What is immortality, and is it a curse or a gift? A physical body can never be immortal and dies too easily. However, the soul is immortal. Immortality can be a curse at times as well as a gift, depending on the situation. The curse being the boredom of living so long. It can get very boring as there is so much that can really be done to stay entertained. One more negative aspect is to endure the pain when the body gets destroyed either by being involved in an accident or attempting to get rid of vampires.

Stefan is such an individual who once used to be a painter in the 14th Century. He loved to paint portraits of young ladies. He never harmed any woman, nor did he ever have any bad intentions for any of the girls he painted, the society still believed him to be an evil man. He accidentally spilled paint on one of his clients one day. She complained to the crowd nearby. This gave them sufficient reasoning to punish the evil and burnt him alive despite his repeated apologies.

Following the event, a few days later, the entire village was empty. Half of the villages had died while others fled. Rumor has it that Stefan turned into some demon and sought revenge, while others say that this was an act of God.

Stefan has no recollection of the events as centuries passed. He neither knows why he has to carry the burden of living a never-ending life. All he has now is a lonely life and a thirst for blood, delicious food, and sex.

There have been reports of young sexy women disappearing or showing up dead randomly. The police have been searching for any connections; however, the bodies would turn up once in a couple of months or even in a few years. The case keeps being closed and re-opened. The only connection between all the murders has been bite marks all over the women's bodies.

There were no fingerprint marks anywhere that could help the police trace the killer and no strange news of weird pregnancies or monsters walking the streets. The news channels too never pay too much attention to these minute details. The loved ones' families lost claim of demonic or vampiric activities; however, all those thoughts are shrugged off. Not many people believe in this in modern times.

Stefan found an old abandoned house and preferred to spend the day sleeping indoors as direct sunlight seemed to damage his skin. He mostly preferred to wander about late at night.

He worked nights at a nearby McDonald's to earn enough money to buy clothes or eat out at restaurants. He would usually get free food at work. Eating the food kept his desire for blood under control. He needed to ensure that he kept a low profile.

He liked the night shift as it was rare for a hot girl to show up, mostly due to the location, however, also the time of his shift. The McDonald was located far off the highway next to a truck repair shop. He mostly had mechanics and truck drivers showing up. He worked part-time from 10 pm to 5 am.

There were times when girls did show up either alone or with friends. It was difficult for Stefan to control his lust. It was almost the end of his shift on a Friday morning. He was looking forward to the weekend. It's been a while since his last feast, almost a couple of years.

Minutes before his shift ended, a woman stepped into the restaurant. She was drenched in water with all her clothes sticking to her body. It had been pouring all night. She must have been caught in the rain somehow. She was wearing a tank top with a deep cut neck. It was a white tank top that was now wet, revealing the lady's beautiful round breasts and nipples. She was a real beauty with blonde hair.

"Do you have any towels or any change of clothes by any chance? My car broke down not too far from here, but I got caught in the rain," she asked. Stefan could not get his eyes off her; however, he was experienced being in such situations many times. He calmly responded that he does not have any here, but if she didn't mind, his house is not too far, and she can wait for her car to be fixed there while she dried herself.

Natasha didn't see any better alternatives given the situation and agreed to go to Stefan's house. Stefan asked his co-worker who took over the shift to ask the nearby mechanics to pick up her car from the described location and call Stefan's cell once done.

Natasha followed Stefan to his car. He drove an old beater Honda Civic. "Sorry, I'm getting your car seat all wet." Natasha was feeling quite embarrassed about the situation. However, she didn't understand why, but she felt relaxed around Stefan. She felt a little excitement or happiness within her now that she was alone with him.

"Don't worry about the seat. The car is ancient anyway. I hope you don't get sick. you have been wet for quite a while." Stefan drove home. Natasha felt it was weird of him living in such a secluded area with no one around. His house was even more dilapidated than his car. She should be scared of entering a house with a stranger, yet she felt relaxed and at home.

Stefan handed her a towel and showed her the washroom. He instructed her that the bathroom will have bathrobes that she can wear while her clothes dried. "Oh, thank you so much; I don't know how I can repay your favor."

"Don't worry. We have plenty of time for that. I forgot to mention, the Mechanics found your car, and it seems like some of the parts got filled with water, and it will take a week for it to be repaired." Stefan lied on the duration. It was only to take 2 hours to fix the car, yet, he did not want to miss the opportunity to spend a week with such a hottie.

Natasha was puzzled about what will she do for a week. She can not live with a stranger for that long. "You can stay here for the week, I don't mind," added Stefan. Natasha surprisingly nodded in agreement.

Nathasha took a nice hot shower, dried herself, and found the bathrobes in one of the closets. The robes were really nice and clean and perfectly fitting. The white robes covered most of her body, showing a small amount of cleavage.

The duo ordered some pizza for breakfast. "What is your name? I forgot to ask." Natasha asked while sitting at the dining table.

"That's alright, and it's been an eventful morning. I am Stefan, and yours?"

"Natasha. How long have you been living here."

"I have lived here since as far as I can remember. It is quite abandoned though it is where I feel at home." Stefan replied. "You should get some sleep; you must be tired," he added.

Stefan continued to admire her hot 27-year-old body. He also ensured to make as much eye contact with her to ensure he could control her mind. Each time he made contact with her, the passion burnt stronger within Natasha. She was not sure, but with every single passing moment, she felt a greater desire to throw herself into his arms.

After finishing up breakfast, Stefan showed Natasha the room she could use. It was in the basement with absolutely no windows or light source. There was just an old school oil lamp that barely lit up the surrounding of where she stood.

"I will be in the next room. Let me know if you need anything," Stefan instructed.

"Do you have to be in another room? I mean, we both can share this room or yours," replied Natasha. She was partly surprised that she just said that.

Being in a dark room was turning her on even more. She could not resist it anymore.

Stefan walked closer to her. As he approached Natasha, her breathing intensified. She gasped as he took her into his arms and brought her even closer towards him. His body felt as cold as ice. She could feel his hardness between her legs. He started to grind his member against her as his lips touched her lips.

Careful not to bite so soon, Stefan started to kiss Natasha more passionately. She let out a soft moan after each kiss. Slowly he moved down her cheeks, her neck, and her breasts. He sucked on her nipples, softly kneading the other.

He pulled off her robes with a sudden force and took off his own clothes, and pushed her onto the bed. Natasha observed the build of her lover; he was really built with a muscular body.

She was amazed at the sight of the 7-inch member. She had several boyfriends in the past, but none of them could beat this passion.

She spread her arms forward, inviting Stefan into her arms. He climbed the bead and slowly crawled on top of her. She pulled him into her arms and started to smooch.

The warmth of her body was relaxing the tension built into Stefan over the past several years. He could get used to being in such warmth all the time. The aroma of her young blood was irresistible. As he kissed her soft lips, he could not stop himself from taking a few sips of her youth.

Natasha's eyes widened, and she let out a muffled scream as his fangs dipped deep into her lips, but the pain soon disappeared, replaced by incredible pleasure. Stefan relished the softness of her lips and the warm tastiness of her blood, careful not to drink too much.

He lifted his head and looked into her eyes. "My baby, you have the sweetest blood I have ever tasted."

"Take me, my love; I am yours. Take whatever you desire." Natasha replied. She gasped as Stefan pushed his hard cock deep into her excited pussy. Natasha moaned as he repeatedly pumped his member in and out of her, going a bit deeper each time.

He grabbed her tits and started to squeeze them as he fucked her. Natasha's body trembled, and her eyes rolled over as he hit her orgasm. It was getting easier for Stefan to go deeper as his dick was lubricated with the girl's hot juices.

"Too deep, my love, you are in too deep... it's too much," moaned Natasha as she hit another orgasm. Shortly after, Stefan too climaxed as she felt his hot wad gushing deep into her womb.

Stefan dropped down to her neck for another bite. The sudden attack pushed Natasha over the edge again as her lover fed on her.

Hours later, Natasha woke up with an aching body and a lot of weakness. The room was now pitch dark as the oil lamp had run out of oil.

She was alone in the room naked. The mind control of Stefan was broken; she vaguely remembered being drenched and meeting a stranger. This was probably his house. She neither remembered how he looked, nor did she remember his name.

She managed to find her way to the basement stairs and made her way to the main house lobby. The stairs creaked at each step. It felt that they might break any instance. She could not find any clothes and was wandering the house naked.

She found her clothes in the washroom. She changed quickly and rushed outside. She found her car parked outside and found it weird. She never paid for the repairs.

She sat in her car and returned home back to her daily routines.

Stefan ensured not to drink all her blood or end her life. He really hated the idea of the possibility of having wives or girls showing up dead. One night stands were the best as there was no way anyone could trace activities back to him.

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