Like most women, I always wondered why men were so interested in anal sex. Why would you want to put your cock in that hole when there is a perfectly good, silky smooth pussy right next door? Well this is how I came to love anal sex...

Before I was married, most men I dated would ask me for anal sex and I always turned them down. To me, my ass was for one purpose and that wasn't very sexy! There would be times when a man would go down on me and would put a finger in there and it actually felt pretty good. I chalked that up to the fact that there would also be a finger or two in my pussy and a tongue on my clit!

The same was true after I got married. My husband and I enjoy a very healthy sex life. Over the past few years, part of our sex lives has become watching porn together. Some of our favorites are European and Italian movies. The women are beautiful and elegant and usually wear stockings and heels... something I can relate to. In these movies, many scenes include anal. Seeing these women take very large cocks in their ass was an eye opener to me.

My husband and I talked about trying anal but I still said no... but inside I was getting curious.

One morning while I was home alone and feeling a little horny, I got my vibrator and laid on our bed. I was slowly getting aroused... feeling my nipples, my pussy getting wet ... as I was picturing myself in one of those sexy Italian movies. My eyes were closed and my vibrator was tingling my nipples... I brought the head to my mouth... picturing Rocco feeding me his cock. I sucked in the head of my toy... getting it very wet... and moved it to my clit. I could feel my orgasm slowly building in me and I was getting more worked up than I usually do. I couldn't wait much longer and I slipped 'Rocco' into my pussy. I was humping my hips, working the vibrator deep into my pleasure zones. With the vibrator in my pussy, I took one finger and slowly inserted it into my ass... it took things up a notch!

This was feeling really good! I took some lotion from the bedside table and lubed my fingers and my ass... I had to see how this would feel in my ass! I spread my legs and slowly worked to toy into my ass... there was discomfort but not too bad... and I was too hot to turn back. The vibrator moved deeper into my ass and the discomfort slipped away... replaced my a warm pleasurable feeling. With 'Rocco' in my ass and my fingers on my clit, I now felt like a woman in the movies and my orgasm hit me hard... I was shaking from head toe as waves of pleasure moved through my body. I felt like I had just discovered something new and couldn't wait to try that again!

My husband and I make Friday night our 'date night'... we dress nicely and go out for a nice dinner and wine... followed by sex when we get home (or in the car!). One Friday afternoon, I texted him to tell him I had a surprise for him tonight. I'm sure he was thinking it was some new lingerie... which I always wear for him... but tonight, I was going to lose my anal virginity! I got home early from work and showered early... wanting to make sure I was really clean down there. With the idea that I was a 'virgin'... I decided to wear a white satin garter belt and the matching bra and panties. I topped it off with a white silk blouse and a knee length skirt. White stockings and 5" white heels.

My husband loved the look when he got home and wanted to take me to bed right then... but I told him his surprise was after dinner.

I was getting very excited all evening... I couldn't wait to see how it would feel to have a real cock in my ass. My panties were very damp during dinner and I tried to keep my mind off what was to come. We went right to the bedroom when we got home. My husband loved the lingerie and thanked me for the surprise. I whispered in his ear that the surprise was still to come! His cock was very hard... and dripping.. as I took him in my mouth. I took control and climbed up on him, sliding my very wet pussy down onto his cock. As I stroked his cock with my pussy, I looked him in the eye and asked if he wanted his surprise... he screamed 'yes!!'... I teased him for a minute or two and whispered into his ear... 'I want you to fuck my ass'. His cock swelled in me and I had to make sure he didn't cum before the main event!

I had left some lotion on the nightstand and asked him to lube me up while I got on all fours with my ass in the air. We have a mirror near the bed and I looked to see myself... head down, ass up... framed by my white satin garter belt. He worked a finger... then two into my ass and it started to feel good. In the mirror I could see his hard cock jutting out from his body and couldn't wait any longer... I said 'give me your cock'... 'take my ass'... and he slowly worked the head in. As with my vibrator, there was initial discomfort but it soon went away. After a few minutes of slowly working more and more of his cock into me, he bottomed out. I felt full and warm and started rubbing my clit... my orgasm wouldn't wait very long. He was now fucking my ass with long strokes... pulling my hips onto him... and I felt wave after wave moving through my body. For a moment, I pictured myself in the movies being fucked in the ass by Rocco... and i came... and came... and came! It didn't take long for my husband to follow and it felt wonderful to have his cum fill my ass.

Needless to say... he liked his surprise and we now use anal sex as part of our regular sex. I now have a jeweled butt plug that I sometimes wear during the day on Friday. It keeps me very wet all day and makes my ass very ready for him all night!

I hope you like the story and maybe some of you will find it useful?


Pub: 17 Mar 2021 00:23 UTC
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