With her surrender, I started to pound her faster, driving both of us to our climax. "Ah, fuck!" The words leapt from my throat as my jizz shot forward into my wife's pussy seconds later, all the way inside her. She cried out at the same time, and I felt her vaginal walls tighten, squeezing me as I began to slow down, still driving inside her, but tapering off.

Understand, I was tired, but I refused to merely sink against the glass of the stall and let her see how much it had taken out of me. Instead, I pulled out slowly, letting her feel every inch of me as my cock crept out of her, wanting her to want me more and again. As soon as my dick was free, Claire turned around and grabbed me, pulling me into her for a long, sexy, loving kiss. She was still moaning, running her hands all over my body, still hungry.

The words came easily. "I love you, Claire."

"I know, baby. I love you so much." She looked into my eyes. "You know, I wasn't sure how this would all turn out..."

I laughed. "How do you mean, sexy?"

"Well, let's just say I'm glad you and Rita hit it off so well..."

"You know my tastes run to sexy blonde wives..."

"You cannot convince me you've only been with blondes your entire life, hon. Besides, I know you're faithful, always have been. That wasn't why I said that." The puzzled look that must have been on my face pushed her onward. "I really didn't know if you would be...comfortable fucking another gal in our house. Anywhere, actually."

"Never have, baby, you know that." I kissed her, and she looked reassured.

"I know that. I completely trust you, and I completely trust you with Rita."


"Yes! You're not going to run off to Spokane and shack up with her, any more than I'd ever fly off to the Midwest with Bill, right?"

"True," I said. The look in her eyes told me that word had been unnecessary, and appreciated nonetheless.

"While the two of you were busy this morning, I was doing some housework. Lots of cum in a lot of places, and the sheets on our bed were soaked. I switched out the sheets in the bedroom next door, while the two of you were fucking again. It took you two long enough..."

"We did it three times after going to bed. I'm surprised I was able to cum at all."

"Not that, but that is a little impressive." She gazed up at me and smiled. "I meant saying you loved each other." My heart hammered in my chest, but I had no answer, and she pressed on. "Very glad you both did. Look, I still love Bill. Love you more, and you're my husband. This comes from a girl who thought she didn't want to tie herself down thirty years ago, and here we are. There is no way you would have kept going to bed with Rita if you didn't care about her. It's just not in you to just fuck and be done."

"So, you're happy that I love her? Also, not as much as I love you..."

A gentle laugh burbled up from her beautiful, naked chest. "Not jealous, baby. Rita's a very wonderful woman, great in the sack, and she was really my first and only choice to invite over for the weekend. I didn't want you just fucking." She kissed me. "Loved hearing you call her name when you came, too! The two of you were so loud I wanted to throw my apron off and join you. Bill and I have made love a few times, and I wanted, I want, you to have the same thing."

The shower water was cooling, and it was finally time for us to get out and dry off.

"Where's Bill?" Rita spoke up as soon as we left the bedroom, finally dressed. She had tossed on sweatshirt and sweatpants, both a cheerful, pale off-white.

"He went into town, had some business to take care of. He also volunteered to go the market for a few things we're short on."

Rita shrugged, and looked at the two of us, clean and fresh and wearing clothes again. "What shall we do about breakfast? You're out of eggs and bacon, and I don't think we can all keep up our strength on cereal and bananas..."

Claire looked over at her. "I think he has something more substantial in mind."

"Wait... Whose car did he take?" I hoped it wasn't mine, or Claire's. While we all knew he could fuck, I had no idea how good a driver he was.

"He took an Uber, said he'll be gone a couple of hours. That was nearly an hour ago."

"That's all?" It felt like my second shower had taken a lot longer.

"I asked him to call when he's on his way back. In the meantime we can have some toast and fruit, and maybe some coffee, to take the edge off."

The three of us chatted at the glass dining table while we ate, and I wondered about the pussy-licking Claire had promised Rita. I really hoped there would be time for that, whether or not I watched. I wanted Rita to have that, and join them if I could.

Claire's cell rang about half-an-hour into our breakfast chat. He was held up by business, which I thought was odd on a Saturday, and wouldn't be back until well after lunchtime. He hadn't picked up any groceries yet, so they would be fresh by the time he got back, but it was still disappointing. And an opportunity, I realized.

I was feeling emboldened by Rita and Claire declaring their love for me, and looked at both of them, chatting happily together. "Sweetheart..." I interrupted, and felt myself blush momentarily when both heads, blonde and red, turned my way. "Claire, Rita said you promised you would do something for her."

Claire arched one sardonic eyebrow. "I did?"

"Fuck... She said you promised to go down on her this weekend."

"How do you know I haven't already? She was here long before you and Bill arrived..." She was toying with me, teasing me, knowing I wouldn't have wanted to miss that.

It was Rita's turn to laugh. "I told him about it last night, and you were too busy fucking Bill to spend any quality time face-down in my lap, Cee!"

Claire joined her, then I did, chuckling over the whole thing. "So, Rita told me she wants me to watch the two of you. She also that you're really good at..."

"Eating pussy?" Claire's hazel eyes bored into mine, not denying a thing, daring me to stammer an explanation. The bait went unheeded.

"Lovemaking. Baby, you enjoyed watching Bill and me suck each other's cocks. Your blowjobs have always been...wonderful. I would love to see you going down on our houseguest, licking her pussy, sucking on her clit, and lapping up her juices when she squirts in your mouth."

Claire wriggled sensuously, sinuously, in the chair, and her eyes started to smolder with the beginnings of wicked desire. "What about Bill?" Her voice was low, little more than a lustful whisper.

"Rita invited me to watch. Bill's had plenty of you so far, and..."

"...I owe you?"

I smiled a little, acknowledging her point, but said, "No. The point is, I love both of you, and I want to see Rita enjoying you as much as I do, baby."

She didn't answer as such, but rose from the table and circled it, taking Rita's hand in hers. I noticed that her fingers played over Rita's palm fleetingly, and Rita got out of her chair, too. Claire led her towards the downstairs bedroom, our master, and I followed them.

Both women made a show of ignoring me, but Rita kept casting sidelong, lustful glances at me, and I knew she was thanking me for mentioning Claire's promise now. Our horny houseguest wanted me to watch, wanted my wife to make her cum, as much for me as for herself. The blinds were open, brilliant mid-morning sunlight streaming through the windows onto the freshly made bed. I took a seat by the window, with a clear view of the rest of the room.

Rita and Claire stood by the bed, carefully turned so I could see both of them. Neither spoke as Claire slipped her hands underneath Rita's cream-colored sweatshirt, and lifted. Rita raised her arms, letting my wife slide her top off her and discard it on the floor. Rita knelt, and put her hands on either side of Claire's dress, gripped the hem, and stood, lifting it up past her hips. Claire lifted her arms now, and let her friend remove her dress, and stood in matching powder blue panties and bra.

Claire put her hands on Rita's hips, and made as if to slide her matching sweatpants off of her, then drew her in. Their lips touched and lingered, mouths opening, tongues meeting in one of the sexiest kisses I had ever watched. I love kissing Claire, her passion and sexual fire, and she held nothing or that back with Rita. Their eyes were closed, and their hands wandered over the other's asses, and up along their sides, stroking their still covered breasts, cupping and kneading the beautiful flesh beneath. Claire's tits were slightly fuller, but both sets of nipples were erect with excitement.

Rita, still lip-locked with my wife, slipped the thumb of her right hand under her own waistband and pulled it down, panties and all, and shimmied out of them while her hand went to Claire's back and worked the bra strap one-handed. Her fingers were sure and swift, and there was no hesitation in her touch as the hooks on Claire's bra came away, and the bra came loose. Claire's palm stroked Rita's red pubic hair, then she pulled back from Rita, and let her bra slide off her shoulders and onto the floor, revealing the full and gorgeous bounty beneath.

My red-headed lover and my blonde wife dispensed with their remaining bra and panties, respectively, and turned naked to me, still silent, smiling seductively as much at each other as at me, and displaying their curves and tits and pussies to me. I shifted in my seat, and my straining cock rubbed snugly against the inside of my jeans. Now Claire squatted on her haunches, gently turning Rita to face her, and leaned into the thick red hair at the other woman's crotch, both of them once more in profile to me. I saw Claire's tongue creep out and extend into the other woman's bush, parting the hairs with her tongue, before stroking Rita's clit with the very tip.

Rita and I moaned at the same time, and Claire's lips curled in a smile. She stood up and flipped the covers down off the bed, revealing crisp white sheets, pure as snow, an appropriate canvas on which they were going to commit their next erotic, sinful act. There was also a plush, lavender towel lying on the sheet, covering the center third of the bed; I knew what it was there for, and my breathing became rougher when I realized Claire had planned ahead for this. She took Rita's hand and guided her down onto the mattress, lying down on the other side of her and running her hands and mouth up and down her tanned body, lingering at the pale breasts where her tanlines were. Rita glanced over at me with a faraway look in her eyes while she arched her back at Claire's touch.

Now Claire started laying little kisses between her breasts, down the center of her tummy, past her navel, where she changed to trailing her tongue from there to Rita's pussy. In response, Rita spread her knees, her lovely, well-toned thighs making room for Claire to move further down, which she did, taking up a position between her legs, mouth ready to go. Rita scooted up on the bed, putting her shoulders on the pillows, dragging the towel under her bottom up at the same time.

My wife's eyes were closed, and I saw her move her hands underneath Rita's ass, and spread her labia with her thumbs, starting to lick there, ignoring, for the moment, the responsive clitoris I had enjoyed last night. At the same time, her legs spread, and her pussy was against Rita pursed her lips, cooing soft moans as she watched Claire licking between her legs. The room was utterly still, and I heard Claire's tongue on the soft, pink pussy at her mouth, a faint, wet sound, rhythmic, so sexy. My fingertips trailed over the bulge in my pants, but I didn't actually start jacking off; there was a long way for these two beautiful women to go yet.

Rita's right hand cradled the side of my wife's face, but she kept her left hand out of the way, letting me continue watching it all. Her eyes were closed, her head bent back, lips parted, and I heard her soft oooh escape into the room. I saw her chest start to heave, her first orgasm making its way out of her. She tensed, panting, then groaned heavily, and I heard the first splash onto the towel, pattering like rain on a canvas awning.

Claire moaned, caught up in the same wave of lust. I saw and heard her gathering Rita's juices with broad strokes of her tongue, and I could almost feel the tingle of her own orgasm building. She moved her hands under Rita's hips, curling her palms over them and pinning her there, while shifting her own hips, gently humping the bed herself. Her head moved up, and I saw her tongue start to stroke the clit at the top of Rita's bush, a languid oval circling tantalizingly just out of my sight. The kinky red hair there swayed as if a breeze was teasing it, and Rita moaned again, this time louder.

Bobbing her head up and down, letting her whole mouth make love to Rita's pussy, Claire started to run her tongue the length of the dripping slit, bottom to the clit at the top, bathing it with a slow, building motion. Rita touched the side of Claire's face, then turned to look at me again. Her smile was full of joy, both at the carnal sensations and being able to share it with me. Her eyes closed again, her belly quivering with another rising climax.

This time I saw a glittering spray of her waters, glinting in the sunlight from our windows, then trickling down Claire's cheek. "Unnnh...f-f-f-fuck!" Rita's voice was louder now, and she grunted with each new spurt of her sweet juices, even as my wife caught them on her tongue and swallowed every drop she captured. She was also moaning in time to her gentle licking, and it looked to me like she barely restrained herself from a pussy lapping frenzy, licking Rita with all she had. I longed for more squirting orgasms from Rita, watching my blonde girl clean up the sweet juices, the both of them enjoying their illicit and completely pure Sapphic lust.

Claire pulled away and turned over, laying the back of her head down in the middle of the towel with a squishy sound, and Rita turned over too. On all fours, her sopping wet cunt over my wife's face, she lowered it into her, humping Claire's mouth, letting my wife's tongue and lips and fingers caress and stroke her, and now her moans almost shook the walls, and more of that sweet wetness escaped, spurting onto Claire's tits, trailing rivulets of musky juices onto the peaks of her nipples, and I watched them trickle down into the valley of her breasts and across her throat as she kept licking and sucking.

"Fuck! Aaah! Fuck, Claire!" Rita arched her back again, almost sobbing with release, this time grinding her hips on Claire's mouth, pressing her flaming red bush and the gash beneath into her, and Claire responded with faster, almost frantic licking. Two of her fingers slipped inside Rita's hole, started to finger her in time to her humping. I knew Bill had probably seen this performance from both of them before, but this was our time, my time, and I was glad he wasn't here to see it.

I heard a rush of wetness, and a stream of pussy juices washed over my wife's mouth and face, running down to widen the pool her hair was soaking in. Rita let loose a low, sensual moan, as Claire wrung another orgasm out of her. After several moments, still trembling, Rita lifted herself off my wife's face, and collapsed on her stomach, a satisfied expression on her face.

Claire turned and kissed her, and got off the bed, Rita's loving ejaculations dripping down her face, onto and between her breasts, and down past her navel. Her hair was dark with wetness, and smelled of the redhead who had just squirted all over her. She came over to me, glistening with Rita's offerings, thick with her own scent and Rita's mingling in the air. I grabbed her from where I sat and pulled her onto my lap, overcome with lust and a burning desire to take her now.

She lay on her back across me, wonderfully wet and fragrant, and I started lapping up the juices Rita had left behind, running my hands across her naked body and spreading the lubrication all over her, before burying my fingers inside her and kissing her hard. The taste of Rita on her lips was wonderful and sweet and beautiful, and it took only seconds for Claire to cum, using her free hand to grab my hand and push my fingers all the way inside her. We kissed through her orgasm, and her ecstatic moans filled my mouth and the room.

Barely finished, Claire rolled off my lap and onto her knees, grabbing almost desperately at my belt and pants, and loosened them just enough to yank them down to my ankles. Her eyes were hungry, and lit up when my hard-on was revealed. She grabbed my dick, and dove face-first into my lap, mouth and lips working faster than I'd seen her do in years.

In a passionate rush, she sucked me hard and fast, bobbing her head much more rapidly than what she had done with Rita, and I couldn't hold on. I grabbed her shoulders, and thrust upwards, letting hot cum jet into her mouth as she moaned and sucked and swallowed, gradually slowing as the last of it trickled out. A wordless moan issued from my mouth in response.

I noticed Rita watching us with half-open eyes, gleaming with passion, lying on her side and fingering her slit lazily. When my balls were finally emptied, she came over to both of us, kissing first Claire, then me, on the lips. She knelt next to my wife, running one hand down her back and gorgeous buttocks. Both women looked happily exhausted, and I also felt drained.

Rita was the first to speak actual words. "Thank you, Claire. Loved letting him watch..."

Claire looked up into my eyes and smiled. "So did I. Probably need to change the sheets again before we go to bed, though." She didn't look one bit disappointed, though. "We're all going to need a shower, too."

"Mmm-hmmm. Which of you ladies wants to go first?"

Rita winked. "She said shower, not showers, and there's room for all of us. Right, Cee?"

We all fit inside the shower, and I realized it wasn't big enough for four after all, but the three of us were just right. There is nothing like a shower with a beautiful, horny woman. Sharing the stall with both was incredible. We took turns lathering each other up, rubbing up against one another in leisurely foreplay, trading kisses amid washcloths and shampoo. Claire and Rita traded off soaping my back and my front, then each other. We were completely clean, and refreshingly, astonishingly feeling dirty.

Rita's petite, muscular frame and Claire's more voluptuous build were the perfect matched pair, and I wanted them both in that instant. In a three-way hug, I felt my way to both of their asses, and slipped a finger inside their pussies from behind. Claire blushed and moaned, and Rita grabbed me, held me for a long, lingering kiss. I finger-fucked both of them for a couple of minutes, feeling them both get wet and hot, then slipped two fingers inside, just to be sure.

Their soapy hands had me hard again, and they took turns jacking me off, one washing my back while the other lathered me up and rubbed my cock some more, playing with my testicles and shaft, all but ignoring the swollen head. Whenever I was close to cumming, they switched, a sexy and frustrating take on edging. On Rita's third turn, she held my cock with one hand, and ran the center of her palm in a rapid circle on my glans. Claire slipped behind me and hugged me, rubbing her slippery tits against my back, and I came hard, the first squirt hitting the underside of Rita's breasts, to her evident delight.

Claire nibbled at my earlobe. She whispered, "Maybe my dear husband would like a nice threesome..." Rita overheard and nodded before pressing her lips against mine in a wonderful, deep kiss. I felt wrung out, which I guess I was. "We should wait, my sexy girls. I need some food first." Rita agreed, nodding even as she rubbed up closer to me.

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