Christmas Eve, 2000.


Was it a dream? Or was it real? Even today, Christmas Eve 2020, Danni Ashe remembered that night twenty years ago and wondered. It was something she would never forget, and something she recalled on the same night ever since.

Born in 1968, the stacked blonde from South Carolina, had at various times been a stripper, porn star, internet model, and founder of one of the most pioneering porn web sites ever. Her naturally large breasts, an enormous 32FF cup size, obviously contributed to her popularity in the business.

In December 2000, it was confirmed that Danni had been awarded the title of 'Most downloaded woman on the Internet.' A cool one billion downloads no less.

Now, despite the big storm disrupting travel, and the power outage upsetting Danni plans, she actually found some respite in the break from her hectic schedule. Yes she would have some welcome alone time and catch up with friends and family in a couple of days.

Although, to be honest, Danni missed the internet connections terribly, and as she was planning on being with her current boyfriend, her original plan of hectic fucking would be sorely missed.

On top of that the little house she had in the country was just a little TOO peaceful. After she had arrived the previous day, Danni had slept soundly, and the cozy bed made for pleasant dreams. Dreams of a virile man sliding under the sheet with her and using her voluptuous body as he saw fit were vivid and erotic. She dreamt of their love making to a background of merry Christmas carols, and her horny lover brought her to orgasm no less than three times!

So, after Danni had relaxed with two glasses of scotch. the southern belle took to her bed on Christmas Eve. She huddled under the sheet and wished and wished for another wet dream like the night before.

This time the blonde bombshell tossed and turned as she failed to drop off in the powerless house. The only lights she had were the two dozen candles she had found in the kitchen. As her eyes grew accustomed to the dark, she fancied she heard a noise in the room.

Se sat up in the bed, or maybe dreamt she did, and saw a familiar figure in a big red coat trimmed with white fur.

"Santa? Is it really you?" Asked Danni, squinting her eyes.

"Not quite." He answered as he shrugged off his heavy coat.

Instead of the expected old fellow with white hair and beard down to his belly, Danni was surprised at the welcome sight of a handsome, blue eyed youngish man with black hair. On top of that he was now stark naked and sporting the kind of tackle you would expect between the hind legs of a rutting reindeer. Just looking at him made the top rated model leak from her pussy in buckets.

"I'm Rudolph, Santa's little helper. My friends call me Rudy."

Little! Even in her drowsy state, Danni felt her pussy tingle like mad.

"You've been a good girl all year, according to his list, and I'm here to give you your present. Something Santa isn't able to provide."

"Jingle balls to that!"

Here she was, dreaming about a well hung man sharing her bed, and here he was, six feet tall and blessed with a nine inch erection and two nuts like baseballs. His lovely cock twitched without being touched, and stood out from his shaven scrotum like a big poker.

Rudy joined her bed and reached out to roll up her flimsy nightgown.

"Your tits are magnificent."

He pawed at her massive globes and covered them with the palms of his warm hands. Or at least tried to, them being so large and hefty. He gently thumbed the hard nipples, and Danni sighed to his touch. Then he buried his face in the vastness of her ample cleavage and hummed merrily.

"There's an echo in here, in here, in here."

Danni laughed as he shook his head from side to side, smearing her boobs with dribble.

She moved her hand between their naked bodies and gripped his rigid and thick erection, feeling the heat from the sturdy shaft.

She shifted on her butt as Rudy sucked in her right nipple and teased the erect nub with hard teeth. She had extremely sensitive tits and her pussy soon dripped with her love juices.

"Now then." He said as Danni jerked his stiff dick rapidly. "I may have to switch you to the naughty list if you persist in that."

Danni squeezed his dick at the root and blew lightly on his knob and smiled wickedly.

"And what do naughty girls get?" Grinned Danni with a twinkle in her big blue eyes.

"A spanking, naturally."

Danni shrieked as she was tipped over onto her belly and soundly smacked on her peach of a bottom. Danni gasped from the sharp spanks on her abundant backside, his right hand striking first her left, and then her right. Both cheeks turned a rosy red, and as his hand brushed her damp slit. by accident or design, her juices flowed out and down her thighs.

"Now, you may suck me off."

Danni rubbed her warmed up nates and looked at his cock which he held up for inspection. Fuck! What a red nosed knob he had, flaring out on a enormous white column of a prick. How she wished to slide down that chimney stack! Her ruby lips sucked on the bloated bell end while she wanked his hot shaft at the same time.

Rudy groaned as Danni sank down his rod of iron to the halfway mark, slobbering loudly and letting copious amounts of saliva trail down his upstanding pole to bathe his hairless scrotum. Danni was superb, using her tongue and teeth to scrape his hot cock flesh and mushroom sized glans.


Danni gagged as Rudy crammed her head down and pushed up at the same time, lodging his cock head down her throat.

"Right." She said as she wiped her mouth and looked him in the eyes.

She pushed her mammoth boobs together to make one monstrous tit and dropped onto his quivering stalk.

Danni bent her head to let out one continuous string of spit that dripped in slow motion until it met his bell end in a viscous coating.

The angry purple plum glistened like a beacon as Danni began to tit fuck the well endowed vision.

Her stupendous globes of fatty flesh slid up and down with ease as she held them firmly in her hands. With a big grin the top heavy babe drove up and down on his rampant cock, and she nibbled at his shiny tip as it emerged from her home made tunnel of love over and over.

Now and again she paused, popping his tip in between pursed lips and hoovering in the fluids. before relenting and resuming her boob bashing.

Then, she licked her wet lips and let him out with a very loud slurping sound.

"Now, what was that about my present?"

"You earned it."

Danni yelped as she was flipped up by the athletic dreamboat and laid flat on her back. Rudy leapt up and mounted her missionary style. His strong legs parted hers with ease as his huge tool pushed inside her sopping cunt. It had been so long since her last fuck and on this special night it felt fantastic to have a cock shoved up her.

His sizeable cock moved in and out of the silky depths of her slick pussy as he plunged in and out at a furious rate. He grabbed her wetted tits, still sticky with saliva, as her legs flailed in the air. Her head shook from side to side as Rudy bent forward and buried his face in her neck and bit her soft skin.

"You are a devil, aren't you."

Rudy grunted and his sweaty chest shunted up and down her front, mashing her large tits beneath his writhing form.

Now he went for broke, thrusting into her slick seam with ferocious energy and enthusiasm, pinning the petite and bubbly blonde to the mattress.

"Yes, yes, yes! It's so good! Fuck that pussy. I've such a bad girl!"

"Now like this."

Rudy laid on his back and Danni feasted her eyes on the flagpole of a dick that lured her closer.

The curvy blonde straddled his lean body and squatted over his lap.

With a deep breath in she eased her wet petals open with his fat tip and then slowly lowered herself and swallowed the glistening head.

"Oh, god!"

Danni planted her hands on Rudy's smooth chest and wiggled her ass to help impale herself on the enormous post. She felt his hands clutch her cheeks and part then wide to aid her in skewering her cunt on his big log.

Once she had half of his stiff shaft inside her heated pussy she started to shift to and fro, making her humongous boobs to bounce and judder on her chest.

"So fucking big!"

Danni's wetness eased his entry as his fat cock lodged in her sweet pussy.

As she rode him faster her soft buttocks rippled with every stroke. His huge balls banged against her bottom as she pumped him frantically up and down. Still her heavy bust wobbled lewdly with her efforts to fuck him harder.

Her hips bucked as she managed to sink down further on his generous length which brought tears to her eyes.


Rudy lifted up from the waist and nibbled on her jiggling tits which inflamed her arousal even more. She felt tremors in her taut thighs as his hard teeth bit into her erect nipples.

"You're gonna make me...cum!"

Danni twisted and squirmed as her inevitable climax exploded around his turgid dick. Dizzying sensations and spots before her eyes made Danni feel as if she were tumbling through space as Rudy tensed and filled her to the brim with oodles and oodles of cum. His balls tightened against her upturned ass as he pumped and pumped until he too was spent.

"Merry fucking Christmas!" Yelled Danni as Rudy slipped out from Danni and rolled over.

Danni was totally gratified and, utterly exhausted, drifted off into blissful sleep. Or had she been asleep all along? When she woke up the next morning, the bed was a mess of crumpled sheets and damp spots. Her nocturnal visitor was gone, if her were there in the first place. Her vivacious body glowed in the light of the Christmas day dawn, and her muff felt like it gaped just a bit more than per usual. From a good fucking?

Also, the left side of her neck felt raw, as if it had been bitten.

The power was back on as she laid on the bed and she put her hand to her warm loins and stroked her muff as she tried to remember.

One thing was certain however. And that was next year, Danni Ashe would be staying wide awake on Christmas Eve, wishing Santa's BIG helper would pay her another visit and give her another big present!


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