John kneeled between her open legs and placed his cock at the entrance to her hole. "Show Terry how much you crave this cock baby!" John told her. Dina reached between them, gripped his member and pulled it into her. John began moving his hips in tune with her own rocking.

"She's fucking wild man. You are a lucky fuck to be getting that." Shane congratulated him before moving to her head. Dina saw Shane approach and reached out for his dick and looked at it for a moment before opening her mouth wide and taking him as deep as she could.

"We've never... She never... I didn't know that she liked..." Terry tried to speak but each time he opened his mouth the words failed to come out. He eventually stopped trying to say anything and simply watched as John and Shane plugged Dina from each end. She was making noises Terry had never heard and he watched her pull on her own nipple with one hand and rub her clit wildly with her other.

John could feel the end nearing but something in the distance caught his attention. He said something to Shane and they both seemed to increase their speed like they were racing for something. Dina and Terry saw what was happening but thought they were just wanting to torture her more. John began grunting first and eventually pulled Dinas hips tightly to him then told her,"Enjoy this cumload for the night. Courtesy of your park friends."

Shane wasn't to far behind John with his own release and when he did cum he gripped her hair and shoved himself deeply in her mouth and watched her try to swallow his load. Both men laughed hysterically as cum squirted out of the sides of her mouth and down her nostrils. They both stood up and arranged their clothes before they talked to Terry. "I saw Beverly Hills Cop a few years ago and there was a line in it that said, 'She could suck a golfball through a garden hose.' I always thought that was bullshit but your old lady almost made me black out." Shane told him.

The two men then took off and ran away from Dina and Terry without saying another word and they were quickly lost to sight. Before they knew it there were lights cast over both Terry and Dina. It seemed that what John and Shane had seen were a pair of cops approaching. They arrested Terry and Dina for indecent exposure and Dina had to work hard to keep them out of jail, But thats another story.

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