Kelsey was nervous, and her head was spinning from the drinks she had just finished in her car to calm her nerves. She felt so stupid to be in this situation in the first place. Who forgets a bikini when going on a weekend beach trip?

The 4 hour drive back to campus was not worth it to go back to get one. Being that it was a holiday, no stores were open to buy a new one either. She had to choose to wear her shorts and T-shirt, or a G-string and her bra.

She didn't want to miss an opportunity to work on her tan. Her mind was made up after her fifth beer in her parked car. She almost felt comfortable with the idea after the next six "for good measure" beers. Now that her toes were in the sand however, she was having doubts.

Kelsey, always being a shy girl, never dressed scandalous. Despite having the perfect body to drive men mad. She had a slim frame with a big bubble butt and perky C-cup boobs creating the perfect body to show off. She never felt the desire to show it off though. She would always see guys and girls staring at her ass and tits every chance they got. Her boyfriend loved his nerdy girlfriend, but was not a very sexual person. Neither was she. He was only into missionary and she was okay with it. He was also very stern about Kelsey dressing in a respectable manner. She didn't mind, but the idea of dressing slutty became fairly taboo to her because she couldn't do it even if he wanted to.

Now here she was. Shy, nerdy Kelsey. On a busy beach. Preparing to lay on a towel in her underwear in front of god and everybody. She reached a "fuck it" point while standing close to the parking lot staring over the beach crowd like an idiot. She slipped her sandals off and slid them in her bag. She pushed her thick glasses up on her face, and started walking.

The hot sand felt as if it was burning her feet as she walked. She found a spot away from the bulk of the crowd. With the majority of people between her and the ocean, she figured she could lay on her stomach with her head towards them. Kelsey flicked her towel on the hot sand and brushed her feet off. She set her bag next to where she sat on the pink towel. Now was the moment she dreaded.

As she lifted her shirt over her head, she felt the effects of the alcohol really set in. Her hands felt like they weren't functioning properly. She looked around and noticed a few other girls on the beach with small bikinis. So her bra would show no more than the others on the beach that day. There were also a few girls rocking thong bikinis. Nothing close to a G-string though. With her head now starting to bob around in intoxication. She was beginning to be numb to her nerves. She lifted up to her knees and slid her shorts down. She had almost no sensation in her butt or legs anymore because of just how drunk she was. Kelsey slid her shorts off her legs and kicked them off her feet. She then decided to lay on her stomach to get some sun. She lazily dropped her shorts next to her as she got comfortable. She was careful to keep her legs closed tight to that anybody behind her would see nothing more than her big round cheeks. She kept clean shaved so she didn't need to worry about body hair. She was drunkenly proud of her courage as she laid out for all to see in her bra and G-string. She was drunk enough to not have a care in the world. She closed her eyes.

Kelsey's eyes opened slowly. She had a bit of a headache but was mostly sober by this point. The only indication that she had fallen asleep for a little while was the crowd of people had completely changed. The sun was also much lower in the sky. As she looked around and came to her senses, she wondered how long she had been out. She realized in her sleep her legs had spread apart, but if they had been that way the whole time she was asleep, people had already seen what they had seen. She stayed in that position because she felt comfortable and relaxed just where she was at. Her backside felt hot, due to the slight sun burn she had acquired over what she figured to be a couple of hours. The nap shook from her brain and she picked up her phone to check the time. It wasn't too late so she figured she would stay awhile longer before heading out to the cheap hotel room she had reserved for herself. She was thinking of whether or not to turn on her back to get some sun her front side. She began to hear some chatter from behind her from what must have been a large group of people.

"Damn that is one hell of an ass." said one young man.

"I could look at that thing all day!" said a girl very excitedly.

"Shit we been looking for 2 hours how much more do we get?" said an older sounding man.

"Hopefully a while, that's the best body I've ever seen." another guy chimed in.

Kelsey was wondering who the slut was that they were talking to. What kind of a girl would let all these people talk about her like that. She figured the party happening behind her didn't want any attention on whatever kind of fucked up activities they were doing. All these people openly talking about somebodies body like that made her uncomfortable. She began to get curious who it was receiving all this X rated praise. She would continue to mind her own business though.

Kelsey noticed her towel had bunched up under her head while she slept and her hair was almost falling in the sand. She pressed her knees into the towel and pushed her body up onto her hands. As she was on her hands and knees fixing her towel she heard more chatter behind her, much closer than before. Almost uncomfortably close. The voices of guys and girls were saying things such as "Damn check it out!", "Now it's a show!", "This is the best day of my life.", "Get in their close man, yeah like that up real close!"

Kelsey began to feel a terrible feeling down her spine as she realized how close the voices were behind her. She wondered who was the target of all this. She scanned the beach in front of her for the girl of this party of people's dreams. She saw nobody that could fit these vulgar descriptions. That's when she heard something that took her by surprise and stopped her towel fixing in its tracks.

"Is anybody gonna say anything about this pussy?" Said a guy close behind her.

"I know its so cute!" Said a girl just as close.

"What about her asshole? Nobody gonna talk about how tight this thing is?" Laughed a man.

"All our phone's are loaded with close up pictures I think we all know already dude!" Said a very excited girl.

"This nerd is hella tight that's for sure! She's showing us both her holes think she would mind if we gave it a spread?" A man asked to the crowd.

Cheering followed this man's question. The voices were too close. As the realization hit her, she froze. Terror struck her brain like lightning. A wave of hot lave flushed her body in fear of what she was thinking. She looked down at her shorts she had drunkenly stripped and set next to her before her nap. Sitting right inside them, was her G-string. She was too drunk to notice she had taken it off with her shorts. She turned her head back and her fears were realized. There was a group of about 10 people set up with chairs and drinks right behind her. 5 of these people were holding their phones 2 feet from her ass! Which she now realized was completely exposed to them and had been for hours. Her eyes widened through the thick lenses lenses of her glasses as she saw their smiling faces locked onto her ass.

She looked at the guy that wanted to spread her ass. He had his hands up with a smile making a squeezing spreading motion with them as if to ask for her approval. In her current position of spread legged doggy style with her ass right in all their faces. She was looking back over her shoulder at a group of people who had enjoyed looking and taking pictures of her pussy, butt hole, and ass cheeks for hours! She quickly jumped up and yanked her shorts on. They were delighted to watch her try to fit her bubble butt cheeks into her jean shorts. Watching her struggle in panic making her ass and boobs bounce around in her fight to get clothed. Once her shorts were on she grabbed her towel, bag and phone. She stood there for a moment peaking at them through her glasses trying to think of something to say. She had nothing. They all just stared at her tits. She was disgusted with all of them so she stormed off towards her car. As she walked she felt the ocean breeze and sun on her skin. More skin than normal, way more. She looked down at her body and realized that her nipples were poking out the top of her bra. They must have bounced free of the cups when she was dancing to get her shorts up quickly. She stopped and covered herself up. Looking around she realized that she was being watched by everybody withing eyesight of her. This was the most humiliated she had ever been.

In her hotel room that night, she cried for an hour. Thinking of how humiliating her day at the beach was. A nice relaxing weekend plan for some alone time turned into a nightmare. She sipped on a couple strong drinks to clear her head. Hours of laying in bed in a bath robe and drinking had calmed her. On the TV screen she was watching, came a very attractive man. This man was shirtless and rippling with muscles. She masturbated as much as anybody else, and this was a perfect time. Drunk and alone. She began to rub her clit. Her eyes closed slowly and began to feel the waves of stimulation travel up her body. With her eyes closed she was living in her own world in a sexual fantasy. She had a good long orgasm thinking about one thing...

Being exposed and humiliated on the beach.

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