"Thank you, Stella and Flora, for sharing." Nikki Love sat on the edge of her desk in front of the class, wearing just a black bra and a short black skirt, seamed stockings and heels. Stella and Flora walked back to their seats, a study in contrasts. Flora was dressed like Nikki, in a black bra and skirt combination. Stella, on the other hand, had a ripped Harley Quinn T-shirt that barely covered any of her large breasts, cut-off shorts that showed off an inch of bare cheek, and tennis shoes. At the beginning of the semester, Abigail would have sworn the two would be mortal enemies, and yet they just got up in front of class and shared that they'd slept together.

A man and a woman in their thirties sat in chairs to the side of the desk. Their names were unknown. Nikki had brought them in a few classes back as a silent audience for everything that went on. Some classes they were there, sometimes they weren't. The girls referred to them simply as the observers.

Abigail's heart was pounding. Don't call on me. Don't call on me.

"Abby? I believe you have something to share."

Of course she called on me.

"Go ahead," whispered Karen, a thin blond with straight hair. Karen was Abigail's best friend in class, but she also had a huge crush on Nikki, their professor. She'd do anything to please and probably figured Abigail should too.

Abigail got out of her seat, because staying there would be more embarrassing than telling the class. So she walked up, knees shaking, and turned to face all the other girls.

Before she could talk, Nikki spoke. "I think we all remember how Abby was on the first day of class. She's come an enormous way, and I'm so proud of her. Her skirt is showing off her long, lovely legs, and I really like the white shirt and black bra look on her. And I think you look good as a blonde, Abby."

She'd bleached her hair recently, and she had to admit she liked it. Her hair had been an in-between shade, not quite brunette, not quite blonde. Now it was practically platinum, and Abby wondered if it was too drastic. As for her wardrobe, Nikki had been coaching her. She was showing more cleavage than she was comfortable with, but in a burst of enthusiasm she'd cut off all the top buttons from all her shirts. She'd had second thoughts about that, but she wouldn't buy a whole new wardrobe, knowing that Nikki would only encourage her to cut more buttons off.


"Hi, Abby!" said several of the girls.

It had been Nikki who had started calling her Abby, and it had caught on with pretty much everyone in class. Abigail thought of Abby as almost an alternate persona that was taking over. Abigail would never walk around campus dressed like this, but Abby totally would.

"I, um, lost my virginity yesterday."

She didn't expect anyone to be shocked, or disappointed. She was the only virgin left in class. The other girls had done all sorts of crazy things. She figured what was a big deal for her would be a big yawn for everyone else.

Instead, someone started clapping, and everyone else joined in. "Woohoo!" "About time!" "You go, girl!"

She blushed. Well, at least that's over. She started back toward her seat.

"How was it Abby?" asked Nikki.

She stopped. "Um, good, I guess."

"Would do again?"


"Same guy, or someone different?"

"Uh. I deliberately chose someone I wouldn't get attached to, just to get, um, over the hump."

"Oh, so smart," said Nikki.

Sure. It was your idea. Just like the way I'm dressed that you complimented earlier.

"Did it hurt?" asked Jeni.

"Um, not too bad. And not after the first few seconds."

"How many times did he make you cum?" asked Flora.

"Once," Abby said.

"How many times did you make him cum?" asked Stella.

"Also once." She hadn't anticipated getting the third degree.

Her discomfort must have been obvious because Nikki seemed to take pity on her. "Well, we're all going to be cumming a lot more today. Abby, you can be seated. Does anyone else have anything to share or shall we get on with today's class?"

Nobody raised their hands, and Abby made it back to her seat. Karen gave her a thumbs up. Class had made Abby feel vastly sexier, when she was out on campus or going into town for a restaurant. And yet, it was only in class, in the presence of the other girls, that she still felt plain.

"You'll remember," said Nikki, "That I asked you to bring your favorite vibrator or dildo or whatever you use for masturbation into class. Hold aloft whatever toy you brought—or just your hand, if that's your favorite way to get off."

Abby raised a small massager that fit in her hand. She didn't need more powerful vibrations, just her fantasies and "the pink thing" as she called it.

"I see some of you brought things that plug in," Nikki said. "Take seats near the edge of class—switch if you have to—there are power strips that should handle all of you. Well, all of your toys, anyway. I don't think there's a power strip ever made that could handle the amazing energy all you sexy sluts have."

It still weirded her out how casually Nikki used the word "slut" to describe all of them. Abby didn't feel like a slut, even though she did just have sex with a boy she wasn't in love with, and basically just because he'd asked her if she would and she wanted to get the whole virginity thing over with.

She saw Stella plug in a big magic wand. Now Stella—Stella was a slut. Dressed like one, acted like one, banged the star of the basketball team in front of everyone on the quad. Abby was jealous of Stella, but she didn't think she'd ever be that open.

Thinking about the word distracted her. They weren't just sharing the things they used so they could talk about them. Nikki expected them to use them. In class. With those two strange people watching.

"Okay, girls. Panties off, if you're wearing them, and minus five points if you are. Today, you're going to become more comfortable with your bodies. Make sure to face our guests, and spread your legs nice and wide, that's good. Stella, Rachida, you all are such good sluts, nothing to be ashamed of. Your pussies are all beautiful. Abby, Flora, you girls too."

"Want me to help you with your panties?" Stella asked Flora, in her usual loud voice.

"Not wearing any, silly. Weren't you paying attention in class last time?" asked Flora.


Abby simply froze. She felt like everyone was staring at her. Certainly Nikki was looking at her steadily, tapping her fingers on her outer thigh, right on the bare section between stockings and skirt.

"Legs spread nice and wide, that's it, girls." Nikki looked straight at Abby, who slowly spread her legs. She wasn't wearing panties, either, as Nikki had directed last class, although she'd been pulling at the hem of her skirt all day just to make sure she stayed covered. Now the observers could see everything. The woman was looking right at her, she knew it. Her hesitation probably attracted their attention. No. Look at Stella. Look at Karen. Come on, someone do something freaky and distract them. At least the man's view was blocked.

"Start playing with yourselves, ladies." Nikki spoke in a soothing voice. "Nothing to be ashamed of. Beautiful pussies, sexy girls, you're going to cum so hard, and it's going to feel so good."

The sound of vibrators filled the room, and Abby turned on hers, too. She followed directions, just to blend in. And maybe it would distract her from the observers.

Nikki put on a small tripod on her desk with a video camera on top. She turned it on before stepping to the side.

Almost all the girls had signed release forms letting Nikki use any pictures of them however she liked as long as it stayed on campus. As a result, their pictures were on a slide show displayed on the big screen outside of the student union, each of them totally topless. Sometimes there would be video clips, too, like the one of Valerie giving a glory-hole blowjob to some anonymous guy.

She'd signed the form because she wanted a good grade, and she had the feeling that "Slut class" was going to be harder for her than Differential Equations.

Concerned that she might get caught in view by accident, she stopped and scooted her chair to the left so she couldn't see the camera anymore through Valerie's back. As a result, she could see the man in front clearly now. Shit, he's looking my way. I can't do this.

Nikki was at her side, and reached out for her elbow. Gently, she guided Abby's arm back into position. "Just feel the good vibrations, Abby. A good slut isn't ashamed of her pussy. Everyone's going to see it eventually."

Everyone? Define everyone. But the moment the vibrator touched her clit, she spasmed. This can't be turning me on.

Fuck, this is totally turning me on.

At least she'd been fairly quiet about it. There was an unmistakably orgasmic loud moan from the front of class, as Nikki resumed her tour of the room. "That's it sluts, just keep cumming and enjoying the pleasure. I'm quite sure this is the only class where you get to have orgasms, so have all you can. Good girls. Stella, play with your own pussy, not Flora's. We'll get to explore each other in a class later in the semester, because even if you aren't into girls, a good slut should know how to put on a show. I didn't think I was bisexual until I started doing porn, and now I love doing it with women and men alike. That's good Gina, I can tell you're so close, go ahead and let yourself cum."

Gina came with a loud scream.

Imagine your audience naked, wasn't that supposed to work? Except that guy up there, I don't know, maybe, if he was naked he'd want to fuck me, no he wouldn't, he'd want to fuck one of the other girls, not me, but he's looking at me, maybe he would want to fuck me, oh my godddddddd.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a red light. Nikki must have moved the camera.


"You're edging, aren't you Karen?" Nikki was still making the rounds.

"Um, yes, ma'am." Karen was fucking herself with a big purple dildo.

"That's not what I asked you to do, was it? What are you thinking about?"

"I'm, uh, pretending I need permission."

"Permission to cum? Does needing permission make it even hotter, Karen?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Permission from whom?"

"You, Ma'am."

"So instead of cumming when I told everyone to, you're getting all hot and bothered by pretending I've told you not to?"

Karen just nodded.

"Will you do anything I tell you to?"

Karen nodded again.

"Give me your shirt."

Karen lifted it off, revealing small, perky breasts.

"Go out in the hall and finish out there. You can't come back in until you cum. I don't care who is watching out there."

Karen's eyes widened. "Oh."

"Do it," said Nikki. "Now. You know you want to obey."

Karen ran, naked, outside, carrying the dildo with her.

Nikki smiled. "I love all your sexualities. Everyone is different, and gets turned on by different things. I noticed some of you are really enjoying this exercise." She seemed to stare right at Abby, but then she moved on. "Flora? How is it going?"

"Almost there, Nikki," Flora said.

"Good girl," Nikki said.

"I wish you wouldn't call us that," said Flora.

Nikki leaned in. "Good slut," she said.

"Or that," said Flora.

"Good sexually empowered woman," said Nikki.

"Oh yes," Flora said, her body visibly shaking.

"Same difference, more syllables," Nikki said. "We're all sluts here." She walked up to the desk, and Abby prayed she was going to move the camera again. The vibrator kept buzzing away at her clit and she was pretty sure she'd come again soon, and she didn't mind doing it in front of the strange man anymore but she still wasn't so sure about the camera.

"That's lovely Rachida," she said. Rachida was right behind Abigail. "I love the way you use the magic wand in little circular motions, that looks like it feels really good. Look around at each other, everyone. See if you can pick up some new techniques, or just enjoy perving."

But don't look at me.

"Jeni, I love the way your mouth moves while you get turned on. Are you thinking about...?" Nikki was still on the move.

"Having a cock in my mouth, too, Dr. Love," Jeni said.

"Thought so. Yummy!" Nikki looked up to the front. "I'm afraid the only man in here isn't allowed any relief during class."

"Can I do him after?" asked Jeni.

"Well, that's for you to negotiate," said Nikki. "And what are you thinking about, Abby?"

Abby looked up at her. "The camera, ma'am."

"Does the camera turn you on?"

Abby shook her head. She was plenty wet, but surely the camera didn't turn her on. She was afraid of the camera.

"It looks like it does," Nikki said, peering closer. "You're very, very wet Abby. You've come once already and I think you're really close to cumming again, aren't you?"

Abby nodded, not trusting her voice.

"Was the man who fucked you the first one who saw your pussy? Other than a Doctor?"

Abby nodded again.

"You're changing fast, aren't you?" Nikki asked.

"Uh-huh." She was so close. She pulled the vibrator away.

"The assignment, Abby, is to keep masturbating."

Abby made a face and moved the vibrator back. "But... you won't show people, will you?"

"Of course I will, Abby," Nikki said. "That beautiful blonde hair, your expressive face, your lovely legs... and your orgasms. They should all be seen. You're blossoming into the slut you've always had inside you, Abby."

She formed the word no with her lips, but she didn't say it. She was only resisting because she was supposed to. She had an image of herself, shy, prudish, conservative. Virginal. But she wasn't that person anymore. She was a sexy blonde who had fucked and would fuck again when she got the chance. Her tits were on display to the whole campus twice a day in the slide show. Nikki had caused that transformation, and she was grateful. And now she wanted to make Nikki proud. Fuck Abigail. I'm Abby now.

She spread her legs a little wider, slid a few fingers of her left hand into her pussy, and stared straight at the red light of the camera. She knew she was right on the edge, and it wouldn't take much more. She pressed the pink vibrator against her clit.

"Oh fuck yes!" she yelled as she came, and her eyes slammed shut. "Oh my God I love being a slut. Oh yes!"

She could hear the cries and moans of other girls as they played with themselves too, and she wasn't sure how much time had passed when she opened her eyes again. Nikki had moved away. Abby imagined there had been a smile of approval first, but if so she had been too busy cumming to see it. She caught her breath, but she didn't close her legs, instead idly teasing her labia and her clit with her fingers, and not caring who or what saw her.

"Thank you all, class." Nikki said, from the front. "You're all very lovely, and I'm so proud of how far you've come, no pun intended. Next week we'll be talking about D/s, and I'll need some volunteers to help me with that. If you aren't working with me, expect to pair up."

Karen was back in her seat, which meant she'd made herself cum in the hall. Karen's top was still lying on the teacher's desk. Not surprisingly, Karen's hand shot up the moment Nikki said "volunteer."

She wasn't the only one. Abby might have volunteered herself, but she didn't want to compete with Karen. She didn't have the hots for the teacher like Karen, but she'd let Nikki guide her so far and she was eager to continue the journey.

Nikki scanned the class, pausing briefly when her gaze came to Karen, and then moving on. She smiled. "Gina! Now there's a surprise. Can you meet me in my office after class to negotiate?"

"Yes," said Gina.

Unsurprisingly, Karen looked disappointed. The decision confused Abby until she thought about how Nikki had taken her under her wing. Gina was the one girl who hadn't signed the release form yet. Karen had demonstrated that she'd obey Nikki without question. It was Gina who had the most to learn from the exercise, just as Abby had needed more guidance than Stella.

Most of the other girls were straightening their skirts and filing out. Jeni went up to talk to the observers. Karen walked toward Nikki's desk, and Abby went with her. Karen reached for her shirt.

"What do you think you're doing, Karen?" asked Nikki.

"Um, getting my shirt back?"

Nikki shook her head.

"No?" asked Karen.

Nikki smiled and shook her head again.

"You're going to keep it, Ma'am?" Karen asked.

"Yes. I think you've been a good girl, and you deserve to show off your tits for the rest of the day."

Karen nodded. "Yes, Ma'am. Thank you, Ma'am."


"Yes?" Abby asked, almost adding a "Ma'am" herself.

"I think you're ready for another button."

Abby looked down at her shirt. If she unbuttoned one more, her bra would be showing. She looked back at Nikki, who was holding out a pair of scissors.

Karen would be walking around completely topless, nipples exposed to the world. But Karen had been noticeably braless since the first day of class. Abby had always kept herself covered. She gave it a moment's thought.

Then she took the scissors and cut off every button the blouse had. She handed them back to a surprised Nikki.

"If something's worth doing, it's worth doing well, and completely." She was aware she'd heard the words at home many times. The same home that taught her to be ashamed of her body, but she tried to take the good from every experience and leave the bad. She spread the shirt wide, then bunched up the ends and tied them in a knot below her breasts. She knew you could see her nipples through the lace of her bra.

"I couldn't agree more," said Nikki. "Very nice, Abby. Enjoy the afternoon, ladies."

"Sluts," Abby corrected her, and turned and walked away. Karen rushed to keep up with her.

"You've changed," said Karen.

Abby laughed. "Fancy a stroll around campus, see who gawks?"

Karen nodded. "I think... Ms. Love would be proud of us."

Abby smiled. She didn't need Nikki's approval anymore to let her inner slut out. She could do it all on her own.

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