Nate and Emma had been together for a few months now, and both were feeling very comfortable in their relationship and their shared kink, and had discussed with each other the possibility of finally being official together. It was more intense than how it was usually, it wasn't simply the idea of calling each other 'girlfriend' or 'boyfriend', which was something they had already been doing for a few weeks. It was the idea that the submissive would be collared by a dominant, especially with a day collar, which would enable them to remember they were owned day and night. Emma didn't know when Nate would finally get a collar for her, but every time she saw herself in the mirror, her long black hair falling around her body, she knew she felt empty without a collar around her neck.

Nate had asked her on a date that Saturday, but Emma had no idea what Nate had planned for the two of them. She knew it would be something exciting and fun for the both of them, and she was excited to see what he had in store for her. That was the best part of being in a BDSM relationship. She didn't know what would happen next, and loved to let her body relax and let someone she fully trusted enable to feel as much pleasure as possible. It was everything she'd ever wanted, and she was so glad she found someone who could share that with her fully and help her explore more past her usual comfort zone.

He had texted her that morning, telling her to wear a dress that would be accessible to him. She practically clenched at the thought of what he had in mind. She listened, and wore a flowy dress that accentuated her tits with a sweetheart line. She twirled around as she waited for him to pick her up, enjoying how much spark she could see in her eyes after she met Nate. He pulled up and walked out the car, giving her a compliment before opening the door of the passenger seat to let her in. She smiled at him, appreciating the tight black top a v-neck, which showed off a bit of his chest. He put his hands on her thigh immediately, grazing his fingers against her leg in a slightly possessive way. She felt herself clench again, and her breath was already becoming a bit more ragged. He always knew exactly how to get her going, and she had felt immensely attracted to his dominant demeanor ever since their first date.

"Where are we going?" She asked, looking around at her neighborhood.

He chuckled, his voice low. "Are you sure you don't want to leave it as a surprise?"

She shook her head. "I'm too excited."

"We're going to see a movie, nothing too exciting." Though the smirk he gave her promised something more. They didn't talk about much during the car ride there, and she could feel her heart beat faster with anticipation. He asked her about her day, and she replied passively, stealing him little glances here and there as she studied his behaviour.

When he finally parked up at the parking lot, he turned to her, his eyes staring at her from head to toe as he took her in. "I have some gifts for you." He said, and she looked back at him, feeling a little nervous.

"Awe... you shouldn't have, Nate!" She said, though was secretly really excited to see what he got for her.

He leaned back and pulled a bag out from the back of his car, and pulled out the first package, handing it to her. "Don't worry, the gifts are kind of for me, too." He winked. He nodded at her, and she opened it, gasping as she looked down at a new set of toys. Inside the box was a wearable vibrator and an insertable one, both clearly very expensive and well worth the price. The former would be perfectly pressed up against her clit, looking like it would be quite strong in its vibrations. The latter was long and delicate, the best insertable vibrator she's ever owned. She was confused though, there was no on or off button, nothing to control them whatsoever. Only a little entrance that enabled the charger to enter.

She grinned as she said, "I guess I'm going to be wearing these today?" He nodded, a gleam in his own eyes. He must be able to control it somehow, though she had no idea where he was hiding the remote.

He handed her another box, this time slightly smaller. She opened it to reveal a pink collar with a small rose gold lock and key in the back. She practically squealed in excitement. "I'm getting collared today?" She asked, her hand grazing against the smooth dyed leather.

He nodded, "though only if you're a good girl." He smirked.

"I'm always a good girl." She teased in response. He only nodded and put the collar back in the bag. He got out of the car and she followed him, both heading towards the theatres hand in hand.

They found seats near the middle of the theatre at the edge, just so they could get a little bit of privacy. He gave her a nod, handing her the box with the vibrators. She knew exactly what he meant, and excused herself a second later, going to the bathroom so she could insert the vibrators into her body. She was already very wet from the thought of him using it on her, and had no problems with fitting it into her. After she returned to her seat, she covered her legs with her jacket, unsure of how much Nate planned to torture her today. It was an action movie, meaning it would be very loud against her moans, something Nate had clearly planned to happen.

She waited for a while, hoping the vibrators would start against her already soaked pussy, but nothing happened, and she was starting to get impatient. Suddenly, at a scene she was fully focused on, the vibrators started to buzz against her body. She immediately turned over to Nate to see him with an app on his phone, clearly controlling the vibrators through it. He started with a low vibration, but it was already getting her going. She rubbed against it, feeling the hardness against her clit and the vibrator deep inside of her pulsing away. He had clearly done a lot of thinking to buy ones that were this good. Nate played with different settings as the movie went on, and one was particularly torturous for her. It started off slow and light, over and over again, and then became harder and more intense. When she began to rock against it, feeling more of it, it stopped and became slow again. It made her so incredibly frustrated, and she kept glancing at Nate for some kind of help. She was so fucking desperate to cum, and tried so hard to not moan out loud to the people sitting around her. There were a few couples and families littered around the theatre, and any of them could hear her at any moment.

Nate knew she was into public sex and trying to resist, and it made her so fucking juicy every time he did something like this to her. She loved that he knew exactly what to do to get her going like this. He controlled her pleasure throughout the movie, especially during the intense and loud scenes, and she felt like she was part of the scenes portrayed around them, part of every battle and fight and action scene. She tried her best to hold her moans in, then realized she could probably make a few noises during the louder scenes. After a while, she closed her eyes, not able to actually watch the movie anymore. She tried her best not to cum while enjoying the sensations at the same time, knowing that she would be punished by Nate if she came without his permission. It had happened before, and though Nate was never too cruel, she didn't want to disappoint him. Especially not today.

Nate began to touch her leg, making it so much more difficult for her. She nodded at him, letting him know she was fine with him continuing. He was looking at her with an incredibly lustful gaze evident even in the dark, and she knew he was probably rock hard right now watching her try to resist her pleasure. He slid his hand over her leg, near the knee and grasped it, hard. He squeezed and rubbed her as he travelled upwards as slow as possible, and seemed to be perfectly in tune with the buzzing of the vibrators, one inside of her and one directly against her clit. He increased the intensity of the app, and stopped his hand just on her thigh, squeezing and rubbing, and turned the app's intensity to full. She couldn't help but let out moans, with the movie drowning them out. Her head was thrown back and her eyes at the back of her head, unable to take the pleasure that was bombarding her body. He leaned in close on her, his hand still gripping her thigh like he owned every single part of her, and whispered for her to cum. Her hand grabbed the hand that was gripping her thigh and she came, moaning loudly as her pussy clenched against the vibrator, soaking it completely as her whole body started to pulse and lose control.

He grinned and turned the phone app down, then off, and let her relax. She leaned into his shoulders, breathing heavily as she tried to let her body calm down. A few minutes later, she excused herself to the bathroom. She looked down in amazement at the stall, seeing the fluids that were now coating her thighs as she pulled the vibrators out. It was unbelievable what he could do to her... how wet and horny he could make her all the time. She cleaned the toys off as well as her body, and returned to her seat to finish the movie, holding hands with her boyfriend.

The movie ended 15 minutes later, and as they headed out into the lobby, hand in hand, he pushed her against one of the walls, looking at her maliciously as people walked by them, unaware of what was going on. He placed his lips on hers for a second before moving away from her. He leaned in to whisper on her ear, his voice making her shake slightly, "I'm not done with you yet. Put the toys back inside and meet me in the car." She nodded, unable to decline any of his commands, especially on the night he would finally be collaring her.

She arrived a few minutes later at the car, entering it and looking at him passively. "You did such a good job at the movie theatre, I'm proud of you." He pushed her hair back, giving her a gentle smile. She blushed, enjoying his attention and praise. "You need to be controlled more, though." He exited the driver's side of the car, and opened the passenger door to her surprise. "Out." She complied, and he told her to enter the driver's side, closing the door behind her as she entered. When he entered the car again, he instructed her some more. "10 and 2."

She nodded and put her hands on the steering wheel, her pussy clenching as she wondered what he had planned for her next. He pulled his phone back out, and turned the app on, immediately putting the intensity higher than he had in the start of the movies. She closed her eyes again, feeling the sensations of the vibrations against her sensitive cunt. He put her hand on her knee again, working it back up her thigh as he squeezed and rubbed her, his masculine rough fingers against her soft curves. He eventually slid against her inner thigh, the vibrations increased as he did.

"Can I cum?" She asked already with a shaky voice, and got shut down with a firm no as a response. He told her to open her eyes and look at him, and she reluctantly did so, grimacing as she tried to hold her body in against what it clearly wanted to do. He turned the phone app even higher, increasing the intensity even more. His hand moved up higher, sliding over the vibrator that's snug over her clit, and pressed the palm of his hand into it. She gasped out loud at the sensation of the vibrator pressed even more firmly onto her clit, sending shocks throughout her body. He grinned at her response, and slipped a finger inside her panties, hissing as he felt how wet she was. He pressed the toy that was inside her even more firmly against her g-spot. Her leg instinctively closed a little, but he instructed her to keep them open for him. She nodded, unable to stop herself from moaning loudly. "Yes, sir," she replied before keeping her legs wide open.

He slipped another finger inside of her, and continued to pleasure her with both his fingers and the vibrators, doing his best to make her as horny as possible and desperate to cum. She was completely and utterly desperate to cum, and asked him over and over again with a firm no every time. She was getting worried. The pleasure was too much, too amazing for her to handle. She would cum without wanting to, and she would be punished for doing so. He would be so disappointed in her. A few moments later, he decided that he wanted her to taste her own wetness, so he removed his fingers and pushed them into her lips, instructing her to open her mouth wide for him.

She did so, and told her to suck them clean. She complied, tasting the sweetness of her fluids against her lips as she sucked as hard as she could. His cock throbbed against his pants, imagining it was him in her mouth instead. With his free hand, he turned the app onto its highest setting, causing her to moan uncontrollably into his fingers, something he enjoyed very much. When it was done, he slipped back inside of her pants, over the vibrator and back into her, pleasuring her once again. He could tell his submissive couldn't last much longer, and he leaned in fully into her, whispering in her ear, telling her what a good girl she was.

"You've done a great job being obedient, sir is very happy with you. It's time for your reward. You may cum, but you have to keep your eyes open the entire time and look at me while you do so."

She nodded, realizing it would be an incredibly difficult task. She normally kept her eyes closed during their fucking sessions, letting the pleasure wash over her as she removed her other senses. She couldn't take the sensations against her body anymore, and she cam, staring at him the entire time while she let the orgasm take hold of her. Her eyes locked with his as she clenched over and over around the vibrators and his fingers, moaning and mewling at the incredible feeling of her second orgasm of the night. As her orgasm faded, he turned the app down in synchrony, letting her body calm down slowly. He pulled her close then, letting her body relax against his warm embrace as he told her she did a great job listening to his every command, and was incredibly pleased with her.

When her breathing finally became normal, she climbed over him into the passenger seat again, not trusting her legs to walk her properly to the other side. He did the same, and started driving to their next destination, his hand back on her thighs. They arrived at a hotel, a towering building that looked like he spent a lot of time on as well. He walked her hand in hand to the room he had purchased for the night, and opened the door to reveal a large king sized bed ready for them. She leaned against him, already feeling exhausted from the two orgasms he had claimed from her. He pulled out the collar from the box and set it on the nightstand, letting her look at it. He showed her the lock in the back, which could only be opened with the keys in his pocket. She was blushing with excitement, knowing that she would constantly be owned by him, and would know it every time she felt the collar on her body. "You've earned it for being such an obedient submissive." He said, and her blush deepened at the praise. This was everything she'd ever wanted. "I want to give you one final session for the night before I place it on your neck. Do you trust me?" He asked, though he already knew the answer.

She nodded without even thinking, knowing she would trust him with anything at this point. He asked her to lay on the bed and she complied, and he carefully exposed the bed restraints he had hidden previously. She furrowed her brows and her chest began to race again from looking at them, knowing that he had never really tied her up fully before. He watched her expression and chuckled, telling her not to worry and reminded her of her safe words. She nodded again, and continued to comply as he ordered her to give him her left arm first. He strapped it into place, and slid down the left side of her body, making her wiggle a bit as he found her left ankle and strapped it into place as well. He moved to her right side, grabbing her right leg and slid it apart from the left roughly, making her groan out as he did so. He strapped it into place, then briefly held onto her right hand, asking her if she's ready to be completely locked into place.

While a little hesitant and scared, she trusted him completely, and said, "yes sir," in a slightly breathless tone. With that, he strapped down her right arm. He left her side for a moment and walked to the nightstand. She strained her neck, trying to see what he was doing. He pulled out a couple of chip bag clips that he brought with him to the hotel room earlier that day, which would serve perfectly as nipple clamps. He explained to her what he was going to do before lifting her dress up, exposing her beautiful body to him as he unhooked her bra. She stared at him with frightened eyes as he clamped each nipple down. She let out a little painful sigh, and he chuckled again, telling her not to worry. He promised her it would feel much better soon.

Once again, he pulled his phone out and opened the app. He was controlling her pleasure again, now magnified even more by the pain she was experiencing from the makeshift nipple clamps. He enjoyed her breathy noises as she tried to squirm against the restraints, feeling every pulse against her cunt and clit as she moaned. Soon, he couldn't help but join her on the bed. He moved between her legs and set the phone on her bed, using his hands to slide up and down her legs, focusing on her thighs again. He could feel her shaking underneath him, her body completely exhausted from the orgasms that had hit her over and over again. He stroked her inner thighs with his expert fingers, loving the way that she seemed to beg him for more as she strained against the four ties holding her against the bed. He would give her everything in due time, she only had to be a good girl and be patient.

Occasionally, he would reach up and tug down one of her nipple clamps lightly, caressing her nipple whenever he did so. She groaned out loud as he did every single time, and he gave her a wicked grin, knowing how much she enjoyed the pain on her nipples, though she might never admit it to him. He turned the intensity up on the app and focused back on her inner thighs, cupping and squeezing, until one hand reached over her clit vibrator, once again pressing into it, continuing to squeeze and massage, his other hand working its way up and taking off one of the clamps and rubbing her sore, swollen nipple, letting it run in between his fingers. He moved forwards and put the nipple in his mouth, sucking on it and letting his tongue swirl against it. She moved underneath him, mewling as she felt the sensation of his soft tongue and sharp teeth graze and play with her over and over again. She couldn't believe she could get even wetter than she already was. She must've already been completely drained of fluids after everything that happened today.

When he was done with her one freed nipple, he leaned forwards, his face so close to her she could almost beg for him to kiss her. He looked at her with intense eyes, claiming her as his own. "What is obedience?" He asked, like they had practiced his hundreds of times before.

She responded in pleasure, a phrase she knew well, "Obedience is pleasure." He told her to repeat the phrase, and she complied once more as he increased the app to its highest intensity. She moaned out loud, practically clawing at the mattress underneath her as she tried to control the emotions and pleasure rushing through her body. He removed the other clamp, and both hands returned to her inner thighs until he knew she couldn't take it anymore. He was immensely happy with her today, especially knowing that she was a little scared and now desperately needed to cum, and hadn't asked him. She was clearly trying to contain her pleasure as much as possible until he gave her permission to let go.

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