"I want to fuck!"

"What? Fuck who sis?"

A smile crossed my lips. "You brother. Me screw you."

Leo stared at me. "What's wrong with you Yazzie? Are you frickin' crazy?"

I giggled and shut his apartment door. "Of course, I'm a crazy bitch. Harley is cheating on me, and I want to screw you to get even!"

"That's funny Yazzie. What's really going on?" My brother looked around the room. "Is this some kind of prank? Am I on YouTube?"

"No Leo." I sat next to him, rubbing his thigh. "Harley has another girlfriend, a slut. The jerk's screwing Roxie behind my back."

Leo glanced at my cleavage, then up into my green eyes. "Roxie really? He's banging that redhead bitch? Jezuz sis, I'm so sorry. What can I do? You want a beer?"

"No—I don't want no fucking beer. I want your fucking prick inside me." My green eyes turned red. "Look Leo, I've sucked Harley's cock after its fucked Roxie's slimy cunt, and screwed her slimy ass."

"Now it's his turn to eat shit."

I laughed. "When Harley eats my pussy tonight, he'll lick out gobs of your jism. Then I'll tell the bastard he just swallowed another guy's sperm. And he's a cum-sucking SHITHEAD!"

"Wait a fucking minute Yazzie. Maybe you haven't noticed, but we're like... related."

"Dammit, it's a brother's job to help his sister. Ain't it?" I leaned forward, wrapping my brother's face in my bulging cleavage.

"Leo, I've seen you drooling over my juicy jugs. And I don't got time to find another sperm donor. Harley will be off work soon, and he'll want his pussy snack."

"So do me a big favor and bone your big sister."

My brother blushed but didn't resist when I shoved him on the bed, dropped my shorts and panties, and threw them in his face.

Leo stared at my naked, wet pussy. "Wow sis, you DO want it." Gripping my brother's pants, I yanked them down, and my jaw dropped.

"Mygawd Leo, you're hung like a porn star."

Watching my brother's boner, I laid back, bent my knees up, and spread my pussy. Leo inhaled as he stared at my soft black curls and glistening pink hole.

He moved his stiff prick between my thighs. "You sure about this, sis?"

"Leo, do I have to beg to get screwed? Fuck me—Please. Fill me with cum— Please. Now be a good brother and screw your sister—you don't have to enjoy it."

His cock stuck up, pointing at my fun-hole. Leo touched his cockhead to my pussy. I flexed my hips up, rubbing my slit against his boner...Then I reached for my revenge, pushing my wet pussy onto his prick.

Leo took over, driving it deep. "Oh yes, fuck me brother. Fuck me like a slut!"

My brother thrust in and out of my clutching cunt. "Oh sis, this feels so naughty.. Show me your tits." I lifted my top. Leo sucked my cushy tits and hard nipples. My body burned as he sucked and pumped.

"Oh-oh Yazzie... You gonna tell Harley...unh... that I... screwed you?"

"Hell no." I spread my legs wider, rocking my hips up to meet my brother's prick. "Ungh, Leo... I'll tell him I banged... all his buddies... That'll drive Harley crazy.

Leo laughed and screwed me faster, pounding my eager pussy.

"Then I'll dump Harley's cheating ass!" My legs gripped my brother's hips, pulling his cock deeper into my hot hole. My heels dug into Leo's back as he humped faster, his face grimacing in pleasure.

Closing my eyes, I focused on his steel rod, pounding in and out of my gripping cunt. "Oh...ooh... it feels so... good." My pussy quivered in orgasm, and Leo's head flew up.

"OH SIS!" He clenched my tits, stabbing my pussy as he spewed, filling my cunt with revenge juice. My brother kept pumping, emptying his balls until frothy cum poured out of my crack.

"Wow Leo, how long has it been since you got laid?"

"Few months, why?"

"Brother you just pumped a quart of junk into me. Good thing I'm on the pill, or I'd be dropping a baby, my own fucking cousin."

"Not cousin, you mean niece or nephew."

"Whatever smart-ass."

"Um Yazzie...you're so damn pretty... can I get some naked pics?"

"You want jerk-off pics of your own sister? That's kinky." I spread my legs like a good sister, giggling as Leo took pics of my cummy twat.

Leo helped me off the bed while groping my tits. I slipped on my panties and bra as he watched. His stiff cock watched too, refusing to give up the fight. I laughed, stroking his stiffy.

"Even though it's a sin, I really enjoyed banging my brother."

Slipping on my dress, I winked at Leo. "What's a good screw without a good kiss?" He pressed his warm lips against mine. "Bro you did a fucking good job. I'm sticky as sin down there."

Kissing his cock goodbye, I clicked my car remote and left my brother alone, so he could jerk off to my pussy pics.

It was dark when I returned. Leo's door was locked, so I knocked, waving my knockers at the peephole. Leo opened the door. "Sis you're fucking crazy. What if the neighbors saw your naked tits swinging around?"

"Don't know—Don't care—Don't wear no underwear!" Lifting my skirt, I flashed my naked twat. "Dammit Leo, I need a drink and a fuck." I looked up at my brother.

"I still like Harley, even though he dicked me over. And I frickin hate breaking up."

"How did it go Yazzie, with your cunt-load of cum?"

"Harley went down on me, licked me like a dog, and made me climax! Leo, it was the weirdest orgasm. All I could think of was your prick pounding my pussy. I felt guilty when Harley lapped up your cum...

But it also made me horny as a backseat slut."

"Then I told Shit-Head Harley he'd just slurped up another guy's sperm... Two guys. I fucked two of his coworkers, and my pussy was full of jism. And I was going to tell the guys that Harley swallowed their cum."

"Harley gagged and turned green. He called me a fucking whore and ran outside to throw up. Ha, I laughed so hard I almost pissed myself. Revenge felt good, but now I don't have boyfriend."

Leo stared into my green eyes. "So sis, what are you going to do tonight?"

"Have another drink and watch a nasty movie, maybe finger myself. Same as usual." I plopped down on Leo's sofa and watched porn. The more I watched, the more I thought about mounting my brother.

It was close to midnight when I tried to get up. But I fell to the floor. "Leo I have to go-go."

"No-No. You're too drunk to drive. Stay here sis, sleep on my sofa."

"Oh okay, I don't wanna go home anyway. I need to hear snoring."

"I don't snore."

"Ha, you so funny." I changed in the bathroom and stumbled back, wearing my sheer panties and bra. I caught my brother staring. "What you looking at dude?"

"Wow sis, I've ever seen you dressed so sexy."

"Sexy? Aren't you that guy that just banged me?"

"Yeah, but you had clothes on."

"Well bro, I don't now. Tada!" I threw off my bra, yanked off my panties, and fell back in his bed. "Totally naked, that's what you want. Right lil' brother?"

"I'm not little. I'll show you." Leo unzipped, and I watched his prick turned into a fleshy monster. He pulled on my nipple. "Sis, maybe we could like... screw again?"

The first time was a revenge fuck... But now I wanted Leo's cock, and his one-eyed monster wanted me. "Okay dude, go for it."

Leo hugged me hard, with my nipples denting his chest as he lay back. My brother held his prick as I slipped down on it. And rode his fuck saddle like a cowgirl. It felt so good. After a rodeo of fuck-pumps, Leo rolled me over.

Soon I was on my back with my legs bouncing in the air and his prick pounding my uterus. "Ohmygawd!" An electric orgasm ricocheted up my spine. My back arched as Leo jammed my hips up, impaling me on his spear.

My brother covered my mouth with a hand as I screamed in wild climax. I felt Leo's cock twitch and spurting jets of cum into the hot, tender depths of my cunt.

Afterward, we cuddled. Leo lit a cigarette and tilted his head. "Yazzie, this incest crap could get to be a habit."

"Yep." I took his cigarette. "Another bad habit. Smoking, drinking, and screwing your sister."

In the morning, I woke up Leo by shaking his fat dick. "Get up brother. Get up and get hard." Pulling his foreskin back, my tongue tickled his pee hole until he was stiff. I licked my brother's shaft and sucked his hairy balls.

"Now dump a load of cum down your sister's throat. That's an order."" Taking his cockhead in my mouth, I bobbed my head up and down like a good sister, sucking and twirling my tongue around his throbbing shaft.

Leo groaned, and I felt his shaft swell up in my mouth, so I sucked harder, pulling on his balls with my nails. I thought I was ready for it... but gagged and coughed as his prick spewed erupted with cum.

Too much cum!

After gagging down the last giant spurt, I pulled away. "Jezuz Leo, you're a cum factory. I just swallowed a quart of your gunk!" He kissed my forehead and wiped my mouth off.

"Okay blowjob brother, it's our bath time." I led the way, wiggling my naked, pear-shaped ass. Leo followed me like a horn-dog.

Turning on the faucets, we added some bubble bath. I swear the bubble bath looked like blue cum oozing from the bottle. Made me gag again.

We stepped into the tub. My brother grabbed my waist and pulled my tits against his chest, crushing his boner against my belly. We tongue kissed, and I nodded toward the water. "Get in."

"Yes ma'am!"

Leo sat in the bathwater, and I straddled his hips, pushing my pussy in his face. He lubed my twat with his tongue. I squatted down slowly, feeling his cockhead touch my slit and push in, penetrating my pink tunnel.

"Oh yes Leo, you feel so good inside me."

I bounced on my brother's shaft again, riding him like a pogo stick, stroking his prick with my silky pussy folds. Leo sucked my tits and gripped my waist, helping me pogo-fuck.

We fucked in incestuous lust. Soap-suds splashed over our bodies as we humped. The longer we screwed, the hotter I got. Soon my cunt was a searing, love-socket.

I wanted to be ravaged and ravished. My pussy bounced faster and harder on my brother's fuck piston. My tits slapped his chest, and I growled like a feral animal.

Leo looked into my big green eyes.

"Wow sis, Harley's right, you are a fucking slut. You fucking love to screw." I laughed, and he slammed so deep, my pussy convulsed.

"Fuck Meee! Oh brother—Fuck Meee!" My body snapped and squeezed prick as I jolted in orgasm. I locked my lips to Leo's as he spurted, driving me to another toe-curling orgasm.

Slowly, I lifted off my brother, dropping gooey cum into the suds. Leo cupped my boobs and pulled me into his lap. My body still tingled. I felt Leo's swollen sex muscle in the crack of my ass.

Leo kissed my head and teased my aroused nipples.

That was frickin fantastic Leo. I never dreamed you could make me cum so hard." I tongue kissed him. "Brother, you wanna be my new boyfriend?"

" B-but I have a date with Roxie and—"

"—And NO. FUCK NO!!" I gave Leo my Death Stare.

"But sis, I need a girlfriend."

"Cancel your date with that goddam WHORE." My hand squeezed his balls. "And I'll be your goddam whore. And the best fucking girlfriend you ever had!"

"Really Yazzie?"

"Any hole—Any way—Any time!"

My brother's face went flush, and he almost fell over. "Leo let's seal the deal, so I won't have to bite off your dick." Bending over the table, I spread my cheeks wide, winking my little butthole.

"Come and get it big boy!"

"Ouch!" I groaned as Leo's fat prick slammed up my butt. He slapped my ass as his cock pumped deeper, reaming me out like a good brother. Leo gripped my tits and fucked faster, and I heard Harley calling my cell.

I answered it.

"Dammit Harley—I'm busy! Busy getting buttfucked by my new boyfriend." I screamed into the phone. "Fuck my ass harder Leo! Screw your slutty sister!

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