I wrote a version of this story years ago for someone I met. She wanted to play it out, but was afraid. Maybe someday I'll find someone bold enough to meet this stranger.

Some of the best stories use generalizations. The lack of details is so you can imagine a place near you. Other people like lots of details. This story is a detailed account of a woman's surrender to a relative stranger, light bondage, outdoor exposure, and oral assault under the stars. Can you imagine yourself as one of these characters doing these things?

Tom and Rachel, Ch 1: Under a Tree

It was nighttime when she pulled into the parking lot. The sun had slipped away hours ago and the moon was just rising in the east. It was a clear, warm night, but that didn't stop the chills when she took a moment to imagine what might happen that evening. She pulled into an area of the parking lot he described and parked. She turned off the engine and peered out through her windows. There were a few cars scattered about, but she couldn't see what, or who, she was looking for. She looked at her watch and decided to wait until 10:00 pm, as he instructed.

She met him online. Upon meeting, they exchanged interests and found a couple of common ones. Through their emails, he helped her imagine more of her interests and allowed her the ability to describe them in words. Some of the more interesting interests were her erotic fantasies. She remained inexperienced in all of them and needed coaxing to dare consider acting any of them out. He wrote some erotic stories, and she loved to imagine herself as one of the principle participants. The thought of being exposed and vulnerable topped her list of thrills. After some encouragement, she let him dare her into a fantasy. She had some idea of what to expect, but the details were withheld to heighten the anticipation and make the experience more exciting.

Now she sat in her car, in the dark, waiting to take the next step in just a couple more minutes. She began to wonder if this was a mistake. She didn't take any precautions in case he was some serial killer. But she couldn't quit now. She didn't want to be considered a quitter, even if only he and she were the only two people in the world who knew. She reasoned it would be better to follow through and experience this thrill than to surrender to her fear and sit at home kicking herself for giving in. Her watch now showed 10:00pm. Oh well, too late to quit now, she thought. She boldly opened her car door and got out.

She started walking to the cars nearby. She was looking for a yellow ribbon tied to the front seat passenger door handle. It wasn't long before she found it. It was a four door sedan with tinted windows in back. She walked up to the door, then looked around, hoping she might see "him". The parking lot lights didn't permit her to see inside all the vehicles in the area, so she sighed in resignation, and opened the door.

She sat down and closed the door. In front of her on the dashboard, was a letter, and on the floor between her feet was a box. Before arriving at the parking lot, Tom had told her that there would be both this note on the dashboard and a box on the floor, and that she should not open the box until instructed to do so. So she grabbed the letter and began reading.

"Good evening, Rachel. Thank you for embarking on this little fantasy of ours. As we agreed, you must follow all of my instructions completely. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action. Follow the steps below, one at a time.

"Step 1: Remove your dress, fold it, and place on the seat behind you."

"Shit," thought Rachel. "No foreplay?" She couldn't believe she was already getting naked. Rachel put the note in her lap and nervously looked around outside seeing no one nearby. She was thankful for the tinted windows, even if they only covered the back windows and left the front seat windows and windshield exposed. She put the letter on the dash and discretely removed her dress, in case someone she couldn't see was watching her -- she didn't want to draw any attention. She folded her dress and placed it on the seat behind her seat. She picked up the note again and read the next step.

"Step 2: Remove your bra, fold it, and place it on the seat behind you."

Now she really hoped no one could see her. Using as little movement as necessary to remain unnoticed, she removed her bra and tossed it over her shoulder into the seat behind her. Now she was naked except for her white lace panties and her shoes. She picked up the letter and began reading again.

"Step 3: Leaving the box on the floor, open the box and retrieve the handcuffs inside.

"Step 4: Place one of the cuffs on to one of your wrists. Ensure the cuff is not too tight, but also will not slide off of your wrist."

Rachel reached into the box, felt the handcuffs, and pulled them up and into the light. She then placed a cuff on her left wrist.

"Step 5: Retrieve the blindfold from the box."

She found the blindfold and held it in her hand.

"Step 6: Put on your seat belt."

She emptied her hands and stretched the belt across her body. She felt a portion of the belt across her legs. She could feel the upper belt across her chest and breast. After hearing the click of the belt, she adjusted the upper portion to fit between her mounds of flesh as best she could, then picked up the letter again.

"Step 7: Read the remaining steps, place this letter in the box, then perform the steps you just read.

"Step 8: Put on the blindfold and make sure you can't see around the edges.

"Step 9: Put your hands behind you back and place the other cuff on your other wrist, making sure it is secure.

"Step 10: Remain seated, sitting up straight, and wait. Do not speak again until you are returned to your car. Do not remove your blindfold until you are returned to your car. "

Rachel put the letter in the box then placed the blindfold over her eyes. She was tempted to peek but decided to obey for now. Then leaned forward and placed the cuffs on her wrist behind her back, sitting back up when she was done. And waited.

It was quiet. All the windows were up so any outside noise was muffled. She could hear an occasional car pass by on the road on the other side of the bushes. She heard one car start and drive away from the parking lot. Her ears were ringing a little bit, probably due to her car radio being too loud, or more likely, her nervousness. Her heart was pounding. She continued sitting there, thinking, while straining to hear for signs of life outside her cocoon.

She met Tom online. He was a little older that she was. The age difference didn't bother her; in fact, it made the relationship a bit more interesting. He was an engineer and his writing seemed to reflect his attention to detail. He seemed very nice but could also play the role of a stern disciplinarian.

She boldly sent him a picture of her body below the neck in a bikini, and reluctantly two without the bikini: one that was taken from above and only showed her shoulders and some of her round, little ass; and the other a selfie from her bathroom that showed her breasts and neatly trimmer strip. He playfully threatened to post her pictures online. No one could trace them back to her, but the thrill of the idea excited her.

When she discovered he lived only one hundred miles away, she fantasized often about their first meeting and what might happen. Succumbing to his playful extortion, she finally agreed to meet him.

The driver's door opened, and it startled her. She didn't hear anyone approaching. "Is that you, Tom?" she asked, then realized she broke a rule. She sat back and prayed it was him. The driver started the car, and they drove away.

After driving for a few minutes, the car seemed to turn onto a dirt road. After about a minute, the car stopped, and the engine turned off. The driver got out of the car and opened Rachel's door. She felt a firm hand on her upper arm and heard a man's voice command, "Get out of the car." She rotated her body to stick out her legs and stood up straight. His hand on her arm pulled her to the side and the door closed. With his hand firmly grasping under her upper arm to support her, he pulled her forward and they began walking.

As she walked, she felt the dirt and could hear the leaves under her feet. She felt strange walking outdoors, blindfolded, in only her panties and a pair of high heel shoes. She wished she had picked different shoes.

Tom stopped her and said, "Wait here." She listened as he moved around her, busy doing something. Then he grabbed her wrists, removed the cuffs, and attached a different set of cuffs on them in front of her which were wider and more comfortable. A breeze came by and lightly rustled the leaves overhead which confirmed she was standing under a tree.

She heard a sound above her as her wrists were raised over her head. They were raised high, but she was still able to keep herself on her feet. It sounded like a rope, which he tied off nearby. She could hear him move around, then seemed to stop in front of her. Although she could not see him, she knew he was standing there, looking over her nude body. She could feel goosebumps forming as she realized she was standing there topless, her breasts exposed, her nipples hardening, and she was powerless to stop him from seeing every detail. Then she heard Tom sigh, "Beautiful".

After another long pause, he stepped up to her and spoke softly in her ear. "I'm glad you decided to come to me. You are behaving very well. Unfortunately, you broke two rules and for that you must be punished.

First, Step 2 of my instructions stated that you were to fold your bra and place it on the seat behind you. When I got into the car, it was clear that you tossed it on to the seat and did not fold it. Your second infraction was when you spoke without permission when I got into the car. You were clearly instructed not to speak in Step 10. During the course of events here tonight, I will administer your punishment. You must remember in the future that rule breaking is not tolerated and there will be consequences. Nod your head if you understand." She nodded her head. He gave her a little kiss on the cheek and stepped back. "In the meantime," said Tom, "I intend to enjoy my little toy."

She felt something on her nipple, lightly touching, before it disappeared. Then she felt it on her other nipple, again a light touch. She softly groaned when she felt a firmer tug at each of them, pulling them longer, and letting them slip through his fingers. She didn't think they could get any longer. "Sexy," said Tom. Somehow, his voice sounded sexy to her.

She heard him slowly walk around her, obviously inspecting her body as he went. He stopped behind her and waited without saying a thing. She felt him take her long hair and push it in front of her shoulders so he could get a clear view of her bare back. He felt his hands under her ass cheeks as he lifted them a few times to watch her ass jiggle. "Nice ass," he said. Then he continued his slow walk around her and stopped at her side.

She let out a little yelp of surprise when he smacked her ass. It didn't hurt. She was just not expecting that. "That is for your first infraction," Tom said. She contained herself when he smacked the other cheek. "And that is for your second."

He continued his walk and stopped in front of her. He pushed her hair back behind her shoulders and waited. She could hear him breathing. In a tone of voice that sounded like he approved, he said, "absolutely fuckable." She couldn't stop her smile.

Without urgency, Tom walked around and stood behind Rachel again. He ran his fingers down her spine and caressed her back. With her arms extended up, he had easy access to her armpits and it tickled when he touched there. He explored her back, running his hands down and across her ass, then back around again to her stomach. He lightly played with her nipples for over a minute, eventually groping her breasts, squeezing them, flattening them, then pulling on her nipples again. His hands would wander away, but always returned to his two favorite mounds of flesh.

After a while he released his grasp and walked around to stand in front of her, where he continued his assault on her tits with his mouth. He sucked hard. His teeth nibbled at her soft flesh and on the tips. His tongue flicking across her nipples made her squirm a bit.

She heard him kneel then felt his breadth on her tummy just below her belly button, followed by little kisses. The moisture evaporating from her nipples kept them sensitive. He began his light assault of her abdomen accompanied by caressing of her thighs and hips with his hands.

She continued to stand straight, knees together to give her the maximum height for her elevated arms. His fingers eventually slipped under the band of her panties at her hips and drew them down, allowing his kisses to reach the skin that had previously been hidden. From his actions, there was no doubt he enjoyed her scent as her panties fell to the ground. His kisses turned from pecks to warm, wet kisses, eventually exposing more of his tongue to her skin.

Tom stopped, sat back, and removed her panties that were pooled around her ankles. Then he pushed her legs apart and she helped by moving her feet apart. When her legs were together, they stayed warm and began to sweat. When she parted her legs, the exposed sweat on her legs captured the breeze that swirled around them. He continued pushing her legs apart, fully exposing what had previously been protected.

She felt a slight tickle as he barely touched the folds of her skin down there, and flicked it about with his finger. The two licks of his tongue on her clit felt like kisses. Then he gently inserted one, then two fingers inside her pussy, lubricating them as they entered. He withdrew and inserted his fingers a number of times, moving them around to different areas, gradually increasing the tempo. He would withdraw his fingers and insert his tongue, letting this warm appendage explore both inside and outside her pussy, occasionally discovering her clit. She could feel her juices seeping out and running down one leg. His other hand would reach up and grope one breast or the other for a few moments at a time.

She could feel the effectiveness of his actions as her climax grew. She let out moans, whimpers, and squeaks with every surprising delight, hoping she wasn't breaking any rules. She wanted so much to wrap her legs around him and pull him in deeper. She resisted announcing her pending explosion, but it didn't seem to matter. He sensed the moment, grabbed her ass with both hands, and buried his face deeper between her legs, relentlessly attacking her sensitive nerves until she finally released the pent-up desire, shaking with little convulsions and trembling.

As her pulse began to diminish, he withdrew his face, but continued caressing her hips, thighs, and abdomen with his hands. She wanted to collapse, but her wrists kept her upright. Tom stood up, wrapped his arms around her, and gave her a firm hug. She then realized he was shirtless and felt the warmth of his chest against hers. She half forgot the rules but needed to say it. "Thank you," she whispered, not caring if she was punished or not.

Tom stepped back and helped her replace her panties. Then he lowered her arms and walked her back to the car. He removed her cuffs and reminded her not to remove her blindfold. He helped her into her dress and told her she must wait until she was home before putting on any bra. He drove her back to her car and helped her out. He then placed his hands on the sides of her head and kissed her with a loving, passionate kiss. She not could help but respond in kind. He told her to count to 50 before removing the blindfold and got into his car.

After she heard his car drive away, she quickly counted to 50, removed her blindfold, and got into her car. She locked the doors, and sat there, with moments from the last hour flashing in her mind. She felt great, thrilled, enlivened, and exhausted. "The only thing missing," she thought, "was a good fucking." "Maybe next time," she sighed.

After a few moments, she collected her wits and started her car. Then she noticed a piece of paper on her dashboard. The message said, "If you would like to join me for a piece of pie, I'll meet you at the diner across the street in ten minutes." She thought about it for a moment, smiled, and decided she was hungry.

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