"Now get down here and kiss me, lover."

Even with my seed on her, I instantly got down on her and pasted my lips to hers. Needless to say, we both wrapped our arms around each other and held each other for dear life, so to speak.

We made out more than lovers, but just as two souls connecting in more ways than one. Never before had I ever felt such chemistry with someone, but she broke through all my standards and made me love her.

Even with my cum there, touching my chest and stomach, it didn't stop or slow me down at all. In fact, I think it fueled me a bit because I knew what just happened. Nevertheless, I still felt it and surely wanted her to enjoy the fact that I felt it right then.

Our make-out session lasted for ten minutes, but then my lips gently parted from hers. "No bullshit, Rebecca, do I get to be with you?"

"If you'll have me, Vince," she replied, placing her palms on my neck. "You know, you have to hold my hand in the hallways, text me, and kiss me in public while people ask 'WTF,' among other things, are you up for that? I mean, I'm Rebecca Moore, the most popular woman in school. I mean, I'm not quite Kim Kardashian, because I don't have a sex tape or a bullshit TV show where cameramen follow me around all the time, but I'm up there."

"Hey, some of them might be camerawomen. Women do know how to work a camera, Rebecca."

"Who knows, Vince? If you get more than a few pairs of eyes on you with me, you might even get voted prom king."

"And what makes you so sure you'll be prom queen?"

"Didn't you just hear me say my name?"

"Fair point, we certainly have charisma towards each other. Would it be a stupid question to ask if you have another condom?"

"Yes, moron, I have a shit ton of condoms. Get the hell off me, dummy," she giggled, pushing me off her.

"Yes, I'm so sorry," I chuckled.

She fetched another one and quickly turned back to me. She opened it yet again and came right to me. I leaned up, took off the old one, and sat on the edge as she lowered herself to her knees.

She placed it on the head of my cock and pushed it back. "You smashed Chris's record too; it took me over a month to break out the 'L' word with him. Although, you managed to get it out in just a few hours. You must be unique," she praised me, prior to getting on my lap. "I know I teased you a little while going in this position in the locker room, but this time, your dick is going inside my twat," she made clear, grabbing onto it with her left hand.

She guided it right to her mysterious hole down there while keeping eye contact with me again. Neither of us said anything because nothing needed to be announced at that moment, but she did milk it, though.

The head just barely penetrated her snatch, and she had to maintain that position for over a minute. "Are you sure you love me, Vince? It isn't the sex or even just the idea of having me?"

"Absolutely..." I said, bringing my face within only a couple of inches of hers. "Not," I made clear, plopping my palms on her butt. "I love you, and I'm not afraid to admit it for a second."

"Good to know, I love guys that know how they feel about their woman," she commended me, before lowering herself down. "Holy shit, that's good, Vince, hold onto that cock, I'm going to want to play with it," she said, placing her hands on my shoulders.

"My dick is your dick, Rebecca."

"Fuck me; you are in love with me. I love that, now have fun feeling my drenched pussy," she implored me, beginning to lean back and forth.

"I will, and your butt too," I moaned, fondling it.

We maintained the length of her arms from her hands, holding onto my shoulders. I made sure to hold onto her butt as well, so she was supported. We also grinned at each other the whole time, as if we had a smiling sickness.

"Go ahead, look at those jugs, Vince, we're way past the slapping stage for eyeballing my boobs..." she said, before a gap. "Wait a minute, have you eye-fucked me before?"

"I might have."

"Well, did I get your dick hard?"

"Yes, Rebecca, did you forget who you are?"

"Point taken."

Needless to say, I did glance at her breasts while we kept fucking. I surely didn't stare at them for more than a few seconds at a time, but I helped myself to enough peeks that would get me slapped in any other scenario.

I felt her wet pussy walls on my schlong, and her juice never failed to stop flowing out. I felt it all over my balls and scrotum, which wooed me even more. I unquestionably couldn't imagine how she could make everything sexier, but I just waited to find out.

After a few minutes in that position, I made sure to increase my thrusts a bit, as my wood ventured into her slit a bit deeper. In a few seconds, she had to part her eyes and deal with the pleasure a bit better.

She angled her head back. "If you are going to fuck me like that, Vince, you better hold onto me for dear life, I might fall if you don't."

"I won't let that happen; you're too important to me. Although, I'll make your pussy hurt by screwing you, I'll do it and make you a little crazier for me. Do you like the sound of that, pretty lady? I'm squeezing your butt hard and shoving my cock into you like a pornstar, so I hope you like it."

"Wait," she giggled, looking back at me. "You watch porn?"

I stayed quiet for a few seconds and swallowed. "Yes."

"What the fuck, Vince! You watch ladies fuck on camera? What's wrong with you?" she attacked me, shooting me a dirty look.

"You're joking, right?" I asked, halting movement.

She stayed silent for a moment. "Yes, you weirdo," she chuckled. "You should see the look on your face, every single guy in high school with a laptop watches porn. It's like a way of life; it's nothing to be ashamed of, Vince. What's your poison? Girl on girl, MILF with a younger guy, or girl. Maybe massage porn or something out of the ordinary, like transsexual porn. You know, chicks with dicks?"

"No to that one, Rebecca, but yes to all those other suggestions, though."

"You'll invite me to watch them with you, right?" she asked, getting close to me. "I'd hate to think that you're cumming, not with me present. That I'm some psycho chick that has to be involved all the time, I know guys do need some private time alone, but I'd like to watch it with you if you'd let me. I'll even give you head while we both watch."

"And there you go, Rebecca, somehow you get sexier just about every minute."

"And allow to say fuck that rule and move up another notch just a few seconds later," she announced, prior to leaning up a bit and pushing her jugs onto my face. "Your dream woman can't do you wrong, Vince; it is right in the term, dream. Don't worry, you may motorboat the shit out of my tits, and dispense saliva all over them, I won't let my hand come onto your face quickly, but maybe slowly because you love me. Chris loved my melons, but didn't tell me he loved me until after about thirty different motorboat sessions, isn't that a crock of shit?" she asked, gently hitting my face with both of them.

"Yes," I answered, taking a small break.

"Oh, you like being abused by titties, don't you? You're a kinky bastard, Vince, but don't worry, I'm an unconventional woman, but not in the public eye, like you've been seeing. No, I like to watch porn, masturbate in the fucking shower, and fuck strange guys in the locker room too. Holy shit, you have no idea what you've gotten yourself into, but I promise you one thing," she mentioned, bringing my head towards her. "It'll be worth the ride."

"I know."

"Good, now get back to my hooters, horny man," she ordered me, pushing my head back to them.

She scrubbed my face all over her rack and did make sure to get every single inch at least once. I kept my eyes closed and cherished every second because it was just pure paradise in every sense of the word. She knew how much she meant to me and let me into her sexual persona.

"How about you, Vince, does anyone know that you spy on women in the locker room, steal their undergarments and even pleasure yourself with them? Have you been keeping it a secret from everyone? Well, that's a shame, I might have fucked you a long time ago. You could have felt these jugs on your face, but now we just have to make up for lost time. I might have to get on the pill to do that, don't you think? I'm a horny chick, so you just hooked a big bass, so you better bring it out and mount it. If you throw it back, I will slap you, do you understand?"


"Good, now lick those nipples," she commanded, shoving my face to her right nipple. "Open your mouth and let your tongue on it. Lick it now, Vince."

I followed her order and began slathering her nipple, going up and down very quickly.

She looked directly at me the whole time and kept her boob lifted for me. "Oh, yes, lick that damn pink nipple, you pervy man. How dare you disrespect my privacy. I have every right to stay after school, practice, and masturbate with my dildo without having some dude steal my panties, masturbate into them and watch me. You got some nerve, Vince, but don't worry, I'll forgive you. I might be a floozy, but I do have a lighter side too. You're unleashing it now because I like to be pleased, even when I nearly force the guy to glaze your tongue all over it. I told you I'd be worth it, but remember, you're in for a bumpy ride."

I listened to her speech and just pleased her as much as I could if only to make her love me a little bit more. She let her tongue go all over her lips as she watched me as closely as possible.

"I feel the veins down in your cock now; they are beating quick now, is that because of me, Vince? Am I about to make you explode? Will I do that as I make you please me as the sex slave you are? Go ahead, nod in agreement. You're mine now, and you better nod. You don't want to disappoint your master, do you?"

My head immediately jumped to her lips and kissed her. "I'll do whatever the fuck I want, how does that sound?"

"Sexy, so can you be the perfect mix of sweet and mean, Vince?"

"I can be, just for you, Rebecca. There is nothing I won't do for you."

"Would you even blow another guy, just for me?"


"Oh, an immediate answer, holy shit, you're a kinky guy too, I guess we're a match made in heaven."

"It seems that way," I added, bringing my mouth back to her nipple.

Again, even with our jiggling bodies, we managed to keep eye contact and accept one another's souls. I surely never expected anything even close to this happening, but yet it was. We stared at each other, shed a few tears, and just loved one another.

'And to think, the best I thought that would happen from me sneaking in the locker room was that I might see her underdressed even for just a few seconds. Wow, she is a sexy and bizarre woman. I've just been seeing a woman seemingly obsessed with basketball, but she is so much more than that. I certainly knew there was more to her than that, but damn, I love this chick. She is beyond beautiful, seems more than into me, and wants to date too. Not a bad deal from doing something naughty. Yes, Rebecca, rub your boobs all my head over and over again, I don't mind at all. You may do it all you want, and keep the intimacy as high as possible. Fuck me; I've even been tempted to shoot and break the condom. I'll get you pregnant, Rebecca. You'll be mine that way, but yet, I don't want you like that. We'll see how things go, but you already know I'm crazy about you. I surely hope you feel the same way about me.'

"You're a keeper," she moaned, caressing my head. "Now you're sucking on my nipple too? Oh, my, I don't know what to do with you except get on the pill, tell my parents to leave us the fuck alone, lock that door and have my way with you for hours. I don't know how long you'd last, but I'd certainly go for over a week straight after we graduate. Would you be willing to have sex with me for that long?"

I nodded and closed my eyes. I immediately pictured that happening.

"You like that, don't you? I feel your cock wanting to whirl around inside my pussy. I'm sorry it doesn't expand like that, but are you going to blow up?"

My mouth came off her nipple. "Rebecca, can't you shut it? I mean, I love you, but damn, I'm trying to please you."

"You are doing just that, and I tend to ramble when I'm talking to someone I'm crazy about, Vince," she assured me, rubbing my back.

"You're crazy about me too?"

"I'm at least running down that road. I can't say how far I need to go yet, but I'm sure I'm close. There was no question in my mind that you were crazy about me when I yelled. I might have been pissed off, but I still have an eye for that."

"Well, when you spot someone using your bra and underwear in that way, remember though, I've been watching you practice and your games for years now, and you clearly didn't know who I was."

"Well, you just put me in my place," she groaned, looking away.

"I'm sorry, Rebecca," I apologized, wrapping my arms around her.

"It's alright," she added, returning the favor.

After a moment, she backed away slightly. "Do you want to kiss and make up?"

"We're at our first make up already?"

"Time flies when you fuck the most popular woman in school, Vince."

I nodded, and I did indeed paste my lips onto hers. Rebecca knockers, mixed a bit with my saliva clashed onto my chest, and we made out passionately as the soon to be true lovers we were. With every passing moment, she seemed to be sexier and wiser to some extent. We also encased our arms around each other again, but we did tighten our grips a bit.

'She already pulled out a "kiss and make up?" That's interesting; maybe she is vulnerable in her way too. I can't imagine her being worried about losing me, but perhaps her words do confirm that she loves me also.'

I didn't know, but I felt my load still building up even just with us kissing, my pecker still sought deep shelter in her beaver, so that continued to pleasure me for every single second. I knew the tipping point was coming, but yet, I wanted to milk that experience for all it was worth.

Whether I'd have sex with her just one more time, or a million, I surely wanted my first time with my cock inside her to be magical and last forever. I knew it'd end sooner or later, but until that time, I just enjoyed making out with her and feeling my condom covered dick inside her.

Although, after ten minutes, I had to part my lips from hers. "Okay, I'm not perfect, my lips give out after a while when I kiss pretty ladies."

"Don't worry," she assured me, pecking my cheek. "I've logged in a lot of hours kissing other guys, but none of them were you, so I'm sorry for that. I'm sure your lips will become stronger in the weeks and months to come. I'm sure when after a few college visits, you won't want to stop kissing me. Is it safe to say that you'll be more amped up about putting your lips on mine, than having mine on your schlong, Vince?"

"I'm supposed to say 'Yes.', right?"

"Yes, but just be honest."

"Well, putting our lips together could lead to your lips down there, correct?"


"Then, yes, Rebecca."

"So, if you were curious if I had a bush, is it fair to say that my bush is your favorite part of my body?"

"The race is too close to call, but I'll keep you updated."

"You've shot your load on my face, stomach, and jugs, but how about my butt? Would you'd fancy shooting somewhere else on me?"

I had to look over her somewhat and saw one sexy target. "How about your butt? Your cheeks are incredibly soft, but would it be okay to soil it?"

"I don't mind," she added, before kissing me again and standing up.

I kept my eyes on her as she got off the bed, and she instantly placed her hands on my member. "I only do this for guys I love, Vince," she mentioned, calmly taking off the condom. "You do have some seed in there, sexy," she said, before tossing it to the trash. "No, I don't mean chucking that, I mean this," she told me, before leaning her head down and taking my pecker into her mouth.

"And you want me to cum on your butt?"

She nodded and angled her head down towards my pubes. From one second to the next, she very slowly began thrusting her lips.

"Oh, shit, your soft lips found their way onto my johnson again, Rebecca," I moaned, before lying down on my back.

I heard her giggle a bit, but she didn't peek back at me. Then I covered my face with both hands and just enjoyed the pleasure once again. She had most of the work done, but she wanted to finish with her mouth, and I'd gladly accepted.

I felt her lips go in the same two-inch movements over and over again. Every few seconds, I pressed my hands onto my face a bit harder and felt the moisture on both of them. I didn't even know how long I'd last, so it just seemed to be a waiting game.

Regardless of just how amazing she made me feel with the physical feelings, I truly cherished the intimacy even more than that. Also, as I didn't have my eyes on hers at the moment, I knew she was looking at me.

She let her lips go on my cock ever so slowly to make it as sexy as possible. Of course, feeling her speed up her thrusts would make me have to cum a lot faster, but she sincerely did love me to some extent.

That was all that made sense when I angled my head back and looked right into her eyes. Just as I thought, she had her eyes right on mine, and she kept them there as our eyes met again.

I placed my hands on her head again. "You're the best woman in the world, Rebecca, both inside and out, I swear. I've never felt so in love before, and your attitude towards me makes me want you so much more. I want to marry you."

Even as I dropped that bombshell, she failed to part her eyes from mine, or stop her pleasuring. Needless to say, I didn't take it back or look away from her. I surely knew that she knew even though I was in a passionate moment, she knew that I was at least somewhat serious.

With each passing thrust of her lips, I felt myself being pushed a bit closer to the edge, and she became closer to getting a cum doused butt too. As an added side effect, she also wooed me a bit more, as well.

"You have me in the palm of your hand now, Rebecca, I just ask this, please be good to me, because having you is feeling fantastic, and I sure as hell do not want to lose you. I swear I'll treat you like the queen you are until the day that one of us dies."

Yet again, I let powerful words come out, but she failed to halt the spectacular act of thrilling me as she was. I couldn't wait to let my seed out again, but at the same time, the eye contact and physical feelings were the real prizes.

I certainly knew that she revealed herself to be a horny woman, and we'd probably be doing it several more times that night, but just like the other times before I had to shoot, I still just did not want it to end.

"Oh, fuck," I sobbed somewhat. "You're close now, Rebecca, I promise, I'll shoot my load all over your butt and stain it for life if you like. Whatever you want, consider it done. That's how much you mean to me."

Her eyebrows rose, and she calmly let my pecker out. "So," she uttered, standing up with me and stroking my wood. "You're telling me that you want to marry me, fuck me and cum on my flesh for the rest of our lives?"

"And a few other things, Rebecca," I added, placing my hands on her butt. "I know if you could see inside my mind right now, you'd see a sexual and loving wonderland. You're the queen, and I'm your sexual pawn."

"No, you're my king. Believe it or not, I even thought about getting hitched to Chris after high school, but he scared me off of it a few months ago. Lucky you, now I'm into it more than ever, just with you standing beside me instead of him."

"Are you serious?"

"Yes, as long you promise on your life that you'll always be sweet to me, but certainly get a little mean when we have sex. I'm still a kinky woman, Vince, don't forget that," she reminded me, prior to dropping to her knees. "I'm cock hungry," she alerted me, before taking my member back onto her mouth.

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