum again."

"Damn boy, was that not enough for you?"

"It's been days Master, my dick is still hard, I want to cum again, please, please let me."

"I'm not ready to fuck you again. Eat my ass, I'll even let you jerk off." Kam rolled over.

Taylor took a deep breath. More work, but he needed to cum. "Yes Master." Taylor moved so he could get his face between the muscled globes of Kam's ass. At the start he could only lay there sticking his tongue to Kam's rosebud, and worked it. His need to cum pushed him, and Taylor lifted his hips and pulled his knees up to prop so he could reach his cock and stroke it. Not having orders preventing it, Taylor went to stroke as fast as he could, wanting to cum again soon. His cock was hard and did not take long to get to the point of cumming. So he did, he came again. Taylor moved his hand to support himself. He slowed down a little to discover what was next, Kam didn't stop him, didn't move except in the pleasure of getting his ass serviced. Taylor continued his duties.

As tired as he was, Taylor felt his dick was hard and that he had a desire to cum again. Somewhat worried Kam would stop him, he reached down, feeling his balls. All that cum needing to get out. His hands over his balls made the cum in them churn. His dick jumped and the desire to cum rose higher. Taylor squeezed his balls, moving them between his fingers as he reached between his legs. Knowing he could cum felt amazing, even if he was degrading himself to do it, even if Kam could stop him.

Taylor moved his hand to stroke his cock. He wondered if Kam could tell, if Kam even cared. Taylor moved to jack off again, still rimming Kam. It took longer this time, since he had cum twice already. Taylor let his rimming slack off a little. Kam made a commanding grunt. Taylor got back to work, he had to do it in order to even have the opportunity to cum. He needed to cum again. Taylor rubbed one out, his dick hurting some, feeling abused, but he couldn't stop. He had to keep doing it.

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