It's February and the "Shootout" invitational for the "Professional Bull Riding" (PBR). Cal (21 yrs.) has drawn a bull named, "White Heat" whom he rode last year. He earned 89 points on an 8-second ride. He hopes to hit 90 points this time around to make more money.

Mandy (21 yrs.) is a blonde (32-24-32) who has two short pigtails. She sits in the front row of the bleachers. They are right next to the bucking shoots. Her pink western shirt is bright and can be seen across the arena. Her black wrangler jeans are "painted on" with matching cowboy boots. She watches Cal getting ready to ride, "White Heat."

She whispers, "There he is. He can ride me any time he wants."

Cal rides 8-seconds on a white bull who jumps high and wild. The audience enjoys this ride too with loud applause. He is thrown off who is flipped onto his back. He rolls over and quickly crawls away. He stands up and quickly runs over to climb up the side railing. "White Heat" kicks and runs by him. He takes off his helmet and reveals bushy-brown hair. Cal scores 90 points and waves to the cheering crowd.

He screams, "I'm gonna make some Fucking money.!!"

Outside the arena. Cal paces back and forth on the sidewalk. He wears his old cowboy hat and his leather chaps hang over his right shoulder. His wrangler jeans and cowboy boots are covered in dirt. He's getting more impatient by the second.

Mandy walks up to him with her blonde pigtails bouncing. He does a double take at her.

She asks, "Cal right? Great ride tonight."

He smiles, "Yeah, thanks. I need the money."

Her eyes glance down at the bulge in his tight jeans. He also looks her up and down.

She says, "My name's Mandy. I'm waiting for my brother Jake who rode tonight too."

He asks, "Oh yeah, how did he do?"

She giggles, "He won't be making any money, at this rodeo."

He smiles, "Too bad. Next rodeo maybe. I'm waiting for my best friend to pick me up."

She smiles too, "I got my truck. I can ride you anywhere you want."

His eyes dart a look at her, "It's my hotel room. I gotta take a shower. I'm real dirty."

She says, "My truck's right over here."

Mandy turns and walks away. Cal looks down at her nice ass and follows.

He whispers, "What about your brother?"

Later inside hotel room 200. A trail of jeans, shirts, cowboy boots and hat lead into the bathroom. The hot steam floats out and into the main room.

Mandy and Cal are both naked inside of a hot shower. His hands are placed on the wall who faces away from the streaming water. That water hits the three dark bruises on the left side of his back. He got them after hitting the ground from his bull ride.

His legs are spread open as both eyes are closed with his mouth dropped open. Mandy sits on the shower floor in between his legs. Both of her tiny hands have been stroking his 8-inch cock with shampoo.

Stroke - Stroke - Stroke - Stroke.

He responds, "Like-That... Like-That... Just-Like-That.!!"

Both of her hands move up and down his shaft as one hand touches his thick brown crotch. The shampoo lather covers his stiff member.

Cal jerks his head back and forth, "God-Dammit... Dammit... Like-That... Like-That-Baby.!!"

Mandy looks up at him while still stroking, "Such a big... Strong cowboy."

He replies, "I-I am... I am... A-Fucking-Cowboy."

Stroke - Stroke - Stroke - Stroke.

She says, "I love cowboys."

He asks, "Y-You do...? You do...?!!"

She replies, "Damn right I do."

Her left hand stops and grips his shaft. Her right-hand slips down to his cock-tip.

She asks, "Ready?"

He opens his eyes and looks down at her, "God-Dammit... Yeah... Sure."

Her right palm covers his cock-tip. She presses down and twists it like she's opening a lid.

Twist - Twist - Twist - Twist.

Cal's body flinches from the sensitivity of his cock-tip.

He says, "Shit... Oh-Shit... Ohh... Shit.!!"

Twist - Twist - Twist - Twist.

He screams, "Oh-Oh... Oh-Oh-Shit... Shit.!!"

She doesn't stop... Twist - Twist - Twist - Twist.

Cal explodes, "Sh-Shiiiiiiiitt.. Shhhiiiiiiiitt.. Shhh-itt.!!"

His hands slide down the wall as his body covers hers. They kiss under the hot water.

25 minutes later. Mandy and Cal are both still naked. They're on top of the bed. She is lying on her stomach with both legs spread open. He lays on top of her wearing his old cowboy hat. It covers his bushy hair. His head is turned over her right shoulder whose mouth is near her ear. The blonde hair is still in pigtails.

His cock is buried inside of her golden pussy. He's been thrusting short and fast as his buttocks bounce into the air.


She replies, "Yes-Yes-Yes... Gawd-Yes."


He whispers in her ear, "Want-A-Real-Cowboy?... Huh.? Yeah.?... A-Real-Fucking-Cowboy?"

She answers, "Yes-Cal-Yes.!!"


He whispers, "Gonna-Ride-You-Good... Real-Good-Mandy... You-Want-That?"

She answers, "Yes-Yes... Cal-Yes... Ride-Me-Good... Good."


His cowboy hat falls off and the bushy hair bounces free.

He smiles and whispers, "You-Look-Like... My-Best-Friend's... Sister."

She responds, "I-I do?... I do?"


He says, "Yeah-Yeah... You-Do... You-Do... Those-Fucking-Pigtails.!"

He closes his eyes.


Cal pushes inside and explodes, "Shit-Shit.. Shiiiiiiiiitt.. Shhh-iittt.. Holy-Shit.!!"

The next morning. Cal is fast asleep under the bed covers. His bushy hair pushes against a pillow.

Mandy walks out of the bathroom wearing the clothes she had on last night. She just took a shower. Her pigtails are still wet. She sits down in a chair and reaches over to pick up her socks. Her hands pull them on quickly. The cowboy boots are slipped on too.

Her fingers grab his leather chaps which are hanging on the chair. She slips them over her wrangler jeans and buckles them up. They are large, but fitting.

Mandy whispers, "I think I'll keep them Cal. To remember you by."

She walks toward the hotel door who shakes her pigtails.

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