Chapter Twenty-One

Shelly's week was full.

Full on work as she tried to clear her schedule.

Full of romance with Dean in the evenings.

Full of plans and merriment on the Wednesday evening when she, Kelly and Brian got together to arrange their 'card drop'.

And full of frustration that Dean would not give in to her hints and discrete requests for the bedroom toys to be reinstated. He always found a reason not to go that far, insisting that he wanted her to know how much he thought of her -- how much he valued her, how much she on her own and without embellishment turned him on.

Finally, on the Thursday evening, having cleared her work commitments, she was now on leave for a few days, and Dean had hinted at more tender evenings, which were wonderful and loving and fulfilling -- to a point, but they were also leaving her feeling like their relationship had become a little too comfortable -- too quickly. And so, Shelly decided to be honest and open with him about her desires -- again.

They were sitting together on his sofa and he was nuzzling her neck, as he made slow tender love to her.

"We had such a good time -- that first night in your bed," she began slowly "At least I did... but perhaps you did not?"

She pushed at his shoulder so that she could look him in the eye.

"I thought you enjoyed it... you went to so much trouble to set things up in that way?"

He sighed and sat back a little. "It was probably one of the best nights of my life," he admitted regretfully, but that made it so much worse when I saw the damage that it had done to you.

"Damage?" she frowned in genuine puzzlement. "I suffered no damage, that's why I was so keen to try something like it again."

He sighed again and ran his fingers through his hair. "I am still not happy about those marks," he said "I think perhaps the restraints were going a little too far."

"But when... when we did what we did at mum's house, when you..." the colour came to her cheeks. "When you 'punished me'?"

"That I could control, I could feel how hard my hand was, and I knew that I was not causing you any real pain or damage. Those restraints though; they looked great and sexy and you looked so hot, and more important you were turned on. But I couldn't see the hurt that those restraints were doing to you. If we did it again, I am afraid that I would get so caught up in things that I might hurt you even more."

Shelly gave her own sigh of frustration. But she had enjoyed the encounter so much!

She looked at him through her lashes and could see the stubborn set to his jaw line. He just could not appreciate how much she had enjoyed it, how much it had not hurt her; he simply could not understand how liberating it could be to hand over total control to someone else... if only he could understand the pleasure of it all.

A little light bulb suddenly went off in her head, and her sudden smile became positively conniving.

Dean blinked at her. Now what was she planning?

"I guess that the only way for you to understand, is for you to try them out for yourself."

He sat upright and the colour winged up his cheeks as all sorts of unwholesome images came to mind.

"Well, I am not sure about that!"

She looked positively hurt. "Why not, don't you trust me?"

"Yes of course I trust you... it's just that..."


"Well to put it bluntly I prefer to give and not receive!"

She chuckled suddenly at his obvious discomfort and patted his cheek consolingly.

"That's very generous of you, Dean, and your point is noted."

He still looked uncomfortable about the idea and so she reached up and kissed him lightly on the lips, but he could see that she was going to be stubborn about this, that she as on a mission and nothing he could say would persuade her to drop it.

"I promise I won't use any of your 'toys', I won't do anything that would make you feel wrong; I promise, anything I do -- you will enjoy it." she whispered huskily.


"Come on in!" she grinned as she opened the door wider and then turned and walked back into the kitchen.

Dean followed her through and then stood in the doorway and just admired the view.

The table was full of cards and bags and all sorts of Christmassy things; and the floor had several large shopping bags full and spilling over with what were obviously intended gifts.

"Santa has obviously dropped by!" he grinned.

"Oh, I wish!" Shelly rolled her eyes, but they were bright with happiness. "There is tea in the pot -- freshly made if you want to help yourself?"

She sat back down at the table and resumed sorting her Christmas cards into smaller piles.

She had several small gift bags standing open and she was murmuring as she began dropping chocolate tree decorations into one of the bags.

"Little Charlie, Lindsey ... Nathan and Neil... and..." she picked up a small pile of cards and slotted them into the bag. "And cards," she smiled in satisfaction.

She repeated the process with the next bag, and then again twice more in the other bags.

"Now that's all the kids sorted... just the rest of the cards." she murmured to herself.

She pushed them to one side and pulled another pile of cards towards her, all neatly sealed and addressed.

"Now where did I put those stamps," she looked around her and then her face lit up. "Ah hah!"

Dean chuckled lightly. "Can I get you a top up of tea as well?"

"Oh yes please, I shouldn't be too much longer here, and then you can have my undivided attention."

"I there anything that I can do to help you with?" he asked as he put two mugs on the table and sat down across from her.

Shelly smile broadly as she pushed about half of the cards to him and several books of stamps.

"Yes please."

They sat across from each other and Dean though how delightfully domesticated they looked.

His lips curled a little; unlike his own bedroom which was set up just as Shelly had asked him to set it up -- for her to... well he would have to wait and see what Shelly had planned for him later, and for once Dean was not enjoying this sense of anticipation.


She stacked the cards and bags at the side of the table and smiled brightly at Dean.

"I will sort them out during the week. Now I think I shall just nip upstairs and change, and then we can get back to your place."

Her eyes were brimming over with humour, and excitement and Dean felt more and more like the mouse in the cat and mouse scenario.

The Friday afternoon traffic had died down by the time that they left Shelly's home and so the drive to his apartment was achieved in short order.

"Shall we have something to eat?" he asked hospitably as they entered his living room.

Shelly flashed him a quick smile. "Later," she murmured as she strolled across to his bedroom.

After a moment's hesitation Dean reluctantly followed her, and she was waiting to close the door behind him.

She was wearing a loose-fitting dress, with buttons running down the front of it; and once again her hair was thrust up into a loose topknot; but today she was in charge and so he could not complain.

"Now then," she said in a business-like manner, and for the first time he realised that she was more than a little nervous, herself. "I think that we should start by getting you naked."

He gave her a slow devilish smile, as some of the tension left him. "Do you want to do it for me, do you want to help -- or do you just want to sit and watch?"

She licked her lips, and he suddenly felt like she was hungry and he was on the menu, and his mood shifted again.

"You're a big boy now -- and so I am sure that you can manage this one little thing."

She sat down in the chair and crossed one leg over the other; and then fixed those smouldering blue eyes on him.

For the first time in his adult life, Dean actually felt self-conscious as he unbuttoned his shirt, and pulled it out of the waistband of his trousers.

He pulled his arms out of the sleeves and then let the shirt fall to the ground, and for a moment simply stood there whilst she admired the obvious strength of his upper torso; he was quite broad of shoulder and his biceps had developed over the years from the physical labour of his business.

"Very nice;" she murmured appreciatively. "Has anyone ever told you, Dean, that you are a fine specimen of a man?"

He could feel the colour wing its way up his cheeks again and he gave her another little smile even as his eyes glinted. 'Enjoy yourself tonight my darling -- but next time it's my turn and boy will you pay for this.'

"Continue, please." she said sternly as a little shot of mischief fluttered through her.

He gave a little grunt; and began to unbutton his jeans.

Shelly licked her lips again appreciatively as he stepped out of them taking any underwear with them as he went.

"Ahh!" she sighed as he stood there in all his glory and as naked as the day he was born.

She stood up and sauntered across to him, and slowly circled him, running a light finger down his arm; and giving his arm a gently squeeze -- almost as though she was checking him out.

She tapped his buttock as she circled again, and he gave a soft growl.

"Be careful my love -- you are treading on dangerous ground."

She gave an excited little giggle and then sighed.

"Very well then -- let's get on with this shall we?"

"Yes, lets."

"Onto the bed then, please, Dean; I think on your back."

"You're damn right -- on my back!" he snapped under his breath as he took the position.

She moved to the side and ran her fingers fondly through his hair.

"There there my love," she crooned.

Shelly picked up his hand and bent to kiss his palm, and then his wrist and then his arm; and then she took it up and snapped the cuff on.

She ran her fingers lightly down his arm down his chest, down his thigh, and down his leg, where she picked the larger ankle cuff and snapped it on.

She moved across and shackled his other leg; and allowed her fingers to trail up his leg, up his thigh his torso to his shoulder and then down his arm.

Shelly picked up his hand and bent to kiss his palm, and then his wrist and then his arm; and then she took it up and snapped the cuff on.

And that was how Dean found himself shackled spread-eagled to his bed.

He gave the chains an experimental tug and found them secure, but not uncomfortable.

He lay back with a sigh; and decided that he might as well just enjoy -- whatever she was going to do to him.

He looked across at her as she seemed to be lost in the glory of him -- or else not sure what to do next.

"So now what?" he asked gruffly.

She licked her lips again, and he realised that she was developing a right bad habit there.

She smiled suddenly.

"I'll be right back!" she smiled and darted from the room.

"Hey!" he shouted.

"Won't be long," she called from what sounded like the kitchen.

"You had better not be!"

Moments later she came back in carrying a wine bottle and a glass.

Dear god what was she planning?

Shelly placed the bottle and glass on the table next to his bed and then she smiled at him again.

"I just need to get rid of..."

She reached up and unbuttoned the dress, and let it fall from her shoulders to the floor.

Dean let out a soft growl of pure anguish as she stood in front of him in a midnight blue basque; and lacy stockings and nothing else at all.

He felt the blood surge through him and straight to his now very prominent very erect dick.

"Oh, I am so glad that you approve!" she grinned, as she climbed up onto the bed and then she straddled him across his waist.

She placed her hands either side of him and slowly lowered her head so that she could brush her lips against his.

"How are you enjoying things so far?" she whispered.

His tongue shot out to touch her lips before disappearing back into his mouth again.

"So far, not too terrible."

"Good." She smiled at him and then reached across to pour some of the wine into the glass.

She took the glass, and sipped a little of the wine, and then she dipped her fingers into it and slowly, and delicately, she trailed the liquid across his forehead.

"What on earth?"

"Sshh," she whispered as she leaned down and gently licked it off.

She dipped her fingers in again and trailed the wine down his nose.


"Hush now," she leaned forward, and her tongue followed the trail.

She trailed some wine down his cheek and her tongue lapped it all up; and then she did the same on his other cheek.

She took some of the wine and dabbed it onto his lips; and his tongue shot out and licked up.

"Now now," she frowned. "It is not for you to act this time, so behave."

"But what are you doing, Shelly?" he scowled.

She tapped some more lightly onto his mouth and after slowly licking it away; she sat up straight and smiled.

"Why Dean, I'm getting drunk on you!"


Dean could not stop looking at her as she sat demurely eating their evening meal.

She had pulled together a quick meal while Dean took a shower and now, she was back in her oversized shapeless dress, and he burned with what he knew was underneath it.

By the time Shelly had finished with the wine -- and him, Dean felt decidedly well looked after and well used and well... rather sticky!

She had dabbed and trickled that wine on every inch of his body. And wherever the wine landed her mouth and her tongue followed, leading to the most sensitive erotic parts of him as she drove him slowly but relentlessly to his climax using her mouth her tongue and her hands when the wine ran out.

She eventually released him from the restraints, and he sat up rubbing his wrist.

"So?" she asked sitting on the edge of the bed and watching him closely. "How did you... did you enjoy the experience?"

He looked at her almost in disbelief. "How can you ask that? Did my groans and cries of pleasure not tell you all you needed to know?"

"You were rather vocal towards the end," she smiled ruefully.

The colour flared in his cheeks, and he did not meet her eyes for a moment.

"But what about the restraints -- did you enjoy being under my control, did they hurt at all -- I notice your wrists are a little pink?"

He gave a short laugh. "I was not entirely comfortable with the idea; I think you realised that... but I did trust you -- would always trust you, Shelly; and in spite of my er nervousness I found that... well to tell you the absolute truth... it was the most exciting experience with you -- to date -- and no the restraints did not hurt at all -- in fact they added to the whole experience."

Her smile split her face and her eyes positively glowed -- along with her perfectly rosy complexion.

"Oh, Dean I am so glad that you said that!"

Dean's eyes darkened as he looked her over in her shapeless dress.

"Although I reached fulfilment my love, I fear that you did not..." he said to her huskily and her eyes met his.

"Perhaps then you would like to do something about that?" she challenged softly.

He stood up and took her hand to lead her back into his bedroom.

"Tell me Shelly, and please be honest... have you ever used a vibrator?"

She lifted her chin defiantly even though the colour flooded her cheeks. "Well, there were a few times when I was a long time single and after a while... well my own fingers were just not quite enough!"

"So, you have!" he smiled in delight, and his eyes glinted. "My bad little girl -- is also a dirty little girl; and I believe I still owe you a punishment -- or two!"

Her face was red, but her eyes were positively molten and Dean just knew that if he was to touch her intimately right now -- then she would be simply dripping wet.

The thought had him lifting her dress and doing just that.

"Yes, I thought so," he said smugly. "Now then... dress off please and face down on the bed I think."

"Dean!" Shelly squealed in outrage, but her whole face was flushed and her eyes were wide with excitement.


Shelly had been sorely tempted to cancel her Wednesday gathering with her cousins.

Her evenings with Dean were all the things out of her fantasies and then some. She was in an almost constant state of arousal as he questioned her about her fantasies -- determined to fulfil as many as he could, and he even volunteered some of his own; in short, they were pretty much at it like rabbits!

She was so tempted to cancel Wednesday night in favour of more hot and steamy time with Dean, but in the end, she held firm and Dean was not just understanding but determined that she stick to her original plans.


Her date with Kelly and Brian on the following Wednesday went ahead as planned, and the three of them agreed on who would deliver to whom, and divided their quota of Christmas cards accordingly.

"Don't forget the gift bags and chocolate decorations for the younger ones," Kelly reminded Brian of their little custom.

"I bought the chocolates yesterday and I have some little gift bags left over from last year," he retorted smugly.

"And what about you Shelly?" Kelly asked in her most bossy tone.

"I sorted my gift bags at the weekend when I wrote out all the cards," Shelly said a little meekly.

"Good good good." She pulled her pile of cards closer to her and then slipped them into her bag.

Shelly and Brian exchanged a quick look and then in unison they said.

"And what about you cousin Kelly -- have you remembered to sort out your chocolates for the little ones?"

Kelly looked at them both in surprise and then the colour crept into her face, as they both tried but failed to keep a straight face.

"Sorry," she murmured awkwardly, as the other two laughed together -- at her expense.

"And so, you should be," Shelly grinned even as she patted her hand consolingly. "We have all been doing this long enough now to know the score."

"I know but, I just like to be sure that's all."

"So, when will you deliver yours," Shelly asked the other two.

"I'm away from tomorrow until Friday afternoon, and I shall see mum and dad on Saturday... so probably Sunday will be my best bet." Brian said thoughtfully.

"I'm working on Saturday, and so I will probably have to wait until Sunday as well." Kelly looked across at her. "What about you?"

Shelly thought about it for only the briefest of seconds. "I hope to get it done on Saturday; then I can call in to see Pauline and the kids on my rounds."

"Is she okay?" Brian asked immediately, and Shelly smiled in reassurance.

"Yes... Robert left last weekend and I don't think he will be back before Christmas -- if at all... but Aunt Lorraine thought that Pauline was being fairly philosophical about it this time."

"I really wish that she would tell him to just get lost," Brian sighed as he thought about his other cousin, and her children, and her latest unreliable partner.

"She will one day -- but only when she is ready to say it and cut him loose." Shelly sighed as well.

The mood had turned a little sombre, but Kelly quickly brought that to a halt as she signalled the waitress and asked her to bring them another round of drinks.

"Any way," she said forcefully as she held up her glass. "Here's to Christmas, let's try and make it a good one!"

The three of them touched glasses and then fell to discussing the upcoming festivities and as always seemed to be the case these days, they talked with fondness of Christmases past.

"Oh, by the way Aunt Lorrain is having a bit of a do next week -- for her sixtieth, and she asked me to pass on invites to the two of you, since I told her that I would be seeing you both tonight."

"What day -- evening? Where?" Brian asked.

"A week this Saturday -- after two -- she said and it's at her house; just a gathering and a bit of a spread with drinks... bring a bottle -- that kind of thing." Shelly flicked her hand negligently as she said it and the other two nodded in understanding.

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