"Zionnnnn! How long does it take one person to make my hot chocolate?"

"If this man shouts my name one more time, I'd finally allow my long-lived fantasy of killing him with my bare hands to become a reality." Zion whispered to himself.

And who was the person shouting across the hallway? The one and only Mr. Shane Black of course. On a good day, he is known as one of the top real estate agents in the Caribbean, on a normal day he's known as the stuck up, frustrating bastard who also happens to be my boss.

"Zion, if I don't get my hot chocolate within the minute, I'm going to fire you" says Mr. Black.

"I'd like to see you try. How many people do you think are left on this planet who would tolerate your insufferable attitude?" I say as I walk toward Mr. Black with a silky walk and smirk upon my lips. As I hold the hot chocolate out to him without making eye contact, I could just feel his demanding, dark stare trying to force me to look up. I won't however, it's the one thing that almost always threatens to bring me to my knees...his eyes. I'd be lying if I was to say that this man who makes me want to constantly pull my hair out, isn't also one of the most handsome men I've ever met in my entire life. He's tall, dark and frustratingly handsome. However his eyes...those deep brown puddles of chocolate always seem to suck me in.

"Did you put whipped cream" Sigh you'd think that I don't make the same bloody tea for him every morning.

"Did you put chocolate syrup" Do you think anyone would notice if I was to walk out of the office with a body bag over my shoulder?

"Zion Daniels, why are you ignoring me?"

"Because you don't pay me enough as your secretary to be this annoying." I hand him his drink.

Just as he's about to take a sip of his tea, he raises his eyebrow above the cup, as if to say "this better be good, else I'm calling the temp agency for a new secretary". He sips his hot chocolate and then I hear it... "uhhhhhh!"

Fuck. The moan he makes after the first sip always makes my cock jump slightly. I quickly glance at my desk and pick up the closest thing I can find. I place my chocolate chip muffin that I got from the bakery early a bit lower, so that I don't embarrass myself this early in the day. Just as I'm about to sit at my desk, I swear I just saw the corner of his lips form a small smirk, but as I turn to look at him full on, I don't see a thing.

In case you haven't pick it up as: yes I have a crush on my boss. What's the problem with that you may ask?

"Honey! You forgot your charger this morning!" Oh good lord, here comes Squeak J.

"Hey Jess, you didn't have to come all this way. I have a spare in the office." As she hugs him, her smile changes to a challenging look as she glimpses me over his shoulder.

Strange enough, Mr. Black chooses that moment to turn their bodies, until he now faces me. I'm not sure how much time passes as he stares at me intently, as he continues to hug her.

Those eyes... I shake myself and look down at my desk packed with work that I must cover before this evening. I grab my stuff, my chocolate chip muffin and head to the library to see how much work I can get done, while Jess with the squeaky voice enjoys her visit. If I stay here, and wait until Jess leaves, I wouldn't get any work done. As they walk towards Mr. Black's office, I try not to think about what's going to happen as soon as that door is shut.

Stupid, stupid Zion. Why would you crush on your very straight boss?

Just as I'm about to walk through the door, I hear "hey, hold the elevator for a minute." Mr. Black does not even sound out of breath as he makes his way to me. Jesus, why does he always look so fucking good in his suit?

As he enters the elevator, I briefly look up to see Jess fuming on the other side.

"Where are you going"

"Uhhhm...what?" I mutter as a glimpse to his side.

"I'm not going to repeat myself. Every time Jess visits, you make up some ridiculous excuse to leave."

"I uhhhh-" Before I can stumble over my sentence, he takes out his gold key and forces it in the slot in the wall of the elevator. The elevator immediately stops its descent.

"I want to know why you hate Jess and you're not leaving this elevator until you tell me." He folds his arms and casually leans against the wall. If it weren't for the clenching of his fists, I'd say that he was calm.

" I never said I-"

"Don't bullshit me Zion. You've never lied to me before so you better don't start now." My head is spinning. Why does he care all of a sudden? I've been working with this man for the past five years, and never has he been this close to me. And what's with that look in his eye?

"Well to start off, she sounds like a five year little girl when she speaks, her attitude stinks when you're not looking and she's an A- class bitch!" Did I mention that my mouth has no filter when I'm upset? Once I've finally caught my breath and I realise what the fuck I just said to my boss...

"Oh shit, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean-" That damn smirk again.

"Yes you did." He turns his gold key and the elevator continues descending. I cannot believe I just said that. Just as I'm about the look up and apologise again, he leans towards me.

"Oh and by the way Mr. Daniels, the next time you even think about lying to me, I'm going to spank you so hard, you won't be able to sit for days." He leaves the elevator without another word.

What the fuck just happened...

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