"Look, Poe, don't make it weird."

Marissa's eyes twinkled with amusement as my body's response to her groping became evident. My brain was short-circuiting, but I managed to stutter.

"Y-your hand is on my dick."

My best friend and I had always amused ourselves by keeping our conversations as crass as we could. It was a facet of the safe space we'd built around ourselves growing up, an intrinsic part of our dynamic's foundation. The way my erection was straining against the palm of her hand was sending cracks rumbling along that foundation, threatening to blow away the concept of who we were to each other.

"I'm fucking horny, alright?" She sighed and stopped the gentle squeeze she'd been applying as she massaged my rod. Her eyes lost their amusement and worry shone through. "Shit, I'm molesting you, aren't I?"

The waistband on my jockeys slapped back with elastic force as she took her hand out of my shorts. The tent formed by my erection pointed perpendicularly from my body, representing a desire which had never been given a voice until that moment.

I couldn't speak.

"Fuck. I'm sorry. I'm so fucking sorry." She sat on the edge of her bed and put her face in her hands.

My automatic instinct was to sit down and put my arm around her. Comfort her as I had done ever since we were kids and I'd somehow drawn the magical straw of having Marissa as my best friend, confidant, and favorite person. My heart was battling my reasonable mind as everything I thought I knew about us churned in confusion. The one thing that didn't seem to have any confusion was my cock, it was still standing proudly, defying my inner turmoil at this turn of events.

"I-I..." The connection between my brain and mouth was still out of order. I took a deep breath and tried to center myself.

"I did dare you."

She snorted and peeked up at me, but her eyes were glued to the straining fabric jutting from below my waist.

"Wasn't the first time, either." She mumbled as she raised her eyes to mine and gave me a small smile.

Being as close as we were, we'd always messed around with sex stuff, giving each other shit and teasing the other mercilessly. Growing up, people had constantly assumed we were fucking, but today was the first time anything like this had happened.

"What changed?" The pressure in my chest let me know that I had never needed an answer to a question more than I did at that moment.

She shrugged, flicking a glance at my cock once more before standing and pacing around her bedroom, wringing her hands like she did when she was nervous.

"Look, I don't know." She spoke faster with every word as it all tumbled out of her. "I just thought, fuck it! I'm horny, and I know you are too, and you're my best friend, and I figured it could be something we did every once in a while if we needed to, and I didn't think you'd mind, you've been looking at my tits ever since I got them, and I can't believe that I fucked this up!"

She'd picked up her magic eight-ball, the one we'd used hundreds of times to make decisions, usually accompanied by bouts of laughter. Chucking it against the wall to punctuate her train of thought, it smashed against the brick wall, bits of plastic and dark blue liquid flying everywhere.

We stared at the wreckage of an heirloom that was tied to so many memories for both that I knew she was feeling the same pang of regret and loss that I was.

Erection and the awkwardness it brought notwithstanding, I moved over to where she stood trembling with her eyes closed and fists tightly clenched, facing away from me. Twisting my body so my dick didn't poke her, I wrapped her up in my arms.


Hearing her nickname seemed to deflate her, and she leaned her head back against my chest.

"I'm sorry I ruined everything."

"You didn't ruin shit," I told her, trying to sound confident of that.

"Well, now you probably think I'm dying to jump on your cock, or pining away for you or some stupid shit like that."

I chuckled and squeezed her. My inner turmoil was receding. Marissa was my friend, now and always. I'd never thought about her romantically, and while it was certainly something that was now bouncing off the inside of my skull, my reason was taking the reins once more, so I fell into our usual routine. I knew we both needed it.

"You saying you don't want some of this dick?"

Snorting, she turned around and punched me in the arm. She blinked away tears that never fell and gave me her signature smirk. She got it. We were going to be alright. "Well, not if you're gonna be an ass about it."

"I mean, you did come off a bit rapey there, Miss." I spread my hands and pointed at my junk, which was still at attention.

Marissa rolled her eyes and affected an air of incredulity. "You literally said pull my dick, whydoncha?"

I scoffed at her but was unable to keep myself from laughing. "I've been saying that to you—literally!—since I discovered what an erection was."

"I know, that's why I'm fairly certain that a bit of unasked for groping balances out more than a decade of sexual harassment from you."

We laughed. The tension was rising again between us, like an electric hum, but it didn't feel that awkward anymore.

"So," I moved over to her bed and sat on it, leaning back on my elbows. "What'd you have in mind?"

My position highlighted how erect I still was, and Marissa's eyes focused on it once more. "I dunno, man. I was sort of rollin' with it, but if you need to formalize something..."

I shook my head, tsking. "I don't want things to change." I didn't, I realized. We were great together, as close as two people who weren't romantically involved could be. I was afraid what trying to do too much too fast might break.

Marissa nodded. "At least not for the worse, right?"


"I mean, if we did stuff, it could just be fun, right? You and me. We know how to have fun."

"We sure do." The tightening in my chest was loosening up, and I could feel it coursing along my body and pumping more blood to my cock.

"And it can just be... fun." She didn't want to say it.

We stared at each other for half a minute. I knew she'd gone as far as she could without feeling too vulnerable. I sighed loudly.

"It's not like I'd kick you out of bed, no."

She gave a mock pout, walked over, and straddled me, putting her hands on my biceps, pinning me on her bed. I hissed as she dropped herself onto my dick, and I reflexively ran my hands across her bare legs. Marissa's shorts had been the obsession of many guys back in school and at college, and while I'd always been aware of how great her legs were, it dawned on me at that moment how much I wanted to rip them off of her.

Rocking a little bit against me, she had a devilish grin on her face as she bent down until our noses were an inch apart. Her hair tumbled down over our faces, smelling of sweet fruit and vanilla.

"No kissing, though." She breathed in my face, at the same time that her breasts made contact with my chest. I could feel her hardened nipples through her shirt. "That might be too weird."

"Yeah, I can see how that would be a problem for you." I reached up to her waist and ran my hands underneath her shirt, up her back, pulling her down and grinding against me.

"For me?" Her eyes blazed as she jerked her hips back and forth.

"Oh, for sure." I quipped, managing not to groan at how her movement felt. "If I kissed you, there's no way you wouldn't start having stupid feelings for me."

I saw her swallow, almost uncertain if I was teasing her or not. I squeezed her waist and moved a hand up to her cheek.

"Want to work up to it?" My dick was screaming at me to roll over and pin her on the bed, but I could never do that to her. Not unless she asked for it.

She leaned her face against my palm and shivered. "I was actually kind of hoping you'd just... I dunno... throw me down and dick the fuck outta me. I want to get off so bad."

Maybe I should've laughed at her phrasing. Perhaps I should've asked her one more time if she was sure. The fact was that Marissa was hot, and even though I knew I was opening up a can of worms by fucking her, I pushed those uncertainties away. She wanted this, and even though I had been clueless until the moment she grabbed my dick, I was more than down for it as well.

My hand pushed its way up and through her neckline from behind, tangling up in her hair as I pulled her head back and rolled us so I was on top of her. I barely caught myself before I kissed her, redirecting my mouth toward her neck and biting her right below her ear as I pressed my body against hers.

Marissa's legs wrapped around me as she moaned, running one hand up over my back, her fingernails scratching me lightly as she clung to my shoulder with the other hand. "Oh fuck, Dude. Yes! This is what I fucking need right now."

The neck thing was kind of cheating since I had inside information about how she liked to get freaky in bed. Just like she knew that I loved a woman's nails across my back. Her sharp caress sent shivers through me and I rocked my shorts-trapped cock against her shorts-covered pussy.

It felt really good, to say the least. I hadn't gotten laid since Erika had dumped me almost a year earlier. The whole pandemic thing had effectively destroyed the dating scene in the city we lived in, so in the back of my mind, I rationalized how Marissa was feeling. She'd been unattached for a while too, and we'd only really begun hanging out again after we'd gotten vaccinated. Feeling her underneath me, hearing her pant and catch her breath as we flowed against each other, I was just surprised I hadn't thought about this first.

The need was rising towards a crescendo, and I kept ignoring the part of my brain that was screaming at me: You're gonna fuck Marissa!

She ran her fingers through my hair and made me look at her. "What do you want?"

I breathed out, understanding what she was asking me immediately. She knew me so damn well.


The curved smile wasn't mocking, especially not when I paired it with the lusty gaze she gave me. Still, as I knew to expect, she was unable to keep herself from slipping in a little comment.

"Okay... pervert."

Before I could reply, she widened her eyes and gave me a gorgeous little pout. In my mind's eye, I was taken back across our history together. I'd known her for over half of my life, and in a split second every memory's innocence was ruined as she bit her lip and whimpered.

"Oh, Daddy, I've just been so very bad." She squirmed underneath me and I heard myself groan. I couldn't look away from her face. Her eyes. Her mouth. Like a chameleon, she'd instantly transformed from my best friend to the hottest fucking woman on the planet, there underneath me, feeding me my darkest desires on command.

"I just need your big cock so badly, Daddy." Her voice was usually husky and sexy, now that I thought of it, but she took on a devilish inflection of perverted innocence that fucked with my brain, and made me push myself off of her and all but rip her clothes off.

"Oooh, Daaaaddy, you're so bad."

I threw her shirt to the floor before I attacked the buttons on her shorts, my fingers clumsy with excitement and need until she reached down and undid them for me. Then she traced her fingernails up my forearms and pushed me to one side, confusing me for a second, until she sat next to me and helped me take off my shirt. I couldn't tear my eyes away from the thin bra she had on, her dark nipples poking against the fabric. I reached out and palmed her tit, slipping the strap off her shoulder with my thumb.

"Yes, Daddy, this is all for you. Whatever you want to do to me..."

Her voice was doing my head in. I caught a brief smirk as she broke character but then she was pushing me back and standing on top of me on the bed. Swaying her hips to an inaudible beat, she reached back and undid the bra, showing me her beautiful breasts. Still dancing, she shifted her feet and showed me the curve of her back as she pushed her shorts down. The thong she wore was hot pink, and I could feel my dick harden further as her glorious curves were exposed. Marissa really did have an ass that wouldn't quit.

The dark patch against the pink set my blood boiling, knowing how badly she wanted this. How much she wanted to get fucked. I had to remind myself about it. This is just us fucking. This is just taking things to a special place, but it'll still be us afterward.

Pushing the thoughts away I ran my hand up her leg once she'd kicked off the shorts. She trembled and looked back at me. "Do you like my panties, Daddy?"

It was too much. I sat up and grabbed her by the waist, spinning her around until she straddled me once more. Together, panting and crying out in desperation, we got my shorts off, leaving them around my knees as my cock pressed against her sodden thong.

"Oh, fuck, Dude..." Marissa broke character again but I didn't care. I wanted her. I needed her. Licking my way from one hardened nipple to the next, I squeezed her breasts into my mouth with one hand and groped her from behind, rubbing her along my shaft as her juices overflowed. I felt her warmth and knew I was going to cum right then and there if I didn't stop.

As usual, Marissa was one step ahead of me.

Her eyes were glazed as she reached down and pulled her thong to one side. I felt her flesh against mine, as it parted around my girth, and I moaned.

She grabbed my dick and positioned it where she needed it. She gave me a little smile, coming back to herself momentarily.

"Poe, I will suck your cock and do whatever else you want me to do, Dude, but right now I really need you to fuck me."

She almost kissed me. I saw it. Her eyes flicked down to my mouth and her lips parted. Then she blinked and gave me a wry grin. I grinned back as I grabbed her by the waist, feeling the head of my cock pierce inside her as I pulled her down.

Marissa felt amazing. Some might have said that it's because I hadn't had sex in a while, but I knew they'd be wrong. Her pussy engulfed me completely in one go and she exhaled sharply as she held onto my forearms, shifting her hips as I plunged deeper within her, crying out as she jerked in my arms.

Our fucking became a tangle of limbs and wet slaps as we lost ourselves within each other. Unburdened desire misted the air around us and left it heavy with our panted breaths, our groans, and whispered moans. I pushed her down and thrust into her over and over, biting into her neck while she screamed my name as I fucked her into the bed.

"Cum inside me," she gasped when I told her I was close. She felt too damn good, so I didn't even think twice before I unloaded all my lust within her. My climax left me reeling, but she still felt too good to even stop to take a breath. I kept fucking her.

If she was surprised that I was able to keep going, she kept it to herself as I continued pistoning in and out of her after my balls were empty. I was possessed. I wanted her so much that it was like my cock had a mind of its own. My erection wasn't going away any time soon.

Marissa gleefully took advantage of this, pushing me back so she could ride me, mesmerizing me with her silhouette as she intertwined her fingers with mine and used me as her fucktoy.

"Yes! Uh! Oh-my-fucking-God-why-the-fuck-haven't-we-done-this-before!" She accented every word with a jerk of her hips. Before I knew it, she spasmed violently and screamed, throwing her head back as she trembled. I snapped out of my trance of appreciation and pressed my thumb over her clit, flicking her little pearl to and fro. She grabbed onto my wrist with both hands and cursed my name as her orgasm reached another level, her pussy tightening around my cock as I hiked my hips up against her. The wet squelching of my thrusts drove her juices and my cum out of her until she collapsed on top of me.

The fruity smell of her hair was now paired with her sweet musk as I ran my hands across her naked back. She giggled and tugged on my chest hair as she put her chin on the back of her hands and looked at me.

Her eyes were wide, her hair wild, and the corners of her mouth seemed to be fighting a losing battle against a smile.

"So... that happened." She chuckled.

I pushed a strand of hair behind her ear.

"Fuck, Isa, you feel so fucking good."


I laughed, making her tits bounce against me. Her sweat-slick skin felt glorious.

"Wait, Dude," her eyes widened as she moved and felt me. "I'm so fucking numb down there from the pounding you gave me... How are you still hard?" As an answer I hiked my hips up and down, effectively feeling her wet grip on my still-stiff dick.

We each hissed in pleasure.

"I don't know," I said honestly. "I guess you bring it out of me."

Shit. I could feel the wistfulness rising within me.

Marissa's eyes narrowed.

"Oh, fuck." She sighed as we looked into each other's eyes.

I nodded.

"I'm gonna ruin it."

"Do you have to?"

"I think it's a bit too late. Can't be helped."

She shook her head and hugged herself to me.

"Can we lay here for a bit, though, before it happens? Can we just be fuckbuddies for a little bit?"

I kept caressing her back as she traced my shoulders with her nails. The shivers were making my pleasure rise again, even though my dick had finally slipped out of her.

"Tell you what," I said. She raised her head once more, naked except for the twisted, stretched thong. I cupped her face with my hand, unable to stop myself any longer. "Maybe it won't ruin things. Maybe it'll be part of this new normal, and nothing else has to change."

Her brow furrowed, she looked skeptical. "You really think we can stop it from being more?"

"I think we're past that anyway. If it happens, we'll deal with it. If not, then we just keep... having fun."

She sighed dramatically, but I knew she was feeling the same things I was. After growing up together, sharing virtually every facet of our lives, it was stupid to think that there was any other way it could've gone once we'd opened this particular door.

"So you're gonna make it weird, huh?"

"'Fraid so."

"Ugh, fine."

She might've been acting like she was against it, but her lips quirked into that goddamn smile that made my cock twitch against her, and her eyes told me all I needed to know.

I'm not sure who slipped their tongue into whose mouth first, but I do know that I bit her lip when I pushed my cock back inside her, and she sucked on my tongue when I filled her with my cum again.

It wasn't weird at all.


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