Chapter Two: Raise Your Glass!

Brittany came home in high spirits. She was not surprised to see Andrea drinking again, but when the taller woman offered her a drink, she accepted. Andrea was not her ideal drinking partner, but she wanted to celebrate. She also felt bad with how poorly she's treated the woman lately and thought it would be a good opportunity to apologise.

"The house looks nice," Brittany called from her bedroom after giving the kitchen, living room and bathroom a glance.

"Glad you like it," Andrea called back, a big grin pulling her lips as she finished another glass of Pinot Noir. "If you don't hurry, I'll drink it all!"

"Let me shower first! I'll be quick!" The petit blonde found it refreshing to shower in a clean bathroom for the first time in months. The smell of bleach was strong, but she couldn't remember the last time she appreciated the scent so strongly. It only took Andrea a month to revert to her slobbish ways, and it was usually Brittany who had to clean the property. Eventually, she gave up, not wanting to live a life as a proverbial housemaid. She knew cleaning the house today was a lot of work for Andrea, considering no one had cleaned it in nearly two months.

She looked up as the warm water washed over her body, rinsing the conditioner out of her hair. She recalled the time she got into an argument with Andrea when she refused the clean the mould growing out of the ceiling in the shower.

It started as a simple request: 'Andrea, would you please clean the mould growing in the shower? I've been cleaning the rest of the house, so, would you mind...?' Before she could even finish the question, Andrea calmly said it was Her house, and if she wants to clean, she will.

The response left Brittany speechless, and the conversation ended then and there... but what Andrea said next pushed Brittany over the edge. 'Besides, you wouldn't have anywhere else to stay if it weren't for me, right? Being a maid suits you.'

The blonde turned on her heels immediately and stomped towards Andrea. 'Who the fuck do you think you are?! You're home sitting on your ass every fucking day, drinking beer, playing video games or watching dumb furry cartoon shit!' Brittany gestured at the television where cute, human-like animals went about their lives.

'It's anime, not cartoons,' Andrea said flatly, calm as always.

That only made Brittany angry. 'That doesn't fucking matter! I pay my rent -- more than what's fair! I help with the electricity bills even though you're the one using most of the electricity! I cook for you most nights, and usually, you don't even say thanks!' Andrea moved her mouth to speak, but Brittany continued -- 'And then, you barely put any fucking effort into cleaning your plate.' She imitated Andrea's attempt at cleaning her dishes while making a slow expression on her face.

Despite the hostility and anger in Brittany's voice, Andrea still wore a cool expression and spoke with a level head. 'That's why you make a good maid.'

Brittany's face reddened at this point, and her fury escalated to the point of tears streaming down her cheeks. 'I'm not a fucking maid!' She jabbed her finger into the taller woman's chest twice, 'especially to a lazy fucking nigger obsessed with furries!'

Even though Brittany regretted her statement right away, Andrea still showed no reaction. She was still too angry to think about apologising, so she stormed into her room and slammed the door. Frustrated with her life, she listened to music in the darkness until she drifted off to sleep.

"I know I said it already, but I'm seriously impressed with how clean the house is!" Brittany said, a pink and blue robe tied around her body and a towel dressed in her hair to slowly dry it.

"Thank you!" Andrea reached for the second glass and filled it with red wine, then offered the drink to Brittany as the woman sat down.

They clinked their glasses together and drank. Their conversation included their hobbies, and Brittany appreciated the lock of furries and furry suits in the topics. The blonde made it clear several times how poorly she thought of those things in the spare room. They continued talking and soon emptied their glasses.

Andrea poured them another glass, "So, what has got you so happy today?" She offered Brittany her drink and held her glass up.

The bespectacled blonde clinked the glass with a smile and drank some more. "I had essential exams in class today and passed them all with the top grade!"

Andrea saw how the girl's face brightened up at her accomplishment, and skulled her freshly poured drink. "Looks like the bottle is empty, I'll go get us another one!" She said with a giggle.

Brittany was not done yet and wanted to drink more, so despite the alcohol rushing to her head, she waited excitedly.

When Andrea came back, she held a bottle under her arm, and two filled glasses of red wine in each hand. "Here," she said, then held her glass up in the air. "A toast to you, Brit, well done on passing your exams!"

Brittany laughed happily, taking the alcohol and matching Andrea's pace as she drank it in one go. The two continued chatting the night away, and Brittany kept drinking. "Wowwww, you've drunk so much and you don't even seem...!" As if the train of thought left her, Brittany stared blankly at the drink, then finished it.

"Drunk?" Andrea giggled, finishing her own drink, then pouring them both another.

"I... I shouldn't drink anymore..." Brittany raised a hand in refusal.

"Ohhhh, come on girl, one more!" The furry lover laughed, pushing the near-full glass into Brittany's chest. She couldn't help but stare at the opening in the girl's robe, getting a good look at her bare chest.

Brittany was so drunk she could barely see, and she shrugged before taking the drink and downing it in one go. Then, she clumsily stood and stumbled as she tried to set the empty glass on the table.

"Whoa, you okay?" Andrea slurred, watching the blonde nearly fall forward.

"Y-yeahhhhh, I'm fiiine," Brittany laughed and headed for the bathroom.

Andrea watched the woman walk away, admiring how the robe clung to Brittany's hips. She slipped a hand under her track pants, and gently rubbed her rigid cock. When she heard the toilet flush, she grabbed her meat, flipped it so it lay against her stomach, then pulled the hem of her pants back around her waist.

When Brittany finished her business, she stumbled through the lounge room again and drunkenly said good night. Once she opened the door to her bedroom, she swayed and turned to face the black woman. "I'm shorry faw... how I treated you, you're rilly awesome. I shouldn't have shaid... the N word, and it'sh not fair how I made fun of your hobbiesh." With that, she found her bed and collapsed on it, falling straight to sleep.

"Thank you, Brittany. Good night!" Andrea raised her empty glass, saluting the woman.

Andrea's cock throbbed at the thought of Brittany laying defencelessly in her bed. The sleeping pills she spiked the blonde's drink likely kicked in quickly. She forced herself to her feet and stumbled to the kitchen where she rinsed her face with water. I'm going to do it tonight. I've thought about it for a while now, and this is the best opportunity. I can't hold back anymore.

After refreshing herself, the woman walked into the spare room. She flipped the light switch and looked proudly at her collection. Stuffed animals of various sizes lined the shelves, and a rotatable square of racks had fur suits hanging from them. Most importantly, though, was the large cabinet at the end of the room. She walked through the maze of suits and opened the cabinet. What waited for her inside was something very special. I had this one custom made for you, Brittany, you racist little whore.

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