Fallout 4 - Deleted Nexus Mods

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Mod Description Extras
Anti Materiel Rifle F4NV 50. caliber sniper rifle inspired by Fallout: New Vegas. 🖼
Colt Single Action Army F4NV .44 and .38 caliber revolvers inspired by Fallout: New Vegas. 🖼
OTs-14 Groza 7.62 bullpup assault rifle. Caliber - Complex patch 🖼
R91 Fallout 3 Assault Rifle Classic rifle remastered from FO3. Esp hotfix. 4k textures 🖼
Weapon Jiggle Remover Removes ridiculous feedback when ADS. 🖼
Cyberpunk 2077 Thermal Katana Futuristic heat blade, craft at chem lab. 🖼
GRL45 Scifi Grenade Launcher Powerful, high ROF grenade launcher. 🖼
Orsis F17 Sniper rifle Huge sniper rifle in .308 or custom .338LM. ESP file. 4k textures (843MB) 🖼
Ka-Bar Becker BK-9 Knife Modern looking survival knife. Needs AWKCR. 🖼
MP40 WW2 classic. Needs AWKCR. Craft at weaponsmith workbench. 🖼
Walther P99 Semi-auto pistol with many mods. 2k textures. 🖼
M1941 Johnson LMG An old WWII weapon mod that disappeared years ago. Found on Brotherhood soldiers or buy it from Cricket. 🖼
Vulkan-M Ukrainian IPI Malyuk "Vulcan" bullpup assault rifle, chambered in 7.62. Craft at a chem lab. 🖼
Gepard GM6 Lynx Hungarian semi-auto bullpup .50 caliber anti material rifle. Can be found on the FMS Northern Star, or crafted at a chem lab. Version compatible with Tactical Reload. 🖼
Alien Minigun A minigun styled after the alien blaster. Strangely uses its own ammo you craft in one of the workbenches. Author says you have to find it for yourself. English patch
Traveler's Magnum Sci-fi Stargate revolver that shoots fusion cells. Find it on a shelf in Kellog's Diamond City home.
SR-1MP Russian pistol with its own animations, based on Escape from Tarkov. Find it inside the Yangtze. Update esp.
Black Ops 3 - M16 M16 rifle with its own animations. This mod somehow breaks third person melee combat, probably for NPCs as well.
Laser Weapons 1st Person Reposition Moves institute and regular laser weapons off the screen a little when held so you don't have a boxy rifle taking up half the screen.


Mod Description Extras
Utility Belt Wearable belt that dynamically displays equipped grenades, mines, stealth boy, flares. 🖼
Travelling Medic First Responder Outfit Travelling medic outfit reminiscent of surgeon apparel from older games. 🖼
Cyborg Ninja Suit Highly customizable Metal Gear inspired stealth suit in 4k. 🖼
Blahberry Pancake's Accessories Some earrings, necklaces, and tiaras ported from the Sims 4 mod of the same name. Craftable at chem station under Utility. 🖼
Nyx Suit v1.1 Robot suit for females that makes you look like a femme fatale android. 🖼
Ice Storm's Heavy Metal Boots Metal-lined high heel boots. Link takes you to a site where you can find all of his mods as well. 🖼
GRIM Zero Suit Samus Eponymous underarmor from the metroid girl. Requires CBBE bodyslide, High Heels system, and ZaZ Extended Skeleton for full functionality. ESP hotfix. Nuka Cola standalone variant. Digital Camo standalone variant. Bodyslides ESL. Bodyslides ESL for AWKCR. 🖼
GRIM Bowsette Bodysuit Skimpy black underarmor to go with the other bowsette stuff. Requires CBBE. Bodyslides. Physics bodyslides. 🖼
Grim Bowsette V2 Onepiece, bra, tassets, leggings, and other accessories for the Bowsette stuff. Requires Bodyslide and CBBE. Bodyslides. Physics bodyslides. 🖼
GRIM Booette Frilly white dress to match the bowsette stuff. Requires Bodyslide and CBBE. Bodyslides. Physics bodyslides. 🖼
GRIM Mary Jane Spiderman-themed crop tops and jeans. Requires Bodyslide, CBBE, and Outfit Studio. Bodyslides. Physics bodyslides. 🖼
GRIM Mega Milk Crop tops & jean shorts based on the mega milk anime girl. Requires Bodyslide and CBBE. Bodyslides. Physics bodyslides. 🖼
GRIM Vampirella Red and gold outfit based on the Vampirella comics. Requires CBBE, High Heels System, and Bodyslide for the extra files. Bodyslides. Main file w/ physics bodyslides (choose one). 🖼
GRIM Zero Two Scifi bodysuit based on Darling in the Frankxx anime. CBBE bodyslides. CBBE physics bodyslides. Atomic Beauty bodyslides. Atomic Beauty physics bodyslides. Ikaros Androids patch. 🖼
Commonwealth Survivalist Gear 12 outfits, 5 helmets, 4 scarves, and more wasteland survivalist gear. All craftable at the armorsmith table, meaning AWKCR is required. You can find a patch that removes the AWKCR dependency on this page. 🖼
Rock Rebel Collection for Men Punk rock, gothic, and biker themed male outfits. Craft them in a chemlab.
E.A.G.L.E Series Jet Packs New power armor jet packs that look heavy duty and incur no AP drain on use. Comes with a variety of paint jobs.
Giest Suit for Fusion Girl Fusion Girl version of the Geist Suit apparel.
Fur Gloves Black leather gloves with fur wrist trim, craftable at chem station. Resources optional file.


Mod Description Extras
ZaZ Extended Skeleton Required for adult animations. Includes breast and genital bones. Needs F4SE.
OCBPC Physics Breast physics, not stable over 60fps. Incompatible with other CBP mods.
OCBP Physics Body physics preset for CBBE. Needs CBBE.
BodyTalk3 One of the most comprehensive nude male body replacers. Requires ZaZ Extended Skeleton.
THPoses Redux Sexy poses, use console or craft the holotape in the chem lab. Requires AAF Config Menu addon. Instructions.txt.
Fusion Girl v1.85 Popular body mod with its own bodyslides. Requires Zaz Extended Skeleton.
Barber and Surgery Camera Fix Newer nexus mod that fixes the weird camera placement at barber shops (older mod supposedly didn't work well anyway).
FSM Body Textures Clean Female body retexture with fomod installer meant for CBBE bodies. 🖼
FSM Body Textures Extreme (7.28GB) 8k female body retexture that will melt your computer, meant for CBBE. 🖼
Rita Wheeler Implants Face details ported from Cyberpunk 2077, likely accessible from character creation.
THBrows 2.0 22 new eyebrows for females. 🖼
NWM WarriorCrest Hairstyles Post-nuclear raider hairstyles, including mohawks, bihawks, trihawks, and liberty spikes. 🖼
Anto Hair Pack Some Sims 4 hairstyles ported into Fallout 4.

Settlement and Workshop

Mod Description Extras
CREAtive Clutter Adds a lot of decorative clutter for bookshelves, tables, kitchens, etc. 🖼
Modular Kitchen Lets you build snappable kitchen objects similar to those in your Sanctuary Hills house. 🖼
Do It Yourshelf Lets you decorate shelves with a lot of clutter. 🖼
Reginald's PreFab Shackfest Several dozen prefab shacks for settlers, in lore-friendly wasteland style. Includes SS2 compatible shacks. 🖼
Red Rocket Basement An interior settlement under the truck stop near Sanctuary. Entrance in the nearby hills. 🖼
The Dance-Ola Craftable animated jukebox that can play any song and loop it. Settlers can dance near it. 🖼
CWSS Redux 4.1 Craftable animated showers, sinks, toilets, bathtubs. 🖼
Dynamic Window Blinds Wide variety of window blinds you can craft in your settlements. Recommend a place everywhere mod. 🖼
Not Your Average Neon 17 animated neon objects you can craft in settlements. 🖼
YuVend Inc. Fully animated vending machines that you can craft in settlements to dispense food, drink, drugs. 🖼
Better High-Tech Lights General bug fixes for the high tech lights you can craft in vanilla. 🖼
Better Drumlin Diner Turns Trudy's diner into a player home with backup vendors if she dies. No precombines version. 🖼
MW Sentry Turret Craftable defense turret ported from Modern Warfare. Frenzies when destroyed. No frenzy version. 🖼
Signs of the Times + Signs and Posters Two merged mods that add hundreds of vanilla and custom signs to the workshop menu. 🖼
Scrap Those Red Rocket Pump Arms Lets you scrap the refueling arms on the roof of the gas station near sanctuary. 🖼
V's Scavver Art Plenty of unique wasteland scraptures like dreamcatchers, windmills, and painted metal. Requires SMM. 🖼
V's Stylish Decor Large variety of decorative objects like potted plants, clothing racks, and posters. Requires SMM. 🖼
V's Community Art Huge collection of community-created paintings that you can make in your settlements. Requires SMM. 🖼
V's Rose Retexture for Taters and Tamaters A nicer pink & white retexture of the rose bushes in the Taters and Tamaters mod. Purple variant. 🖼
Bright Lights - Big City Adult themed neon signs and billboards for settlements. 🖼
Mo Toons Vol. 1 A collection of movies to play on TV screens, in conjunction with Videos of the Wasteland.
Mo Toons Vol. 2 A collection of movies to play on TV screens, in conjunction with Videos of the Wasteland.
The Castle Fully Restored In and Out v1.5 Repairs the Castle walls and clears interior debris. General's quarters can be cleared during Old Guns quest. v2.1 No Grass version. 🖼
Nuka Cola Refridgerated Display Case (REUPLOADED) Craftable cola displays that chill soda and other chillable drinks after 1 hour. Can hold 104 items. Dynamically displays almost all of them. 🗃
Wasteland Distillery Make a distillery workbench in your settlements and craft various new alcohols with their own recipes and effects. 🖼
Wild Plants Farming Lets you farm all wild plant varieties in your settlements, with the same functionality as regular crops. 🖼
Cryss' Defrosted Crops and Planters for Horizon Simply reverts crop textures to their regular non-frosty variants when using Horizon. Meant to be used if you want to grow all your crops in greenhouses or indoors. 🖼
Cryss' Greenhouses Three prefab greenhouses for your settlements, with good foundations for easier placement and plenty of space to decorate the interior. Found in Prefabs > Warehouses in the workshop. 🖼
Finch Farm and Graygarden Overpass Lifts Adds two elevators to the highways above Finch Farm and Gray Garden, like the ones Gunners use. 🖼
Vault 88 - More Vault Rooms Many new room designs for Vault 88, such as barber shops, schoolrooms, and reactor rooms based on Vault 81. 🖼
Ground Plots of sloping ground with snappable crop placement, to build your own neat farmland. Probably requires Settlement Menu Manager. 🖼
VVITCH HAUS An assortment of spooky Halloween and occult furniture and decor for your settlements. Requires Nuka World and SMM. 🖼
Easy Homebuilder and Working Double Beds Lets you build prewar structures (and furniture) piece by piece, like the Oberland Station tower or the Sanctuary Hills homes. "Rebuild your sanctuary." 🖼
Spawn Settler Button Adds a button to the workshop you can build that immediately summons settlers when you press it. 🖼
Massachusetts State House Settlement Makeover of the MA State House into an interior settlement that can be claimed after killing its raiders. 🖼
NWM Playing House Collection of pre-decorated, static furniture items added to the workshop. Requires Settlement Menu Manager. 🖼
Mirelurk Pond Settlement Small settlement added to the west edge of the map near the Nuka World train station. Precombines and previs data rebuilt.
Clean and Simple - Sanctuary Startup Cleans up Sanctuary Hills into a remarkably preserved version of it, almost pre-war. Removes all trash and rebuilds the houses.
Heavens DryLand Settlement Settlement on a flat barge floating in the ocean, with its own vertibird landing pad and appropriate idle animation markers for settlers.
Atrium Light Atrium light for Vault 88 that lights up all three floors.
Clean and Simple - All Settlements All settlements cleaned up and repaired, no debris, broken walls or buildings, etc.
Sanctuary Homestead - Postwar Edition Codsworth kept Sanctuary tidy since the bombs fell. Repairs all the houses and cleans up most trash in Sanctuary, but everything still looks weathered.
Heavens Pleasure to Burn Paintings 28 buildable paintings of retro-style Camel cigarette ads.
Office and Store Buildings Adds new prefabs meant to be storefronts or work buildings to the settlement system.


Mod Description Extras
MsRae's Riverside Bungalow Little player home with full amenities located on the riverfront near where you cross the bridge heading to Diamond City. Get the key behind the house or off someone in Sandy Coves. 🖼
The Silo House Ultra-modern 80's-style club as a home or settlement. Lots of blue and pink neon and skate city wallpaper. Located in the trailer behind Abernathy farm.


Mod Description Extras
Pilgrim's Moon Dark gothic style moon retexture. 🖼
Immersive Corpses Replaces corpse decorations in raider locations with nude versions. Configurable FOMOD installer. 🖼
Tookie's Textures - Grass & Plants Light greenery touchup for most grass, shrubs, vines, etc.
Commonwealth Conifers Redux Greenery overhaul that enlivens all existing trees in the game, to give you a summertime Commonwealth.
Commonwealth Conifers Seasons - Winter Winter version of Commonwealth Conifer trees.
Commonwealth Conifers Seasons - Autumn Autumn version of Commonwealth Conifer trees.
Commonwealth Conifers Seasons - Summer Summer version of Commonwealth Conifer trees.
Commonwealth Conifers Seasons - Fungal Bloom Replaces many trees with giant mushrooms.
Commonwealth Conifers Seasons - Dead Dead and nuke-blasted version of Commonwealth Conifer trees.
Commonwealth Conifers Seasons - No Weather Changes Overwriting esp for Commonwealth Conifers Redux Seasons that removes weather changes.
FO4 Seasons - Autumn Gives the game autumnal trees and lush green grasses.
FO4 Seasons - Autumn Golden Grasses All-In-One Same as above but with dried/dead grasses to match the trees.
FO4 Seasons - First Frost Lite Intermediate season between autumn and winter. Gives the game a lightly snowed ground but retains vanilla brown grasses and shrubs. Farm plot patch to improve transition for frozen farmland.
FO4 Seasons - Winter All-In-One v3.5 Turns the game into a winter wonderland.
FO4 Seasons - Spring Thaw Intermediate season between winter and spring. Adds blooming trees and shrubs amid receding snowy ground. 🖼
FO4 Seasons - Summer All-In-One Summertime foliage overhaul of the Commonwealth - darker, mature grasses and vegetation.
Flora Fx Overhaul Brings nature to life in the Commonwealth. More leaves on trees, branches sway more in the wind, and falling leaf particles added to most trees.
Project Apocalyptic Commonwealth (REUPLOADED) A WIP mod that adds some more "post-apocalypse" details to a few areas near the start of the game and around Concord. 🗃
Ephla's Survival Outposts Adds several medical and survival-themed outposts around the Commonwealth for you to take refuge in.
Dave's Erotic Pin-ups Retextures a bunch of paintings in the game to something lewder.
V's Book Retexture Little replacer for vanilla bookshelf books to make them brighter and more pastel-y. 🖼
Nuclear Reloaded v1.7 Old forestry mod that replaces trees and grass with their Pre-War autumn style, LODs included. DLC patch. 🖼
MsRae's Commonwealth Interiors Adds 8 interiors to buildings around the Commonwealth, with unique loot, NPCs, or puzzles.
Used Books - Bookstack Replacer Retexture for bookshelf books based on worn, antique book covers. 🖼


Mod Description Extras
Universal Working Bathroom Fixtures Replaces most showers and toilets in the Commonwealth with CWSS-interactable versions. Compatible with Get Dirty.
Crime and Punishment (REUPLOADED) Extensive crime and consequences system. Archived version and patches are in the extras. -> 🗃
Advanced Needs 2 Broad realistic needs overhaul. (Joerqc published a successor mod here.) Expansions: DLC, Ghoulified, Spoilage, AAF, Menstruation cycle, Gas masks.
Insult to Injury Hardcore injury system overhaul. Item mesh replacers, True Storms patch. Agony patch.
Swinging Animated Meat Bags Animates and adds VFX and audio FX to hanging gore bags in Supermutant locations.
See you sleep Gives you third person perspective for sleeping.
Better Cooking Stations Animates and decorates the cooking stations to improve immersion and liven up your wasteland kitchen. DLC patch. Mojave Imports patch. Choice Chopped patch. 🖼
Working Kitchen Appliances Adds functionality to stoves and refrigerators.
Power Armor Station - True to the Trailer Adds chains to the regular power armor station that attach to your power armor's shoulders, like in the trailer.
Grounded Commonwealth Replaces many NPCs incongruent with 1950s-era demographics, making the Commonwealth whiter and more Bostonian. Decent voice acting and more Boston accents abound.


Mod Description Extras
Tuckered Out Hidden stamina stat based on endurance that drains as you move. Rest to recover.
Ferals After Dark Feral Ghouls get a health, damage, and detection boost between 6pm and 6am.
SKK Combat Stalkers (REUPLOADED) Dynamically ambushes you with enemies. Highly configurable with holotape. 🖼🗃
SKK Instant Battleground Configurable holotape that lets you spawn groups of enemies and allies and supply them. 🖼
Fallout 4-76 Open World (REUPLOADED) Removes all human NPCs from the game. 🗃
Guns for Hire (REUPLOADED) Bounty hunter, detective, and mercenary questing. Patches: Killable Children, Names, Advanced Needs. 🗃
Pack Attack NPC Edition Complex AI combat overhaul. Highly scripted.
Pack Attack Companion Edition Gives companions the combat AI from PANPC.
Stealth Takedowns Easily perform stealth executions on humanoid NPCs. Requires level 1 in Sneak and Mister Sandman. 🖼
Sol's Six Thousand Implants Adds a doctor that can give you various stat-modifying implants. Check the terminal outside the Vault 111 entrance for more info.
More Attackers - Get Off My Buildzone! Moves settlement attack markers outside of your build zone, stopping them from spawning within your perimeter. Now your walls actually work. Adds more attack markers as well as some MCM (required) configurable options. 🖼
I Gore It My Way MCM menu that lets you choose which weapons (even grenades) are allowed to gore NPCs. 🖼
Fast Filling Bottles Tweaks the water bottle script so you can fill multiple bottles at once when refilling from water sources, so you don't have to spam the button. Incompatible with Give Me That Bottle.
Cowardly Settlers Makes settlers cower and hide when under attack, instead of defending themselves. Helpful if you find they loot your gun chest too often.
Auto Eat and Drink in Survival Automatically consume food and drink, with an MCM that can be configured to choose from categories of things to consume first.
Evade-Dodge Animation Remover Disables dodge animations for humans and creatures like ghouls, deathclaws, etc. Make enemies more aggressive as they don't waste time dodging your bullets.
Sniper Perk Expanded Improves the functionality of the sniper perk.
AutoLoot Automatically loot everything you come across and send it to your inventory or back to your settlement or both. Configure what you loot and where it goes.


Mod Description Extras
Portable Duffle Bag Portable container you can drop from your inventory.
Quickdrop Menu - Mobile Mechanic and Campsite A favoritable holotape with a menu that lets you place items from fadingsignal's mobile mechanic and campsite mods without having to find them in the pipboy. Requires both, as well as portable duffle bag. 🖼
Survivalist Go-Bags Plenty of unique backpacks you can make at a chem station. 🖼
Cooked Prewar Food Lets you cook salisbury steak, instamash, deviled eggs, and blamco mac and cheese. Cooked versions have unique, savory models. 🖼
Port-A-Diner Perfection - Grab That Pie Changes the port-a-diner vending machines to always give you the perfectly preserved pie on your first try. Also gives you different flavors of pie with uniquely powerful effects. Less cheaty version that still lets you lose.
Nuka Cola Vending Machine Levelset Removes empty bottles in vending machines and adds Nuka World DLC drinks to the Commonwealth vending machines.


Mod Description Extras
Extended Lore Project beta AI voiced eyebot companion that tells you about the world. Comments on over 220 locations; over 100 notes added.
Passive Aggressive Piper Piper says annoying things less and less as your relationship with her increases.
Companion Heal Thyself v1.5.7 Companions use stimpaks in combat under 50% health. Works on robots if they have repair kits.
Combat Drone Buildable, modern combat drones that can be used for settlement defense or as companions (with one life). 🖼
SKK's Kellogg CerealKiller Companion Puts a holotape in Kellogg's inventory that you can take after you kill him. Using it lets you revive him as a synth from your pipboy.


Mod Description Extras
FallEvil REUC Zombie Dogs (REUPLOADED) Scripted injection of zombie dogs along regular feral dogs, based on Resident Evil. 🗃
More Realistic Cats Cats will now run away from combat.
Classic Deathclaws Standalone Overhaul deathclaw appearance to look like how they did in Fallout 3/NV.


Mod Description Extras
Murder Death Scream NPCs scream more brutally as they die.
Cyberpunk 2077 Combat Music Simply changes all the combat music to whatever is heard in 2077. Also replaces the menu theme.
radBirds - Bird Sound Overhaul with Volume Sliders Adds better sounds for the seagulls and crows, while also giving them independent volume sliders in the game's audio setting menu.
Radio Silence - Silent Standalone Radio Station Gives you a silent radio station to use in your pipboy that acts as a convenient way to mute all ambient music.
Self Radio Adds a 'Self Radio' station to your pipboy that plays custom music from a folder in your installation. Limited to 5 songs. 🖼


Mod Description Extras
ENB Lights Overhaul Overhauled bloom effects on light sources, used with ENB. Highly recommended. 🖼
Dynamic Cinematic Face Lights A dynamic light will trigger when you enter conversation with NPCs. Configurable colors, heights, intensities. 🖼
Enhanced Flickering Firelight v2 Vanilla flickering effect on fires is more noticeable, and they give more light. 🖼
Extreme Particles Overhaul 3.0 Enhanced weapon and explosive particle effects. Less Bloom ESP. Clean ENB with natural bloom. 🖼
INK - ENB Graphic Novel Turns your game into a comic book. 🖼
Film Workshop ENB 18 film-stock style presets for screenshots. Hotfix 2.0b. 🖼
Pilgrim ENB (REUPLOADED AND REMASTERED) Dreary, atmospheric ENB. If using archived versions, you need both main files. Darkmeat plugin for archived version. Original soundtrack. 🗃 🗃 🖼
Eight Zero - Retro ENB Retro 80's film effect, like watching a VHS tape on a CRT. 🖼
No More Explosion Blinding Effect Disables the weird whiteout caused by nuclear detonations, i.e. mini-nukes and cars. 🖼
Camel Cigarettes Replacer Retextures the cigarettes with the well known Camel brand. Default 1k. 2k version


Mod Description Extras
Satellite Color World Map Combo Changes pip boy map into a top-down satellite view of the Commonwealth, in a tan color. Combination of Satellite World Map and Color Map 4k. Extra info about the mod here.
Stash Those Caps v2.3.7 Tracks your caps and dynamically converts them into items you can store or give to followers. This is a decent alternative implemented more immersively and less likely to break.
Extended Dialogue Interface (REUPLOADED) Crucial mod that changes the dialogue wheel into a full text window like the old games. 🗃
MCM (REUPLOADED) Crucial mod that lets other mod configuration menus work. Probably a hard requirement for any modded install. 🗃
DEF_UI (REUPLOADED) Complete overhaul of the user interface. 🗃
LevelUpMenuEx (REUPLOADED) Framework for a new level up interface reminiscent of 3 and New Vegas. 🗃
PipBoy Tabs (REUPLOADED) Framework that lets you add new tabs to the pipboy to track actor values, like skills from older games. Typically to be used with LevelUpMenuEx. 🗃
Grid Lines Remover Simply removes the grid overlay in the pause menu. 🖼
Tactical Tablet Replaces the pipboy with a sleek, black modern tablet design.
City 2 A menu from Ultimate Main Menu Replacers. Includes the menu loop video, music, and installation instructions.


Mod Description Extras
Better Artillery Signal Flares Fixes the bug where they would appear to hit an invisible wall at a certain distance.
Configurable Minutemen Radiant Quest Limits (REUPLOADED) Edit pretty much everything about how radiant minutemen quests work in the MCM. 🗃
Extended Agony Animation and consistency fixes for Agony.
Protectron Subway Steward fix Correctly enables subway token interactions with protectron subway steward personalities.
ExitSave Killer Disables exit saves being made when you quit to desktop.


Mod Description Extras
Boston Public Library BPL Compressed Data Restores some cut content to conclude the story of the Boston library survivors attempt to save some valuable data. Interact with the mainframe and find its final book, given to you by someone. Completion rewards experience.


Mod Description Extras
Ticonderoga Maintenance Terminal Adds a terminal outside the Ticonderoga safehouse that can let you in using the key you steal/loot from Desdemona. Lets you get the Guns & Bullets comic inside without doing the Railroad Questline, basically. Original author hid the mod because it had issues, so use at own risk.
FSM Alison Preset Face and body preset intended for use with LooksMenu, FSM Body textures, and your choice of hair/eye mods. 🖼
BOS Nazi Conversion Folder containing a bunch of mods that redesign the Brotherhood of Steel with nazi symbolism.

Non-Nexus FO4 Mods

Mod Description Extras
Raging Hunter Revolver .44 caliber revolver found in the diner under Lexington Apartments. 🖼
Honey Badger A modern looking PDW. Optional level list integration. Black worn metal retexture. 🖼
1950s German Army Bunch of outfits inspired by post-war German military. Green, gray, and flecktarn patterns. Made in chem lab. 🖼
German Special Forces Pack Modern military gear inspired by German spec-ops. Made in chem lab. 🖼
Private Military Contractor Pack Modern multicam operator gear. Made in chem lab. 🖼
Fallout 76 Outfit Imports Imported outfits from FO76. Bought from a trader west of Vault 111. 🖼
Kreuger Purge Gas Mask Modern gas mask ported from MW:R. Patch for male characters. 🖼
Kimiko Outfit Female tactical rig ported from World War Z. 🖼
M200 Intervention Incredibly powerful sniper rifle using custom .408 ammo. Comes with nice animations too. Not sure where to get it in-game, best chance is the console. A newer alternative on nexus.
Jericho Companion Recreation of Fallout 3's Jericho, using original voice lines as well. Find him in Goodneighbor. 🖼
Boone Companion Recreation of New Vegas' Boone, using original voice lines. Find him in Bunker Hill. Loose files. 🖼
Cross Companion Recreation of Fallout 3's Star Paladin Cross, using original voice lines. Find her on the Prydwen's hull. 🖼
Metro Exodus Armory Three combat armors used by Spartans in Exodus, obtained from the Metro armory dispenser in the workshop. Includes various attachments, backpacks, gas masks, and helmets. Works for both male and females. 🖼
TOZ-106 New 20g hunting shotgun based on Escape from Tarkov, has tons of mods. Override with this esp if you use New Calibers. 🖼
Schofield No.2 Break Action Revolver Updated version of this mod with new animations, optical sights using See-through scopes, and level list integration. 🖼
EFT 1911 Rework Reanimation and balance overhaul of an older M1911A1 mod. Requires Glock19x for animations. Folder of ESP patches. 🖼
AA12 Shotgun Rework An unofficial expansion of the AA-12 by Wardaddy, featuring plenty of new mods. Folder of ESP patches. 🖼
EFT P226 Rework Rework of an Escape from Tarkov port, with new animations and mods. Requires HK USP for animations. Folder of ESP patches. 🖼
EFT MP-43 Double Barrel Shotgun Russian shotgun from Escape from Tarkov, with new animations and mods. Folder of ESP patches. 🖼
Mech Arm Pack Equippable mech arm using a customized CBBE body, craftable at a chem lab. Must be proficient with Outfit Studio to add it to outfits. 🖼
HECU Marines Remastered Armor from Black Ops Cold War reworked to look like the military guys in Half-Life and Black Mesa. Craft at chemlab. 🖼
FO76 10mm SMG Port of Fallout76's 10mm SMG.
Assassin Armor ported from Black Ops Cold War and reworked to look like the assassins in Half-Life and Black Mesa. Has male and female versions. Craft at chemlab. 🖼
FO76 Crusader Pistol Brotherhood of Steel pistol added to brotherhood level lists, ported from 76.
FO76 Auto Grenade Launcher The heavy grenader spammer ported from Fallout 76. Try the chemlab or console to find it.
FO76 Gatling Plasma Caster Heavy plasma weapon ported from Fallout 76. Try the chemlab or console to find it.
FO76 Feral Ghoul Mask Ghoul mask that makes feral ghouls friendly when you wear it, similar to the ghoul mask in FO3. Craft at chemlab. 🖼
FO76 Responders Cop Outfit Responders outfit ported from FO76. Craftable at chemlab and you can choose either a police or responder variant. 🖼
FO76 50 Cal Machine Gun Adds the .50 caliber heavy weapon from Fallout 76.
Jmenaru Pleated Skirt TWB Plaid pattern skirt for True Wasteland Body type. 🖼

Fallout: New Vegas Mods

Mod Description Extras
Better NCR Supply Cache Improved the loot in NCR supply caches. Optional POP version.
Wastland Clothing Hires Retexture Over 110 outfits retextured in 2k. Powderganger fix.
Securitron Hires Retexture 2k retex of the securitons. 4k version.
Misc Item Icons - New Vegas (REUPLOADED) New art for most misc items in the pipboy or other inventory screens. 🗃
An Improved Lucky 38 Suite Adds more storage and workbenches to the Lucky 38 Suite. Required for this mod.
Samurai Floating Damage UI-based damage numbers when you hurt enemies, like in Borderlands.
HK-47 Fun companion mod that adds in a robot assassin from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, fully voiced and everything.
The Legion Will Ryse Aesthetic overhaul of Legion soldiers inspired by Ryse: Son of Rome. Dragbody's original Legion overhaul. Note a minor armor conflict on Vulpes when installed with We Are Legion. 🖼
New Vegas Reloaded - NVR v1.3 NVSE plugin that modifies the rendering pipeline, adding new features and screen effects not supported in vanilla New Vegas.
Darkwood Falls Fully voiced quest mod set in a new region, the mysterious and secluded town of Darkwood Falls. Start by talking to the Mystery Man in the Vikki & Vance casino.
Skinned Mesh Improvement Mods - Creatures Optimizations and fixes for creature meshes to reduce draw calls, improve frame rate, and fix odd lighting issues. Dog mesh update. Mr. Gutsy mesh update. Outfits.
Macintroll Mod Archive Collection of Macintroll's mods. Feral Ghoul HD, New Furniture Pack, Outcast Power Armor Hi-res, Power Armor Hi-res, Shishkebab the Flaming Sword, Vault 22 Flora Overhaul, etc.
TTW - Super Mesmetron New mesmetron acquired from Paradise Falls. Uses energy cells to enslave people.
TTW - Mo' Traits and Perks 1.02 Simply adds more traits and perks for Tale of Two Wastelands installs.

Fallout 3 Mods

Mod Description Extras
Visitant's Protectron Overhaul Dynamically themed protectrons based on where you find them. 🖼
Visitant's HD Fallout Night Sky Simple HD star and moon textures in various resolutions with a Fomod installer.
DC Subway - Metros Alive An adult addon for DC Subway. I couldn't really find any more info about it.
D7's Fallout 3 Mesh Replacers A bunch of cool mesh replacers for static objects and buildings. TTW patched esp. 🖼

Creation Club

Link to all Fallout 4 Creation Club content on Google Drive.

Mods I haven't found

Have something on this list? Send mods to beefberserki#7285 on discord

AMBIENCE - Cinematic Main Menu Replacers
Atomic Beauty ZeX
Brainwashing: Commercials of the Commonwealth
Celestial Bodies Moon Replacers
Cleaner Settlements DE Automatron and Vault-tec DLC
Clothes Pack Remake by DonEb14n - Extended Replacer
Commonwealth Music Radio
Configuration Files for Dynamic Performance Tuner And Load Accelerator
Craftable Airplane Parts
DLC04 Nuka World Craftable Baskets
Enhanced Wasteland Preset
Flamer Pistol
Giai LooksMenu Preset
Gunmetal Armor Skins - Armor Paints Pack ESL Replacer
Heavens Chesterfield Smoking Replacers
Heavens Craftable Paint Cans
Heavens Four Poster Beds
Heavens Lucky Strikes Smoking Replacers
Heavens Old Time Rock and Roll Paintings DLC05
Heavens Paint Cans Replacer
Heavens Vintage Actresses and Actors Paintings
Heaventheres Craftable Cigar Boxes
More Foods More Buffs
ODSC - Optimized Debris Shells and Casings
Paintings and Posters Replacer by Pechen
Prepare for the Future
Project Valkyrie - Total Wasteland Pony Patch
Reneer's Destructible Lights
Scrap-able Mods
SS2 Travelling Visitors
Simple Recipes
The Commonwealth Camper
Ultimate Main Menus
US Navy Uniform Standalone
Vault Suit Utility Belt
Victoriam Line


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2/17/2022 - added Jericho and Boone Campanions to Non-Nexus section.
2/18/2022 - updated Companion Heal Thyself; added Metro Exodus Armory to Non-Nexus section, as well as a bunch of weapons and a cool mechanical arm. Check it out!
2/22/2022 - added Cross Companion to non-nexus section.
2/28/2022 - adding 🗃 archives to Extras column for version histories, mainly as backups for reuploaded mods; redirected several mods to their official nexus links; updated Boone companion; added more pictures for tons of mods.
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3/23/2022 - added The Legion Will Ryse to Fallout New Vegas section; added the rest of V's mods to Settlement and Workshop section or Environment section; added Nuclear Reloaded v1.7 to Environment section.
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3/31/2022 - added M1941 Johnson LMG to Weapons section; added FO76 Gatling Plasma Caster, FO76 Auto Grenade Launcher, FO76 Ghoul Mask, and FO76 Cops Responder Outfit to Non-Nexus section.
4/7/2022 - added Finch Farm and Graygarden Overpass Lifts, Vault 88 More Vault Rooms, and Ground to Settlement section.
4/14/2022 - added VVITCH HAUS to Settlement section.
4/22/2022 - added Easy Homebuilder and Working Double Beds to settlement section; added Commonwealth Survivalist Gear to apparel section; added More Attackers - Get off my buildzone! to gameplay section; updated missing mod list.
5/1/2022 - added radBirds to audio section.
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9/8/2022 - added Darkwood Falls to New Vegas section.
10/2/2022 - added E.A.G.L.E Series Jet Packs to Apparel section.
10/27/2022 - added SMIM - Creatures to New Vegas Section
10/29/2022 - added jmenaru pleated skirt to Non-nexus section; added BOS nazi conversion to Other section.
11/8/2022 - updated Project Apocalyptic Commonwealth in the Environment section, as it's reuploaded.
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2/19/2023 - added Protectron Subway Steward fix and ExitSave Killer to Fixes section; added Black Ops 3 M16 to Weapons section; added Heavens DryLand Settlement, Clean and Simple Settlements, Atrium Light, Mo Toons Vol. 1, and Sanctuary Homestead - Postwar Edition to Settlement section; added Working Kitchen Appliances to Immersion section; added Sniper Perk Extended and AutoLoot to Gameplay section; added Nuka Cola Vending Machine Levelset to Items section; added Commonwealth Conifers Seasons Autumn to Environment section.
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10/31/2023 - added Laser Weapons 1st Person Reposition to Weapons section. Happy Halloween!
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12/9/2023 - added Tactical Tablet to UI section
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