Authors note: This is the sixth of many chapters in this work of pure fiction. The story contains depictions of illegal acts of blackmail and human slavery and is intended strictly for the erotic enjoyment of the reader. All Fictional Charters are adults over 18.

They call me Phallus Chapter 6

So, here I am, locked in storage again. I've learned not to move to prevent my metal cuffs from tapping or scraping along the metal floor of the morgue type drawer. The sound in the enclosed space is deafening so I try to stay as still as possible.

I realize that it was all part of my programming, I was to learn to be still and not move until I am in use. I could hear that there were slaves in other drawers that still haven't learned this basic lesson, but they will.

Over the weeks that I have been on the body enhancement drugs and hormones many changes have occurred to my physique.

My penis can no longer fit in chastity because of my semi-permanent state of arousal. The growth of my manhood has exceeded the expectations of my captors. They started out making molds of my penis every two weeks to keep track of my development, but they had to increase it to once a week.

The cock appliances that were custom made with the acrylic dildos they made got tight too quickly so they had to be replaced more often. I must have grown three inches while I was here and my girth has increased at least an inch.

My Prince Albert ring had started out as a ten gauge, I am now up to a six gauge. I was now just fitted with a tight custom made leather sheaf that held my penis at attention vertically from my body while in storage.

My balls have been progressively stretched and have dropped a good four inches and the hormones have doubled the volume of my ejaculations.

My ass has been stretched so much that I can now accept a long twelve inch cock.

My pierced nipples are an inch longer than they were before and are very sensitive.

My programming has me following orders instantly without any hesitation. I have acquired a bizarre taste for female urine and the protein supplements have turned a lot of my belly fat to muscle. I've lost at least twenty pounds so far and more every day.

My body is now littered with healed over whipping scars. It's painfully obvious that my only reason for existence now is to serve as a pain slut and sex slave to aggressive women.

My vocal cords have been surgically altered and along with the effects of the hormone dosages, I am no longer able to speak. Grunts, moans and high pitched screams are the only sounds I can now emit.

My slumber was interrupted by the latches retracting and the drawer opening. I was blinded by the bright lights and my bounds prevented me from looking away or shielding my eyes with my hands.

I felt movement on my Prince Albert piercing and I heard two women discussing my cock in businesslike detail.

"What does the Doctor say about its growth? How much bigger does he think it'll get?"

"Doc said that if we increase the dosages of his hormones we can maybe get another inch and a half, but we'll have to closely document his blood pressure and heart rate or he may have a stroke."

"Ok, let's do it and see if we can stitch a heart monitor in his collar and store him while wearing a blood pressure cuff."

My nostrils were filled with the scent of a heavenly perfume that I recognized as that of Mistress Ruby. The two women were Mistress Ruby and Mistress Indigo.

Mistress Ruby greeted me, "Good morning Cock, let's get you out of there so I can get a good look at you."

Mistress Indigo undid my bounds and the two women pulled me to my feet.

I quickly assumed the presentation stance.

Mistress Ruby was even more beautiful than I remember. She looked classy in her red leather leggings that showed off her long slender legs, her long auburn hair flowed over her white tee shirt clad bosom and she wore spiked red high heeled boots. As she moved I caught glimpses of her trademark gold chain necklace with a large ruby pendant on the end.

Mistress indigo was wearing her normal blue corset and thong. Her neck sparkled with a diamond studded cock collar.

Two of the workers were there as well and they led me over to an area marked, "Video."

The space was brightly lit and in the center was a custom made chair with a deep V cut into the seat. The front legs were spread about two feet wider than the back legs. The back of the chair was reclined to about forty five degrees.

A small crowd of workers, Mistresses, and slaves formed around the improvised throne.

I was led over to the chair, and was told to bend over and grab my ankles. Mistress Indigo removed my butt plug and scrotum spreader.

I was helped down into the chair and was quickly secured down with chains on my cuffs and a leather strap across my chest. My hood was unlaced and removed. My ass was visible in the V and my balls and cock were exposed and in plain sight of my audience.

Mistress Ruby came into my field of view and announced,

"Congratulations, its graduation day!"

"But before you leave, we are going to make a promo Video!"

The crowd started to cheer as one of Mistress Ruby's naked female slaves was led over to me and had her shackles and chastity device removed. Her shapely body was heavily tattooed with erotic scenes and red hearts outlined her ass and pussy. Her nipples were pierced with large silver rings. She had a pierced naval and a gold ring through her nose.

Mistress Ruby explained,

"Our clients want to see that cock of yours in action, so we are going to make a Video Demonstration."

Two workers unrolled a paper runner in front of me, similar to what is used on an examination table in a Doctor's office. There were graduations in feet and inches on the floor and could be seen through the thin paper.

Cameras were pointed at me from several angles, assuring a good view when I blew my load.

"I need to remind you slave, you are not to cum without my permission."

I nodded in acceptance.

Mistress Indigo produced a stopwatch and shouted,


With that the nude slave jumped up in my lap and enthusiastically mounted my erection, wrapping her legs tightly around me. As she humped my meat she started French kissing me and blowing in my ears.

I shuttered at her touch, the warm feel of a female sent tingles through my body and into my groin. I almost came right then and there, but I knew better. I was ordered to wait until I had permission.

She continued working my manhood in and out of her wet vagina while kissing my neck. She ran her mouth down my chest and started gently licking and biting my nipples with her wet mouth and tongue.

I was moaning and gasping as she kept up her wild rhythm. I fought back hard my urge to cum. She found what must have been the exact spot in her vagina to work my PA and continued to exploit it. She started breathing heavily as her lunges became short and fast.

"Eeeoouuuu," she cooed.

She lightly bit on her lower lip keeping her focus on my shaft and the sensations that were rushing through her stimulated body.

"AHH, AHH, AHH," she moaned with every stroke.

"UGG, UGG, UGG," I sighed, matching her cadence with my own.

The chair started to rattle and squeak with our movement, I was totally oblivious to the cameras and watchful eyes of the onlookers.

I thrashed against my tight bindings, feeling my self-control starting to weaken. Soon I was seconds away from exploding inside her.

Mistress Ruby knew that my ejaculation was imminent so she nodded to the slave and she quickly dismounted me and took my cock and aimed it over the paper.

"Ok, Slave, Cum!"

It was like a dam had burst when I released my muscles and shot my jism out over the paper, leaving dark wet spots. The slave kept stroking me and continued to aim my stream over the surface of the paper. Wave after wave shot out leaving a roadmap of the surges of my ejaculate on the covered floor.

Mistress Indigo had stopped her watch on my first spurt and announced,

"Four minutes, twenty eight seconds."

Two of the workers marked the distance of my furthest splotch and measured out from the tip of my penis.

"Ninety eight inches, a new record."

Everyone clapped and cheered.

I sat there panting and shaking, straining against the aftershocks. I'm not sure if it were the hormones or the expertise of my partner, but I continued to strain against my bindings as they flashed through me like heavenly thunderbolts.

Mistress Ruby walked up and patted me on the head,

"Good job, being able to ejaculate in front of a crowd is a skill we can exploit for profit."

Mistress Ruby took out a key and unlocked my steel collar and cuffs.

"Take him and get him cleaned up, let's forgo his daily whippings today, he's earned it."

"Then let's get out the new monogramed cuffs and collar, we need him looking his best,"

"Casanova here has a date tonight!"

After I was drained, cleansed, waxed, and collared I was led over to Mistress Sapphire's cubical in "Legal."

She and Mistress Ruby were settling up the bill.

"We're going to hate seeing him go," said Mistress Sapphire,

"He's definitely a favorite among the staff."

Mistress Ruby nodded and said,

"Apparently he had quite an effect on some of the visitors to the center as well,"

"I've had many inquires as to when he'd be in service, we've had several bookings already, even before we circulate his ejaculation video."

"Yes, I've heard about that, ninety eight inch heavy stream," replied Mistress Sapphire.

"Which brings me to a booking we'd like to make. As you know Wanda is getting married next month and staff has been taking up a collection to book him for her Bachelorette Party. A lesbian couple that will be attending want to book his stud services so we were hoping to make it a package deal."

"I think that can be arraigned," said Mistress Ruby.

"What day were you thinking?"

"The twenty seventh of next month and keep him overnight."

Mistress Ruby opened her I-Pad, "That day is open but let me check on the stud service, we already have him booked for a couple next Month."

"Ok, we're good, his stud services are earlier in the month. I just wanted to be sure he'd have a good load in time for the party."

"I'll tell you what," Continued Mistress Ruby,

"Book him and I'll throw in the party for free."

"Deal," agreed Mistress Sapphire,

"Wanda will be pleased."

"Oh, do you mean Rimshot Wanda?" Mistress Ruby asked with a giggle.

"One in that same, we have a lot of puckered Asses here!"

Both women snickered,

"I'll make a note on that, we'll get him on some heavy antibiotics a few days before," Mistress Ruby announced while typing it in.

Just then I was led over to them, I saw myself in a mirror, I looked sharp! My collar and cuffs were replaced with monogramed red leather ones with Mistress Ruby's initials and "Phallus 071."

Mistress Ruby noted the time,

"We better wrap this up, the van will be here any minute to get him."

Mistress Sapphire got out of her chair and scanned my barcode.

"Where's he off to?" She Inquired.

"Valda has a big bash in her penthouse this weekend, she's booked him for the next three days."

"Talk about breaking him in right, that group she runs with are a man hating bunch," Replied Mistress Sapphire,

"They love new meat!"

Just then the door attendant walked over to us,

"Ruby, you're Van is here," she declared.

"Ok, say your goodbyes slave," Mistress Ruby said, knowing full well I can no longer speak.

She clipped a silver chain to the D-ring on my new red leather collar,

"Come on you gigolo you, time to make me some money!"

She led me to door "A" and the glass entrance opened exposing two men and a delivery van. The van was normal looking, the type you see all the time. Obviously they wanted it to blend in and not reveal the fact that it was being used to carry human slaves.

They held up a narrow black trunk, about the size and shape of a Grandfather Clock. The vessel was hinged in two and had a rubber bladder over each side.

One of the men asked,

"You're not claustrophobic are you slave,"

"I guess we'll find out,"

Mistress Ruby interjected while turning me around and backing me into the waiting tall rubber box.

"Step up now,"

she said as I stepped up over the edge lip.

The bladder flexed as I was pushed back into the container.

"Put your hands above your head and lock your fingers,"

Mistress Ruby ordered and I followed without hesitation.

My heart was racing as they started to close me in, Mistress Ruby reached in and put a gag in my mouth with a breathing tube connected to it. Next my cock and balls were slid into pouches molded into the latex sheet.

I could hear oxygen flow with my every breath.

Then the unit was closed trapping me between the two latex bladders. The box was sealed and a vacuum pump removed all the air from inside the rubber sandwich I was in.

The latex tightened around my body sealing me in. Then, the outside of the bladders were pressurized making it impossible for me to move even an inch. I was sealed in tightly and couldn't see or hear anything.

I could feel slight movement when I was slid into a cardboard box and the van doors were closed behind me.

To be continued...

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