How to repair HP Printer 49.4c2 error?

HP Printer 49.4c2 error is a technical error that is seen occurring in the hp printer. This error creates a lot of difficulties for a user to perform printing. Technical error is a common thing to occur in the printer. HP Printer 49.4c2 error is an error that slows down the printing work. To troubleshoot this error you can take the help of the HP Printer Support team. The team members will help to troubleshoot the technical error from the printer. HP Printer is a well-known printer because of its high-quality performance and high-quality print. Despite having the high quality it can be affected with technical errors that can lower the print quality. In this blog, we will discuss the cause of HP Printer 49.4c2 error and the solutions to troubleshoot the error.

Cause of the HP Printer 49.4c2 error:

HP Printer 49.4c2 error can create difficulties for the users while they are about to print up documents. This error can cause if the user sets the printer firmware in an incorrect manner. It can also appear in the printer screen if the printing operation job is not set in a proper way.
It can also occur if the internet connection or the USB cable has an issue. Sometimes this error occurs if it has an invalid command that makes the HP Printer 49.4c2 error in the printer screen. If the jet-direct cards in the HP Printer are not set in a proper manner then this error can occur. The printer needs to be updated, or else this error is likely to show up in the HP Printer.

Guidelines to troubleshoot the HP Printer 49.4c2 error:

There are several solutions through which this error can be solved. Here, in this blog, we will discuss some of the solutions to troubleshoot the HP Printer 49.4C2 error. The following processes are:

Guideline 1: Verify the Network Configuration

In this process, unplug the LAN and reset the printing device. Now, make sure that the printing device is in “Ready mode”. A configuration page will ask on the menu to select “Print Configuration”.
If the print comes in a good manner then the problem lies in the network where the printer is connected. To perform the process, you will need to follow some steps:
At first, change the IP address of your system. Now, update the firmware when the HP Printer is in “Ready mode”. In the last step, change the driver that is already being installed.

Guideline 2: Clear the print queue

Start the option by selecting “Printer and Faxes” where you will have to open the print queue. Now, click at the printer icon and try printing again. A new window will get opened up and there you have to ensure is that every print job gets removed by tapping on each one of it. By following up this solution you will be able to troubleshoot the HP Printer 49.4c2 error. You can also take the help of the HP Printer Support team.

HP Printer Support

HP Printer Support is a third party service provider that provides the best customer service. To get the customer service you can call at +1-888-621-0339 and talk directly to the team members. The team members will accordingly solve the queries over the phone.

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