(AUTHOR'S NOTE: So this is my first shot at something non-hetero. Trying to expand myself a bit. Honestly not sure if I'm going to continue this story or not, but I wanted to throw it out there. If it does continue, it'll probably ensue into bisexual hijinks but I'm not sure if you'll like this story or not. Let me know and thanks for reading.)

Lieutenant Isaac Irons woke up slowly, his head pounding to notify him that he had in fact not died in the explosion of Area 51. He truthfully didn't feel like that was entirely a good thing but it wasn't like he had any choice in the matter. As terrible as the incident was, as many lives as were lost, it was all necessary in the end. All part of the plan of the recently-created United Earth Defense Force. He just really wished he hadn't been a survivor of the Elves' attack. Especially not with the agonizing pain every part of his body he was aware of was in.

"Fuck..." Isaac groaned as he tried to lift himself up, only to find that he was pinned down by the rubble of the aircraft hangar he had been patrolling. He looked around at the destruction wrought on the hangar, the rest of the base outside and upon himself. Despite the horror around him, he could only continue respond in the same manner. "Everything got broken. Fucking great."

"Over here! Life reading in this direction!" he heard a feminine voice shout. It was happening pretty much like he'd been told it would and coughed loudly. He couldn't help checking for blood and was thankful when his hand came back from covering his mouth without any new stains on it. Now he just hoped that they would hear him and take the bait...which happened to be him in this case. The footsteps he heard rapidly approaching told him that they would.

"I see someone! Over this way!" another voice, male surprisingly, shouted. The footsteps got louder as he tried to keep his breathing steady and before long he was surrounded by three Elven soldiers in their weird, green and white suits that look like what the 80s thought futuristic spacesuits were going to look like. Irons fought the urge to laugh at the irony, in case the movement it would cause the rubble precariously pinning him down to start crushing him instead.

"Do you think he will still be of use?" one of them said to the others.

"He should be." another one replied while waving a small device back and forth over his body. "He will need to be extensively healed though. We should get him carefully back to the ship. Make sure to make a note to leave any interrogation until after his body has completely healed up."

"Got it." the last one said before pulling out some weird gun-like device. They pointed it at the rubble on top of his body and it started to slowly float away from him. Irons dared to allow himself a large gasp of air as he felt the pressure on his body lighten.

"He's still alert. Hey, put him to sleep. I'd rather not deal with an injured prisoner trying to futilely fight his way to a freedom that isn't coming." the first one said to the one with the scanner. They nodded and pulled out yet another small device, this one with a needle coming out of the end of it. Irons flinched as the needle came close to him, his old phobia in full force.

"Wait, no! No need..." he tried to say through the pain but was unable to finish before the needle sunk into his shoulder. One little pinch that he overreacted to and the world quickly fell dark around him. He briefly heard the muffled sounds of talking and laughter in his last few moments of consciousness before the darkness overtook him completely.


Isaac grumbled to himself as he rolled over onto his side in his half- asleep state, unwilling to open his eyes just yet after finally getting some sleep. He reached up to grab whatever he had bundled up for a pillow only to find himself touching an oddly warm, metal floor. Panic filled him as he suddenly shot awake, eyes wide open in a split second to find himself definitely not at the hangar base he had been assigned to last week.

His memory took a second to come back but he remembered. The explosion, the building around him collapsing on top of him and the incredible pain he found himself in once he had managed to wake up. He took a second to look himself over and the strangeness only increased. Not only was he stark-raving naked, every single scar and bruise that should have been there was completely gone. Even his older scars from basic training and a bad bike accident he'd had as a kid were nowhere to be found.

"Okay, that's fuckin' weird." he said aloud as he slowly stood up to see where he was. It was a large, metal room with nothing in it. No bed, no toilet...not even a door or like an opening with a force field or something. Just a big, empty, metal cube with his naked ass in it and absolutely nothing else. If he didn't know any better, he'd guess that he had been shoved into a big storage container. Hell, for all he knew maybe that's exactly what happened.

"Oh, the specimen is awake. Quick, somebody go inform the Ship Leader." he heard a male voice say from absolutely nowhere and everywhere at once. It sounded way too clear to be coming from a speaker and that was fucking with his head something fierce. Thankfully, an entire side of the wall seemed to sort of dissolve away and Isaac got the first look of any known human of an elf uncovered by their space suits.

A male walked in, tall and skinny and with completely indigo skin, with an air of superiority that made Isaac just want to slap him down a peg or two. He was wearing a long coat that left his hairless chest completely bare and a pair of slacks that looked like they were made out of silk or satin or some other equally soft, plush material. There wasn't any sort of insignia or marking that Isaac could see that would indicate any sort of rank or position, which infuriatingly meant that much less information for Isaac to go off of. Once again, he really wished he hadn't been the one who survived the damn attack. That prick, Higgins, would have been a lot better at this whole detective shtick than he was.

"Fuck the universe and it's sense of humor." Isaac whispered under his breath as the male elf came in and stopped several feet away. The elf cocked his eyebrow as Isaac stood there as relaxed as possible. Clearly, Isaac was being judged for something.

"Are you so low that you lack the basic modesty to cover yourself appropriately when faced with a superior?" the male said to Isaac as though he were literally a nobleman speaking to a peasant in medieval times. Isaac blinked at the sheer absurdity of it, his brain nearly short-circuiting as it fought itself whether to laugh or growl at the pointy-eared douche. Of course when a decision couldn't be reached, it went straight for the default option...sarcasm.

"Are you seriously bitching about me being butt naked after you all are the ones who took my fucking clothes away in the first place?" Isaac said as he placed his hands on his hips and subtly thrust his groin towards his captor. "This was your decision, not mine. Sorry you don't like the consequences."

The elf male scrunched his face in disgust, which forced Isaac to fight the urge to fist pump at getting such a great reaction from this guy. The male quickly regained his composure and pulled a small, remote-like device from a pocket inside of his long coat. Isaac couldn't hear the click of a button, only the slightest movement of fingers before the remote was quickly tucked away again. He looked around and wondered why nothing seemed to be happening while the elf stood there patiently.

Suddenly, the metal in the room started shifting around and rearranged itself into some Frankenstein-esque laboratory setup. Isaac jumped back with a surprised yelp as a table or something started to rise from underneath him, only to get quickly shoved back onto the table by a firm hand pushing on his back. He didn't even have the chance to try and get away as his wrists and ankles became bound to the thing that was forming underneath him like a Lego-building video playing in fast forward. In less than a minute, he found himself bound to something Isaac would define as a bondage psychiatric chair and comfortably bent over in a very compromising position.

"You speak to Torturer Growl, human. Know your place." the elf, Growl apparently, said to him as he walked around the rest of the lab as it continued its rapid construction. Isaac snickered, unable to believe a man named Growl had just unironically introduced himself like that.

"Bent over kinky furniture in front of pointy indigo-colored ears. Place known. What's the next question? Because I swear if you ask my sign..." Isaac said before he busted out laughing once again despite how dire the situation objectively was. The whole thing was insane and he frankly felt that his only real option at this point was to embrace the crazy and try to ride everything out until he could properly go ahead with the mission Area 51 had been sacrificed to allow.

He heard an annoyed groan come from Growl behind him and allowed himself a victory grin. The self-proclaimed Torturer was apparently doing his best to ignore the wave of sarcasm as he paced back and forth across the metal floor. Isaac tried to twist his head around enough to see but the elf was moving pretty quickly and with a clear purpose. It honestly reminded him of the times his friends would bring him to kink clubs and he'd watch Doms run around to prepare everything they needed for a show. Although given that his captor preferred the term Torturer to Daddy, Isaac was pretty sure this was going to lean more towards the excruciating pain side of things.

"Torturer's log, Growl speaking. About to begin probe scan of subject, one Earth human male. First, a generous helping of contrast to aid in allowing the probe passage into the subject and allow for a more complete scan on internal structure." Growl said aloud right before Isaac felt something very cold get smeared onto his asshole. He couldn't help the very undignified yelp that came out of him but thankfully he wasn't really all that easy to shame or humiliate.

"Fuck, that's cold!" Isaac swore as he took deep breaths to try and calm himself down. "Wait, you just said probe and....oh shit, are you about to fuck my ass?!"

"Fuck..fuck..." Growl said in a puzzled tone. "Our translator can't seem to put that word into an equivalent that I would understand. What precisely does fuck mean?"

"It's the most versatile word in the English language and can mean a lot of things, but in this case it would refer to you penetrating my ass in a sexual manner." Isaac explained as he tried to keep his heart from racing. He knew there was no stopping this and frankly, it wasn't the pain that had him panicking.

"There is nothing sexual about what is about to happen, human." Growl said, his tone absolutely dripping with disgust. "There will be pain, but you will survive the greatest indignity an elf can suffer. Well, physically at least, but look on the bright side. Your disgusting existence can finally be of some use to the glorious Elven empire."

"What the hell is supposed to accomplish anyway?" Isaac asked as he tried to keep his heart from breaking out of his chest. He heard a small whir from the ceiling and debated very briefly whether it was a good or a bad thing that he couldn't see what was coming. He heard Growl step away from him without even the slightest hint that he had even heard his question and just waited for the inevitable. He really hoped this probe thing wasn't too big.

"Beginning biological probe." he heard Growl said right before he felt something incredibly phallic push itself against his rear entrance. Isaac hissed at the initial pain as the probe pushed itself past the outer ring of his anus, then shuddered as it went in with a pop.

"Oh...fuuuck." he groaned out as a smaller shiver went through his body as the probe pushed deeper into him, far further than he could ever get his own fingers to reach. The probe kept a steady pace until a good six or so inches resided inside of him, then stopped dead. His body was already stretching out to accommodate its invader and Isaac tried to keep himself relaxed, though his success in doing so was quite limited.

He had done his experimenting earlier in life and found that he actually quite enjoyed some good anal play. While he hated to admit it, his current situation did qualify for a warm up. Arousal was rising in him, sending blood straight to his groin. The odd position of the alien furniture he was on kept him elevated enough that his cock had room to grow hard. Just from having the probe in him, he was already at half-mast. If this was all the probe was going to do, he would probably be okay.

"Probe inserted, initiating scan." Growl said to his left. Isaac's brain took a moment to register the words in his slightly aroused state as he forced himself to relax. The meaning of the words hit him just slow enough that he wasn't prepared for what happened. Isaac groaned out as he felt the probe begin vibrating inside of him, spiking his arousal in the process. His cock immediately sprang to full life at the new sensations, eager for more even as his brain started to go fuzzy.

It had been months since Isaac had really been able to find any sort of real sexual satisfaction. Weeks since he'd even had enough personal time to masturbate. The reassignment when he'd been deemed expendable had forced him to share quarters and toilets communally. Between all the rest of the people who had been stationed at Area 51, he hadn't been able to get more than maybe three minutes to himself no matter how hard he tried. Nowhere near enough time to really let loose via masturbation. That issue, combined with one of his least used kinks being unintentionally triggered, was quickly going to push him over that edge.

"Scan halfway complete. Begin secondary scan." Growl said, only half-heard by Isaac as his ass was assaulted by the elven tech. The probe began to vibrate a little harder and thrust itself slightly back and forth inside of him. If he could think straight, Isaac would probably estimate the probe entering about 8 inches into his ass. Plenty enough to begin rubbing back and forth against his prostate. It was all too much for him.

The probe continued its mindless assault against the sex-starved Isaac, fucking him slowly as it took all the scans and measurements it needed. If Isaac could have moved his head, he would have seen the screen that had been constructed on the wall filling up with data about his body. From his blood pressure and sugar levels, to a complex calculation of his DNA. However, Isaac couldn't move his head even if he did have enough presence of mind to think about that. It took what little situational awareness he had left to suppress the moans that wanted to come out of his mouth into heavy breathing and a set of grunting noises.

Isaac came, spraying his semen onto the furniture his cock was pointed straight at in thick ropes that just didn't seem to stop. He groaned at his own pleasure and release, wanting to wonder how long he was going to keep cumming like this but unable to get his mind off of anything but the sensations in his ass. Mercy only came several moments later, right on the edge of a denied orgasm that had nothing to do with his cock as the probe finally stopped vibrating.

"Oh fucking hell..." Isaac said, a little out of breath. He moaned a bit as he felt the probe begin to leave his ass and made him feel like his organs had all been put in the wrong places. A sense of satisfaction and relief came over him as the probe exited him with a slightly painful pop. His cock still stood at attention, silently demanding more from him. He only had one thing to say at that point. "I haven't cum that hard in years."

"Cum?" Growl asked. "What strange human thing is cum?"

"How about you come over here and find out, Twinkie?" Isaac taunted him with a devilish grin on his face. "Got a fresh sample for you right underneath where my hips are."

"A sample?" Growl said as he came closer, "And what precisely does Twinkie mean? How are you coming up with so many words we haven't managed to program into our translators yet?"

"Maybe next time study the culture and not just the language, Twinkie." Isaac answered.

"Why do you keep calling me that?!" Growl growled as he stepped in front of the furniture Isaac was strapped to. Isaac kept track of where his eyes looked and smirked when he noticed the disgusted look on Growl's face as he looked where the puddle of semen was. He began to walk away before Isaac finally replied.

"Because you're tall, skinny and I wanna fill you up with cream. Hence, Twinkie." Isaac followed up with a big laugh as Growl came back to the furniture with a sneer on his face and some small container in his hand. Isaac watched as Growl reached underneath him and began scooping the semen into said container with a single, bare finger.

"Forget it. I'm done dealing with you today." Growl said as he tried and failed to flick the last of Isaac's cum off his finger. Isaac turned his head, snickering as the Torturer failed at his simple little task hard enough the elf actually blushed. Isaac allowed himself a brief mental fist pump as Growl finally left the room. Isaac was a bit worried about how long he was going to be stuck hunched over on the kinky furniture but his worry turned out to be thankfully unfounded.

A few moments after Growl left, the furniture and lab seemed to melt away in rapid disassembly just as quickly as it had assembled itself. Isaac was left once again alone and naked on the thankfully warm metal floor of the cell he had been brought into. He hadn't really accomplished much, but he had volunteered for this shit assignment and now it was time to start making good on everything.

He hunched himself over to a corner, praying that there were no listening devices able to hear him as he pressed into the equipment that had been surgically grafted under his skin. The small devices inside him clicked briefly but painfully against his bone, reassuring him that they had remained functional despite the damage that he had taken. He waited a moment for the pain to go away before he began speaking.

"This is Lieutenant Isaac Irons reporting in on the experimental, one-way comms. The elves have captured me and locked me into a metal room capable of creating furniture out of the material used in the room. My report is as follows..."

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