Chapter Six: The Wild Boy

Mary and Imogene threw on fluffy bathrobes and went running down the hall towards Grandma Petra's room, Aunt Selene running not far behind. When they burst into the old lady's room, all was quiet. It was just Grandma Petra laying down in bed, pillows strewn here and there around her. "I don't get it," said Selene. "Where did he go?"

"Oh, I think he left," grandma sighed.

Imogene and Selene immediately kept running, but Mary paused. "He's under there, isn't he?"

"Please," begged grandma, "I'm so close."

"What kind of problem is this?" asked Mary, "Other than us invading your privacy, I mean."

"Mary, darling, aah..." grandma breathed, "Selene is being a prude, and she thinks she needs to be my moral guardian." Then in an aside to the boy apparently, "Oh Christ! Just like that!" Then back to Mary, "That's the only problem."

"I'll see what I can do," promised Mary, and shut the door. The whimpers of a happy wet grandma climax followed her out into the hall.

Imogene and Selene ran back to her. "We couldn't find him," they said.

"And if you do find him, then what? We must go downstairs," insisted Mary, rushing past them and down the stairs. Imogene and her aunt rushed to follow. Mary ran to her suitcases, which remained in the front hall.

"What are you doing?" asked Selene.

"I'm just getting a few supplies for capturing." Mary got out a length of rope fashioned into a lasso, a ball gag, and her favorite electric massager. Then she pointed back up the stairs, "Let's go back and find him now." Mary rushed up the stairs, followed by the two women. She burst into grandma's room just as she was having another loud orgasm, "Uunnh!"

Selene burst into the room, saying, "What on earth is happening here? Mother, are you ill?" Mary quickly lassoed Selene, pinning her arms to her sides. She then started to tie Selene down in a convenient armchair. "Mary, what are you doing?" Aunt Selene complained. "Mary, you are not exhibiting proper ladylike behavior!"

"Oh, yeah, take me honey!" Grandma Petra cried as the boy's head popped out from under the covers. He was now atop the lively old woman, kissing her on the mouth. He was only about the same size as grandma, pale and petite, with wild brown bushy hair and beard. With a beard like that, thought Mary, he must be at least eighteen. Mary thought she had better check his other secondary sex characteristics just to be sure everything was in the right category mentally.

She flung Grandma Petra's covers back and saw that the boy was beginning to penetrate the old lady's vagina with his nice long dick. Grandma groaned wetly as the boy forced his way farther and farther into her sopping pouty snatch crowned with a cute little muff of white hair. His brown curly pubic hair merged with her white muff as he lay down and started pumping in her with a satisfied look on his face. Yes, definitely an adult, concluded Mary, though at least fifty years grandma's junior.

Mary questioned the couple, "Grandma Petra, do you know this gentlemen?"

"No, dear, but he's already given me three crises with his tongue, and ohh, his cock is amazing! It's hitting all my places!"

"You must stop this horrible rape of my mother this instant, Mary!" Aunt Selene insisted.

"Imogene, gag her," ordered Mary. "Selene, you have to loosen up. This sex is clearly consensual and being enjoyed thoroughly by both parties. It is completely the opposite of what should be broken up. However, it's a mystery how this gentleman entered the premises."

Mary now addressed the young man, "Sir, who are you?" The young man continued to piston into Grandma Petra, who had her arms and legs wrapped around him and was looking increasingly excited. Obviously the boy could hear Mary, but he just smiled and ogled her as he kept up his relentless fucking of the old woman, who was now shaking and appeared to be quite close to orgasm.

Mary watched a bit enviously, crossing her legs and blushing, as Grandma Petra howled out a long wet orgasm, practically bucking off the petite young man. He rode her strongly, though, and in a few more strokes, he arched, strained and groaned in orgasm himself, and based on the couple's wet mutual enjoyment, she could practically feel the vigorous young man's thrilling jets of semen pumping into Grandma Petra's snatch.

Mary glanced over to see Imogene peeking through the fingers of one hand and blushing deeply as the two fingers of her other hand vigorously pumped away in her snatch, her robe thrown open. Selene was also blushing, straining against her bonds and gag with a fierce look in her eye.

Mary turned to the youth again, "Sir, might I -- ufff!" The boy had, in a single motion, leapt off Grandma Petra and tackled Mary down onto the cushy rug and was now kissing her passionately and throwing open her fluffy robe to reveal her naked pulchritude. Mary was a little surprised by the action, but at least he was a good and passionate kisser. Mary could feel his naked half erect cock, slippery from grandma's lubrication and his own cum, slide around on her belly between them as he settled down on top of her and started kneading her breasts.

Mary wanted her questions answered at least before allowing the boy any further advances, so they began to wrestle. The boy was wiry and strong, but Mary, though a girl, was at least his equal in strength because of her extraordinary physical training. The wrestling was good-natured, which put Mary at a disadvantage, because she had been trained to mostly incapacitate and kill at arms length, and had not trained a lot of wrestling and joint locking and such. She had mostly learned how to escape such moves, so he couldn't hold her, and she didn't want to hurt him.

Whenever the boy could get an arm free, he would fondle her wet puss. It was driving her nuts. She was trying to get a good headlock on him, but he was too slippery. She got him in a good leg lock, but he rammed a well-lubricated finger up her ass, and she was so surprised by this move that her hold slackened, and he slipped out. After that, he broke contact and surprisingly leapt and climbed like lightning onto the top of the canopy frame of Grandma Petra's bed, well out of Mary's reach unless she somehow climbed up there as well.

"Come talk to me," Mary called up to him in a friendly way, "I don't want to hurt you. I just want to talk. Where did you come from?" The boy looked down at her and shook his head. Then she gestured to him in sign language, "Do you sign?"

"Thank goodness!" he replied in sign language. "Nobody ever knows it. I think I love you."

Mary had taught herself sign language since she had always aspired to have a conversation with Helen Keller. "Yes, I can sign a little. Can you come down and talk?"

The boy climbed down and started to furiously sign at her. Mary couldn't understand a lot of it, but gathered that he was trying to chat her up, praising the beauty of her face and body.

"First things first," signed Mary, "What is your name? Where are you from?"

"My name is Bucky. I work in a travelling circus. Some men kidnapped me, then threw me into this room where I met this sweet one here," he indicated Grandma Petra. "She's quite a woman!" He launched into another complex set of signs which was either very flowery or very nasty, Mary couldn't tell which. "You are too," he signed shyly.

"Thank you, I think," replied Mary. "How did the men get you into the house?"

"They blindfolded me, so I don't exactly know. They walked me for a mile up a long stone stairway. It smelled like an enclosed space, a tunnel maybe?"

"We found a secret passageway earlier, but you didn't come through there. Maybe there's another one."

"That's all I know, honest," he shrugged. "But there's something I want to say... you're such a special girl. You can hear, yet you're the only girl who can sign I've ever met since I was kicked out of school. This might not be the right time to ask, since we're both standing here naked, but I want to see you, you know, like a normal boy and girl."

Mary replied, "You should know before you get your heart set on anything that I plan to work as a detective, not settle down or raise a family. This makes long term relationships hard."

"I understand. I still want to see you."

"Well, you're seeing me now."

"I'm well aware of that, you see how you're making me," Bucky signed gesturing to his throbbing cockstand. "Do you want to do it right here on the rug in front of them? It seems uncultured, now that we're communicating."

"Well," signed back Mary, "Grandma Petra won't mind. She would prefer it herself, of course. Imogene here is saving herself for marriage, but I bet she would love it up the ass anytime you'd want to do that. I can translate and work it out between the two of you. Aunt Selene is pretty angry. Her husband died a few months ago, and before that, I suppose she maybe hasn't done it in several years, and plus she thinks it's wrong. She really needs your thing the most, but she might be hard to convince."

Mary went and pulled down Aunt Selene's panties, checked, and found her sopping. "You really do want it, don't you?" Mary asserted. Selene shook her head angrily. "Don't be difficult, Selene," Mary pleaded. "I want Bucky to fuck me first, but I'm willing to defer to you because you need it so bad. Nod your head if you've had a dick in you within the last three years." Selene did not nod. "Would you stop being so stubborn and let Bucky take you?" Selene shook her head strongly again.

Mary said, "Suit yourself!" She flung herself down on the rug at Selene's feet, where she could see the action close up, and spread her legs for Bucky, displaying her sopping puss. Bucky quickly knelt before her, his dick hard and raging. Quickly Bucky mounted Mary and thrust deep. "Ah, how he fills me! Oh Selene, you stupid cow, how could you cling to some misguided notion of propriety instead of accepting this bliss! Oh, I am cumming already!" Mary shrieked out her pleasure.

(To be continued)

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